Ghazal second marriage part 2

Then Ghazala noticed that door opened and Dawood walked in. He was looking handsome too. He had typical victory smile on his face as if saying to himself – “O yeah now I am gonna have this hot babe”. He walked towards Ghazala and hugged her from behind. Ghazala had the tingling felling all over her body. Her blood started to rush in every part of her body and she shivered a little with excitement. Ghazala closed her eyes. Then Dawood whispered in Ghazala’s ears that he is so glad today and is on top of the world that he got married to her. Ghazala knew exactly why he was so happy. Finally his penis will get her pussy today. His lust will be satisfied today.

This was a great night Dawood had been so eagerly waiting for. He said he loved her and kissed Ghazala on her neck from behind. It sent shivers in her body. Ghazala was still dressed in her complete bridal dress and makeup with jewelry and big chunni over her head. Dawood turned Ghazala around and pushed her a little against mirror wall and came closer to her. Ghazala started feeling Dawood’s breath over her face now. She had closed her eyes and he kissed her on her lips. Though she had kissed once or twice with Waheed, but they were like short ones. So Ghazala was more or less of a novice in kissing. However Dawood looked like a player. He Kissed Ghazala’s lips hard and started sucking her lips like a candy. He was sucking her lips hard.

Ghazala also started responding a bit and kissed him back. Dawood didn’t need any more encouragement and he tried to insert his tongue inside her mouth. She got the signal and opened her mouth a little bit to take his tongue inside her mouth. He was now licking inside of her lips and mouth. He started playing with her tongue and her lips. It was feeling great. Ghazala moaned a little one also. He was holding her. His arms were wrapped around her back. His fingers were exploring her exposed back and waist. Suddenly Ghazala wanted to forget Waheed and she started liking this person. She liked his aggressiveness. Dawood kissed and licked Ghazala’s mouth for more than 15 min and they broke for a while to catch the breath.

Then Ghazala asked Dawood to hold on for few minutes, because she wanted to get rid of these jewelry and heavy clothes. She was tired of holding them over her for whole day. She wanted to go towards bathroom so that she can go and change. But then Dawood stopped Ghazala and held her hands. He said he wanted to help her removing them. He said that since this is their first night he wanted to make it memorable and enjoyable night.

Before Ghazala could reply to Dawood, he already started removing pins from her chunni and in no time it was gone. Ghazala was shying and not feeling comfortable that Dawood undressed her. This was the first time; some guy was trying to open her dress. But then he showed his aggressiveness on her. He tossed her chunni away on the sofa in one corner of the room. Now Ghazala was in her lehnga and matching choli. She was looking down, because she was feeling shy to show her tight blouse without chunni to him. But he was enjoying it. Ghazala looked towards Dawood from the corner of her eyes. She wanted to check his reactions. His eyes sort of popped out when he saw her full boobs hidden in her choli. It was so tight that Ghazala boobs were fighting to pop out from her choli.

Then Dawood held Ghazal’s hand and made her sit on the stool in front of dressing table. She just followed him. Ghazala had no choice but to forget about anything else and follow his instructions.

Dawood stood behind Ghazala admiring her in the mirror. He looked down and feasted his eyes under her deep cleavage. Thanks to the great bra that two girls picked for her. Dawood started removing Ghazala’s jewelry one by one. He would keep kissing her part of the body that was holding jewelry. He bent down and kissed both her ears.

Then Dawood’s hands moved to Ghazala’s necklace and he kissed her all over neck. Ghazala was enjoying the love she was getting from him. He complemented on her perfume and told Ghazala that her smell is making him wild. He removed her gold bangles and kissed her hands. And then the last piece of jewelry left on her ankles. So Dawood just sat down, took Ghazala’s left leg in his lap and very lovingly removed her first sandal and then her payal (anklets). And then did the same to her right. Ghazala felt so special treated this way. And then Dawood lifted Ghazala’s feet and kissed them. He started licking her ankles and toes and Ghazala felt wet already.

Then Dawood made Ghazala stand, stood behind brought his hands around her and opened her lehnga’s string. And in next second, her lehnga came down on the carpet. Ghazala stepped out of it. Now she was in petticoat and choli. She was kind of feeling shy as well, but then she was making herself mentally prepared for what has to come next. Ghazala was thinking in her mind what would come next, her petticoat or her choli, and she thought that Dawood would go for choli first. And Ghazala was right.

