After school fun

Sarah (16yo) goes to her bestie’s house, Rose (15). To have fun with best friend of Sarah’s boyfriend, Christian(18) who dropped out.

After receiving the invitation from her best friend. To come join her at her house to have fun with her boyfriend’s best friend, Christian her nipples got hard as she walks down the road with her boyfriend.

Boys are turning their heads watching Sarah’s ass shake, she kisses her boyfriend good bye as he makes his way home.

She made it her best friend Rose’s house where her bestie has already started gorging on Christian’s cock,”Damn I see you’re starving for some cock already!” She said to Rose as she quietly closes her bedroom door and locks it.

Rose releases Christian’s cock from her mouth to speak,”Been waiting for you, were you giving quickies to another guy on the way?” She asked Sarah as the busty goth got next her bestie.

“Other than Tanner’s massive cock last week that’s about it,”Sarah tells Rose as she joins in!

Christian was moaning as he felt Rose suck him off before Sarah showed up. He felt very fucking lucky today!

His cock throbbed very excitedly having Sarah his best friend’s girlfriend to join in to make this a threesome.

“I could always use another whore in this case, my best friend’s girlfriend.” He said

Both Sarah and Rose begin to lick along his shaft covering it Sarah grabs his balls as Rose allows her to suck his cock next.”Hmmm I see you got an impressive set of tits! Are you sure they aren’t fake?”

She asks her friend as she sucks off Christian’s cock while Rose goes and pulls off Sarah’s shirt and pulls her bra down.

To suck on her nipple! Making Sarah moan as she keeps sucking him off!

He moans a bit louder in excitement from seeing Sarah’s huge tits.

“Oh fuck, they’re real! You’re the fucking best!”

Christian watches Rose suck on Sarah’s tits with lust.

Sarah releases his cock licks the head for a bit and puts it back in her mouth and deepthroats it!”Always such a cock hogger! Sarah,”Rose says as she motorboats her bestie’s tits,”Just like middle school! You remember my bimbo?” She asked her after deep throating her Christian’s cock.”Oh yeah I remember when the teacher had us stay for some “extra lessons” in biology!”She says as she passes the cock to Rose.”We really learned some new stuff!” She exclaims!

“A-Ah fuck! You suck like a pro too!”

He moaned out as she started deep throating his dick. He then overhears their conversation.

“Stay like that bitch! I need to fuck your mouth!” Christian says and grabs her head and begins to thrust into her mouth. Sarah makes some gagging noises as he fucks her throat!

Rose watches on and fingers herself as Christian fucks her bestie’s mouth. Sarah begins to tear up, as her tears begin to ruin her eye shadow!

“I’m ready ladies, who am I giving it to first?” He says with a smirk on his face!

Both Sarah and Rose laughed!”You should lay down on the bed and I’ll run a series of tests on it!” Rose said like she’s being a nurse.

Sarah laughs at her idea,”Look who’s the cock hogger now!” She says to her bestie. As Rose gets on the bed with him, strokes it a bit and lines up his cock and guides it into her pussy! She moans as it successfully enters her!

He happily lays on the bed and lets the goth girl guide his dick into her. He moans as he feels her insides welcoming his length.

“A-Ah fuck! This exam is amazing! I love it already!”

He moans out as he started thrusting inside Rose letting his tip kiss her womb.

Sarah leans in to kiss the man giving him plenty of love as her bestie bounces on his cock! Moaning Sarah then lets him kiss and suck her nipples!

He eagerly kisses Sarah back before sucking on her tits and feeling them up while the sound of skin slapping can be heard from him fucking Rose’s pussy in the cowgirl position.

Sarah let’s Christian play with her tits, for a moment and gets up and sits on his face to have him eat her out! As she sits on Christian’s face, she looks at her best friend,”I really enjoy getting fucked like a dumb slut!” She tells her friend,”Oh yeah get fucked once and you want a hundred more cocks!”says Sarah and they lean into each other and kiss and touch their bodies!
Rose starts french kissing Sarah twirling their tongues in their mouths as she kept moving her hips, to match Christian’s rhythm. He overhears them during this and wonders. If his best friend knew his girlfriend and her best friend were big sluts! Obviously, he wouldn’t accept that, but whatever.

