Heretics (Chapter 5)

Sofie was becoming more accustomed to the wretched life of a breeder. Days and nights mingled into one hellish blur as the visits started to come around the clock. The constant barrage of semen was to get Sofie pregnant quickly, still the results were dismal, but now instead of intense beatings and violations of her body, she had only to deal with the anal rape by Chester and a select few of the other clergy, the dreadfully icy enemas, and Isaac. Often, Celia would sneak in to see her. It became the highlight of her days when she would see the girl creep out of the darkness to visit.

When Kadence arrived that morning to prepare her for Isaac, Sofie was filled with a foreboding feeling that she could not explain. It was no different from the past few days had been. Her body was always to be cleansed inside and out, shaved, and dried before she was to be lead to the breeding room. This time she was taken to a different room. Instead of being bound on her back with her legs fastened to shackles to hold them well above her chest, she was brought to a custom-built wooden frame with padded kneeling cushion. Her arms were strapped on to large planks, holding them out from her body. Her stomach rested upon a small wooden shelf that jutted out from the frame, leaving her breasts hanging freely. Each ankle was wrapped in a leather cuff secured to multipositional movable wooden planks. The final humiliation came when her head was locked into place with a large leather dog collar and a chain clipped onto the large ring that hung from the collar.

Into her mouth was put a large metal O-ring gag, forcing the orifice to remain ready for use. Sofie listened as the sound of each footstep echoed from different areas of the rooms as Kadence gathered the implements for today’s session. The cold clink of metal on metal sent chills through Sofie. She had absolutely no idea what was in store for her today but she was sure it would be no less demeaning than what she had been through already. Each day her prayers grew weaker, hoping her God would hear her pleas and grant her death or freedom from this insanity in his name.

The clicking of heels on the stone floor alerted her to a new presence. It was the familiar footfalls of MaryAgnes. Sofie flinched as she felt the woman’s small hand skim over her spine. The cold slender fingers traced up to her thick mane of hair, tangling a large handful of it in her grasp as she pulled hard. Sofie whimpered loudly through the open ring as her face contorted in pain.

“It is apparent that you have not been completely atoning for your sins, Sofie. The only road to forgiveness is that of the righteous. The more you suffer, my dear girl, the more you atone. Today, you will suffer greatly, and hopefully the Lord will grant you a child soon.” she said superiorly.

The words cut through Sofie’s optimism like a knife. Her muscles relaxed slightly as MaryAgnes’s grip loosened, letting the tresses fall against her shoulders again. The tray rattled as it was set down on the cart next to the frame. The sound of it was very unsettling for the bound woman; she knew that nothing good would come from it.

Sofie tensed as she felt the metal tip against her flesh. Methodically it was inserted into her dry rectum. Her face scrunched up in agony as the specially designed speculum pushed deeper inside her. The bill forced in completely before the sickening clicks began to fill Sofie’s consciousness. With each metallic click, the bill spread her wider painfully. She knew better than to protest, it would only bring her even more excruciating pain.

Her tender hole was wrenched open by the device, leaving her completely vulnerable. Much to her surprise, after spreading her widely, MaryAgnes left the speculum inserted but did not do anything else for what seemed like an eternity. Slowly, the pain became tolerable. She could hear noises all around her but dared not look. Meanwhile, Kadence had left, preparing a new torture for the poor girl in another room.

MaryAgnes slid a long piece of thick plastic tubing into the opening, and then began to slide the speculum out of Sofie’s rectum. The bill was spread wide enough to slip over the object and be removed. She picked up a small silver cartridge from the tray, placing into the open section of tube before twisting the top on securely. The tube was then pushed further into Sofie, making sure it was embedded deep inside her.

The top of the device was turned again, causing it to release the cartridges contents. As the nitrous made contact, her body convulsed as Sofie shrieked around her gag as the icy gases forced into her. The icy burning sensation brought the girl immediately to tears. The tube was then pulled out slightly, and the procedure was repeated until the tip of the tube was just inside her. The pain lingered, worsening with each movement.

