Mixed Couples

The evening came when the couple that Gayle had been chatting with showed up for the meet and greet that had been building up for a few weeks now. Gayle kept all the details to herself to keep me in suspense and to make it a surprise when the evening eventually came.

We shared drinks but the small talk was limited to keep things from getting awkward. The drinks were strong and they were thrown back quickly in an attempt to help break the ice and relax the mood quickly.

Ron and Shonn made for a very attractive couple. She was the more assertive of the two. Ron was a tall handsome man that was well built and Shonn was taller than an average woman but had model features and was striking attractive. Ron seemed more than happy to follow her lead and was very attentive to her throughout the evening. Shonn asked if she could maybe help get things a little more comfortable by putting something on the TV for some entertainment and inspiration.

She walked over to the TV, and set her phone to broadcast to the TV. Not long after that, we were watching some adult entertainment that she had. She walked over to her husband, gave him the phone and told him to chose the selection for the evening. He took the phone and scrolled through for a moment while looking sheepishly towards Shonn. She smiled, leaned in and gave him a soft short kiss and told him not to get shy now. He shook his head, made a selection and took a big sip of his drink.

We turned to the TV to see what he selected and saw two couples in the bed. They were kissing and touching each other and then slowly began to all merge together. At some point one of the women began alternating between sucking one of the guy’s dick while kissing her man. She kept doing this over and over until eventually they were both going down on the man. He laid on the bed watching them suck him while his wife kissed him, his ear and neck. I hadn’t realized it but now Shonn was seated right next to Ron. She was sitting there stroking his exposed cock and showing off how long and thick his dick was. He had his attention locked on the screen as she began to lick and suck on his neck.

Gayle and I couldn’t help but see as they were in our line of sight. We alternated between watching the movie and the action that was literally just in front of us. She looked at us to see if we were indeed watching as she then lowered her head down to begin licking and sucking on the tip, teasing him making him want it more and more. She looked over to Gayle and said that she was curious to see the real deal, and if it was even better in person. Gayle looked at me to see if I was willing to go forward. I stood up and undid my pants and pulled out my erection to show that I was fine with playing along.

I put Gayle’s hand on my shaft and began moving it back and forth. As I watched Shonn return to sucking Ron’s cock. Now she moved over some so that she was on her knees between Ron and I. She reached out with one and began to take over stroking my dick with Gayle’s hand. She was now stroking both of us and sucking Ron deeper and deeper with more enthusiasm. It seemed the more she was stroking us and the more excited she got the more passionate her sucking became.

She stopped sucking Ron and said she wanted to see us kiss. I sat down and pulled Gayle towards me and we began kissing. I was rubbing her back down to her hips as we kissed passionately. Gayle slowly slid her hand down my body and caressed my balls while Shonn continued to stroke it. She moved up and began kissing Ron and I watched as she leaned over and slowly opened her mouth the kiss and lick the tip of my head. She moved her hand away and placed Gayle’s hand on the base of my cock and began to make her pump my dick up and down in her mouth. She waited and slowly a few seconds at a time would lower her mouth deeper and deeper on my dick. I couldn’t help but moan as Gayle and I continued to kiss.

She stopped sucking me to lean over and kiss Ron deep and passionately. I can’t begin to describe the combination of shock and excitement that came over me. She began to do much like the video sucking me and kissing him… Just that she eventually had him stand up and she began to alternate between sucking both of our cocks. I was so turned on watching her suck both of us while I was being stroked and kissed. Gayle stopped kissing me as she began to kiss my ear and whisper erotically to me. You feel super hard… So I take it you like everything.

Now that Ron was standing I realized just how large he was. I was getting turned on by the thought of Gayle possibly looking at his dick and getting turned on seeing another man’s dick in real life this close.

Shonn stopped sucking us and looked up at Ron to tell him how much she loved how hard he got when she sucked his dick. She then tried to take him as deep as possible and fighting gagging but she would keep going. I was getting so fucking turned on watching her fight to keep pleasing him.

She stopped and looked up at him and told him it was his turn. Shonn looked at Gayle and smiled as she leaned in to suck me at again. Gayle took my chin in her hand and turned my head towards her and began to kiss me. She whispered in my ear, that I was going to enjoy this, as she returned to kissing me deep and passionately… The way I wish she would always kiss me.

With that I felt another hand on my dick for a total of three. Then a mouth on my tip and a tongue going up and down my shaft. I slowly opened my eyes and looked to the side to see both Ron and Shonn kissing each other and sucking my dick and shaft together.

I felt a mix of shock, confusion and excitement all at once. I wondered if Gayle anticipated that they were going to do this, or if she was aware that they were sucking me and what she might do. Well… That was immediately answered as she stopped kissing me, watched them for a moment before she looked back at me and then resumed kissing me again.

