Trailer park fun 4

Chapter – 4

George showed up at eight. David’s mother stood in the doorway telling him the dog needed a long walk and to keep her out at least three quarters of an hour. David’s mother was wearing a thin robe and George saw the light come through. He saw that she had nothing on under the robe and he got a hard on. George didn’t want spend three quarters of an hour with David before he did something about his hard on. Maybe David would let him have Princess lick his prick until he shot off again. He started down one of the paths towards a favorite clearing. That would be a better way of getting rid of his hard on than jerking off.

David grabbed George’s sleeve and held his fingers to his lips. He led George around the side of the trailer and pointed to a window. There was a lacy curtain that you could see right through.

George’s eyes popped out of his head. He hadn’t expected see anything like this. David’s mother was taking off her robe and his father was undressed. Sally was a good-looking woman with tits as big as his mother’s. Milt was built like an athlete and had a lot of hair on his chest and around his prick. George looked at that prick with amazement. It was huge.

“Mom and pop always send me away this time of the night so that they can fuck. When we get to a lonely place I can get to watch them. I saw your adds on the billboards. It seemed so far out of the way I hoped not many trailers came here. Then no one would notice that I watched at the trailer window every night. It’s neat watching the different things mom and pop do together.”

David was doing the same thing he did when he watched his mother finger fuck herself only David’s mother had his father to fuck with. It should be more interesting and exciting to watch Milt and Sally fuck than watch his mother finger fuck herself. George was willing to agree that it was neat.

Milt’s was the first fully grown prick he’d ever seen when it was hard. It must have been seven inches long and it was more than twice as big around than his own adolescent cock. He hoped his prick would be that big someday.

Then he saw one of those things that he didn’t think people did. Sally got on her knees, licked the tip of Milt’s prick, ran her tongue all around the head, and then she licked up and down the seven-inch shaft. After that she sucked the head of his prick into her mouth and bobbed her head a few times.

Sally got on the bed and Milt put his face over her cunt. He must be licking it. George hadn’t thought people did that either. Then Milt got on his knees between Sally’s legs and push his huge prick into her cunt. He couldn’t understand how a prick that big could get into a slit that narrow. David pinched his prick through his pants and George did the same thing to keep from shooting off.

David’s father pumped his hips and the bed springs squeaked. Milt’s hips started out slow but after a while moved faster and faster. After what seemed like a long time Milt’s hips jerked a couple of times, slowed down, then stopped moving. George guessed he’d shot his cum into Sally’s cunt. It had taken Milt a long time to shoot off. George wished he could hold off that long.

In a minute or so Milt turned on the bed and pushed his face between Sally’s legs. He must be doing what the boy’s called cunt lapping. Sally sucked his soft prick and licked it clean the way Princess had cleaned his prick that afternoon. Milt must be licking his cum out of Sally’s cunt. George always wanted to taste his cum but had chickened out every time he brought his hand to his mouth. George wanted to jerk off. David pulled at his sleeve and led him away.

The boys should have stayed. They would have heard and seen some things that would have made life a lot more interesting for them. A short while after the boys left Sally got up and went to the window. Milt joined her as she pushed the curtains aside and peered out into the darkness. She looked at Milt and grinned.

“I’ll bet he got an eyeful tonight. I’m glad he saw that add for this out of the way trailer park.”

“He should have gotten an eyeful, there’s no one else around and he could be sure no one would see him. I wonder if he realized that when he suggested we stop here.”

“One of these days I’m going to rape him. He must be ready by now, I’ve wanted to since I found cum spots on his sheets about six months ago.”

“Any time your ready to take him on, I am too. I can’t wait to do a threesome with you and our son. It’ll be a ball.”

“You know, Milt, he’s gotten very friendly with that cute kid from the camp in one day. That’s not much like him. He’s usually a bit standoffish. I wonder if he invited George to watch us tonight. I thought I saw George waiting for David down path.”

