Great Experiance

Hi my name is Amber and I am a 20yr old female. I have been with my boyfriend for a year now. We have both learned new things with eachother. Well my story is this……..

Like always I am sitting at the computer playing games and reading sex stories and I am getting really hot and very horny. My boyfriend is working and when he got hom he came in and gave me a kiss. He asked me if I was horny and of course I told him yes. I love to have sex. Even though I am 7 months pregante. Well I had to take a shower anyways so he got in with me. We were making out for a little bit and then he started to play with my clit and just making me tingle all over and i just wanted him to put his cock into my wet waiting pussy.  So i shoved his cock into my pussy while the warm water was rushing over our bodies. We fucked face to face for a few minutes then I truned around so my ass was facing him and he stuck his nice 7 inch cock into my pussy and was fucking the shit out of it. Then he decied to play with  my asshole and it made me even hottier than before. I wanted him to fuck me hard so I told him to. He fucked the living shit out of my pussy while moving 2 fingers in and out of my asshole.  His cock had slide out of my pussy and next thing I knew was I was holding my ass cheeks apart so he could stick his cock into my ass and he slide it in. When he got it in I told him no I didnt want it but he started to fuck me even harder and all I could do was to bit into the towel and try not to scream out loudly. But we fucked for about 30 minutes and now I want him to do it all the time.

 My first story please tell me good or bad just tring to think on how to put things and it didnt work i know it. I will be writing more on paper first.