The device was finally removed and placed on the tray to be cleansed. Sofie tried her hardest not to move at all, every slight gyration sent pain shooting through her. Her body tensed as she felt the sting of a paddle striking her cheeks. She let out a soft yelp around the O-ring. Several swats landed in quick succession. Each one jarring her and inflicting intense pain.

MaryAgnes’s lips curled in a thin smile as she watched Sofie’s flesh reddening with each blow. She knew that this treatment would only make what was to come more agonizing for the girl and delight the congregation at the service that evening. There was a flurry of several more blows before MaryAgnes laid the paddle down. Kadence entered the silent room once again.

“It is ready for her Ma’am.” she said quietly to MaryAgnes.

“Ah very good. I have a few more things to do here before she is to be brought in,” she replied.

“Yes Ma’am,” she answered and disappeared once again.

MaryAgnes dragged her nails slowly along Sofie’s spine as she walked toward the prone girl’s head. Her fingers trailed along Sofie’s cheek, resting under her chin as the woman forced her to lift her head. MaryAgnes searched her victim’s face, looking at her for a long moment.

“Through pain, you will find God’s grace my little lamb,” she whispered. “Are you ready to show me how much you will endure for God’s saving grace Sofie? Are you ready to make God your savior?

Sofie nodded frantically, in hopes that some how she could prevent any further punishment that day. MaryAgnes’s lips curled in a thin smile as she stroked Sofie’s cheek.

“Good. Then we shall continue,” she added.

MaryAgnes picked up a device off the metal tray. It was an oval shaped clear plastic cup with a piece of black rubber hose extending from its center with a ball pump capping it off. On one of the slender ends of the cup was a thin black probe extend. She placed the ball pump in Sofie’s hand before disappearing behind her with the device. She placed the tip of the plastic phallus to her abused anal opening.

Once the tip was imbedded, MaryAgnes placed her palm against the bottom of the plastic cock, with her fingers of the other hand held it steady. She drew back, bringing her palm crashing down hard against the toy and burying it deep in the girl’s ass. Sofie could not hold back the shriek that ripped free from her soul. The pain was so intense she felt as if she would pass out.

MaryAgnes then adjusted the cup so it sat snuggly over Sofie’s pussy and clit. Sofie’s tear-filled eyes caught sight of the evil woman as she walked back in front of her.

“Ok Sofie. It is now time for you to prove that you are worthy of salvation. I want you to squeeze that ball in your hand until the pain is so unbearable that you cannot take anymore. If you do well, you will be rewarded. If you fail…” her words trailed off for a moment. “If you fail you will find out just how intense God’s wrath can be. Now begin.”

Sofie gently squeezed the ball. With each squeeze, she felt her tender pink flesh being sucked hard into the cup, also forcing the black dildo in her ass to swell rapidly inside her. Her lips and clit soon had swollen until they filled the cup nearly to capacity. The pain was so intense that she finally had to stop. The little delicate pink flaps and bud throbbed painfully with each beat of her heart.

Noticing she was no longer pumping the ball, MaryAgnes moved behind the girl once again to check the progress. She was pleased to find the moist tissue mashed against the cups surface. She took the ball from the prone girl’s hand, giving it several more squeezes, each eliciting an excruciating whimper from Sofie. Tears streamed nonstop from the girl.

Mary Agnes released her from the restraints, leading her by the collar and leash to an area near the table. A small patch of the floor was framed by large wooden beams and inside the square was what appeared at first glance to be white sand. Mary Agnes jerked the chain, pointing her long bony finger at the boxed in spot.

“Kneel,” she commanded.

Sofie quickly obeyed, kneeling in the center of the box. Sharp pain bit into her as she knelt, realizing now that the white material was not at all that was there. As she squirmed, trying to keep the fragments of jagged glass that stabbed her flesh from embedding themselves in her skin, she noticed that it was not sand that she knelt in, but salt. The bloody clumps of moist salt clung to her legs as she teetered.

