I replaced my husband with my son

I was 48 at the time and was totally fed up with my lazy husband. He was 51 at the time and become very lazy as the years passed by. We had 3 children and the older 2 were already married and had left home. But the youngest was still at home, referred to as the dumb one by my husband. He hadn’t gone to university like his older brother and sister had. He liked building things with his hands and had become cabinet maker, he was doing very well with what he made. I have always enjoyed sex and had married at 18 and already pregnant. My husband was a go getter at that time, but that flame slowly died out over the following years. He wasn’t even fucking me much anymore and I got annoyed that I had to pressure him into fucking me every time we had sex. That changed when I saw my son playing with his cock, I was a bit shocked at first. He was larger than his father and I got wetter the more I thought about the size of it. Then I was looking forward to having sex on my anniversary with my husband. He was away of business and rang to tell he was staying an extra day to play golf. Golf the game lazy lovers play instead of fucking. The less sex I got from my husband the more he played, I hadn’t long got off the phone with my husband. When our son got home, and he had play football with his friends and went to have a shower. I decided I wanted sex and as my lazy husband was going to fuck me. I would get my son to do me instead, I walked into his bathroom totally naked and joined my shocked son in the shower. I had hold of his cock and by stroking got it to go hard. As they say he was putty in my hands, I got him to fuck me in the shower and after in my bed and had him stay with all night. He is now a very willing sex partner for me, and my husband plays golf and either hasn’t realized we haven’t had sex in 6 months or is just too lazy to think about sex at all.