Fling with an Anal Virgin

I met Sophia through an online dating app. We have been going out for some time now. The feelings are mutual and by the looks of it, we are going to be strong for a long time ahead. Sophia is rather tall with a very curvy body. Her boobs and ass are exceptional. Especially her ass is so shapely that it is hard to believe they are natural. She has a very innocent and beautiful face too. It has been a while we have started being intimate physically. Her body is a wonder and I cannot have enough. But the only complaint I have is her reluctance about anal sex. I have always been fascinated about anal sex and wished I would find a partner who is comfortable with it. Sophia’s ass is so perfect and tempting that I cannot think straight. I have been coaxing her for a while to give in but she is adamant. Moreover, she is anal virgin so it was going to difficult to convince her for it.

Finally, I decided that if I cannot get her consent, there is nothing wrong in seducing and getting what I want. I made the plans and prepared accordingly. I kept lubricants at hand and even a few anal toys- everything that can ease the initial discomfort. I even kept few movies I collected from black Friday porn sale at hand, that will stimulate her curiosity further. I made the perfect at-home dinner date plan to set the mood.

Around 8 o’clock, Sophia arrived at my place with some desserts. We enjoyed the evening with food and our favorite shows. She was happily munching on some snacks and watching the TV when I sat close to her and started kissing her neck. She looked sideways and smiled. I continued to kiss and caress her neck while her breathing steadily grew ragged. She turned her body towards me and hugged and kissed me back. We started kissing and making out on the couch when I remembered that all the lubes and toys were in the bedroom. I lifted her up in my arms and headed there.

We took off each other’s clothes and flopped on the bed as we kissed and hugged. I started sucking her breasts vigorously. I kept up with the foreplay for next half an hour. I kissed her neck, her collarbone, her stomach and even behind her ears. Lifting up her leg, I licked and sucked at the back of her knees and thighs and lightly bit on the toe-pads. It was evident that she was immensely turned on and could not think straight. She started begging me to put my dick inside her. This was my idea- turn her on so much that she loses her senses. I swiftly pushed my dick inside her and started moving in and out rapidly. Underneath me, Sophia was moaning loudly and shouting gibberish along with my name.

She was on the verge of orgasming when I stopped pounding her vagina and slowed down. She looked pleadingly at me. I smiled and asked her to flip over. I bent on all fours and started licking her ass when she flipped. I pushed my tongue in her asshole and fingered her vagina at the same time.

As I slurped on her ass and rubbed her clitoris, she was moaning loudly. I took some lubricants in my hand and massaged on her asshole and pussy. She was anal virgin and I find it very tight. Slowly while massaging the lubes, I pushed my fingers down her asshole. She was startled and squirmed I calmed her down and continued to fuck her ass with my fingers laced with lubricants. I could feel she was slowly easing out and enjoying the feeling.

I whispered in her ear that we are going to try something news. I took a blindfold from the side table and slowly wrapped it over her eyes. She giggled and her body tensed. Then I told her to relax and trust me. I held her waist firmly so that she cannot wriggle away. I smeared the lubricant all over my dick sparingly and positioned it near her butt hole. As I slowly poked her butt, she got the inkling of what I was up to. She started squirming to move away but I held her in place tightly and jabbed the dick deep in her ass. It was tight but due to the lubes it went in smoothly. Sophia cried out and whimpered as it was for every anal virgin sex partners. I caressed her back and head to calm her down and slowly pushed it in and out.

Soon she relaxed a bit and I could tell she had started to enjoy the feeling. I picked up pace and started pounding her ass harder. She was moaning loudly. I grabbed and squeezed her boobs and fucked her without stopping. Soon, I felt she was moving her butt rhythmically to match my pace. We continued for the next half and hour- sometime slow and sometimes fast. Soon, I felt her body stretch and arch under me as she orgasmed hard. She had squirted and all the juices had drained out all over the bed.

It turned me on immensely watching her orgasm so hard. I came in her ass soon and let my seed fill her up. As I pulled out my dick from her ass, it was stretched to the fullest and gaping. The juices were dripped from the hole down to her vagina. Sophia was slumped over on the bed and I could tell she was exhausted. Her ass looked slightly red and I had spanked her a few times while fucking her.

I lied down beside her and suckled her boobs. I embraced her in my arms and she snuggled my chest and kissed me hard on the mouth. As we lay kissing each other, I felt my boner stirring once more. Sophia felt the nudge too and giggled. I could tell she was not going to complain any time soon for seducing her to have anal sex. She is not an anal virgin anymore, so it will be easier for the next round. Hence, we got ready once more for some bed-breaking action the second time.