Mary Agnes first gripped Sofie’s left nipple, giving it a twist as she pinched it as hard as she could. The soft pink nub was now an angry red as it stood out from her breast. A large needle was then taken from the tray and inserted horizontally into the swollen bud. The procedure was then repeated with the right nipple. A set of small alligator clamps were then attached to the needles’ protruding ends. Then she attached large silver weighted alligator clamps to Sofie’s nipples, giving each a vicious tug to assure they were properly attached. A set of wires hung from the clips, on the end of each was a small plug.

MaryAgnes smiled cruelly as the toe of her shoe forced itself between the girl’s thighs, prying them further part. The salt and glass mixture continued to torture the torn flesh upon Sofie’s legs. MaryAgnes squatted down in front of her, holding the ball in her hand once again. She depressed a small button on the bottom of it. The air hissed in as the seal caused by the suction was released. She pulled the dildo/cup device from Sofie with a vicious yank. The burning pain made the girl grimace as the rubber dildo was removed from her abused ass.

The pain intensified as the tip of a small bony finger stabbed hard at the swollen flesh. Sofie’s eyes clenched shut as she drew in a sharp breath. MaryAgnes picked up two new clamps from the tray. It was a flat metal crescent shaped device. She reached down, pulling the puffy pink flap of skin away from Sofie’s cunt with her fingers while securing the clamp onto it. It squished the flesh painfully in its jaws. Sofie yelped as the other clamp was applied in the same way.

Sofie’s clit was the next target to be attacked. This time instead of a regular clamp, MaryAgnes selected a small pair of Pennington forceps. The tips spread as MaryAgnes forced them against the base of Sofie’s clit. She screamed as the forceps closed around the swollen little nub. The flesh bulged through the small opening in the forceps. A large needle was then pushed through the throbbing bud. Sofie shrieked in pain as the tip of the thick needle pierced the flesh. The familiar little clamps were added to the needle’s ends as well.

MaryAgnes grabbed the leash and yanked Sofie to her feet, forcing her to stand. She then selected a large egg shaped metal probe. Without hesitation, MaryAgnes forced the smooth cool tip between the girl’s stretched lips, pushing it in slowly. As the tool widened, it forced her tortured lips further apart. She cried out as the MaryAgnes let the probe rest there, stretching the opening of Sofie’s cunt, twisting it slowly. Finally, it was given a push deep inside the girl, allowing the clamps to collide when MaryAgnes moved her fingers away.

MaryAgnes grabbed the leash again, leading Sofie out of the box and toward a door in the far corner of the room. Sofie tensed up, as she was lead through the door and into the private sanctuary.

Inside was a large wooden cross with thick fur lined leather cuffs dangling from it. In front of the cross was a small platform with two levels to it. The top level was visibly resting atop thick metal springs. Through the center of the platforms, a large steel rod topped with a smooth very thick metal probe protruded. Across the platform laid a modified spreader bar that was approximately 3 feet long. At its center was a hole, which the pole passed through.

MaryAgnes handed the leash to Kadence, allowing her to lead Sofie to toward the cross. She was forced up onto the platform’s lower landing. MaryAgnes stood behind the cross to adjust the pole. The motor whirred as she pressed the button, making the pole sink down until the tip of the probe was just below Sofie’s curved cheeks. Kadence pushed her back, and then secured the padded ankle cuffs around Sofie’s ankles.

The upper platform was pressed down from the bar’s pressure. The girl’s wrists were then locked into the dangling cuffs, securing her in place. The motor moved once again, this time stopping when the tip of the probe was pressing against Sofie’s puckered anus. Kadence inspected it, making sure that the probe would enter smoothly. She nodded to MaryAgnes and the button was pressed once again. Sofie screamed in agony as the tip forced up into her anal cavity. The pain brought her to the verge of fainting as she felt the thick metal probe force into her, stretching her abused ass further. The pole continued to rise, impaling her deeply.

In a vain attempt to escape the pain, she rose up, standing on her tiptoes. The spring beneath the upper platform extended again as she tried to hover above it. The motor stopped, leaving the girl in excruciating pain. Tears dripped off her jaw and onto her heaving breast as she sobbed loudly. Her thin body shook as she let out long, desperate cries. Kadence detached the leash from Sofie’s collar. MaryAgnes appeared in front of Sofie once again, taking each of the wires that hang from the naked girl’s devices and plugs them into various holes on the body of the cross.

