Hot Affair in A Rainy Night

Mumbai is known for its untimely and heavy rains but some rains brings hot affair for people. It was one of those nights when the city decided it needs a good cleaning. Ravi left his office almost at midnight. He took his car and was driving eagerly home, to his beautiful wife. It was then that he saw a maiden in distress on the road, getting wet in the rain. He stopped for her.

“Excuse me, ma’am, do you need some help?” He asked her all in good intentions.

She came close to his car and it was then that his breath got hitched. Her kurti was wet in rain and he could see her bra underneath it. He could also see her navel through her wet flimsy dress. He looked up from her heavenly mounds and he stared directly into eyes like molten chocolate.


She hesitated. But then asked him if he could drop her home. He gladly agreed. She got in. He saw her shivering so he turned on the blower. While driving, he kept glancing at her wet body and tried to hide his arousal. Suddenly out of nowhere, they heard a loud bang of the tire bursting. The dragged for a few meters before coming to a halt.

In that rain, at that lonely road, there was no way they could have it fixed. They tried to stay in the car until the rain dulls but they saw a hotel not far away. They decided to spend the night there. He called his wife, told her about the flat tire and that he will be spending the night at the hotel. He skipped telling her about the woman with him.

The hotel only had one room available for now. Having no option they had to share it. They were wet, there was privacy and they could feel the pull. They ordered a drink to prevent themselves from getting cold. They don’t know how it started but soon they were kissing each other passionately.

The rain, the cold and the drink made them feel hot for each other. His hands were all over her. He was mauling her breasts and pinching her buds mercilessly. He felt a hunger for her that he had never felt with his wife. When he took off her kurti, he saw a mangalsutra dangling from her neck, resting cozily between her breasts.

It made him want her more. He licked her cleavage and sucked her buds from over her bra. She arched her back and moaned. His hands reached into her wet cunt and he played with her clit. Her legs buckled and she was about to fall. He pushed her to the wall and ripped open her lingerie. He licked her and sucked her to his heart’s desire. He then pushed her up the wall. Her legs wrapped around his back instantly. He felt her wet and hot cunt on the tip of his arousal. He teased her a little before he slowly entered her. When you are with a stranger, you get excited much more and hot affair like this on a rainy night was adding cherry on the cake.

It was too much for her. She came right at that point. He waited till her orgasm died down and then he started pushing in and out of her. He kept sucking and licking her breasts. Her moans, her perfect mounds, her went and willing cunt, it took him to the peak and it wasn’t long before he reached the apex. He grunted as he emptied his desires inside her. He then let her slowly drop to the floor. He held her until she stopped shaking from the pleasure. The rain had stopped but they decided to spend the night together anyway. And they had no plans of sleeping. The hot affair was steamy enough for them to hold their breath together.