Ghazal a lonely housewife 02

The next day, while Ghazala was preparing lunch, her mother-in-law came into the kitchen in a panic.

Mother-in-law. “Ghazal… Ghazal! Trouble happened.”

Ghazala. “What happened aunty?”۔

“Nadeem had an accident.”

Nadeem was Ghazala’s sister-in-law’s husband.

Ghazala’s mother-in-law was very nervous and Ghazala was consoling her. They had to rush to the hospital and the children were also coming from school. It was decided that they should leave as soon as the children came from school. Ghazala’s sister-in-law lived in another city, Sahiwal. So once again Dawood’s services were obtained.

Ghazala called Dawood on the mobile. After a few rings, Dawood picked up the phone.

Dawood. “Hello. Yes, Ghazal Baji.”

Ghazala. “Dawood, are you busy?”

Dawood. “Tell me what happened.”

Ghazala. “We have to go to Faisalabad immediately.”

Dawood. “Why, what happened?”

Ghazala. “My sister-in-law’s husband, Nadeem Bhai, has met with an accident.”

Dawood. “Gazal Baji, don’t worry, I will come soon. Please, you consoling aunty.”

Ghazala’s mother-in-law packed her luggage. Ghazala also carefully kept some of the children’s clothes but did not keep her own clothes and belongings. When Dawood arrived, everyone was ready to go. Ghazala was wearing a black pajama and shirt with a very light make-up. The queen of Dawood’s dreams seemed to be the resurrection as always.

After a four-hour drive, they will reach Faisalabad. Instead of home, they will go straight to the hospital where Nadeem was admitted. His condition was fine, but there was a fracture on his leg. After sitting for some time, it was decided that Ghazala’s mother-in-law should be left at her daughter’s house. Because Ghazala’s sister-in-law had to stay with her husband in the hospital and her children were alone at home and Ghazala’s mother-in-law would take care of them.

Straight from the hospital, they reached Ghazala’s sister-in-law’s house. He stayed there for some time and decided to return to Lahore before evening. Because the next day Dawood had to go to office and Ghazala had to attend her friend’s brother’s wedding which was very important to her.

But here a problem arose, the children of Ghazala’s sister-in-law, who were of the same age as Ghazala’s children, started to insist that they would not let their cousins go back. Ghazala’s children will also join in this resistance.

Ghazala scolded the children and said. “No, you guys didn’t go to school in the morning.”
Ghazala stared at the children angrily.

Ghazala’s mother-in-law spoke instead of the children. “Ghazal, why do you scold them? They are children.”

Ghazala. “Aunty, they have gone to school in the morning. They are being stubborn.”

Mother-in-law. “My daughter’s husband has met with an accident and her children are refusing to let their cousins stay with them.”

Ghazal “But aunty…”

Mother-in-law. “Ghazala, there has been a tragedy in our family. You should also stop here, but you considered the marriage of your friend’s brother more important. I will not stop you, but let my grandsons and granddaughters meet.”

Ghazala became speechless. Her best friend’s brother’s wedding was one she couldn’t miss. She gave up. There was a wave of happiness among the children. Dawood was also very happy in his heart because he had the opportunity to be alone with Ghazala. Now he will dominate her soon.

After some time everyone was standing in the porch to bid farewell to Ghazala and Dawood. Dawood took out a bag of children’s clothes from the car and handed it over to a servant.

Mother-in-law. “Be careful children and call me when you reach Lahore, Ghazal.”

“Okay aunty.” Saying this, Ghazala started meeting her children.

Ghazala’s mother-in-law addressed Dawood. “Son, take care of your sister and bring her here after the marriage function.”

Dawood. “Ok aunty.”

It was almost six o’clock when Ghazala and Dawood left. Ghazala was sitting on the front seat of the car and her eyes were momentarily moist from the separation of her children.

An hour after leaving Faisalabad, Ghazala fell asleep. She was traveling since morning so she was tired. When they reached the motorway, it was jammed. Dawood was familiar with the roads in the area and instead of getting stuck in a traffic jam, he took an alternative route that passed through small towns and villages. After some time Ghazala woke up. Ghazal “Dawood, where are we?”

Dawood. “Gazal Baji. The motorway was jammed. This is an alternative route.”