“Tonight you are going to find out that strength is very important. It will not free you from the restraints you are in… You may test them if you like my child, but they will not give. You see, the strength it will take for you to remain on your toes, is what will make the difference in how much pain you face tonight. Every time the bar between your legs forces the platform down, you will feel a current rush through one of the various clamps on your body. The location and number of shocks varies randomly so you will never know where it will strike. Believe me, it will get painful,” MaryAgnes stated coldly as she plugged in the last device. “Do not disappoint me girl.”

“Oh please no,” she faintly begged the cruel woman.

Without another word, both women left Sofie upon the cross. MaryAgnes was handed a gag by one of her helpers. A long black tube traveled through both sides of the gag, the shorter end forced into Sofie’s mouth. It was fastened quickly, leaving her to gag as the tip of the tube touched the back of her throat. MaryAgnes then slipped a black cotton hood over the girl’s head, leaving her clueless of what was happening around her. The room was emptied and she was now alone with nothing more but her fears to keep her company. The room remained silent for what seemed to be an eternity.

Finally, Sofie could hear people filing into the room and hushed whispers amongst them. She could not make out what was being said but knew now she was not alone any longer. She felt someone grab the cotton hood, getting a handful of her hair in the process. It was given a brutal yank as the bag was pulled off her head. She squinted as her eyes adjusted to the light once again. Before her sat a large gathering of completely naked man facing to the left of her. A television monitor covered the expansive wall in front of them.

“Tonight my brethren, you will get to see just what our sinner has endured on her path to salvation,” Isaac said, standing in front of the monitor. “I know you all will take great pleasure in seeing her progress. Unfortunately, for Sofie, God has not granted her His glorious forgiveness just yet, for she has not been blessed with a child. Tonight, after the festivities she will try again.”

The lights lowered as the television screen began to glow. Sofie stared at the screen as if mesmerized. She saw herself at various stages of her stay at this unholy house of God. In horror, she watched every angle of each torture. Her toes began to cramp up, causing her to lower herself momentarily. Instantly she was met with a surge of electricity through her nipples. Her body twitched as she pulled against the restraints. The probe in her ass forced deeper inside her, causing her to scream against the gag, letting the muffled sound mingle with the cries from the video. She quickly rose back onto tiptoes.

She could hear the faint gasps and moans during the lulls in the tape from the men who masturbated as they watched her plight play out before them. Again her body slipped, triggering another shot. This one shot through the clamps on her pussy lips. She shook as it passed through her, delaying her movement for a moment. The next shock came very quickly after, this time targeting both the thick probe in her cunt as well as the needle through her clit. Her body convulsed as the surges seemed to become more powerful each time. The video continued on, keeping them men focused on her naked tortured body being serviced by different people.

Sofie’s was on the verge of collapse when the tapes ended. Her entire body ached from the charges that surged through it. She was carefully taken down from the cross and carried by on of the men to the area where the chairs had sat. In their place, a large tubular steel frame stood with a leather swing. Her limp body was soon fastened into the device as the men began to line up to use her. Kadence quickly removed the needles and clamps from Sofie as well as the probes that had remained inside her.

Isaac was first. His strong naked body glistened in the low light of the room. Sofie squinted, her eyes red and puffy from crying. She looked up at him pitifully. A cruel smile formed upon his lips as he placed the tip of his cock against her tortured lips. His hands gripped the chains that held the swing, holding her motionless as he gave a powerful thrust. He hilted himself inside her, making her cry out loudly.

The sensitive flesh felt as if it was being ripped apart as he began to hammer away at her cunt. His brutality knew no bounds as he used the swing to pull her into each thrust. Her tears fell once again, streaming down the sides of her face as her head hung back. She clenched her eyes shut and prayed for this ordeal to be over. Deep down she knew this was far from over. Her hope that she once had, was now gone. She groaned, grimacing in agony as Isaac’s fingers caught her nipple. She stiffened immediately as the pain grew more intense. He twisted her nipple between his thumb and forefinger as he began to pull it away from her breast. Her back arched in a vain attempt to ease the pain.