Dawood held Ghazala’s hand and moved towards the bed. He sat down on the edge of the flowers decorated bed and made her stand in front of him. She asked him to shut off the main light, but he wanted to have the lights on, because he wanted to see her every inch of the body. And he hugged her, with his face deep in her belly. Dawood was licking all Ghazala’s stomach while his hands were caressing and squeezing her ass cheeks over petticoat. She gradually put her hands on his head and caressed his hairs. He put his tongue in her navel and circled it around it. Ghazala loved the feeling and hold his head more tightly against her.

Then Dawood removed his head from Ghazala’s belly and looked at her with lust with his eyes saying, “I want to eat you”. His hands now moved to hooks of her choli and he started opening them one by one. He would kiss whatever skin shows up. It was difficult to stand straight, because she was getting excited now. Ghazala was tossing her weight on one leg and the other. Dawood’s hands were opening the hooks while his mouth started kissing Ghazala’s boobs from over the blouse. Within no time, he opened her blouse completely from the front.

Dawood’s tongue came out dripping wet, looking at Ghazala’s silky sexy red lacy bra that was covering just half of her boobs. By his expression and his tongue wagging out Ghazala realized Dawood liked her boobs. He quickly put his mouth to one of her boob over bra, started squeezing her other boob with his one hand and helped her in removing blouse from her hands with his other free hand. Dawood was sitting with his legs spread and Ghazala was standing in between his legs. He has not touched her pussy yet, but it was so wet already.

Parlor girls did a great thing in choosing a front open bra. Dawood’s hands wasted no time and opened Ghazala bra right away. She stopped for a moment, he hands clutching the top hook that held her bra secure. Then with one quick flick of her fingers, Ghazala unfastened all the hooks and the bra sprang open revealing her big, beautiful boobs and smiled at him. As Ghazala’s top flew apart revealing her boobs, Dawood felt his cock lurch and jump with expectant excitement.

Ghazala was sprawled nude right in front of Dawood with lust written all over her face. Her big tight hooters were in front on his eyes and near his mouth. His mouth remained wide open for a while at looking at her big boobs. Ghazala was full in size, 38 inches, but her boobs were tight and firm. His squeezing and licking had made them harder and her nipples were erect. He gasped and said these are the best boobs he had seen in his life. And then with his mouth, lips, tongue and hands Dawood attacked both Ghazala’s boobs, as if there is no tomorrow.

Dawood made so many love bites on Ghazala’s boobs all over. Now his right hand moved to her ass and started squeezing her full buttocks. Ghazala have big and silky butts and she is proud of them. Some of her girl friends were jealous of her behind as well. They always said – men love them. The way Dawood was squeezing Ghazala’s ass, she knew they were right. Then he stood up and removed his kurta. Dawood didn’t have any baniyan and Ghazala liked his muscular chest. He hugged her tight and her boobs were crushing against his chest. She wrapped her hands around his neck tightly and his both hands were caressing her buttocks.

Ghazala could feel Dawood’s hardness against her thighs and it made her wet again. Dawood pushed his pelvis against Ghazala’s pussy and pulled her closer to him from her ass. Ghazala could feel Dawood’s penis heat against her pussy. And then he kind of pushed her over the bed full of rose petals. He followed the same, lying on top of her. Ghazala’s tits were standing erect. He started licking her whole body, every inch of it.

Dawood would kiss Ghazala and lick her flesh. His tongue felt great against her smooth skin. He was licking her face, ate her lips, kissed her neck and moved down. Dawood spent plenty of time licking and squeezing Ghazala’s boobs and then moved downwards to her stomach and belly. Ghazala was feeling ticklish and horny at the same time. She was moaning as well. She am sure if it were a bit louder; it would go to next room as well. She wouldn’t mind if anybody was listening. As her eyes flitted about frantically, it dropped down to his crotch.

Now Dawood kept licking and keep moving down and down and he was avoiding Ghazala’s pussy beneath petticoat. Then he moved all the way to her feet and started kissing and licking her legs. He started his journey upwards, licking it slowly and spending time at every inch of flesh.