“He might have. I thought I saw George waiting too. I’ll bet they were watching us and jerking off. I’d like to watch them do it one time. I remember how thrilling it was for me to spy on my parents and jerk off when I was a kid. The fact they might discover me made it a little scary and made it feel even better.”

“This place is perfect for our plans. I think we ought to stay here for a while. It’s secluded enough so that we can do things we couldn’t get by with in the more popular camping sites. It might be the place where we can get David into our nightly act.”

“You know, that kid George is cute. Do you think we could get him into the act too. I’d love to try three males at one time! Gees, that would be something to write home about. I’d really like to try that. Imagine having one prick in my cunt, one prick up my ass, and one prick shooting off in my mouth. As David would say, ‘Wow! That’s awesome!’”

“That’s an idea. Why don’t we just leave it hang and find things to occupy ourselves for about a week or so. Then we’ll see what develops between David and George. If they form a real comradeship it should be easy to get George into our fun and games at the same time we get David into them.”

“There are a couple of small towns nearby and I noticed some antique shops. We can explore them, leave David here with George, and see how their friendship develops. I know David won’t want to traipse around with us to antique shops. He hates them.”

“That’s a real good idea. If it works out that way, we can spend another month or two here before we have to get home. We can have a ball.”

The two of them stood at the window but they hadn’t been idle. Milt’s fingers worked in and out of Sally’s cunt. Sally gently massaged Milt’s prick, which was hard again. They were ready for another round. The fantasy of having her son and his friend perform sex acts with her had Sally’s cunt sopping wet.

Sally led the willing Milt back to the bed. They positioned themselves for a leisurely sixty-nine. Milt licked and sucked on Sally’s clit then ran the tip of his tongue along her cunt. Sally licked a drop of pre cum off the tip of his prick, ran her tongue around its head, licked down the underside then sucked his balls. Milt took her clit between his lips and lashed the head of it with his tongue.

It was time to get down to serious business. Sally sucked Milt’s prick into her mouth and bobbed her head. Milt hardened his tongue and pushed it as far into her cunt as he could. He flexed his hips and drove his prick into Sally’s throat. Sally swallowed around the head of his prick and rubbed her cunt all over his face. Sally moaned and her cunt contracted around Milt’s tongue. Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble; he shot his load of cum into her mouth. She swallowed it as it erupted from his prick.

Once David had George away from the trailer he turned to him and grinned.

“Gee, I’d love to feel my mother’s cunt and my father’s prick. I jerked off while I watched them until I found out something else I can do with Princess. Now I’ve got that better way I told you about. Can we go someplace where no one will see us? I’ll show you something you’ll hardly believe.”

George was ready to admit that he probably wouldn’t believe what David was going to show him unless he saw it himself. He led David down a path to the clearing he had started toward earlier. It was a place he came to jerk off on the weekends or when he couldn’t get to the bathroom.

When they got there David pulled his prick out and gently massaged it. Princess came right over to him to lick it. George’s eyes popped again as David pushed a finger into Princess’s cunt. Princess wiggled her rear end, and backed up on to David’s finger.

“Now I fuck Princess. Uh, – If you want, you can go first.”

George was shocked. He’d never heard of anything like this. He wouldn’t have believed it but he’d like to try it. It was nice of David to let him go first. It had to be better than jerking off and might be better than having Princess lick his prick until he came. George nodded his head and took out his prick. It was hard as a rock, it pointed almost straight up, and it was throbbing with his pulse beat. Princess immediately came over and licked off a drop of cum that had formed at his pisshole.

David had George get on his knees and positioned his prick. As soon as Princess felt the head George’s prick in her cunt she backed up and George’s prick slid right in. Wow! It sure was better than jerking off.

George flexed his hips and Princess wagged her tail. Her rear end wiggled back and forth. George never felt anything so good before. He pumped his hips and Princess wagged. It was even better than having Princess lick his prick till he came.

The scene that George just witnessed at the trailer had got him even hotter. George flexed his hips three times; spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; his cum spurted into Princess’s cunt. He couldn’t believe how good it felt. He wished it had lasted longer.

