Getting My Hair Cut

Let me just state here and now.  I hate getting my hair cut.  I always have, and I thought I always would.  I have been to barbers, stylists, and everything short of a dog groomer.  All I want is a simple haircut and my beard trimmed, nothing more.  Not to mention those little hairs that stab your neck for the next two days. 

I was sitting at a table at Knuckle’s Bar and Grill, eavesdropping on a conversation between two ladies in their forties.  This Sue Ann could make a clown’s wig look beautiful.  I’m interested.  Maybe Sue Ann is just the ticket.  As I continued to listen in, I searched for Sue Ann on my phone.  Sure enough, I found her.  Her shop was three point seven miles from my house.  I had just had my hair cut, so I saved her information.

Two months later, it was time for my punishment.  So, I called for an appointment, and she was booked almost two weeks out.

She gave me her last appointment on a Friday and said it would be twenty dollars for the haircut, and five dollars more to trim my beard.

Sounded like the going rate and the appointment was booked.  Sue Ann told me to park in the street and come around to the back of the house.  There is a basement entrance, that’s the door to use.

I walked into a partitioned-off part of her basement.  There was the barber chair, a large mirror with a shelf holding her equipment.  Sue Ann was a lady with long brown hair curled into a bun, deep dark eyes, and a bit of a round figure packed in about a five-foot-six frame.  Very easy on the eyes.  She had a smile that would melt the North Pole. 

“Well Max, how should I cut your hair?” she asked.  I told her what I wanted and hoped for a decent result. 

As she set about her work, we had the usual first-meeting conversation.  There was a lull in the conversation and Sue Ann turned the chair to face her. 

“I usually don’t have a man for a client, so I’m not sure what to talk about.  I mean, I will be glad to have you as a customer.  I’m just not sure what guys usually talk about at a barber shop.”

I said, “I have an idea.  Why don’t you tell me about yourself and how got started cutting hair in your basement instead of being in a shop of some sort of shop. I don’t know anything about your line of work, or how you got started.”

“It isn’t wild and exciting, but I started getting interested in hair when I was a very young girl.”

And that is how our relationship started.  And she cut my hair just how I have always wanted it.  I was elated.  I even started going every six or seven weeks.  Sue Ann always gave me her last appointment on a Friday. The appointments got longer, and the conversations were getting just a bit more than getting to know you. 

Sue Ann called me around two on a Friday afternoon.  I had my usual appointment for five-thirty.  She said her business was slow, and I could come in whenever I wanted.  We settled on three-thirty.

At three-thirty sharp, I walked into her shop.  She was sitting in the chair in her usual attire.  She cut my hair and trimmed my beard.  Sue Ann pulled the cape from me and used her blower as usual. 

“Come over to the sink, and I’ll wash off those tiny itchy hairs from your neck.  It’s part of my loyalty rewards, I just started,” she said.  “Now lie back and tell me when you are very comfortable.  I don’t want you to strain your neck.”

She put a towel in the curve of the sink, and I laid my neck on the towel.  The water was perfect, so nice and warm.  I could have taken a nap I was so comfortable.  While I was lying in that position, she towel-dried my hair so gently.  If this is a spa, I am all in.

“Are you still comfortable, Max?” she asked.

“Oh, yes.  I almost fell asleep during your tender care,” I responded.

“Good, now for the rest of your loyalty visit perks.”

Sue Ann unzipped my pants and pulled my cock from my boxers.  She knelt on the floor and started sucking and licking.  She reached in again and pulled out my balls.  Her left hand massaged my balls, and her right hand held my growing cock as her mouth and tongue encouraged it to harden.  Sue Ann was slowly sucking up and down on my swollen member and squeezing my balls just tight enough to make the feeling erotic.

Sue Ann stood up and removed her apron.  Her uniform zipped from top to bottom so within seconds, her ample bust and curvy hips were partially visible.  She undid her bra and her triple-D breasts flew out of their bondage.  To continue her strip tease, Sue Ann turned away from me as she lowered her light blue panties.  When she kicked them aside, she turned to look at me with a luck of pure seduction. 

