Change ch2 pt2

Sorry for the wait, had family problems, but there settled now.

Waking up that morning was completely different, I went to make breakfast and didn’t even look him in the eye.
“….mom pls look at me, ok I’m sorry! I took it too far!”, he said as I ignored him.

“Took it too far!!!! You got your own mother pregnant, I think that’s worse than too far!!!”, I screamed at him in frustration.

He said that I probably wasn’t pregnant but I still couldn’t bare too look him in the eyes. Weeks later and we hadn’t spoke, I checked with a doctor and I wasn’t pregnant?!?!
I was confused but did remember that it did take a few attempts before I got pregnant with David.
When I got home I felt guilty now, because he didn’t get me pregnant so now I guess I thought I should try apologise.

1: because I was pregnant
2: maybe because I did kinda like how he was so rough with me, but I wouldn’t admit it too him.

I went to his room and sat at his bed, he didn’t look at me and so the most awkward mother son talk happened. I said how I wasn’t pregnant and that I came to apologise. At first he looked sort of happy but it went back to sad?
“What’s wrong?”, I asked
“Well…I kinda thought it was…great that you could have been pregnant.”, he said looking at ground.

I was shocked and blushed from the surprise. I said that it just wouldn’t work since I was his mother and we couldn’t support another kid. He hesitated but nodded and said,” so does this mean the deals off?”

I shook my head and said that we can start over but that then I had to be on birth control or we need to find alternatives for my pussy. He smiled and hugged me tight, of course now he’s happy, I hugged back and said tomorrow we could start.


In the afternoon I got ready on the bed, after taking BC, and waited for him. He came in with a small box and took some ‘interesting’ things out of it. bondage stuff, and anal lube! I looked at him nervously as he set them up, he took both my arms and tied them behind my back. He pushed me to the side of the bed and took my panties off. He saw me looked at him in a nervous way but he leaned over and said,” don’t worry mom, I know you like it rough!”
I blushed as he smirked and pressed his dick into my pussy, it hurt since it’s been some time but he didn’t hold back, he pressed my head into the pillows as he rammed into my body.

“Fuck I missed this! You sure you don’t want me to knock you up?”, he said as I gave him a serious look. He just smiled and took a thumb and pressed it into my asshole. I moan from the surprise as he uses his other hand too spread my asscheeks further! I couldn’t think straight he was forcing me too take his dick further and further in my vagina. He thrusted faster until he slammed it deep in me and sprayed his cum in my womb, he pulled out and watched as his semen poured out my body. He picked me up, by my legs, and sat down on a chair as he hovered my anus centimetres away from his dick. He asked if I wanted ‘masters’ dick, guess he got carried away, but I nodded a dog wanting a chew toy. He had me beg him for more as he lowered me down and his dick pierced my ass! He groan from how tight it was as I moaned from how big it felt inside me.

He said he wanted all of it to be in so he let go of my legs and I slammed down to the base of his penis!!! He held down my legs as I screamed from the pain but he quickly got to fucking me. He lifted me up a little and then lowered me down, he pulled my head back so he could kiss my neck, as I slowly started making some dirty faces from how good it actually was. He said he was close and he quickly slammed me to pump his cum in me again. After he pulled out he untied me and took me back to my bed. He said thanks for the evening but he definitely is the one I should thank since it felt fucking incredible!!

My ass is definitely gonna hurt tomorrow unfortunately😅

And that the end of chapter 2, if you have questions just ask.