Fetish sexual attraction to the leather boots

Hi, I am Shamil, I am 26 years old and Leather boots, especially the new ones attract me a lot. I don’t remember since when I acquired this fetish sexual attraction to the leather boots but one incidence, from 3 years ago is still fresh in my mind. I was on a trip to Goa with my gang. We walked into the hotel and were waiting in the lobby. I was sitting closer to the gate. A few minutes later the smell of fresh leather teases my nostrils. I turn around and see a woman wearing a short skirt, a shirt and knee-length high heel leather boots.

Its smell divulged the fact that it’s new. She was talking to a man and then walked towards us. She moved her hands down her skirt before taking the seat right opposite to me. She picked a magazine and crossed her boot-clad long legs. My eyes were glued to the boots and my mind was doing a thousand things to those legs with new leather boots. I was oblivious to everything and I didn’t notice that the woman was staring at me with her eyes wide open.

“Excuse me, mister. You are staring at my legs.” Her voice was stern enough to break me out of my trance.

“No ma’am”, I stammered, frantically looking for the right words, “Your boots are wonderful. I was looking at them. I want to buy something like that for my girlfriend. Where did you get these from?”

She smiled, “That’s a Loius Vuitton.” Her voice had a little nasty sassiness that turned me on. I knew I have to have her. I found out that she was staying a few rooms away from ours with her husband. It was obvious she loved those boots by the way she wore them everywhere. And soon I was lucky enough to meet her at a pub. I saw them arguing and the husband left. She was drinking and I waited till she was intoxicated enough to talk to me. I spent some time with her then, made her drink even more and finally took her into my room. She wasn’t passed out, just drunk.

I closed the door and stood near her. She wrapped her arms around me and asked if I really loved her boots. I said yes and on that she said I can have them. “That’s the plan,” I said with mischief. She laughed and said you have fetish sexual attraction to my leather boots.

I unbuttoned her shirt and her bra and started sucking on her dark buds and squeezed her other globe mercilessly. She moaned and asked me to be gentle but I was too worked up. I unhooked her skirts and slid her panties that got stuck in her boots. She was about to open her boots but I forbade her and tore her panties. I wanted to fuck with her sexy boots on at its place. I then bent down like a slave in her feet and started licking her boots. After a while, I moved up to her mounds and at the first contact with my tongue, she staggered back and fell on the bed.

I opened her boot-clad legs and licked her hot dripping love hole like a mad man. I mauled her globes and pinched her nipples hard. In no time she was begging me to fuck her. I raised her legs in the air and hid my face in between her boots, smelling them. And swiftly I inserted my throbbing erection into her wet wanting hole. I moved with my full force, liking and smelling her boots simultaneously. In no time, she came. I could feel her hot liquid enveloping my erection. I couldn’t stand it and I came as well. And that was the first time I remember being so

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