I held her hand while she straddled me.  She bent over to kiss me and I was more than ready to taste her.  When our lips parted, she moves up so I could suck the large breast I had been fondling.  Her dark areola against her light complexion was an erotic addition to her hard nipple.  I was sucking to my heart’s content.  When she pulled away from me, her breast was being stretched to its limit, I would not release the suction.

Sue Ann reached down and guided my cock into her waiting pussy.  As she lowered herself onto me, the feeling of her warm moist passion made me want to start pumping it into her.  But she began to slide up and down my pole first.  It felt like her walls were closing in on my cock and gripping it.  It was almost like she was daring me not to explode the contents of my balls into her.

I was busy sucking her breasts and concentrating on the vacuum trying to pull every drop from my balls.  I gave her nipple a gentle bite and Sue Ann moaned.  I switched to her other breast and started my attack.   Sue Ann’s response was a quiet cooing and a deep inhale which seemed to make the size of her beast larger.  I sucked, licked, and nibbled on her right breast, and my hand was milking her left breast and pulling her hard nipple.  Sue Ann’s sex sleeve swallowed my cock, and she started rocking back and forth on it. 

Sue Ann’s climax ran throughout her body.  She was panting heavily, and her body was shaking.  Feeling her shaking and being balls deep into her body felt like a vibrator on my cock.  I shot stream after stream of my hot lava into her.  I pumped her until my climax ended and we kissed with a hot passion.  She pushed up and looked down at me.  She smiled and we kissed again.  She was wonderful.

Before she let me get out of the chair Sue Ann brought a warm washcloth.  She licked any droplets she may have missed, then wrapped my cock in that warm cloth.  I could hardly move.  My entire body was as limp as the washcloth.

 Sue Ann pulled her uniform around her and zipped it up halfway.  I straightened my clothes and began to recover.  I reached out and held her tight.  She felt so good in my arms.  While we were in our embrace, Sue Ann looked at me.

“I think you should know.  You and only you have a loyalty card.  It does not have an expiration date and there aren’t any exclusions if you understand my meaning.”  I understood and I could feel my heartbeat in my cock.  “One other thing Max, I will keep the last appointment for you every Friday, if you would like.”

“What are your plans for tomorrow or Sunday?”

“I have appointments around mid-day.  But I have cleaning I must do in case the health inspector shows up.  Would you mind if it were Sunday?”

“No, that’s fine with me.  Could I talk you into dinner at Simon’s, say around five or five-thirty?   They have some great cocktails.  I’m a beer man myself, but I think a lady like you would enjoy a cocktail.”

“The cock – tail I just had was perfect.  I hope there will be more.”

“Without a doubt.”

Sunday afternoon finally arrived and was knocking on Sue Ann’s door.  When she answered, was looking great in her red dress and sandals.  She had done her makeup a bit on the dark side, which gave my heart an extra beat of two.  I have fallen for this girl head over heels.  I couldn’t wait to spend time with her and find out more about her.  We had a round of drinks and then ordered our meal.  We talked about our lives and the things we had done.  She was just a wonderful lady all the way around.

When dinner was finished, we sat at the bar for more drinks and conversation.  “Would you want to come to my place for a few evening drinks? I didn’t even realize I had said it.  There was no turning back, I had to play the hand win or lose.

“I was hoping you would ask.  I would ask you to my place, but it isn’t much.  I am having a wonderful day with you, and I don’t want it to end.  I haven’t been this happy in quite some time.”

We left the bar and stopped at the Get It and Go to replenish my stock.  When I returned to the car, Sue Ann was smiling and facing the driver’s seat a bit.  I didn’t notice her smile at first, but I sure noticed the three buttons undone on her top.  I smiled at her and bent over to kiss her.  It was a soft sensual kiss that only someone you love can give you.

