I have a fantasy

The fantasy goes like this:
My wife and I are out for “date night”, she is dressed in her little black dress. A younger guy approaches her and complements her on how hot she looks and asks her to dance. She looks at me and I tell her to go ahead if she wants too. They dance through a couple of songs and return to our table. I invite him to join us for drinks and conversation. After a couple drinks, he excuses himself to go to the restroom. While is away , I ask my wife if she likes him and she replies that she does. So I aks her if she would like to invite him home because I want her to fuck him. She doesn’t answer and he returns to the table. After a couple more drinks, it’s time to go and she asks if I was serious earlier. I reply “definitely”. She reaches out, takes his hand and says, “we would love to have you come back to our place, if you’re interested.” He stands and, still holding her hand, starts towards the door. I follow.
Once in the parking lot, I suggest she get in the back seat with him. I get in and start driving. She slides over close to him and they start kissing and rubbing each other’s crouch.
At the house, we quickly get inside the door is locked as they continue to make out. I strip my clothes off, and walk up behind her a unzip her dress. She slips the dress off her shoulders, smiles at him and says “you’re next” and proceeds to remove his shirt and pants and grabs his dick through his boxers. They embrace and I’m kissing her neck from behind and undoing her bra. It falls to the floor exposing her breast and rock hard nipples. He cups her breast in his hands and begins sucking her nipples. She simply moans softly. I slid her panties off and reach around and pull his boxers to the floor. Their kissing becomes more intense, she’s slowly stroking his cock as he strays to massage her pussy.
She drops to her knees and begins kissing and rounding her tongue up and down the shaft of his dick. I’m kneeling behind her, kissing her neck and she pulls slightly to the side, positions his dick close to my mouth and says “go ahead, suck it.” I run my tongue around the head, then slowly slid the head in my mouth and start sucking him. She stands and watches as I give him a slow blow job, and says, “don’t get him off.” She tells me to stop and directs him to the couch. He sits down, she kneels between his legs and licks his dick and balls while I’m licking and sucking her pussy.
She stands, straddles him facing me and squatting down guide his cock into her pussy. I get between their legs and start licking and sucking her pussy, his cock and balls. We continue for few minutes, and I straighten up and place the head of my dick against her clit. She yells “put it in. I want both your dicks!” I do just that, and with our dicks rubbing together, we fuck her. She soon has a very strong orgasm, and as it subsides, asks they we pull out and switch positions. We do and she stands, facing him and again guides his dick into her pussy. Then leans forward and slowly grinds on his cock while kissing him. I spread her ass cheeks and begin licking her ass hole. She relaxes her ass, and I slid my tongue in and out. After a couple minutes of me tongue fucking he ass, she looks back and says she wants me to fuck her in the ass. My cock slides in balls deep with almost no resistance. He continues fucking her pussy , I’m fucking her ass and she is between us moaning with pleasure.
He suddenly shouts that he is going to cum, so I increase my pace so I cum too. By the way my wife is pounding her hips between us, I can tell she is about to get off too. We all three orgasm within seconds of each other and simply hold our positions for several seconds. I pull my dick out of her ass, and Collapse on the couch next to him. She rolls off and collapses on the couch on the opposite side of him.
After a few minutes, I get up, go over to her and kneel, leftish her legs onto my shoulders, I start licking and sucking his cum from her pussy and mine from her ass. Once I have completely clean her, I turn my attention to his cock and suck him clean as well.
Totally spent, the three of us get in the shower, there is some light touching and kissing while we shower. Then we get into bed, with her between us and fall asleep.
The next morning, we awake and she goes to the bathroom. While she’s away, I ask him if he would like it blow job. He does, so I start sucking his cock. She walks back into the bedroom and asks “what are you doing!?” I take his dick out of my mouth and reply “I’m giving him a blow job. I like sucking cock and want to do it again and again. I want you to come over here and you can either watch me suck home off or you can let him eat your pussy while I sucking his dick.” She sits down on the edge of the bed and watches. Before long she starts to rub her clit and fingering herself. Not long after, she straddles his face and he goes to work eating her out. All the while I’m sucking and licking his balls and cock. She begins to grind hard and faster on his face as I start sucking his cock harder and faster. Suddenly he says “I’m going to cum!” She yells “me too!!”he shoots stream after stream of cum in my mouth.
We spend the next couple hours sitting around naked and talking. By mid-afternoon, both he and I are walking around with hard-ons. She asks “do you guys need help with those?”
I reply “why don’t you take care of him first, a little one-on-one fun.”
Back in the bedroom, she lays down on the bed, spreads her legs apart to expose her pussy was soaking wet. I say “apparently someone else is horny.” She replies “as fuck, get over here and fuck me!” I look at him and say “go for it, just fuck her good.”
He eases in between her legs and she raises her knees up and wraps her legs around him. His cock finds her pussy and he goes balls deep with the first stroke.
She’s pushing against his thrusts hard and fast so she is getting maximum depth with each thrust. She’s fucking him as hard as he’s fucking her! All the while I’m sitting next to them, stroking my dick. This continues for several minutes and then with one deep thrust, he pumps her pussy full of cum. Breathlessly, my wife moans “oh my god, what a great fuck!” She turns and looks a me and smiles and says “give me a minute to recover, and then I’ll take care of you.”
After a few seconds, he pulls his dick out of her pussy and rolls over, his semi-spend dick sticking up covered in a mixture of her pussy juice and his cum. I can’t resist sucking him. As I’m sucking him, I feel my wife’s tongue on my cock, then my entire cock in her mouth.
After cleaning his cock and balls, I turn my attention to my wife’s cum filled pussy and bury my face in it, sucking up every drop of pussy juice and cum. At this point I’m going to cum, I tell my wife that I was going to get off. She just keeps sucking and soon I’m shoot cum into her mouth. She holds my dick in her mouth until I’m soft, then spends around and plants a huge cum-filled kiss on my mouth. The three of us napped together after that.