Hooking up again

Last year I had a brief sexual fling with my older co worker. Thin and blonde she was very nice and a great fuck. But I got a new job and we lost touch with each other. But about two months ago I bought a house a block down from her and I tried to bump into her naturally so we could meet up again. And then on a sunny day we met, both walking our dogs. She looked great. Tight workout gear. Her bush pushing through her yoga pants. I told her where I lived and that I’m home alone for a few hours on a Monday. She thanked me for letting her know playing innocent that she didn’t know why I was telling her.
It was about two weeks later that she knocked on my door. Wearing a white t shirt with a push up bra and a tight pair of jeans. When she came in she asked for a tour but it didn’t take long for us to lock eyes. I blurted out that I can’t stop of thinking about her. We immediately kissed each other. Our hands running all over each other. We started to undress in the living room. We had seen each other naked before but it was so exciting to be at this place again. She pulled my underwear off and grabbed my hard cock. It’s bigger than I remembered she said. I launched into her naked tits and she subtly jerked me off. Her small hand nearly wrapped around my thick cock. She pulled her jeans down and threw her panties off. And in one motion she turned around and bent over the couch. She even spread one of her cheeks to make it even more hot bvious what she wanted me to do. I pulled her pussy open and slid my cock into her pussy and proceeded to pound her hard and deep. She grunted and made high pitched moans. After a few minutes of hard thrusting I told her I was ready to cum. She stopped me and had me pull out. She sat on the couch rubbing her pussy while putting my cock in her mouth. Damn she knew how to suck. She sucked my cock so hard that I blasted her face and tits supper quick, and while I was unloading she had me finish her off by shoving my fingers in her wet pussy. She squirted all over my hand. It was amazing.
She cleaned up and got dressed and said she can’t do this anymore. She has come over ever Monday since.