Suddenly Ghazala’s mobile phone started ringing. It was her husband Waheed.

Ghazala. “Dawood, stop the car. It’s Waheed’s phone. He shouldn’t know that we are traveling. Aunty and I have decided that we won’t tell him about Nadeem Bhai’s accident, otherwise he will get worried. You Be quiet too.”

Dawood stopped the car on the road side and Ghazala pressed the call receive button of the mobile.

Waheed. “Hello Ghazala. How are you”

Ghazala. “I am fine dear. How is your life?”

Waheed. “Ya its moving well, the work load is high.”

Ghazala. “Hmmm”

Waheed. “Where is my mother and children?”

Ghazala. “They are just sleeping”

Waheed. “Ok can you come on skype?”

Ghazala. “No I don’t have net now”

Waheed. “Ohh shit”

Ghazala. “I miss you a lot. Come here as far as possible”

Waheed. “Ya babe but just wait for 3 months”

Ghazala. “Ohh no I want to see you”

Waheed. “Please understand babe”

Ghazala. “Hmm its Ok”

Hearing her conversation Dawood got happy.

Waheed. “If you need any money just took that, I got some extra money in new deal. I just transfer 2 hundred thousand rupees in to your account.”

Ghazala. “Ohh you always have the thought of money”

Waheed. “No you are my first, then money”

Hearing that Dawood know that Waheed was concentrate for money and he never consider her wife. So he can get her easily.

That time Ghazala heard some lady sound in his phone. “Who is that lady sound?”

Waheed. “Ohh Ghazal, you know, my partner’s sister, Fariha. She is calling. I just go now! Will call you next week.”

Ghazala. “Ummaahhh, bye”

He cut the call.

Ghazala. “Dawood lets go”

Dawood “Ok Ghazal baji”

They continued their journey. After some time Ghazala fell asleep again. Dawood saw Ghazala sleeping. He wanted to kiss her round and fair cheeks. She looked so innocent and cute sleeping in the moonlight. Dawood wanted to fuck Ghazala in the car at that time, but he did not want to rape his cousin and elder sister.

The road was empty. Because the time was 10:00 am. Dawood got full of his bladder. He needs to piss. So he stop the car near the road and looked at Ghazala. Ghazala was in a deep sleep. And he doesn’t stop the engine and head light. Dawood step out and shut the door. When he shut the door Ghazala got shake and opened her eyes slowly and sensed that the car is not moving. She raised her head and looked in to font seat and don’t see Dawood there. That time Ghazala sees him on the front side of the car. He was opened his pant zip. That time she knows that he went for pissing.

Ghazala can see Dawood clearly because he was stood in front of the head light on left side. He took his hand in to the Pant. First Ghazala felt some shame and looked away. But due to some curiosity she looked again and see he was pissing. Ghazala was shocked by seeing Dawood’s cock. That may be 12 inches long and thick as baseball bat and black in colour. He pissed like water pumped through a big hose.

Ghazala watched the show as Dawood pissed for 1 min. She never seen any cock other than her hubby. After pissing Dawood turned back to the car by shaking his black snake and put in his underwear. That time Ghazala sees full of Dawood’s cock. Her heartbeat becomes fast. When he come near the door she acted that she was in a deep sleep. He went in and drives the car.

When they reached near their home Ghazala acted she wake up and asked Dawood. “Is we near?”

Dawood. “Yes Ghazal baji we will be there with in 10 min”

Ghazala. “Ohh it’s a long journey, I just slept.”

Dawood parked the car in the porch. Ghazala opened the door and switch on the lights.

Ghazala. “Thank you Dawood”

Dawood. “Its Ok Ghazal baji.”

Ghazala. “Did you need a coffee?”

Dawood. “No you are tired, just take rest. Aunty told me that you have fear to stay alone. If you need anything please call me I will be here with in seconds”

Ghazala. “Ok Dawood, bye”

Then Ghazala locked the front door and went to her room. She removed her dress and went to bathroom. After take a hot shower, she come to her room by wipe her body and hair. That time was 3:00 am. Ghazala then went to her bed and lay naked. Due to long journey she was very tired and slept.

