How my family made me a cumslut pt 4

Fucking my maid in a fastfood bathroom and a massive orgy with strangers and my first lesbian experience

Me and my maid decided to go to lunch which was normal for us we went to a certent fast food place with a clown maskot

On they way he said, “im horny, here have a snack chloe”

he pulled out his cock, i undid my seatbelt and leaned over to him, i engulfed his member in seconds hearing him moan mad me wet, i pulled down my pants and started to touch myself, he grabed my hand and said,

“you’ll have to wait a little longer sweety”

he pulled my pants back up, a few mins later he came deep into my throat, i pulled his cock out of my mouth and licked my lips before kissing him and sitting back my seat still uncomfortable from being so wet and horny

Once we get there and finish our meal he says he needs to use the bathroom, he winks and grabs my arm leading me to the mens bathroom, he pushes me into a stall and locks it, sitting me down on the toilet he pulls down my pants and starts eating me out

“Yoh like that you little whore”

He says muffled between my legs, i cover my mouth as i moan so no one would hear us,

He stands up with my juice’s all over his face, he stands me up snd he sits on the toilet undoing his belt he whips out his cock and starts to stroke it

“You know what to do”

I blush as i sit on his pole, he pushes me down forcing the whole thing in at once i yelped in pain but he coverd my mouth and pulled my close to him,

I bounced up and down on his cock softly moaning each time i hit the bottom, after about 5 mins we both cum at the same time

We quickly get dressed and sneek out without getting caught

One the ride back he tells me that he invited around 30 of his friends for a party while my family is gone for the week he says that im gonna show how much of a slut i really am, i get really excided and horny all ready,

Shortly after we get back people start to show up mostly guys but some girls too time for some new experiences,

it starts out slow with me blowing and jerking people, but after about 15 mins in, im making out with a college girl while being dped on the couch! This was a dream come true the place already reaked of cum amd sweat, that just turned me on more 45 mins in me and the girl are both serving 5 guys at once! 2 in our ass and pussies 2 in out hands and 1 in iut mouths

After an hour they brought bolt in for me to fuck infront of all the guys, the college girl took a couple guys to my room for some privacy

I bent down and took a hold of bolts sheath, he gets hard, hes not as big as bax but it tastes just as good, i start to tongue him down while the guys jerk and stare in awe, a few mins in he mounts me a rams his cock deep knto my preteen pussy

A guy comes and sticks his dick in bolt, bolt yelps but then pants in plessure, he loves it hes just as slutty as me, another guy coms and rams my ass while more come for me to plessure a few more hours of fucking everyone heads home while the college girl is still in my room, naked and still full of adrenline from the day

Shes half asleep so i cuddle up next to her and kiss her, her eyes open and doesnt skip a beat she pulls me close and starts to make out with me rubbing me all over, im shocked but pleasantly suprised

We take turns eating eachother out and scissering we fall asleep in eachothers arms covered in our juices

The girls name was jess, we became great friends after that

This could have been 2 parts but someone suggested longer stories hope you all enjoyed this one and have a great day, more horny stories to cum 🙂

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