Hippie Beach

San Diego… 1988 Moonlight beach I was 8 a boy with long blond hair living a block from the beach I had no mom and my father didn’t care what I was doing so I would adventure the beach there’s several places river mouths with 2 bridges that stand side by side in front of a lagoon well known for having sexual encounters and with that lots of perverts I was told to ware a bathing suit that pearl divers ware that was a very narrow strip 3″ to wet suit material high above the hips or I could go naked and did often. Everyday I would check the waves, at D st. Or go into town there’s a burger place called captain kenos all the surfers hang out their a big weight lifter looking man and his buddies got me to show them a place they could park a couple of R.V’s they wanted to be close to the ocean once their they began to hag out at a place called La Costa beach it had a slough with a double bridge the 101 went over with a dirt road that ended under it I went under the bridge towards the water there was cars parked along the 101 and lots of people lawn chairs the usual several men naked playing frisbee and a big parachute was set-up lots of colors big ice chest an older man naked gave me a beer other older men and kids set up blankets chairs I went under the bridge but further towards opposite side several men were naked a teenage boy was giving head to some man than another man with another boy got him lay down on a blanket and put lotion on his back and rubbed his back and laid next to him got him to take off his shorts while his cock got big he laid on the boy trying to fuck him as some tall man I thought was Mexican at first got me to fallow him into the darkness of the bridge around a corner to a secluded area to a blanket I sat and he was naked hung I felt his uncut cock he was on his knees got me on my knees pulled off my suit poured oil on my ass and got hard and punched his cock into me banged me like crazy but stopped I turned around and 2 big black men jacking-off with good sized cocks said something 1 black man got down behind me and he thrust into me banged me for several minutes than the other cut loose and fucked me then the other as a heavy set man in Arab dress watched pulled out his cock saying something the man stopped he came over smacked my ass and thrust his big fat cock against the opening and pushed hard grabbed my shoulders he kept pushing he had a big blunt cock it went in barely so big and thick he pulled out lubed 3 times then began fucking me while seven men watched I was hurting and grunted heavy as he really went hardcore a man gave him some kind of choker belt leash and went around my neck then another Arab man fucked me kept choking my neck back while he began to go hyper and banged in his load of cum then both the black men told me dress and go with them their was a large padded area inside the parachute the black men would entertain the Arabs and began with one of 2 white teen age boys who clearly couldn’t handle being fucked then the other did better but soon began to give-up then they got me to try the 2 black guys lubed and pushed into me one than the other lubed me than the Arab with the big blunt cock fucked his way in and I grunted as he went fuck crazy smacking my ass and fucked me then stopped and someone with a clipboard asked if I was Andy Brooks 13 no I’m 8 got in my suit the boys their were with their fathers paid trying to win some prize in the confusion I left walked past the motorhomes and went back towards Lucadia and began to hitch hike when some older man pulled over in a van offered me a ride I got in before the van moved he said I party if you come with me you could get fucked he drove into a bad area of town into a dirt rod next to the tracks pulled into some industrial place pulled out his cock pushed it in my mouth and had me sucking his cock it was good sized then he got behind me fucked for awhile then we went to his office and he made some calls another man showed up he was from brazil and the old man told him “show him” he unbuttoned his pants and his cock wasn’t that big hung yes they wanted to make a home movie and filmed me playing with this Brazilian man and his friend who was from Panoma smoked rock cocaine the guy from brazil got his cock out and I began giving head then semi hard he began fucking me his cock go much bigger longer as he forced it and kept pounding my eye’s rolled up in my head he fucked me very hard then the other man then a big black guy fucked me he called 2 guys they came and made another film doing cocaine then wanted me to go to oceanside in a few days I told the old guy where he could find me and when at the beach.

Next morning was plain to see the local men would wait for me they know my father is MIA and with thousands of mature men naked they would offer me rides offer me money drugs and I would go to all kinds of beach area’s and be accosted by perverts they would ask me if I wanted to play the minute I was on the sand or street.

Then I found out my dad was in jail on a parole hold Randy our neighbor wasn’t home but his roommate who was a coke dealer was there he offered me a line and I did it he told me to kick back and I knew what he wanted.

On this day it was hot I decided to go into the tidal pool and swim naked and after a few minutes a big overweight very tall man drinking beer with another beer unopened came and got in with me and took off his shorts in the water and put them with his beer and showed me his cock I went over and played with it he wanted me to suck him but I didn’t really know how I jumped back in my suit got my pact and went deep under the bridges and up by the column’s the man was coming I went further under the bridge into the darkness I hoped he wouldn’t know were I was but he did I fell on a moving blanket he got my ankle as I tried to escape he pulled me back and was about to hit me I said “ok ok I’ll cooperate”…. “That’s good now suck my dick now” “I don’t know how but will try…” He shoved his less than semi hard cock in my mouth with both his giant hands holding my head he pushed in I choked then then tried to puke he pushed in deep then back halfway then thrust in and out pulled my head toward his now much thicker and longer cock pulled back then pumped me several times then in as far as he could while holding his cock deep ripped off my suit as another large Mexican watched this man who was 6’5 try to fuck me as the Mexican man said “I’ll open his ass up then you fuck him” the Mexican mans cock was big enough as he fucked me then the big man fucked me and began to climax and and jacked himself off instead of making me scream in agony.

I was walking and a van began follow me with 4 large men in it I crossed the road and into the campgrounds they would have to park and that’s what they did I walked to a point after that the tide was to high but 2 coves were cool with a cave that went to the next cove when I got their a man said “hi” “how’s it hang’n let me know if your bulge wants a surfer boy to service your cock?” I went into the cave pulled my suit to one side oiled my ass pushed in 2 then 3 fingers in my ass the man came in and fucked me for awhile as these 2 of the 4 guys watched 1 got naked and fucked the man and the other pulled his 8″ thick and went brutal then they both took turns making me suck their cocks while restrained with zip ties both busting big loads of cum then the other 2 even bigger men fucked me hard then the man I said hi to came over and fucked me very hard pulled out and pumped my mouth and made me swallow.