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My name is Ricky I’m 19 year old now and I’m afro Cuban and I live in Mexico since I was 4 since my mom married a Mexican man and when I was 16 I use to fuck my neighbor friend little sis when she was 10 year old when I mean fuck I mean more like force sex like rape but her brother didn’t care since she was like a tran girl she transition when she was 4 I always wanted to fuck her since she was 6 year old but when I fuck her she’s was 9 almost 10 years old, it all started when her parents left her with her brother and me and my younger sister that was 8 when her parents left, I left my sister with my friend watching a movie I went to my friends little sister room her name is pau she is Mexican but she has dark brown hair and tan little skin and pretty green eyes long eyelashes, I went to her room and I open the door and she got little scared and I said hi don’t scared and she said oh hi Ricky I said can I hang with you and she said sure I was talking to her for bit until I tried to kiss her she’s said hey why do u want kiss me I told her because ur beautiful and she said but I was born a boy I said I don’t care and she said well I don’t want kiss yet I’m little and I told her not anymore and she said what and that’s when I kiss her passionately and she please no and I get on top of her since I’m tall and built with muscle she couldn’t stand a chance since she short and thin and thick little butt and she please stop and get off please and I said baby girl ur ass is mine and since was wearing a spandex short and a crop top shirt it was easy I turn her around and pulled down her spandex shorts and panties off and I play with her ass and say baby girl ur ass tit and she starts crying and say please Ricky no and say pau yes u need some dick and kiss her cheek of her face and take her shirt off I’m naked now and so is she and she kicking and screaming and say no and I’m saying I’m going in now that’s when I fuck her I started slow and she cried and she was keeping saying please no ouch and I ignore her and then when fast she had a great ass and started crying loud I grab her and tossed her in her bed I went on her and she was crying badly and I made her suck my afro black dick and she was crying and suck my dick and I didn’t give a damn and when I took my dick out she was like please no more and then I noticed she has a tiny little dick I flick her little dick and she ouch and tossed on her stomach and fuck her again and fuck her hard and fast and pulled her hair and she was crying loud I told her no one care u little slut and take this dick little whore and let me finish I slap her ass and that’s when she stop crying because she got to tired and took that dick and that when I cum in her ass and said damn ur ass good baby girl ur as mine no one else ass she said that’s feels goes I said u take that or else slut and that how I fuck my neighbor friend little sister I still fuck her here and there, if u want hear more stories of pau just comment 😜 even if u don’t I might do a part 2

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