Glory Hole

I took my sister to the nearby Glory Hole and gained free admission when I said she might wish to be the girl in the hole. Sue was amazed when she sat down and saw a hole in the walls on either side of her – I told her “put your finger through the hole” – She did and a large circumcised cock appeared. She opened her mouth in surprise and I told her, to suck the cock She fondled it first and then licked the knob, before taking the cock in her mouth and started to suck. – A hand appeared from the other hole and started to undress her and fondle her large tits. She assisted in removing the rest of her clothes and, immediately, had her cunt fingered. Shortly, the cock in her mouth orgasmed and she licked the cum and swallowed it. “Did you enjoy that?” I asked. But she was already cumming from being fingered.

“Let’s go next door,” I said – and we did. – In this room, there were girls in the holes, legs apart and waiting for attention. I took my trousers off and fingered a delightful cunt with closely trimmed pubic hair. And then slid my cock in and started to fuck. Sue – looked at another girl and fingered this cunt for a short time, before licking and sucking the clit. While I fucked Sue’s arse. We all seemed to cum together.

I repeated, “Did you enjoy that?” – And this time she replied, “I did not know such places existed – but yes I love the taste of cum from an unknown man and I was turned on seeing you fucking another girl”.

“Would you like to be the girl in the hole?” I asked. “Possibly – it could be exciting perhaps we could come back – for me to try” So we went out and I told the receptionist “Sue may be interested – but she wants to try first” – “Same time tomorrow?” She said. “Fine” Sue replied.

So we went home and spent the evening talking dirty.

The following day we arrived – “it’s all arranged” the receptionist said “Go through” – we went to the rear of the second room where a woman was attending to the girls. “Greetings Sue” – “take your clothes off and stand in front of me” Sue stripped and was caressed by the attendant and her cunt and bum were examined closely.. “Are you on the pill?” “Yes of course” “Any STDs?” “No thank goodness” “do you drink much?” “Not a lot – Why” Some men want golden showers – they want you to piss in their mouths. “Yes I know – Frederick enjoys drinking my piss”

Another Career move as I became the girl in the hole. At one end my cunt and/or arse were fingered or licked prior to having cocks thrust up me and cum filled them. Whilst at the other side, naked men lined up for me to suck their cocks and some wanted me to drink their piss which I enjoyed and the taste of cum and piss was delightful. Frederick always collected me at the end of my shift and licked all my holes clean of cum and made us drink each other’s piss. Two men wanted to photograph me in action – which delighted Frederick and excited him to wank off over my tits.

My ability to suck cocks became well-known and long queues formed at times. Frederick always insisted that I keep as much cum as possible for when he kissed me.