When we got to the apartment, I gave her the five-dollar tour of my one-bedroom mansion. She approved and that it was very neat for a bachelor.  I put on some quiet music and poured our drinks.  We sat on the couch and started a conversation, that was never finished verbally.  I reached over to Sue Ann and put my arm around her.  She did the same and gave that same sensual kiss as the first one. 

After a few minutes, Sue Ann unbuttoned the rest of her dress and undid her bra.  Her breasts were beautiful, full, and warm and her nipples were hard.  I bent over and licked the nipple of her left breast and fondled the other with my hand.  Sue Ann was taking deep breaths as though she were trying to get more of her into my mouth.  When I sucked her breast, she put her hand on the back of my head.  She reached down to my crotch and was feeling my hard cock begging to be released from its enclosure.

I stood up and took Sue Ann by her hand.  She followed me into the bedroom, and we stopped and kissed.  I began to take my clothes off as did Sue Ann.  She looked beautiful naked and much more sensual than in her shop.  We were still standing, and she put my cock between her legs and was rocking back and forth.  I could feel the wetness from her and felt her clit on the tip of my cock as she rocked back and forth. I gently set her on the bed and spread her legs apart.  When I did, Sue Ann let out a soft moan.  I had one thing on my mind, and she knew it was. 

My tongue lightly flicked her outer lips as she continued to quietly moan.  Now and then, I would run my tongue between her pussy lips and flick her clit.  Sue Ann’s response was a sharp inhale.  She was enjoying the oral attention and I enjoyed giving it. Both of her breasts were being fondled and I was pulling her nipples.  I wanted her climax to be as wonderful as I could make it.  I pushed her legs up, which gave me full access to both openings.

I was using my tongue to excite her pussy as well as her bottom.  Sue Ann grabbed my head as if to demand more attention to her openings.  Soon those gentle sounds of a woman heading for her peak came from Sue Ann.  I continued my oral onslaught until she finally pushed my face into her soaked pussy and could taste the warm flow of her climax.  For several seconds, Sue Ann cared about nothing but the heat of her climax.  She was moaning and gently growling as she rewarded me with her sex juice.


When she began to relax, Sue Ann just looked at me.  Her face flushed with beads of moisture on her forehead.  She beckoned me to her and I crawled onto the bed, between her legs.  She reached for my cock, raised her legs, and guided me into her hot passion pit.  The feeling of sliding into her was amazing.  As I entered her, muscles were grabbing my cock and demanding its due from my balls.  I sucked her breast into my mouth and began sucking her as though I was going to drain milk from it.  While I enjoyed her breasts going back and forth to be sure neither felt left out, I continued to stroke in and out of her pussy.

Without any signs of changing, Sue Ann reached for my cock and removed it from her heated pit.  She guided it to her bottom and wrapped a leg around my waist. As I slowly and gently pushed into her backside, Sue Ann was inhaling long slow breaths, and as she released her breath it almost sounded as though she said, “Oh yes.” 

Slowly I began stroking in and out of Sue Ann’s bottom.  I returned to her breasts sucking and nipping on her nipples.  She was pushing up to meet my rhythm and held my head to her breasts and I alternately sucked them both.  The intense feeling of being inside her, the large warm breast in my mouth, and her hot breath on my neck were too much.  As much as I wanted to hold off I could not.  I exploded like a rupture in a water line.  My hot cum shot deep into her bowels.  It seemed as though I shot a stream with each stroke. 

I lay on top of Sue Ann and stayed inside her as long as I could.  Finally, she pushed my limp cock from her, and I lay next to her.  We wrapped our arms around each other and had a long soft kiss.  Before we kissed again, Sue Ann licked her lips, and then mine as though it would be a seal never to be broken.

The next few months, Sue Ann and I spent enjoying the summer going to the park and the pool.  There were many stops at the apartment as our fledgling romance blossomed.  August arrived unannounced, and she told me we may not see much of each other for a few weeks.  With school starting, she would have one of her prime times for income.  She knew I would understand that there would be some nights when she would be exhausted.  Sunday became our only day together, and for her to relax. 

