The Humiliation Of My Wife Carrie

I had no idea that my sweet wife Carrie was fucking almost everyone behind my back!

Jeff and Becky had been using my wife Carrie for their personal sex slave and making a little money on the side by whoring her out to other men in the area. All the while with me, her husband, she acted like nothing had changed in her life. In the bedroom, it was the same old missionary and doogy style sex we had been having. She would suck my cock, but would stop long before I was ready to cum. With her lovers, it was totally different she sucked their cocks to completion and was used in many different sexual positions. Jeff would relay to me play by play on how Carrie was with the many guys and gals she was with and would supply pictures and in some cases, movies of Carrie having sex with others. I wanted in on the “new” Carrie and the way she fucked other guys. Jeff told me that on Tuesday, a guy would be fucking Carrie after lunchtime. The plan was for him to meet Carrie at 12:30, go to our apartment and have sex for a couple hours. I was to pretend that I was not feeling well and leave work around 2:00 which was 1 1/2 hours before my normal quitting time. I would give the guy until 2:15 to finish fucking Carrie and then I would walk into the apartment “catching” them in the act. The guy was in on the plan and as a result of him not telling Carrie about it, he would get to fuck her for free.

At 2:00, I mentioned to my superior that I was feeling sick and wanted to go home. I arrived at our apartment about 2:10 and with my apartment keys in hand walked to the door. The blinds were all down in our bedroom, but I could see the bedroom lights were on so I knew there was activity going on in there. Quietly, I put the key in the lock and slowly turned the doorknob opening the door. I heard talking in the bedroom and slowly walked across the living room to the door of our bedroom. The door was just slightly open and I could see Carrie and this guy naked on our bed. The guy was sitting next to Carrie who was lying on the bed with her legs slightly open. They seemed to be making small talk, possibly about meeting again for another afternoon of sex. I took a deep breath and swung the bedroom door open. What the fuck is going on! I yelled and the guy jumped off the bed, grabbed his clothes and was frantically attempting to get dressed. Get the fuck out of here I yelled at the guy as he stumbled out the bedroom and was heading to the front door. The guy was playing his part like a professional actor. I turned to Carrie and asked just what is going on. Carrie was crying and begging me to please just listen and please forgive her for what she did. I needed to play the tough guy so I told her our marriage was over and she needed to get the fuck out of my life. By this time Carrie was begging me to give her another chance and promised she would do anything I wanted if I would just give her another chance.

I asked he how long this had been going on and how many guys she had fucked since we were married. This was the first one Carrie lied to me. There was no way she was going to tell me about the other guys, about 10 others, the ladies, Becky and Ann or about being fucked by Rex the dog! Whu did you fuck this guy I asked Carrie? She claimed she was so horny and it just happened. Carrie again said she would do anything I wanted if I would give her another chance.

Lie on the bed and spread your legs and place your knees on your chest I told her. Carrie quietly did as I told her and I could see a glob of cum between her pussy lips that her lover has shot into her. Use your fingers and wipe that cum out of your pussy and lick it off your fingers I told her. She slowly used a couple fingers and ran it up her slit covering her fingers with the guys cum. She looked pleadingly at me hoping I would change my mind on her licking the cum off her fingers. Lick your fingers clean I told her as she brought her fingers to her tongue. Do it again I told Carrie. Stick your fingers inside your nasty pussy of yours and get every bit of cum out of it and then lick your fingers clean! From this point on, you are no longer my wife, you are my whore, do you understand? I asked Carrie. Yes she said quietly. Get out in the kitchen and get me a beer I told her. Naked, Carrie went into the kitchen and grabbed me a bottle of beer. As I sat in the living room drinking my beer, I had Carrie sit naked in the living room. Open the front door to let more light in I told her. This was anyone that walked by our apartment could see her sitting naked.

First rule is you are not my wife, you are my whore! Do you agree? Yes Carrie whispered. Second rule, you no longer have hair on your pussy! Agreed? Yes Carrie whispered. Third rule, you will fuck anyone I tell you to fuck! Agreed? Yes, Carrie whispered. Fourth rule, You will be my slave from this day onward, agreed? Yes Carrie said. Ok, get my razor, shaving cream and meet me at the kitchen sink. Carrie quickly ran to the bathroom and retrieved the razor and shaving cream meeting me at the kitchen sink. Got on the counter I told Carrie. Lie back and put your knees on your chest and part your legs. I took my time shaving her pussy, but made sure she didn’t have a hair on her pussy or around her asshole. She didn’t have a lot of hair anyway, but I made damn sure there wasn’t any left between her legs! Put on your bathrobe, we are going for a ride I told Carrie. Carrie put on her bathrobe, tied it around her waist and climbed in our car.

Untie your robe and open it up I told Carrie. Slide your arms out of your robe part your legs as we drive around she was told. I could tell she was very uncomfortable doing this, but I was going to totally humiliate her. I found out quickly that Carrie really got turned on by being humiliated. The more I subjected her to humiliation the more excited she became! I was driving through the downtown and Carrie was naked with her legs wide apart and I then told her to rub her clit. Before long she was moaning and her legs drifted upwards and she was nearing a climax. Here we were driving downtown, Carrie completely naked rubbing her clit and cumming like a common slut! I knew then I was going to have a lot of enjoyment from humiliating and abusing this cheap fucking slut!