Isaac growled as he plunged his cock into her a final time, holding it there as the thick cum flooded into her womb. He withdrew his cock from her pussy and spun the swing around. He grabbed her head as he put the tip of his still swollen cock to her lips and forced it inside. She knew better than to try to resist. Sofie gagged as the tip of his cock lodged in her throat. He held it there as her muscles massaged his cock, bringing him to another slight orgasm. She felt as if she would throw up as the disgusting tasting substance oozed down her throat.

Isaac finished with the girl, stepping away and leaving her to the others. They began two at a time, one at her head and one at her cunt. She was jolted back, forcing the cock at her pussy to delve deeper, then forward to cram the other cock deep into her throat. She gagged and sobbed as the men continuously abused her body. Her pussy ached from the constant friction and the electrical probe. Each time one of her abusers would slide his slimy cock from her cunt, she could feel it trickle down over her tender hole.

After two hours of constant intercourse, Sofie’s entire body was in constant pain. Several of the men had used belts, floggers, whips and any other device they could to beat the naked girl’s exhausted body in order to make her jerk. Her mumbled screams only proved to turn them on even more as they continued to defile her. It was not until all the men had used her that her cunt and mouth would be given a break.

Isaac had not touched her since his earlier transgression. He was now ready to have her once again. The sea of men parted as he approached, leaving Sofie in the center of their circle as they eagerly watched him. His angry red head pressed slowly against the puckered opening. He held her tight as it pushed the tight ring of muscles apart, her pain intensifying as he invaded her ass. The tip finally popped completely inside her, irritating the seared lining of the passageway. Her body was filled with a renewed energy as she tried to squirm away. His fingers quickly gripped her throat as he held her in place, inching his swollen shaft deeper inside her. His tight grasp slowed her airflow, leaving her feeling dizzy as her body continued to twitch from the pain.

He plunged his cock deep into her ass, nearly pulling it completely out before impaling her once again with it. It had never felt as huge as it did that night. She could feel every vein as his cock drove into her with powerful strokes, each time a loud cry attempting to break free from her. She was in complete agony as he yanked her back into his thrusts. His hand slipped from her throat, gliding down the center of her chest before he quickly snatched her breast. In seconds, both of her breasts were in his grasp as he squeezed them hard.

He used them like handles, pulling her back and forth with them as she cried out. His immaculately manicured nails dug into her skin as he savagely mauled her breasts with his large hands. Little droplets of blood streaked down her skin from the crescent shaped incision caused by his nails. His thrusts became stronger and quicker as he approached climax. His rhythmic grunts matched his pace, becoming louder until they drowned out other sound in Sofie’s head. Isaac looked down at his cock as it pistoned in and out of her battered ass, admiring the streaks of blood that now decorated it. His eyes then moved over her body, taking in each welt, each cut, each bruise, as if he were cataloging them in his brain. His eyes met hers as she frighten stared up at him.

She dared not look away as he continued to pump her wounded ass with all his might. He was on the verge of cumming, which was plain for all to see. Her body was jolted back to him with a vicious yank as his seed filled her once again. The hot creamy liquid did not sooth her pain as she hoped it would. It felt as if liquid fire had been injected into her as he held his cock deep inside her.

When Isaac triumphantly pulled out, he stared at his cock for a moment. The bloody mess still clung to his skin. Sofie prayed silently that he would not do what she feared he was about to. Once again, she was spun around and his cock was presented to her. This time she resisted, pressing her lips tightly shut.

“Open your mouth Sofie. It is time for you to clean up your dirty mess. Prove you are worthy of salvation or the punishment will begin.” he said rubbing the tip of his stained cock against her lips.

Sofie continued to disobey. Her lips remained clamped shut. She saw Isaac give a nod to MaryAgnes, knowing now that she was in for some real pain.