Unexpected Surprise

As of recently, my sexy woman has not ceased to amaze me with her insatiable desire to try new things sexually.
I suppose I could go over all the new and exciting things that she has begun to do, but that’s not what this story is about. This is about her most recent venture.
You see, over the past year or so I have been expressing my interest in her allowing myself and another man pleasuring her at the same time, although it has been met with resistance until recently. It wasn’t until I was in the process of giving her a sensual massage one night that I realized that her thoughts about it may have changed. After I had been massaging her for quite some time, she began reaching for my cock, and I asked her what her husband would think if he knew she was playing with her massuers cock? To which she replied “Oh he’d love it!” (As she pulled me into her mouth.)
As sucked me and I continued massaging her, I asked her if she would enjoy four hands massaging her at the same time? Then she responded with something I really never expected. She said she would love it, and that she didn’t know if she would be able to keep herself from his sucking cock, and that she would want to be blindfolded, so she wouldn’t know who’s cock she was grabbing for. Needless to say, it really turned me on!
Unfortunately, with us having moved to a new state, we don’t have many friends yet. So finding that right person is nearly impossible, but that wasn’t about to stop us from finding someone to help her fulfill her fantasy.
It was Saturday evening, and we had both gotten ready to go out for a few drinks. She had this beautifully low cut blouse on, with a bra that offered as much cleavage as any horny man could hope for, and a long necklace that drew your eyes in that direction. The skirt she wore hung to mid calf level, and she was wearing a pair of knee high boots. She looked hot!
As we arrived, I dropped her off at the door and told her to find a table while I find a parking spot.
By the time I had gotten in there (not that I hurried), I was surprised to see that there were two other men hitting on her at our table. The one seemed to be average built with salt and pepper colored hair and was sporting a goatee. As he sat talking to her, occasionally rubbing her shoulder as he would laugh from time to time, I noticed that the cleanly shaven fellow stood over her looking down her blouse with a grin on his face.
As I approached the table and sat down, the two of them looked at me as if to say, “Hey buddy, can’t you see we’re busy here!”. It was then that my wife said, “Hey babe! Did you have a hard time finding a parking spot?”. Needless to say, they seemed a bit embarrassed, as they started to leave the table. But as they were getting ready to leave, she asked them to stay and visit for a while, to which they reluctantly agreed.
As the drinks kept coming and the night drew on, I noticed that she seemed to be paying special attention to the one that was cleanly shaven, whom we now know is Derrick. Through our conversation, we came to the understanding that he was in his mid 40’s, and had just been through a messy divorce after 25 years, and that he was just beginning to try the whole dating scene.
Given the fact that Brenda was paying little attention to the other gentleman, he decided to leave us in pursuit of another woman that was sitting at the bar.
As the evening went on, Brenda began getting pretty flirtatious with Derrick, as she would rub his leg from time to time with an occasional back rub, while giving me a wink.
Of course, he seemed a bit uncomfortable about the whole situation, but he didn’t seem to be resisting.
As the bar was about to close, Brenda invited our new friend to come to our house for some more cocktails. So he took her up on her invitation, and followed us to our home.
As we all got in the house, Brenda asked me to make us all some drinks while she opened the hot tub for some relaxation.
After I had made the drinks, we made our way outside only to find that she had removed all her clothes and was relaxing in the tub! So I gave her her drink, and the two of us stripped down to join her. As Derrick stripped down revealing his extremely long cock, Brenda’s eyes nearly popped out of her head, and she almost appeared to be drooling! I could tell that she was getting horny just thinking about sucking his cock (that’s one of her favorite things to do).
As we lowered ourselves into the tub, Derrick sat on one side of her, and I on the other. As I put my arm around her, kissing her deeply, I could see through the bubbles as she grabbed hold of his cock and began gently stroking it until it got hard, while she began rubbing her clit and sliding her fingers into her pussy. After this had been going on for a while, she whispered into my ear that tonight she wanted to do a different kind of massage that she had read about, and that one of her fantasies was about to become a reality.
Then she climbed out of the tub and made her way into the house.
After the two of us dried off we weren’t far behind her. By the time we got in, she had laid out a large plastic mat, and told us to lay down on our backs beside each other. After we obeyed her command, she poured warm oil over our entire bodies, then she proceeded to rub oil on herself. Once finished, she lay across both of us and began sliding herself all over our bodies, causing both of us to become erect. This went on for some time, and then she slid herself onto Derrick only. As she began sliding herself up his legs, she reached his cock with her breasts and paused at that area for a period of time, as she took short slides up and down with his cock between her breasts. After a while she continued sliding upward until her clit was riding on his cock. As she slowly ground her clit up and down it, he grew even harder. At a certain point she got carried away and accidentally slid up and off his monster. As she attempted to slide herself back down and over the top of him, his cock actually slid inside her. At this point, it was to late to turn back, and she just began riding him like the horse he was! At first, she couldn’t take all of him inside her, then as she continued pressing downward, stretching herself a bit, she managed to make it all the way down to his balls.
Once she was able to fit him in, she told me to stand up and let her suck me while she rides him!
As she started sucking me, she proceeded to pound him really fast and hard at the same time. As the intensity grew she began to get a bit out of control and slid right off him! At that point, she got on her knees and started sucking him, telling me to fuck her from behind! She was a woman on a mission, and her mission was to cum like never before! It really didn’t take her long as I drove myself into her and she sucked the cum right out of him, she exploded in orgasm, and I shot my cum inside her!
After we had all settled down, the three of us took a shower together, and returned to the hot tub with some drinks to relax for a while.
Once we had decided to call it a night and Derrick had left, the two of us had a conversation about our new experience, and decided that this is definitely something we enjoyed, and that Derrick was definitely the right person for the job.
Then the two of us made love one more time, and drifted off to sleep.