Game of show and tell

It began innocently enough. Just a friendly game of show and tell with Barbara, Jane and myself baring our boobs to compare our tits. It was close to midnight and many of the others were already asleep. Not us. We’d already finished a bottle of wine and were turning on to the sexy sight of each other. Jane’s a philosophy major who can find deep meaning in just about anything, including this horny peek-a-boob game. “This really is profound” she said drunkenly. “The three of us sharing our bodies like this. A merging of oneness.” Barbara was blasted with wine and pulled on her pretty pink nipples. “Cut that shit,” she laughed, “we’re just curious and horny” I agreed. Joining them before the mirror, we formed a semicircle, and I was in the middle. Barbara’s big balloon boobs were to my right and she pressed those big breasts against my small titties. Jane’s pear-shaped tits were on my left as she nudged me with them, pressing her hardening nipple against my own. We looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. Jane was the first to start in, taking our show-and-tell game to the threshold of touching. She placed her fingers on my tits and pulled gently on my nipple. She also opened her smallish mouth and pulled me close, her long tongue jumping snakelike toward my lips. Her breath was so sweet tasting and her hands, like Barbara’s, were so very warm. Both of these close friends began kissing me, melting me with their body heat. Barbara’s big jugs swelled with excitement, her rubbery red nipples smashing hard against my side. She kissed my tits, biting down hard on my erect nipple till I moaned… Right into Jane’s sweet mouth. I was the luckiest of the three this night, sandwiched between their pressing nakedness. Their fingers roamed all over me, squeezing my cupcake titties and sliding lower to my super wet snatch! My breathing came in deep gasps as I fought with Jane’s juicy tongue dancing in my mouth. Her hand touched Barbara’s at my pussy and they each pulled, hard too! They eased me onto the bed where I stretched back and stared up at the spinning ceiling. Jane buried her face between my thighs, making lewd sounds on my cunt lips. Barbara was beside me in bed, nibbling on my ear, pulling on my pointy nipples. She twisted my tit in her hand and then squatted by my side, her milky breast hanging like a sack over my face. I pulled her lower to flick my tongue on her tit, tasting the sweet sweat of her sexy flesh. She pressed her breast into my mouth, stuffing my face with her milky jug. I kissed and licked her there and would have bitten off her nipple, if so much of my erotic concentration hadn’t been centered on Jane’s juicy wet tongue and mouth at my pussy making my insides bubble. Scratching my thighs, she urged me to hump my hips into her face. Again and again I rocked the bed, smashing my snatch into her face until I climaxed and filled her mouth with a flood of thick secretions. When she licked me totally, Jane joined Barbara as they bit my boobs until I was numb. We switched positions and pleasured each other all through that night. And leave it to Jane to sum up the raunchy night by saying how profound and deep our loving had been. Barbara laughed right in her face and told Jane, “Shut up and just sit on my face.” So much for intellectualizing.