Girl on Girl Action with a Woman who was ditched on her date

I have been a fan of girl on girl action although I would describe myself as bisexual. The thought of fucking a girl turns me on quite a lot. That night I saw Maureen. All prim and proper, sitting stiffly at a biker bar. Apparently, her date had abandoned her and now she didn’t know how to get back to her place. My shift was almost done and I offered to drive her wherever she needed to be.

I drive to her apartment and it starts raining. We make conversation and I don’t want the night to end. So when she offers coffee I accept gladly. We are drenched when we get to her house and she gives me a bathrobe while she goes on to change. She comes back in nothing but a thin nightshirt and I can see her nipples through it. We talk as we sip coffee and then I take a chance and kiss her on her lips as I see my chance.

She kisses me back and fells on my breasts. Then she abruptly stops, “Ohh.I…I am sorry. I shouldn’t have touched you that way.” She murmurs. “I liked it that you touched me. It’s not wrong. I like you and do want to get naked with you,” I assure her. “I have never done this,” she says. “What? Had sex?” I laugh. “No!” she says playfully, “Had sex with a girl.” I smile and tell her to proceed, I could be her first time.


She tentatively touches my breasts again and then my shoulders and belly. “Can I touch you?’ I ask and she nods. I start with her face, touching her hair, forehead, eyes and then lips. I kiss her as I touch her neck and then move further down. I open her shirt buttons and unclasp her bra. Her perky breasts make an appearance. I touch around her areola and she shivers. “Do you want more?” I ask her. “Yes,” she whispers and then kisses me.

We undress and I see her lush ass and sweet hips. I grin and decide that I am going to pleasure her. I begin by kissing her lips and then her eyes, going down to her neck and chest. I lick her stiff nipple and she moans. I take her into my mouth and lick and suck till she is holding my head and pushing her tit into my mouth. I find her clit and part her folds to rub her there slowly as I kiss her breasts.

I look into her eyes and pinch and rub her clit, watching her face. I can see lust and pleasure all over her face. I push one finger into her pussy and feel her shake a little. I bend down and kiss her folds like I am making out with her lips. She moans and parts her legs a little wider. I lick her clit and put a little pressure on it.  I suck on her nub and feel some wetness come out of her pussy. I push my finger again and try to find her g-spot. I rub her there gently and make a come hither motion with my fingers. I feel her grab my head and ride my face. Then I feel her cum at fingers. She squirts. I got utmost satisfaction with the girl on girl action with Maureen.

I look up, lick my lips and kiss her hard. “Did you like that?” I ask her. “Yes,” she smiles dreamily. I am going to fuck the girl again, but this time I will have special tools to pleasure the both of us.