Dawood would keep pushing Ghazala’s petticoat upwards, as he kept moving upwards kissing her. Now Ghazala was all wet and it was difficult to control herself. She was squirming left and right on the bed and moving her ass upwards. He moved upwards towards her knees and then to thighs. His hands were also caressing her inner thighs while his lips were kissing them. Ghazala is sure Dawood could smell her erotic aroma of her cunt juices. He seems to like it, as his breathing became heavier along with her. Dawood finally opened the string of Ghazala’s petticoat and pulled it down. She raised her ass to remove it. From his looks she knew he liked what he was seeing

Who wouldn’t like a sexy pussy covered in sexy red silk panty? In appreciation and in lust Dawood just bent down quickly and kissed Ghazala’s pussy over her panty. He took out his tongue and licked her entire panty and in-turn her pussy under it. Her cunt started pouring more juices that had come over her panty as well. He moved his hands under her ass and his fingers under the elastic band and in one quick jerk he pulled them down. Ghazala liked his aggressiveness. Dawood was even more delighted to see Ghazala’s waxed pussy. She guess this was a sexy surprise for him. Her cunt lips had swollen a bit and were saying – “Come on kiss me and lick me hard”. And as if he understood what her cunt lips said, Dawood attacked Ghazala’s pussy with his lips and tongue. He was inserting his tongue inside her outer pussy’s lips. Ghazala was on heaven. She started moaning loudly. She didn’t care whether anyone will hear it or not. Ghazala started jerking her ass in upward motion in order to meet more of Dawood’s tongue. “Suck me… mouth fuck me… lubricate my cunt… your cocks so huge that my vaginal passage needs to be lubricated nicely before you fuck me with your monstrous penis” A voice echoed in Ghazala’s thoughts. In no time, Ghazala cum and Dawood kept on licking and eating her as she tried to push him away.

Finally, smiling from ear to ear, Dawood drew his head away, his face coated with Ghazala’s pussy wetness. “Ghazal, your pussy is very small and cute. I am surprised and happy. You have the most delicious and tight pussy in the world.” Dawood said, extending his tongue, curling it down, easily touching her chin. Dawood decided to find out if Ghazala wanted him as badly as he wanted her. It was as if his body was being consumed by an unholy fever that only she could quench. Ghazala must allow Dawood to drain off his festerous malignancy inside her soft, warm womanhood.

Without taking his eyes away from her eyes, Dawood slowly hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his shorts. Taking a deep breath, he began to ease his shorts down off his hips, watching for the first sign of alarm in Ghazala’s beautiful Eyes. Instead of fear and alarm, he saw her eyes watching him with expectancy, almost eagerly awaiting for him to reveal himself to her. Dawood continued to ease his short down farther and farther until at last, his giant, swollen cock lurched and sprang out into the open. As his cock flopped out into the open, Dawood saw Ghazala’s eyes flare open almost as if in disbelief as she stared at his pulsating monster. “Oh, I will die,” Ghazala whispered as she saw Dawood new giant penis slither out of his shorts, jutting out at her in all its glory. Ghazala had never seen any as beautiful, or huge or anything that held such evil and destruction.

It was beautiful, but to feel it inside her would seal their fate and change their lives in a devastating way. Really Ghazala was surprised to see Dawood’s huge penis. She never imagined it would be so big and so thick. It was as thick as her wrist and long as her elbow. Ghazala got scared that it would hurt her really badly. She was sure his penis would tear her cunt apart. Ghazala suddenly found it hard to breathe as she stared at the gigantic cylinder of hard, throbbing man-meat jutting out from her husband’s belly, obscenely pointing directly at her waiting womanhood.

As Ghazala and Dawood stared at each other, the air inside the room was becoming more and more charged with their restrained passions. There was so much erotic desire flowing between them, it was heating the room. Then Ghazala eyes dropped back down to Dawood’s huge, bounding, throbbing manhood. She! Couldn’t believe this was happening. At last, Dawood was able to bring his legs to work. Like a drunken zombie, he took a tiny, faltering step towards Ghazala. His cock was so hard it ached as it bounded up and down wildly.

Then Dawood took another step, and another until he was standing at the foot of Ghazala’s bed staring down at her pussy that lay open, glistening wet with her excitement. The only movement he had detected from her was her eyes. Ghazala still had made no attempt to cover her nakedness. On the other hand, Ghazala hadn’t indicated that she would not want to be fucked either. Ghazala had made no movement that would indicate that she wanted him to bring their confrontation to an end one way, or the other. Standing at the foot of her bed, he was torn between desire and fear. Should he take that last final step. Should he take the step that would forever change their feeling for each other?.

Although separated by inches, that last step was miles wide. It would take all the courage he could find to take it. Dawood stood there quivering with want, but afraid to step over the line that would plunge them both into the abyss of eternal damnation. It was a hesitation that had built up within Dawood over the years. The girl whom he had called his sister since childhood, today she became his wife and lay naked on his bed. This was the case of Ghazala, the boy whom she loved as a younger brother as a child, today the same boy took a monster cock to tear her vagina.