He left his prick in until it was soft then pulled it out of Princess’s cunt. Princess turned around and licked it clean. That was the what David’s mother had done to his father. It felt as neat as it had appeared.

While Princess was licking George’s prick, David pushed his own throbbing prick up Princess’s cunt. Out of courtesy to George he had waited a lot longer than he usually did after watching his parents fuck. David moved his hips much slower than George had and lasted a lot longer before he shot his cum into Princess’s cunt.

George noted the way to make the good feeling last he had to go slow. He’d try that next time. David’s hips speeded up and George saw his hips jerk. George knew that David was shooting his cum. Princess turned around and licked David’s limp prick clean too.

Being young meant he had a hair trigger but it also meant he recuperated quickly. Watching David fuck Princess got George hard again. He hadn’t put his prick back in his pants and as soon as Princess saw it she moved in to lick it for a while.

It felt better and better. He held it in front of Princess’s mouth and Princess kept licking. Soon the good feeling built up again. His hips jerk and another load of cum spurted out of his prick. Princess licked up all the cum from the ground then licked his prick until it was soft again and all the cum was cleaned off.

As soon as George pulled his prick away from Princess she sniffed around and went to work on David who had gotten a new hard on while Princess licked George off. George watched closely while Princess brought David off again and licked his prick clean.

George noticed David look at him speculatively again, knew that David was about to make another suggestion, and decided he would go along with anything David came up with no matter what. Everything that David had let him in on had been super.

David blushed. He never did that before. After what he’d shown George, what could embarrass him? George waited to see what else David had up his sleeve.

“Uh, George?”


“Can I feel your prick? I’ll let you feel mine.”

Uh, oh, George didn’t know about that. Only gays felt other guy’s pricks.

“Gee, I don’t Know. I’m not gay.”

“I’m not either, I just want to see what it feels like.”

George pondered a while. He did want to feel David’s prick and he wanted to have David feel his. Well David would never tell anyone around here so no one would ever find out and no harm would be done.

“Uh, okay, I guess so.”

Each reached for the others’ limp prick. George was surprised how good someone else’s hand felt on his prick. He liked the feel of David’s prick too. David stroked his prick and he did the same to David’s. Their pricks pulse up to another hard on. They looked at each other, grinned, and each of them fucked Princess again.

When Princess had their pricks licked clean it was time to go back to the trailer. George decided he and David could have a lot of fun while he stayed at the camp. He wondered what it would feel like to have David jerk him off. He thought he might like to jerk David off too but he would never suggest it. David said he could get his parents to stay for a couple of weeks at least. They could do this every night from now on.

George and David did have fun. He regretted not seeing his mother take her afternoon nap but he found a lot of neat things to do with David. There was a pond in the rear of the park. They got into bathing suits and took Princess to the pond each day after school. Sally went with them to see the place the first time but David’s parents never came out there with him again.

When they got to the pond they took off their bathing suits. Princess would come over to them and lick their pricks and their asses. George was surprised at how neat it felt to have Princess lick his ass. When his prick was hard George got behind Princess and pushed it into her cunt. Princess wiggled her hips and backed up against his groin. He fucked in and out of Princess’s cunt until; spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; the cum shot out of his prick. He learned to pump slower and take a little longer. Then David would take his turn fucking while Princess licked George’s prick clean.

George found out he liked it when Princess licked his ass. He laid on his back with his hips held up to give Princess access. It seemed as if she tried to push her tongue up his asshole. After she licked his ass a few minutes he had a new hard on and he lowered his hips and let Princess lick his prick until he shot off again.

Princess licked the cum from where it landed on his chest and belly. George then raised his hips and Princess would lick his ass again. It was real neat, but if he kept it up to long his balls started to ache.

David insisted they jerk each other off and George found it was fun and much better than jerking yourself off. George didn’t think it was as good as having Princess lick your prick until you came or fucking her, he went along with the mutual jerk off since he was the host and had learned to defer to the guests wishes.

George and David would shoot their loads three or four times every afternoon. One afternoon George shot off six times and his balls were still aching when he went to bed. He didn’t do that a second time.