At ten o’clock in the morning, Ghazala woke up to the constant ringing of the doorbell. Whoever was at the door was in a hurry. Ghazala was sleeping naked, so she got up with a grumble and went to open the door in her nighty. In a hurry, she didn’t even wear bra and panty inside the nighty. When Ghazala opened the door, David was standing there.

Dawood. “Good morning Ghazal Baji, I was on my way to office. Thought I’d ask you if you need anything.”

Ghazala. “No. I don’t need anything. If you stop, I’ll make you breakfast.”

Dawood. “No, I’m going. I’m late for office.”

Ghazala. “Ok. But come in time for dinner.”

Dawood. “Good bye Ghazal Baji.”

After Dawood left, Ghazala took a bath and started cooking. She decided to make eggplant bharta with dinner. He got the vegetables delivered over the phone. When Ghazala was cutting brinjal on the kitchen counter, she found a brinjal something strange. It was three times bigger and fatter than the others and slightly overripe. Ghazala held it in her hand and started looking at it. This huge eggplant, to her, looked exactly like the one she had seen the previous night. Dawood’s thick long and black cock. Ghazala felt wet between her thighs as she imagined Dawood’s cock. She quickly shook off her thoughts and plunged the knife into the poor eggplant.

Ghazala deviate her thought by thinking her children, then she called her mother in law on mobile and talked to her children also. Then she went to kitchen and prepare tasty food for Dawood. In evening, after shower, Ghazala wear a green salwar kamiz.

Dawood had reached at 8 o’clock at night. Both cousins sat on the dining table and started eating.

Ghazala made chicken korma for Dawood and brinjal bharta for herself.

Dawood. “Gazal baji, you will not eat korma.”

Ghazala. “No. I don’t like oily and protein foods. So I only eat vegetables and fruits.”

Dawood. “That’s why you look like a fairy.”

Ghazala. “Oh thank you Dawood.” And she blushed and smiled.

Dawood. “How is Nadeem Bhai?”

Ghazala. “He’s still in the hospital right now.”

Dawood. “You talked to aunty and children on mobile.”

Ghazala. “Yes! All is well.”

Dawood. “Ghazal baji, your mother-in-law is a good woman. She loves you. She instructed me to take care of you.”

Ghazala. “Ok Dawood, will you take me to my friend’s brother’s wedding tomorrow?”

Dawood. “Why not Ghazal Baji. What time to go.”

Ghazala. “Seven o’clock in the evening.”

At 7pm the next day, Ghazala was ready before David arrived.

At 7pm the next day, Ghazala was ready before Dawood arrived. She wore a pink saree. Ghazala’s fleshy and white arms were shining in a sleeveless saree. It was a sexy saree with deep neck and bare stomach. She left her long and brown hair loose. Ghazala filled both her arms with bangles and hung necklaces and earrings around her neck and ears.

When Ghazala came in front of Dawood, his mouth was left open. His heart leapt into his throat. Ghazala failed to notice that a bulge was forming in Dawood’s pants.

Dawood. “Ghazal baji you look very beautiful.”

Ghazala did not respond except to blush.

Will reach the wedding hall in a while. Dawood quickly got out of the car and pushed the doorman back and opened the front seat door for Ghazala himself. She was impressed by his civilized behavior, but he had something else in mind. Dawood did not want anyone to see Ghazala’s deep cleavage except him.

It was a non-mixed marriage, meaning separate tents would be set up for women and men. Dawood did not get a chance to be near Ghazala in the wedding hall.

By the time the wedding ceremony ended at 11 pm, heavy rain had started. Ghazala and Dawood had gone outside the hall but they stood at the entrance and waited for the rain to stop. It seemed that the rain was not going to stop.

Dawood. “Gazal Baji, the rain will not stop now, we have to go. I will bring an umbrella from the car.”

Ghazala. “Hmmm ok Dawood.”

Dawood ran towards the car and took the umbrella and come back and give the umbrella to Ghazala. And again ran towards the car. He was fully drenched. Ghazala took the umbrella and walked towards the car.

When Ghazala gets in the front seat of car and asked. “Why Dawood you ran, I think you are fully drenched.”

Dawood. “It’s ok Ghazal baji. If I am with you, you also get drench.”

Ghazala like his talk and she think how much he cares her.