Due to her elderness Ghazala took courage. Then, Dawood saw Ghazala’s hand move. Her finger, that had been touching her clitoris slowly retreat back and then her hand slowly began to move away from her womanhood, creeping up over her stomach. Even though her hand withdrew from her exposed femininity, Ghazala made no effort to close her legs or hide her vulnerability.

Dawood watched Ghazala’s hand as it crept higher and higher until it was joined by her other hand between her breasts. Ghazala did not say anything with her tongue, but she was trying to convey this with her gestures.. “I want you to fuck me. Fuck me with your fat monstrous cock now, fuck me any way you want be gentle at first… I got to get used to that size”
With his hands he started spreading her legs farther.

Dawood spread Ghazala’s legs and asked her to spread them further and lift them as well. She followed his commands. Dawood holds Ghazala’s legs and put them on his shoulders. With her hand, Ghazala reached out and caught Dawood’s penis pulling him into her spread out legs. It was the sign he had been waiting for. Tossing caution to the wind, Dawood fell on Ghazala and with his hands grabbed her breasts and thrust his penis into her crotch. Then, to his utter delight and shock, he watched as she slowly lifted her hand.

Trying to control the urge to drive his cock into Ghazala’s pussy in one brutal thrust, Dawood waited as she fitted the great round cockhead down into the steaming opening of her vagina. “Now, darling, Now, put it in me, fuck me” Ghazala told Dawood’s, lifting her pelvis up at him and urging him to enter her most sacred of sacred places. “Oh, Fuck,” Dawood gasped as he slowly eased his massive penis down into the scalding, sucking core of Ghazala’s cunt, “Oh, I Love it.”

Ghazala was so hot and ready for Dawood, his cock didn’t hesitate on its journey down into the inviolate sanctum of her divorcees vagina. Barely able to keep from slamming his long, thick maleness into her, Dawood slowly eased it down until it was totally immersed inside Ghazala’s hot, clutching cunt. It had only taken seconds for him to completely transform their lives. Now instead of New Husband and Wife, they were lovers. Ghazala had never experienced pleasure so deep and intense. Then rising up, Dawood hunched into Ghazala, thrusting his cock even deeper into the profaned depths of Ghazala hot, aching pussy.

Now there was no holding back. They were lovers. Holding Dawood’s cock thrust down into Ghazala’s pussy as hard as he could, he leaned down and hungrily sucked a giant, swollen nipple into his mouth. “Ohhhhhhh, My hubby Dawood,” Ghazala moaned as she grabbed hold her new Husband’s ass and dug her long, pink fingernails deep into the hard muscles of his ass. Sucking on Ghazala’s swollen, bulbous nipple, Dawood grabbed hold of her breast and roughly massaged it as he continued to grind his cock into her pussy.

At last Ghazala could feel Dawood’s scrotum 4 resting on her crotch. They embraced each other and lay still, both of them enjoying the feeling. It was heavenly to have Ghazala’s vagina stretched after such a long time. After about being clasped together Ghazala murmured into Dawood’s ears “Oh, Baby, Fuck Meeeeeeee!!”, Thrusting herself up at him. “Oh, God, ooooohh” Dawood gasped, spitting out Ghazala’s nipple and started pistoning his penis in and out the drenched channel of her cunt. Without pausing, Dawood began to hammer his cock into Ghazala’s pussy as if his very life depended on it. In and out, in and out like a madman, faster and faster until his hips were a blur. “Oh, Fuck, Oh, Fuck, Oh, Fuck,” Dawood blathered out as he drove himself into Ghazala’s cunt brutally. Ghazala took the entire length of Dawood’s monstrous organ down into the deep depths of her drenched cunt every time.

As Dawood drove himself into Ghazala, he could feel her thrust up at him hungrily. She wanted all he could give every time he slammed his cock into her pussy. Clenching his pistoning ass cheeks in her hands, Ghazala dug her long nails into him urging him to fuck her faster and faster. As they wildly fucked, Ghazala obscenely lifted her lovely, long legs up into the air and wrapped her thighs around Dawood’s waist. Ghazala was wet with perspiration, moaning and shouting, “Ohhh Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Ohhh, oongg, fuck me hard! Harder! Don’t stop! Don’t stop — Yes! Yes! Ooohhh!…Fuck me… fuck me hard with your monster… ooooh!”

