Hank Wakes Up The Neighbors- Chapter 1

Hank fucked his neighbor Sally, a freshman at the local community college, for about 3 hours, in a series of acts that his wife Penny, a hypocritical religious fanatic, would have considered “depraved” and disgusting. That was one reason he was fooling with various girls, including Sally.

The other reason was the nature of his wife’s hypocrisy- she was having an affair with her pastor, and Hank knew it, because a disgruntled parishioner had seen fit to film the tryst (unknown to Penny and her pastor, of course).

As for Sally, she, too, had dealt with hypocrisy and double standards, when her jealous boyfriend had called her a “slut” and “whore” for having a threesome with him and her friend Yasmin that he had himself originally suggested. He also labelled her a “dyke” and “lezzie bitch” for fucking her friend.

She had dumped him for that kind of treatment after consulting, rather tearfully, Hank, who told her that no one had the right to set one rule for himself or herself, and yet another for his or her lover. Now Hank and Sally were enjoying the pleasure of sexy revenge on their selfish lovers (or ex-lover in her case).

Sally knew that Hank’s wife gave it up to another man, but never to her own husband. She naturally wondered what reason would Hank even have for staying married to that bitch as long he was. Hank told that he was just consulting the laws of the state, to determine which course of action would allow him to keep more of his property- continued marriage or divorce.

His latest information had been that, since he had bought most of his estate before the wedding, it was still his separate property, and it would stay his after a divorce.

That encouraged her to think that he might divorce Penny, and possibly marry her, who, after all, only wanted an open marriage, with the maximum pleasure for both of them. After all, the longer he stay married to Penny, the more of his earnings would be community property.

Lately, despite the fact that Hank was also fucking other girls, Sally was starting to think that she had the edge- the emotional advantage that would get her what she truly wanted from Hank: his public declaration that he loved her!

True, Sally was only 18, but she had far more experience than most of her classmates, and she was extremely horny. She was not jealous, and she tried to be submissive with Hank, even though she preferred to dominate her girlfriends like Yasmin.

In short, she was, even in her own mind, the perfect woman for Hank! If only, she thought, he would just realize it! Recently, however, she had thought up a delicious scheme to get him to the justice of the peace- she would bring in her own Mom, her Aunt Connie, and, of course, her friend Yasmin (she had not done so before, because Yasmin had recently disobeyed her, and had to be punished by being denied outside cock or pussy).

So, as Hank pounded away at his beloved Sally, the sweet, young babe was adding these thoughts to her physical arousal, which meant that she was becoming quite orgasmic.

Hank began to pick up on her apparent distraction, and, while still buried inside her, asked her through a winded voice (which always indicated his proximity to ejaculation), “Sally, dear, what’s on your clever, young mind? You seem to thinking of something else, and that’s just not like my little slave girl, is it?”

She answered him with a devious grin, and started to giggle, “Look behind you, Hanky panky (her nickname for her handsome hunk)- there’s my Mom!” Sure enough, Sally’s voluptuous, MILF mother was there, with an equally naughty look on her face.

Sally had just spotted her while her lover was talking, and knew that her fantasy of sharing a man with her Mom would finally be fulfilled (a fantasy she had hidden from Hank until now, precisely to surprise him with it).

Hank got up from behind Sally, evacuating her cunt, which was so wet by now, it could mess up someone’s hair. “Well, Mina, what do you think of your sweet, little girl, who is obviously not a prude? Are you proud of her, ma’am- ’cause ya should be!”, Hank said to his girlfriend’s mother.

Mina just kept smiling for a few moments, and then she responded, “Why would any woman not be proud that her daughter is the apple of a chef’s eye? You guys are successful, you’re well off, and you know how to cook, which as you know is not just woman’s work- men do it in the military all the time! She is clearly not just a fling for you, from what she’s told me, although a fling would be alright too- you seem to truly enjoy her in general, am I right?

There is nothing wrong with casual sex, but you appear to really care about her, which is even better. Anyway, she wanted to make sure that you know how much she cares about you, even loves you, if I understand correctly, and she also wanted me to experience your skills and cock for myself. I must say that I’m rather impressed so far! So, Hank, my friend, are you going to fuck your mistress’s mother, or not?”

Hank did not bother to communicate his verbally- instead, he grabbed Mina, ripped her dress in twain, quickly removed her undies, and started to taste her body, beginning with her toes (which he had never done before, but had always wanted to try).

He gently licked her legs, moving slowly up her body, until he reached her sex, and began to run his tongue along the outside of it. Finally, he used her cunt as an appetizer, nibbling her labia, and then rapidly, and repeatedly, “stabbing” her pussy with his tongue. His mouth then closed on her womanhood in a cunnilingus kiss.

While he kissed her there, his teeth and tongue tickled her clit and the walls of her cunt, until she simply could not stand the oral torture anymore. She came directly into his mouth, and he swallowed the whole drink like it was Vermouth, not vaginal juice. She screamed for about 2 minutes, and then she stopped, signalling to him that it was time to enter her ready vagina.

He penetrated her with a sudden thrust, knowing that the lubricant the pussy had produced for itself would protect it from injury. She did not even cry or wail- she just took it with gratitude and delight, happy that she had finally been fucked right by a man she had always secretly desired.

When she had adjusted to the sensation of his cock inside her pussy, he began to increase the pace of his penetration of it. He pushed in and out with an exhilarating crescendo of erotic heat, making her cum several times before he, at last, emptied his sperm into the womb that had carried his lover.

That was far from the end, though, as Hank then began to rim her beautiful ass, running his whole mouth over it, and then kissing, licking, nibbling, and even lightly biting it. He next tickled her rectal passage with his tongue, and followed this by buggering her butt with it.

His tongue was like a soft, but oddly powerful phallus, relentlessly reaming her anus. Once she was sufficiently relaxed, he easily inserted his manhood into her softening rear end. He began casually, and then he started to really go to work on her backdoor, fucking her pucker with fury.

Since she had been prepared by his oral action, she felt, not pain, but absolute ecstasy. She was hoping for a second or two that this would go on without end- that he would just stay in her bottom forever- it felt that good! He could sense that about her, and it drove him to drive her even wilder.

He commenced a last, ruthless reaming of her rectum, which pushed in and pulled out, without warning, mercy, or consideration of anything beyond the purpose in his head- to damn near kill her with an anal orgasm!

While Hank rode her Mom, Sally took advantage of the chance to get into a 69 with her mother. She slid in underneath her, put her mouth to the already overloaded sex of her Mommy, and spread her own legs to give her a taste of the cunt that had come from her own vagina.

Mina was now at her wit’s end with pleasure, and this double pussy-eating just forced her over the precipice. She came in seconds, flooding her daughter’s face with her girl-cum, and that made Sally release her own juices, giving her mother a facial shot. All of this Sapphic orgasm caused Hank to lose his load immediately, filling his newest sex partner with his milky substance.

She was compelled to cum again after that, because the feeling of his cream inside her anus was so warm, so sexy, so soothing, and so exciting that she just could not resist the urge to climax.

Badly needing rest, so they could continue this threesome later, Hank, Sally, and Mina, without getting re-dressed (which made no sense, since they were only going to fuck again later), sat down on the bed and took a sweet cat-nap, with the women in particular lulled to sleep by the reassuring sweat of a hot, handsome, manly guy.

They drifted to sleep with the full knowledge that they both now belonged to the greatest man on the planet.