Ghazala. “Ok thanks my brother.”

There is big thunderstorm outside. Ghazala hides her ears with her hand and close her eyes with fear. Dawood understood that she is fear that.

Dawood. “Don’t worry Ghazal baji, we don’t get that. We are safe in car.”

Ghazala. “I had fear about that. Ok lets go.”

They started the journey. Dawood drive the car very slowly that he can’t see the road properly.

On journey Ghazala get some cold.

Ghazala. “Dawood switch on the heater. It’s very cold.”

Dawood. “Ya Ghazal baji I felt cold also, I was drenched fully”

Ghazala. “Ohh sorry. You drenched for me.”

Dawood. “I will do anything for your happiness…”

Ghazala. “Thanks Dawood.”

Dawood. “Ghazal Baji, how was the wedding function?”

Ghazala. “Beautiful. I love wedding ceremonies and rituals.”

After some silence, Ghazala spoke. “Dawood, you are only two years younger than me. I think your age is passing. Now you should also get married.”

Dawood smiled. “Who will marry me?”

Ghazala. “Why, my brother is so handsome. Why would any girl refuse.”

Ghazala continued. “I will find a bride for you. Tell me what kind of wife you want.”

Dawood laughed and said. “You find so pretty like you.”

Ghazala also laughed and said. “I will find someone more beautiful than me.”

Dawood seriously. “No Ghazal Baji, I don’t want to get married.”

Ghazala. “Why.”

Dawood. “It’s kind of cheating each other.”

Ghazala. “No, it is not like that. Marriage is the name of love and sacrifice.”

Dawood laughing. “Well, then it will be for the women. I haven’t seen the men do it.”

Ghazala. “What do you mean.”

Dawood. “I have seen many men who cheat on their wives. They don’t care about them at all. They leave them alone.”

Dawood’s emotional drama begins. Ghazala also became incredulous after listening to him.

Dawood. “My character must be bad but I think that a husband should also care for his wife as the wife does.”

Dawood’s words hurt Ghazala’s heart. She said sadly. “But Waheed is not like that.”

Dawood said with a sarcastic smile. “If I had a wife as beautiful as you, I would never leave her alone.” Dawood shot the arrow towards the target.

There was silence for some time. Dawood broke the silence and said.

“What happened, Ghazal baji. Why are you so quiet.”

Ghazala. “Nothing Dawood”

Dawood “Tell me, I am your little brother.”

Ghazala. “I know you are saying all this for me and Waheed. But he is now busy. Now he leaves me alone here. But l adjust here because we get a better life”

Dawood. “Hmmm ok Ghazal baji, but I think another thing”

Ghazala. “What?”

Dawood. “No I can’t make sad you”

Ghazala. “What, Dawood please tell”

Dawood. “Promise me you not worry”

Ghazala. “Ya I promise”

Dawood. “I think, Waheed bhai love to earn more money. That’s why he goes there by leave you alone here.”

Ghazala. “No he loves me a lot”

Dawood. “Waheed bhai earned enough many in Lahore, but he went Karachi to get more money leaving beautiful wife and lovely children. That’s why I said he looks to earn money”

Ghazala never speaks against that. Dawood knows that she was thinking about that, and then he continued.

“It’s your younger age, now it’s time to enjoys your life. After that you can’t enjoy much in your life. Am I right?”

Ghazala. “Hmm yes. I think so”

Dawood. “I think Waheed bhai may a fool or he may a clever man”

Ghazala. “Why you say like this?”

Dawood. “Ghazal baji I say he is fool, you are very beautiful women I see in my life, how he can leave alone this beauty. If l was your hubby, I never leave you alone and make you happy at all time.
Then another one cleaver, if he leaves you alone here he may get freedom to enjoy his life with many girls there and you never know that also he can make more money and you waste your life here.”

Ghazala. “No don’t say that Waheed loves me a lot.”

Dawood “No your mother-in-law told your story to me and told me take care of you very much. She told me that now your hubby calls you once in a week. And also talk to you for 10 or 15 min. He doesn’t have time to talk to you. He gets one day but he never uses at least one hour to love you, that’s why I say this.”

Hearing his words Ghazala think that Dawood is right and started to cry. Dawood stopped the car.