Fun with a tourist

This story is fiction. I am with the Luvain Provincial Police in Luvainia. I am married and have a kid. But you know how it is. A guy gets tired of the same old shit every day. I need something new. So I decided to do use my position as a law enforcement officer to get some pussy. It was easy back then. There was no body cams or all that shit they have now. It would be my word against hers if she went to court. Believe me, I put the fear into them before they left to make sure they never told on me. Never had one complaint.

We get a ton of tourists to this tropical island. I was up at the college and saw this 20 something blond. Nice figure. She was talking to her friend about flying home to Michigan tonight. I just minded my own business acting disinterested in them but listening carefully.

I took a mental note of her car and plate. I waited on a rural patch of the highway. I knew there was about an 88% chance she would go that way if traveling to the airport. I saw the car and the plates matched. “Be alone! Be alone!”, I thought. I proceeded to give chase and pulled her over. I didn’t call it in.

I approached the car. I asked her if she knew how fast she was going. She apologized for speeding. I had her step out of the car. I told her I had a suspicion that she was using marijuana tonight. I told her I smelled it in the car. I told her I was going to search her car. I handcuffed her. I did a thorough pat down on her. Her hot soft skin was giving me wood. I felt up under her shirt and felt her breasts. She was braless and I flicked her nipples.

“What are you doing you creep?”, she said.

“I am doing a pat down to see if you have any weapons.”, I said

I patted her jeans and grabbed her firm ass and then slid my hands down her pants feeling her hot hairy bush.

“Stop it you fucker! I am going to have your badge.”, she said. I laughed. Pushed her face into the car and told her to shut the fuck up. I opened the back door to the cruiser and roughly shoved her in. I went to her car and grabbed her purse and keys.

I got back to the car and she was a lot nicer now. Trying to reason with me. “Come on sir! Let’s not do something we will both regret. Please? I won’t say anything if you just let me go.”, she begged

I smiled at her through the rear view mirror and took her to an abandoned property just up the road for a little privacy. I fixed the door so we would not get locked in the back. I took off my duty belt and put that in the front seat. I took off my pants and headed into the back seat with her. She was all curled up in the corner. I brought at can of mace with me and assured her she would get it if she did not comply. I pulled her legs and got her supine on the bench seat.

She looked away from me as I pulled her tight jeans and underwear off. She wouldn’t open her legs so I showed her the mace can. She complied. There she was a beautiful hairy black bush. It smelled heavenly. She was whimpering now. Saying, “Please stop!” I spread her lips and started licking her clitoris. I shoved two fingers into her. Her hips moved slightly as I pleasured her. She was trying her damnedest not to like it but her body said otherwise. She was moaning in between whimpers. Her legs closed as her hips went down slightly. They opened and her hips went up slightly and back down. Her legs locked around my head as she came. She moaned loudly. She made a loud whimpering moan and then relaxed.

Her eyes filled with tears. “Please let me go! Don’t do this please!”, she begged. I dressed my hard cock with a condom. She begged me not to do it. I got myself in line with her hole and plugged it in. I stuck my cock in her. She let out an “ahhhh” scream as I started fucking her wet pussy. I took a few pokes to get it all in. I started kissing her firm b cup breasts. “Aw man you got some nice tits!”, I said. She ignored me. I pounded her pussy. “Uh uh uh!”, she said as I fucked her.

I tried to kiss her but she resisted. I threatened her with the mace but by this point she did not care. I pulled out and rolled her over bent her legs. I lubed the condom. She thought I was going to fuck her doggie style. I jammed my dick up her asshole. She let a scream that would curl your hair. She kept screaming loudly as I punished her ass unmercifully. “Eh….eh…”, she said with each thrust. I spanked her butt and told her she was a bad girl. I started moaning as I felt my self about to come. I arched my back as my dick exploded into her asshole.

I relaxed out of breath. “Are we done now?”, she asked in a bitchy tone. She wanted me to pull out. I rammed my cock back into her. “Aww uh huh huh”, she said weeping. “Shut up!”, I said

“I am going to uncuff you! You attack me and it will go very bad for you.”, I said and she nodded. “Get dressed, and I’ll take you back to your car.”

She did and I drove her back. I gave her my usual lecture on how we feel about Americans here. I advised her it would probably be best if she never came back here again. She nodded.

She got back in her car and headed to the airport. I never saw her again on the island. To bad! She wasn’t bad at all.