September rolled around and the leaves began their transition to a painter’s canvas.  The business had slowed for Sue Ann, and all was looking as though things would be easier until the holidays.  We had more time together and enjoyed every minute of it.  Until Thursday afternoon.  I stopped by her shop to bring her some burgers and fries.  She had a very sad demeanor. 

“Baby, I want to ask you something, but it appears, you have a more pressing issue.  What’s bothering you, Baby?” I asked.

“Max, Edgar is raising my rent.  Rumor has it he wants to sell the building, and I, my business, is in the way. I have built a very good clientele, but the rent increase will bury me.  I could move to one of the salons, but they’re just as expensive. I know my clients will follow me.  Oh! Max!  What am I going to do?”  Sue Ann started sobbing.  I held her in my arms as she started to cry.  She was breaking my heart.   

“Sue Ann, Baby, can we sit down and talk?  I have an idea, but I need your thoughts as well.  I have found a nice little two-bedroom apartment.  I can afford it, It isn’t fancy, but it is very nice.  It would be beautiful if you would move in with me.  You could go into a salon and take your clients and not have to worry about rent, except for the salon.  I know that’s part of your business.  I love you and want you with me.  Think about it.  I’m not going to push or rush you.”

Sue Ann stopped crying.  She was looking at me like she was processing what I had just suggested.  She looked at me, then looked away.  She looked at me again. “Are you serious, Max, do you mean it?  We would live together?”

“Yes, that’s what am asking of you.  And you could move your business wherever you wanted, even if we use the second bedroom for your business.”

“I always dreamed of being in a real salon.  Like a real stylist or whatever.  OH MAX!”

 Sue Ann closed her shop for the day, and we were going out for dinner.  She stood between me and the door with a sexy grin on her face.  She grabbed my shorts and briefs and yanked them to the floor.   In seconds she had my cock in her mouth.  One hand massaged my balls, and the other held my cock and stroked it occasionally to add to my arousal. 

 Sue Ann stroked and sucked my cock and was pulling on my balls, I exploded in the warm vacuum of her mouth.  Without thinking, I held her head in my hands and began stroking in and out of her mouth.  With each stroke came a new shot of semen.  She had me so weak, I had to balance myself on the door.

“And what exactly brought that wonderful experience on?”

“For the man I love,”  Sue Ann responded.

I went to the landlord and closed the deal.  I told him there would be two of us, no pets, no kids.   He gave me a funny smile back.  I said I would bring my girl by to meet him later in the day.  I went back to Sue Ann’s to begin the move.  Move?  Three grocery bags, and a key ring?  What the hell?  I looked at her, and she stood there blushing.

“I never bought much because I was asked out so seldom.  I thought why bother?  That was until you came into my life and made me feel good about myself.  Max, I love you so much.  And I love our new home.  Thank you.”

Sue Ann kept her shop until the end of the season, just after Thanksgiving.  She gave the keys back to Edgar and said she appreciated everything.  Everything, yea, collecting the rent every month.  Fricking slum lord.

Sue Ann and I moved into our first apartment.  When she saw it she went into her woman’s mode.  She was talking about curtains, this, that, the other, and whatever goes into a girl’s mind.  She was on a cloud.  So, I went behind her and grabbed her beautiful boobs, and started playing with them.

“Is there something you need, sir?” she asked with a smile.

“Yes, I need the beautiful woman in my arms, in my bed.  If I may be so bold.”

“Well, give me just a few minutes to freshen up and I am sure I can accommodate your desires.”

I sat on the edge of our bed, waiting.  I was not disappointed.  Sue Ann emerged with her dark eye makeup, hair cascading to her shoulders in a sheer black coverlet.  She was holding a glass of red wine and sipping it seductively.  She slowly walked to me with her coverlet still closed, bent over, and licked my lips.  Then she kissed and parted my lips with her tongue and sucked my tongue into her mouth.   With her free hand, she pushed my head into her torso, her fragrant perfume was intoxicating.

She backed away from me and opened her coverlet. “Do you see anything you like, Mister?” Sue Ann said in a seductive voice.  “Let me refresh your drink.”