Before long before Grandma Schultz found where the boys were hiding. She missed George’s jerk off session on the tree platform and came looking. Once she found out they were fucking Princess and letting the dog lick at their cute adolescent pricks she watched them every day and finger fucked herself. This was as much fun as watching them jerk off. One of these days she was going to take the place of that lucky dog.

The mutual jerk offs were fun but they bothered George a little because he didn’t want to be gay. George preferred to fuck Princess or to have her lick him until he shot his cum.

David liked jerking each other off more than George did, but George didn’t mind too much. He sort of liked having David play with his prick and he liked playing with David’s too. George couldn’t understand why he liked to feel David’s prick and have David feel his. He thought only gays did that and he wasn’t gay.

Every night the two boys met to watch David’s parents fuck. One night David’s father lay down on his back and his mother leaned over him and took his prick in her mouth. She moved her hips over his face and he pushed his tongue into her cunt. David’s mother sucked his father’s prick into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down, he moved his mouth all over her cunt. David took one look at what was going on, took a deep breath, and looked at George.

“Oh gee, their going to sixty-nine. This is good. Let’s jerk each other off while we watch.”

David reached for George’s prick and George took hold of David’s. They jerked each other off while they watched. It seemed to George that David’s mother drank his father’s cum when he shot off. George hardly believed his eyes. The boys’ cum spurted out of their pricks and hit the side of the trailer the same time Sally was swallowing Milt’s cum.

The boys left and Sally grabbed Milt’s hand and led him out around the trailer. She was very sensitive to the sound of cum hitting any flat surface. They found some drops of cum splattered on the side and Sally scooped some up with her finger. She tasted it and turned to her husband.

“I want some more of that from the source, and tomorrow wouldn’t be too soon. We have to lay some plans to lay those two boys. They’re are inseparable now. Let’s follow them and see if they jerk off again. At their age I bet they do it three or four times a night.”

“That’s a good idea. I’ve wanted to watch David jerk off for just as long as you’ve wanted to suck and fuck with him.”

Having come once the boys weren’t in a hurry to get to the clearing. They dawdled and David told George he always had to jerk off while he watched his mother and father suck each other off like that.

Their slow pace made it fairly easy for Milt and Sally to follow them without making any noise. They weren’t surprised when they saw the boys pull their pants off. They were surprised when the boys sat down and raised their hips so Princess could lick their asses. As the boys’ pricks got hard, Princess licked off the drops of cum and continued licking around them.

Sally admiring the pricks she examined. They weren’t big but they sure did excite her. She wanted to join Princess. She grabbed Milt’s hand and pushed his fingers into her cunt. Milt’s prick had gotten hard again and she gently massaged it.

The next act caught them by surprise. They watched each of the boys’ fuck Princess then let her lick their pricks clean. Milt’s fingers fucked Sally’s cunt while she jerked him off. Sally had orgasmed each time one of the boys came. Milt lasted through both fucks before cum spouted out of his prick. Sally licked Milt’s cum off her hand and waited to see what else the boys and Princes might have in store for them.

When the boys held their hips off the ground again to let Princess lick their asses, it was all the two adults could do to keep from laughing out loud. The boys had evidently learned how to get their pricks hard again quickly. The boys lowered their hips and allowed Princess to lick their adolescent pricks until they both shot off again. Both of the adults admired the boys’ inventiveness.

They were sorry when the boys put their pants on. They had put on as good a show for the adults as the adults had put on for the boys. Milt and Sally would have liked to see more but expected that the boys were done for the night. They beat a hasty retreat to get to the trailer before the boys. While they waited for the boys to arrive they held a further conversation.

“Milt, those two boys way ahead of us. If we don’t get to them pretty quick David’s going to convince George to find them some little girl and persuade her to play doctor.”

“You’re right. We do have to do something pretty quick if we don’t want to be beat out.”

The day after that David’s parents decided to give the boys as much leeway as they could. They told David they were going to shop at some of the nearby antique shops. David said he’d rather stay at the park and play with George.

