Home Intruder Part 2

Mother gets raped repeatedly until she begins to enjoy it. The men soon turn and force me to fuck her myself. Not quite so innocent after all.

Ever since that man broke into our house and fucked my mother and I against our will my mom has gotten quieter and more timid. My mom now only leaves the house to buy groceries and she always takes me with her. It has been almost two years since and no sign of the man coming back yet. This morning I woke up and my mom said that it’s time to go to the store. We always walk down the gravel street behind our houses that serves as a access road/driveway. It was a sunny beautiful day as we made our way down the street when suddenly the man from before rounded s corner and started walked towards us quickly. Before we had a chance to turn around and get away he ran up and hit my poor mom head. She was knock out on the ground and I could only whimper,

“Please mister, we haven’t told anyone, not even my dad. Please just leave us alone!”

He didn’t respond, he just swung again and hit me just like mommy. I was knocked out for I don’t know how long but when I woke up my mother and I were stripped of our clothes and were sitting in a dark, empty room that only had a mattress in the corner. My mom held me as tears fell from her eyes when the door opened and a pair of black men wearing nothing but ski masks walked in. Neither mom nor I could say anything as fear had taken us when one of the men slapped my mom across the face. His strong arm grabbed her a pulled her violently over to the mattress. With her held down on her belly, the man forcefully shoved his cock up her pussy. He began pumping hard and fast in and out of my mother’s over stretched hole, her trying to scream through the piece of fabric being held over her mouth. I ran over and tried to hit the man brutally fucking my poor mom when the other black man punched me right on the side of my face. As I fell to the ground, he caught me and holding me by the head, forced his cock in my mouth. With my head slammed against the wall, I could only see the man’s stomach as he fucked my throat but I could still hear my mommy screaming as her pussy was being ravaged. The man soon blew his load down my throat and pushed me off his cock into the wall behind. I then saw my quiet, timid mom getting her pussy filled by a black man’s cock for a second time in my life. He grabbed her ass with both hands and squeezed it tightly as he pulled it hard onto his cock. His massive size, not just his cock, but his whole body made my mom look like a child. He was at least 6’8″ and 300lbs. of black muscle. My mommy was still her 5’7″ busty yet thin built frame who stood no chance of stopping him. The man who fucked me was the same man as before and after finishing with me went and began face fucking mom.

“That’ll teach your bitch ass not to fuck with nigga’s when we hitting pussy!” he said.

“This bitches pussy is so tight. It’s feels brand new like that little schoolgirl you brought last week”, the large man said in a very deep voice.

“Grab that bitches tits and pull on them! She doesn’t deserve pleasure”, the first man said, “This slut and her weak bitch son are only good for breeding and pain.”

“Guess what bitch, we’re going to fill your cunt up with so much nigga cum that you’ll be pregnant five times over!”, the man said to my mom as he slapped her face.

My poor mother, despite being raped, started having an orgasm on the man’s huge cock. The large man was right, he began to grunt louder and pull my mom’s ass harder on his cock when a river of cum came flowing out of her pussy.

“Oh Jesus fuck your cock is so big for my pussy! I’m fucking cumming on your massive black cock!” my mom yelled.

With cum draining out of her hole, the two men stood up. They looked down at her and said she was starting to become a whore for black dick just like all the other white bitches. Regaining her senses she tried to deny it, but they saw how much she came on their cocks. Next they turned to me and pointed to my battered mother saying,

“We’re giving you one chance bitch. If you can fuck your mother and cum we”ll let you go, if you don’t cum in five minutes, we’ll keep you both here and fuck your mom over and over till her mind breaks and she only accepts our black dicks.”

“But I can’t do that, she’s my mom!” I replied.

“Look bitch, we’re giving you one chance to prove you’re a man. Take it or be a fuck slave with your bitch mother”, the large man said.

*Through tears and sobbing*
“It’s ok baby, just do what you have to do for mommy”, my mom said.

“See, even you cock whore mother wants your dick in her. Now be a fucking man and fuck that bitches cunt or be a cock-sucker for every nigga that walks by!” the large man said.

With no choice I moved over and knelt between my mother legs. She held her legs apart and looked me deep in the eyes telling me to go as fast as I needed and to focus on her boobs. I slowly worked my cock in between the lips of her vagina and started humping. My mom began to moan and held the back of my head telling me I was doing such a good job and to keep going faster. Trying my best to cum in the five minutes I was given I squeezed her tits as sucked on them while I pumped in and out of her pussy furiously. I could feel the other man’s cum around my cock which helped to glide my cock smoother. Just then I began to feel I sensation that I’d never felt before, my cock began to throb and my mom looked at me as she wrapped her legs around me holding me closer.

“That’s a good boy, baby, cum deep in mommy. Shoot it all up inside me sweetie”, my mom said looking me straight in the eyes.

My back rocked uncontrollably as the juices shoot out of my cock into my mother’s pussy.

“That’s it sweetie, cum deep in mommy”, she said.

“Shit man this bitch is a real slut. She even came on her own sons dick”, the larger man said.

“These white bitches just need some black cock in ’em an they turn into complete whores who fuck anything with a dick”, the other man said.

“It’s your lucky day little bitch, three minutes in and you bred your own mom. She must be a proud slut to have a son who can fill her up”, the large man said.

Soon after they knocked us both out again and when we woke up, we were back on the street with our clothes in a pile around us. We made our way back home and found that dad was already home from work. He ran up and hugged the two of us asking if we were ok and if we needed to go to the doctor? Mom responded asking what he meant. That’s when dad showed us a video he had been sent of us in the room. The caption saying “Your wife and child, watch us break your whore wife until she willingly fucks her own son”. It was a video that lasted three hours and showing about twelve different black men gang fucking my mom while I was passed out next to her. With each new cock, my mom went from being afraid to accepting and eventually begging for more black cock, showing that she was now a slut. The men left the room and that’s when I woke up. You could see my mom getting fucked one more time as my mouth was being ravaged. Then the video cut to a view from one of the men’s phones as they made me fuck my mother. The video ended when the man holding the phone said that they owned my mom and that any black man that wants to can breed her pure white pussy. My dad had a hard time believing his wife was such a whore and that she was fucked by so many black men. My mom said that she was only saying what she thought they wanted to hear, but the video showed she might have enjoyed herself just a little too much. Now I don’t know what will happen, will my dad leave us? Will my mom truly embrace becoming a black cock slut? Will she get pregnant by any black men? I don’t know, but I hoped for the best.