She poured a glass of wine, held her breast in her hand and dipped her nipple into the glass, and handed it to me.

“Would you care to taste it to be sure it is to your liking?  She pulled her coverlet back exposing the breast she dipped into the glass.  Then she uncovered her other breast and did the same thing.  “You can choose how you prefer to taste your wine, Mister.”  Then Sue Ann mentally destroyed me.  She put two fingers into her glass of wine, put one leg on the bed, and coated her pussy lips with the wine.  I about came in my shorts.  “Sir, do you want to taste your wine, and how do you want to taste it?” 

I had no idea what else Sue Ann could do to me, mentally.  I have never been so aroused in my life.  This wonderful woman was going to make me her sex slave at this point.  I was willing to taste the wine any and everywhere.  I stood up and removed my tee shirt and shorts.  It was obvious, Sue Ann had me in her den of seduction.  I took the glass from her hand and dipped a finger in it.  I traced her lips with the wine and looked into her deep brown eyes.

“My dear lady.  I am ready for my wine tasting.” 

I started by kissing Sue Ann on her lips.  We kissed long and soft.  I slid my tongue into her mouth, and she began sucking and pushing hers into my mouth.   We kissed for several seconds, and then I lowered my head to her right breast.   I sucked and nipped her full breast until I heard her begin to moan softly.  Then I moved to her other breast and began the same oral affections.  Sue Ann held her large breast for me to suckle as I milked her other breast.  I reached behind her and massaged her ample cheeks so soft and inviting.

After several minutes, Sue Ann lay down on the bed.  She smiled at me with an alluring smile.  When I climbed on the bed with her, she took her glass of wine, dipped two fingers into it, and coated her pussy and bottom with the liquid.  Sue Ann spread her legs wide and reached for me wither outstretched arms.  I laid between her legs and outstretched arms, and she cradled me in a cradle of her sexual desire. 

I pushed my cock into her waiting opening and kissed her as I went in balls deep.  Her vaginal muscles wrapped around my intruding cock as if to stop an invasion.  Her lips were hot, and her large breasts were pushing against my chest demanding attention.  Sue Ann had me locked in her web of seduction.  There was no escaping, and I did nothing to escape was powerless.

As I lay on top of her, kissing her lips, sucking her breasts, and biting her hard nipples, my cock was pumping to release the venom stored in my balls.  So deep in her web of seduction, I did not notice her move her hand from my head to grab my pumping cock.  I refused to stop pumping and realized she was guiding my pulsing cock into her bottom. 

Without remorse, I shoved my aching shaft into her bowel.  Sue Ann inhaled sharply and let out a satisfying moan.  You could almost hear her say “Yes” and my balls slapped against her cheeks.  There was nothing I could do to stop it.  I rhythmically pumped her tight sphincter as I sucked her full breasts.  I was lost in Sue Ann’s web of seduction. 

She started moaning and panting.  I was breathing heavily.  Sue Ann made the first move.  I could feel her sex juices starting to flow and saturate my balls.  She was panting heavily now, and I knew she was about to climax.  I was concentrating on the large breast in my mouth and the hard nipple I was biting, not to mention the bubbling lava in my balls demanding release. 

Almost without warning, Sue Ann and I burst into shattering orgasms.  I couldn’t stop pumping her bottom and she couldn’t get enough of the pounding from my cock and the biting of her breasts and nipples.  The orgasms screamed through both of us.  We were squeezing each other in our arms and mixing our sex juices.  I pumped Sue Ann until my cock was too limp to penetrate her anymore.  She relaxed her grip on me from sheer exhaustion.

After a while, we turned to face one another.  Her expression was so soft and feminine.  Her lips glistened and her eyes sparkled.  What a wonderful woman.  I am so lucky.

“Max, you are the love of my life.  A week from Monday, I start my new station at the salon.  I know you have to work as well.  Do you think we should have a housewarming?”

“Baby, this one damn near burned place to the ground.”