With that I felt the anxiety in the moment leaving and being replaced with excitement and lust. I instinctively started moving my hips to meet their mouths and I loved being kissed more than I could ever imagine.

Gayle soon was completely undressed and she pulled me to the floor, where I was soon undressed by everyone. Ron undressed and moved up between my knees showing off how hard he was. I watched as Shonn rubbed the tips of our dicks together and as his precum was leaking on my tip she used his to rub it in. She smiled and leaned in to lick it off. That’s the last I saw before Gayle straddled my face and began to feed me her pussy like I always fantasize. Gayle had the palms of her hands on my chest as she continued to grind her pussy on my mouth. She watched as Shonn began to stroke both our shafts together until she held them firmly in her hands and began to suck both of us in her mouth. It was a unique feel. I could feel the firmness of her hand and his shaft against mine along with the soft wetness of her tongue and mouth working both our shafts in her mouth.

She continued this for a moment then the motion stopped and I could feel them repositioning themselves. My waste was being straddled and my dick was being guided until I felt the tip being pressed inside. I was now having my face and dick road at the same time as I felt my legs being parted wide and my dick being sucked and licked. Later my legs were parted wider and I could feel my asshole being teased by their tongue. I found myself moaning loudly in Gayle’s pussy from all the pleasure. I was palming her ass cheeks and spreading them wider so I could go as deep as I wanted as well as look at her asshole flexing while pleasing her.

Now I could feel them teasing my asshole slightly, slowly, gently penetrating me. I tried to relax as much as possible to go with it and enjoy the experience. This went on for a few minutes before Gayle slightly moved forward and swung her leg over my head to face me. The brief seconds allowed me a quick glance and I saw that it was Ron that was riding me. He was still rock hard, pointing straight up in the air, leaning back as he rode. I saw Shonn was pressing her breasts against him, they were locked in a kiss as she was reaching around stroking his dick. I could see he was leaking with a trail of precum from his dick down to my stomach.

Knowing it was Ron riding my dick and seeing how hard he was, how turned on he was being fucked made me want to fuck him even deeper. Then I realized that Ron’s wife Shonn was turned on, kissing him watching and encouraging him to be fucked while she was penetrating me with her strapon… Which was feeling good by this time as she had to have the majority of it inside me. She had her hands on my hips and thighs as she continued to rhythmically fuck me while she continued to kiss him and stroke him. I could feel him shifting his weight forward, and Gayle began to widen her thighs and fuck my mouth so that I just had access to lick and suck on her clit.

Just then I heard her ask me “This is what you fantasize about right?” With that I heard her sigh as I felt her being pushed. Ron was sliding his tip inside her. It was so much going on. I was sucking her clit, while Ron was slowly giving her more and more as I could feel his asshole flexing on the remaining inches of my dick inside him, while I continued to be fucked. I wanted Gayle to cum like this so bad. I needed her to cum for me. I was trying to lick and suck on her clit as sensually as possible.

I used my hands to reach up and caress her nipples and breasts. I enjoyed feeling her moving back and forth to meet his thrusts, taking him deeper and deeper inside. It wasn’t long before I could hear her breathing and feel her muscles beginning to give me the clues she wasn’t far from climaxing. She began to grind in to my mouth harder and I pressed my tongue flat against her clit to give her the pressure she was seeking to finally cum.

Ron was the first to lose it. He began to move faster and faster and moan that he was about to cum. Moments later he pulled out just in time to explode on her ass. He continued to stroke his dick milking the cum from his shaft on her back, ass and my chest. Hearing his release turned Shonn on very much. She began to thrust in and out of me harder, faster and deeper. As he moved away Gayle began to slide down and I could see Shonn. She had her hands on my thighs and was fucking me as if she was just moments from her orgasm.

Gayle slid down and I felt Ron pull the condom off of my dick. He then held it in his hand and guided into Gayle. As she slid down on to my shaft we began passionately kissing. Moments later I could hear Shonn saying she was close, that she was about to cum. I began to moan, and not long after that, I heard her say she was cumming. She pulled out and I felt the tip of her dildo and balls on my thighs, but then I felt warm liquid hitting me, the dildo flexing with each wave.

I could hear her panting and moaning as she continued to cum for the next 15 seconds as I realized this wasn’t a dildo. The realization that Gayle arranged this wild foursome and that she did indeed complete multiple fantasies at one time blew my mind. I was just about to tell her that I was going to cum when I felt her body tense up, her panting freeze as her pussy began to convulse over and over.

She was cumming, my baby was cumming for me. That was all I needed as I began to flood her pussy with load after load of cum. Feeling her flexing being triggered again with each of my loads sent us on a continuous cycle of orgasms for more than thirty seconds.

Gayle began to relax as she propped herself up and looked at me with the most alluring and seductive stare. She slowly closed her eyes as she began to kiss me while Ron and Shonn gathered themselves and let themselves out while we pondered a second round dedicated to just us.