Squeezing Dawood tightly between her strong, smooth thighs, Ghazala dug her heels into his ass, coaxing him to drive his huge cock into her burning womanhood deeper and deeper. Like two battling degenerate beasts, they tore at each other. Their bodies clashed together again and again as if we seemed bent on destroying each other. They hurled themselves together time after time in copulation combat. Growls and animal sounds escaped from them as they fucked and fucked.

Ghazala’s soft and small pussy was now facing the bumps of her new husband Dawood’s enormous cock. Her ex-husband’s penis was enough for her. Ghazala could never have imagined that Dawood’s cock was so big and thick. Despite this, she wanted to take his monster into her depths. He was a savage when it came to sex. Ghazala never thought she would love or respect her new husband, but now she couldn’t imagine not doing so.

Ghazala had never been fucked by Waheed with so much effort and passion. But Dawood was fucking her as if his life depended on it. Whenever he rammed his cock into her painful and burning pussy, she would try to absorb it. Ghazala bubbled up. Her moan was very loud. In response to this fuck, Ghazala was only giving love to Dawood. He was throwing his devil into her holy sanctum. What was sacred to Dawood as a cousin relationship, today as a husband he was violating the same sacred thing.

The feeling of complete dominance was such ecstasy, he never wanted to stop. Dawood wanted to fuck Ghazala forever and ever. Suddenly, he abruptly stopped driving his cock into her drenched cunt. “Whatthhpppfffffff,” Ghazala started to say before her mouth was covered by Dawood’s as he kissed her deep and wetly. Driving his tongue deep into her mouth, he explored her mouth before sucking her hot, probing tongue into his mouth. Kissing and sucking on each other, they groveled in ecstasy.

Keeping Dawood’s thick, hard cock shoved down into Ghazala’s hot cunt, he could feel the pouting, meaty lips of her painfully swollen cunt pulsing tightly around his hardness. As Ghazala and Dawood passionately devoured each other, she gently milked his swollen manhood with her flexible cunt muscles.

Finally, Dawood had to break for air. Gasping for breath, he tore his mouth from hers and dove down onto Ghazala’s huge, rolling breasts. Grabbing the soft, pliable flesh of her breasts in his hands, Dawood squeezed and kneaded both of Ghazala’s beautiful boobs while he sucked on first one nipple and then the other great swollen nipple. He had never felt anything as soft and warm and wonderful as her big, beautiful boobs. He wanted to rub his face in their wonderful softness forever and never stop. But even after a few moments, Dawood felt Ghazala’s impatience as I began to move against him, urging him to make love to her again.

Reluctantly releasing Ghazala’s great mammaries, Dawood quickly began to fuck her dripping, burning cunt again. Thrusting herself up against him once again, taking him to the limit every time. Like a madman, Dawood slammed his slid his gigantic maleness in and out of Ghazala’s deep wetness so fast his hips became a blur. In and out, his giant cock slashed, slinging her spewing juices flying all over the bed.

As Dawood fucked Ghazala, he could smell her musky, pungency as the room filled with the erotic odor of her sex. “Oh, God, Baby, Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh Fucckkkk,” Ghazala groaned as her whole body began to shake and quiver uncontrollably. She screamed out at him. Dawood couldn’t believe it. In his mind, he would always be Ghazala’s second husband, yet now he could make his newly married wife cum. And cumming she was. “Don’t stop… fuck me… Dawood fuck me” Ghazala screamed.

The sudden feeling of omnipotence that washed over him was too much and Ghazala felt Dawood’s cock give a mighty throb inside her spasming pussy. Suddenly, a spout of his boiling semen spurted out into her sucking, hot pussy. “OHMYGOD,” Ghazala screamed again, as she felt the white hot geyser of his thick, scalding hot boy-cream spewing out onto the bruised and raw lining of her cunt.!

Dawood bellowed out as he rammed his cock into Ghazala’s hot, absorbing womanhood and let it spew out its lethal load inside of her. “Oh yes My Baby Fill me Up With Your Wonderful Cream,” Ghazala blurted out as she felt Dawood’s cock jerk again and squirt another gigantic gusher of cum into her. “Oh, Fuck, Ghazal,” Dawood convulsed uncontrollably as he felt his cock jerk and jerk, spewing out eruption after eruption of his thick, gooey cum into her hot cunt. Again and again, his mighty weapon bucked and! Throbbed pulsing Dawood’s cum inside of Ghazala’s overflowing cunt.