George would have the opportunity to watch his mother again. David had shared watching his parents with him and let him fuck Princess so he didn’t mind having David watch his mother with him. George led David to the platform and showed him where to sit so that he could see good.

Grandma Schultz was glad to see George back at his old stand and happy to see that cute kid from the trailer was with him. She watched the two of them open their flies and take out their pricks. They were gorgeous young adolescent cocks and they made both her cunt and her mouth water. She’d love to suck a load of cum out of each of them. Her view of them from the shed was much better than the one she had at the lake.

Grandma pulled up her skirt, pulled down her panties, and ran her fingers in and out of her cunt waiting for the real action to start. She wished she had Allen then she wouldn’t have to finger fuck herself. She remembered that Allen would be in his late thirties by now. She didn’t want a man, she wanted him like when he was younger. She wanted him to be like George and David. She wanted George and David. She had to figure some way to get to them.

Joan made her entrance as expected. She walked to the window as she removed her dress and bra. She scratched under her breast and George’s prick jerked in time with the way they wobbled. His mother fingered a nipple and the nipple got larger.

Joan did these things this close to the window in case George was watching. She would wait for that trailer to leave before she seduced her son but if he was watching she wanted to keep him interested.

George was glad they could see so much. They were due to see even more. Joan pulled her panties down and held the lips of her cunt open with one hand while she rubbed the bump up near the top. George had never seen this much of a cunt before. He pumped on David’s prick and David pumped on his.

Joan was watching and thought she caught sight of some motion near David’s tree platform out of the corner of her eye. Had David gone with his parents today or was he with George. That would be fun. He was a cute kid. She wouldn’t mind seducing him at the same time she seduced her son. Two adolescent boys at the same time. Wow! One prick to fuck her and another to suck on. She hadn’t even thought of that.

Her cunt started to drip. She stayed right where she was, pulled the outer lips of her cunt even farther apart, and pushed two fingers inside the inner lips. Her fingers moved in and out and she could just see that someone was out there in the tree platform. Joan hoped that George was jerking off and enjoying it as much as she enjoyed having him watch her finger fuck herself.

George was enjoying it and so was David. For that matter Grandma Schultz was finger fucking herself using the same tempo as the two boys were. Everybody watched everybody else and jerked off. The boys were the first to climax and their cum hit the side if the house. Even David had never gotten as close a look at his mother’s cunt as the two of them had right now.

Joan heard the cum splat against the side of the house and had several magnificent orgasms. Grandma Schultz saw the cum fly and she had more than one splendid orgasm too. Things quieted down after that.

The boys took Princess to the pond. They talked about what a cunt looked like up close and their pricks got hard. David told George he’d read that the funny thing at the top of his mother’s cunt was called a clitoris, and that the kids at his school said it was a clit. Princess licked their pricks in turn until they shot their cum and their pricks got soft again. Grandma Schultz had followed them, watched while Princess licked their pricks and finger fucked herself to several more orgasms.

The boys discussed the way Joan had pushed her fingers in and out of her cunt and their pricks got hard again. They fucked Princess, shot their wad, and their pricks got soft, and Princess licked them, clean. Again Grandma Schultz brought herself to multiple orgasms.

She wondered if she dared get George off by himself sometimes and fuck him like she used to fuck Allen. She would love to suck a load of cum out of that cute little prick of his. She had to think about that.

Maybe she could get hold of the cute kid with glasses whose folks were staying at the park. He’d been on the platform jerking off with George that afternoon. His prick was the same cute size as George’s. Grandma’d seen cum shoot out of his prick too. He was just as ripe as her grandson was. It would be fun to try him out but then his folks would leave and he would leave with them. There would be nothing permanent about that connection. She really wanted someone for the long term, but maybe anything was better than nothing. She had to think about that too.

Joan decided she’d had enough. She wasn’t going to wait for the trailer to leave. Tomorrow she was going to get to George. She would suck his pubescent prick, and have him fuck her. She’d have to take the chance that the Simons didn’t find out what she was doing with her son.