A couple weeks later, I told Carrie that I wanted her to go tp the local dance club and see if she could get fucked. On Friday night, Carrie bathed, shaved her pussy (which was kept shaved all the time) and dressed in clothes that made her look like a common slut. About 7:30. I dropped her off, told her to go to the bar and have a couple drinks and see if she could pick somebody up for a quick fuck or at least a blowjob. If it was a blowjob, I wanted her to swallow his seed, which was now a rule for her. Call me when she was done for the night and I would pick her up. Carrie called me around 11:45 that night and when I picked her up she told me the story of her evening. A guy named Randy sat next to her at the bar and bought her a couple drinks. After a couple dances and a couple more drinks they went out to his truck and began making out. She said Randy took off her shorts and panties and was playing with her pussy while she was rubbing Randy’s cock. She bent over and was sucking his cock and then he had her lie on the seat and her started fucking her. She said she came a couple times while he fucked her and after he came she pulled on her panties and shorts and they went back inside. She said that Randy was talking and laughing with his buddies and she was sure that he filled them in on his fucking her. After she finished her drink, she called and asked that I pick her up. When we got home, I had Carrie strip and again had her scoop the cum from her pussy and lick her fingers clean. Randy must have shot a pretty good load in her pussy because her panties were soaked and it was still dripping from her pussy. After Carrie finished cleaning her pussy, I threw her cum soaked panties and told her to lick them clean. What a site watching my whore wife licking a strangers cum from her panties. After she had finished licking her panties clean, I had her bend over and fucked her doggy style and as I was getting ready to cum told her to flip over and open her mouth. I knelt next to Carrie and jerked my cock until I shot my load of cum in the mouth. Don’t swallow, just swish it around in your mouth and coat the entire inside of your mouth with my cum I told her. After Carrie has swished it around for a couple minutes, I told her to open her mouth and let me see it. She opened her mouth and my cum was covering her cheeks and her tongue. Ok, swallow it I told her. After a couple gulps, Carrie opened her mouth and showed me she had swallowed it all.

Carrie and I repeated the dance club ordeal several more times over the next 4 months. Over the course of time Carrie had fucked about 15 different guys. Some were married, so they fucked in the parking lot or on rare occasions the wife was out of town and Carrie would spend the night sleeping in the married couples bed and fucking in several areas around their house. With the single guys, she would fuck in their vehicles or at their apartment. Of the 15 guys, a couple were Mexican and a couple were black guys. I started noticing that her pussy was beginning to get a little sloppy. She told me a couple of the guys liked to see how much of their hand they could get inside her pussy. Damn guys were fist fucking her and really stretching her pussy! It wouldn’t be too much longer before I would start fucking her ass!

As Carrie was making the rounds with guys at the dance club plus the fucking that Jeff and Becky were using her for, I found a girlfriend that was young, pretty with a nice body and was open to all kinds of kinky things. Cathy knew I was married and I told her about the secret life of Carrie’s. I wanted to bring Cathy into the mix and further humiliate Carrie. It started off when I told Carrie I was thinking divorce was the way I wanted to go. Carrie was pleading with me not to divorce her and she did everything I asked her to do and would continue, just don’t divorce her. I told Carrie I had a girlfriend and that I really enjoyed being with her. Carrie told me she would not interfere with my relationship with Cathy, as long as I still would fuck her also. I told Carrie I would like her to meet Cathy and spend the weekend with us as our sex slave. After a little thought, Carrie agreed. I told Cathy to come to our apartment around 9:00 pm on Friday night. I told Carrie around 7:00 to bath and shave her pussy so it was super smooth. For the rest of the weekend, Carrie would not be allowed to put on any clothing.

Around 9, our doorbell rang and I told Carrie to answer the door. Carrie opened the door and there stood Cathy! Cathy couldn’t help smiling seeing Carrie standing at the door stark ass naked. Carrie opened the door and said you must be Cathy. My husband has told me a lot about you. I walked to the door and said to Cathy that Carrie is our total sex slave for the weekend. She will remain naked the entire time and will do whatever we tell her to do. Isn’t that right Carrie? Yes Carrie replied. I will do whatever you want me to do. Cathy sat on the sofa and I told Carrie to get on your hands and knees crawl over to Cathy and put your nose up to her crotch and smell her pussy. Carrie got on her hands and knees and crawled over to Cathy. Placing her head in Cathy’s lap Carrie was breathing through her nose. Put your nose to her crotch and sniff it I told Carrie. She quickly pushed her face into Cathy’s crotch and began sniffing it. How does her pussy smell I asked Carrie? Good was Carrie’s answer. Carrie, take off Cathy’s pants and lick the crotch of her panties. Carrie grabbed the waistband of Cathy’s pants and tugged them down her legs past her knees and finally slid them off her legs. Lick her crotch I told Carrie! Without any hesitation Carrie put her head between Cathy’s legs and began licking the crotch of her panties. Do you want to take Cathy’s panties off and taste her pussy? I asked Carrie. Yes was all Carrie could say. Ask Cathy if you can take off her panties so you can taste her pussy. Can I take off your panties so I can taste your pussy? Carrie asked. Cathy just raised her butt so Carrie could slide her panties off her butt, and off her legs. Carrie was now kneeling on the floor looking at Cathy’s pussy. Light brown hair that was neatly trimmed covered Cathy’s pussy. Cathy reached out and grabbed Carrie by the back of her head and pulled Carrie mouth to her awaiting pussy. Spread it open and get your tongue inside me Cathy was telling Carrie. It wasn’t long and Cathy was lying on the couch with one leg over the top with Carrie’s mouth almost completely covering her pussy. After about 15 minutes Cathy said she was ready to cum and Carrie worked even harder to bring Cathy to a wonderful orgasm!

Over the next couple days, Cathy and I worked Carrie over with everything and in every way we could think of. There wasn’t a hole of Carrie’s that wasn’t used and there wasn’t a hole on Cathy that Carrie didn’t taste. We inserted everything er could think of into Carrie’s holes and I can’t tell you how many times we all came. That was the first weekend with Carrie and Cathy, but not the last!