Ghazala couldn’t believe how much semen Dawood’s gargantuan penis was spewing into her as she felt it begin to leak out of her cunt and trickle down the crack of her ass. Ghazala thought, she had never seen such virility in a man. Was it ever going to stop erupting Inside of her? “OH, Ghazal,” Dawood cried out, afraid that he had broken something inside of his cock because it wouldn’t stop spurting. He had shot out so much of his thick, spunky cum, his balls were now covered with his own cum. “It’s okay, Dawood, fill me full,” Ghazala cooed to him trying to comfort him.

Then suddenly, with one last mighty heave, Dawood’s cock abruptly stopped ejaculating and with a groan, he collapsed down on top of Ghazala. She had never experienced such unbridled passion before with Waheed. It had left her exhausted, both mentally and physically.

Dawood seemed to weigh nothing and Ghazala hardly felt him pressing down on her at all. This was discomforting because she knew that he had to weigh at least eighty kilos. Then! Glancing over, Ghazala saw that most of his weight was resting on his arms as he held them up against her body. As they lay in each other’s arms, Dawood snuggled his face down into the crook of Ghazala’s neck and lovingly nuzzled her, kissing her softly. Neither of them spoke for the longest time as they lay joined together in their forbidden marriage.

Then Ghazala realized that Dawood’s massive penis wasn’t shrinking. It remained hard and thick, lodged inside of her aching cunt like a giant cork. Why wasn’t he like other men, Ghazala wondered. Why didn’t Dawood’s cock shrivel up and slip out of her cunt? Instead, it lay inside of her, thick, swollen hard and throbbing with potency. How could this be, Ghazala wondered, knowing that Dawood had also shot many cum into her pussy. Can any man do such a thing, not Waheed at all.

Then Ghazala felt Dawood’s cock twitch inside of her. Not knowing what to expect, she was startled when Dawood slowly rose up onto his elbows and looked down at her. Their eyes met and locked. Ghazala could see the love in Dawood’s eyes as it flowed between them. Then she felt him begin to thrust his penis into her vagina. Bending down, he kissed her long and hard as he slowly pulled his thick, bloated cock down the foamy channel of her cunt.

Then, giving Ghazala’s soft, pouting lips a tender nibble, Dawood slowly eased his huge cock back into her pussy again, sliding it in until the thick, puffy cock head nudged up against her cervix. Then, Dawood began to fuck Ghazala with long, slow strokes, filling her completely, but lovingly.

Ghazala had never been fucked so tenderly, so gently. It was as if Dawood was afraid her pussy was made of delicate china and he would break it. Slowly, he pumped his cock in and out of her bruised, aching cunt, churning their juices into a thick, frothy lather that slowly dripped out of her tight slit. Lying under him, feeling his magnificent penis impaling her time after time, Ghazala felt herself drifting away from reality and floating on a gigantic wave of hedonistic pleasure. Her whole being was centered entirely on her aching cunt where Dawood’s monster penis was slowly sliding in and out of her.

Ghazala cunt had grown extremely sensitive and she imagined that she could even feel the thick, blue blood vessels that encircled his cock. They were distended, filled with his, hot blood. They bulged out arrogantly to keep the massive cylinder of meat filled with blood. Dawood’s cock was so big, every time he slipped his cock back into Ghazala’s pussy, it drug her clit down along the barrel, driving her insane with pleasure.

Ghazala lost contact with reality and floated in the thick luxury of pure sexual indulgence. On and on she floated, not having a care in the world as her mind was being overloaded by the sensual bombardment. At last, she could endure it no longer and slipped off into unconsciousness.

Slowly, Ghazala opened her eyes. Her room was dimly lit by the fading light. Lying in her bed, foggily trying to recollect the events that had led up to this moment, she wondered why her room seemed to be growing lighter. Slowly, afraid that her head would fall off if she moved to quickly, Ghazala turned and looked at the clock on her nightstand. It read 7:00, so why was it getting light outside. Had she gone insane? Maybe it had all been a terrible nightmare, Ghazala thought until she moved her legs and felt a twinge of Pain between them. Running her hand down to her aching pussy, she found that her inner thighs were coated with a film of thick, creamy sap.

Then Ghazala’s mind crazily lurched back to her wedding night with her new husband Dawood. Had it really happened. She knew it had. What an afternoon. But why was it getting light. Suddenly, Ghazala realized that we must have fucked all night long and now it was morning.

All cousins could hear her loud pains in the next room. Ghazala is sure; Nadia will teasing her more as they would listen her fucking screams and moans. Ghazala is sure her male cousins must be feeling humiliated by listening their cousin sister being fucked mercilessly by Dawood whom is one of them Ghazala’s cousin and now her new husband.