Both teens then break the kiss, and start sucking on each others tits,”We been separated for too long,”Rose says to Sarah.”Oh yes, we have!” She says to her dear best friend. Rose picks up the tempo, and Sarah grinds her pussy harder on Christian’s mouth!

He does his best to keep up, digging his tongue deeper and licking around more aggressively while doing the same for Rose’s pussy, but the sexual tension starts overwhelming him and his cock pulses inside the Goth teen.

“Are you ready my best cockwhore of a friend? He’s about to shoot his load,”Rose says,”Oh yeah I’m ready! So ready,”Sarah exclaimed,”Cum for us Christian!” They both said in unison!

As they both demanded his orgasm, he obliged. He fucked Rose’s pussy as roughly as he could, moaning into Sarah’s pussy even after he starting blowing his load into Rose’s pussy!

After getting flooded with cum Rose gets off and lets her best friend suck the remaining cum outta his cock. Where she would join in too! Sarah would soon cum from him licking her pussy!

Christian moans helplessly as Sarah sucks him off to lick off Rose’s pussy juices and his cum. He gives the naughty goth teen a thrusting in her mouth and fuck her face.

“Gotta clean this cock so it’s nice and ready for another round.”He lustfully said, enjoying every second of this.

It was Sarah’s turn to ride but instead of facing the guy she got in a reverse cowgirl position! And begins to bounce up and down his cock! While this was happening, Rose sucks on his balls!

He slapped Sarah’s ass as she bounced on his cock, thrusting away in sync and making her take down the base, his balls swinging around in Rose’s mouth.

“F-Fuck! A-Ah god, this is amazing!”

He moaned out loud, as this is like a wet dream made real and Sarah really putting the ass in class.

Rose loves how balls are being gargled, sucked, and licked up! As she watches her busty bestie ride that cock like her life depends on it! Sarah leans backwards.”Such a show off as usual, I haven’t seen you lean back like this since what the PE teacher? When I walked in and saw you leaning back in this exact same position in his office!” She chuckles,”The look on his face when he thought he was in trouble,”Rose says.

While the two recount their slutty misadventures, Christian grabs Sarah’s big tits from behind, fondling them a bit roughly and even giving them a nice squeeze while pounding her a bit harder.

“Oh yeah baby squeeze my tits harder! Twist my nipples too!”
She says to him, as Sarah keeps getting fucked the guy’s cock pops out of her pussy and Rose sees this and quickly licks and sucks on it she also goes and licks up along the folds of Sarah’s pussy! As she strokes his cock!

He gladly do as Sarah says, squeezing her tits like a stress ball and twist her nipples. His legs quiver feeling Rose licking, sucking, and jerking him off.

“Oh fuck yeah! Get this cock ready for your friend’s shot. Gotta fill her up too.”

The teen stops blowing Christian’s cock. Puts it back into her friend and watches it pound her bestie’s pussy! She watches on while fingering herself. While tasting the guy’s cum from her pussy!

Once he was back inside Sarah’s pussy, he was pumping away deep inside the teen and grabbing her tits more. He was pounding her womb rather intensely with his cock pulsing inside her.

“Oh fuck! I’m gonna… c-cum again! Take it in your womb!”

He moans out loud, rapid fucking Sarah before cumming deep inside her, filling her up and his cum covering his cock and spilling out of her pussy.

“Oh yeah that was fun! As much as I like to stay and enjoy more of this cock! I gotta go before my dicklett of a boyfriend starts worrying about me,”Sarah said with a sigh of disappointment.

“But before you go Sarah,”Rose says she burys her face into her best friend’s pussy causing Sarah to cum a little more again licking off any trace of evidence.

After sucking out cum and tasting her bestie’s juices she kisses the clit again!”See ya later bitch!” She says and smiles as Sarah dressed up.”See you around nurse skank a lot!” She says and unlocks the door and leaves the infirmary.

Rose begins to clean off Christian’s cock, and then sandwiches his cock with her tits!

He watches Sarah leave before Rose starts cleaning his dick with her mouth before massaging his shaft with her huge tits, causing him to moan while his tip sticks out from her cleavage.

“F-Fuck, I love goth bitches so much!” He says with a grin on his face!