I smacked my aunt in the face

My parents were going away for a day, with my grandparents who lives next to us . My mom married her neighbour (my dad) . My mom has 3 sisters , they all are in their 30’s . My mom is the oldest one . I am 17 years old and the aunt I am talking about is daisy (fake name ) . So my parents were going on trip with my grandparents for a day, they left early in the morning.I was all alone so I called my gf to come over but she had classes so she said that she will come over in the afternoon. I was at home so I was wearing only my boxers , I was bored so I started watching movies , I was watching knock knock , and that movie is fucking sick , I had a massive erection watching that movie , so after movie was finished, I watched some porn and started jerking off . Then I heard doorbell I figured that It’d be my gf so I just opened the door with only my boxers on and huge boner making bulge . I opened and it wasn’t my gf it was my aunt daisy , I immediately covered my boner, and she came inside I tried to explain it to her , but she was just smiling in awkwardness. Then after that she was sitting on the couch I asked her what was she doing here , she didn’t know that my grandparents were going on a trip , and she had came to spent some a night with them . I told her that they will be back at night . Then she went in the balcony to smoke . Only thing in my head was her looking at my boner , I knew that she would be there all day, so I called my gf and told her that I am going on a trip with my parents too , and told her not to come .

After that I saw her smoking in balcony, but my focus was on her ass , she was wearing leggings and hoodie . I removed my boxer and went to balcony, she didn’t notice me cuz her back was towards me , I quickly pressed my boner on her ass , and I started dry humping her while squeezing her boobs. She whispered ” we can’t do that , it’s wrong” . And that’s when I knew that she wants that too, cuz if didn’t want that she could’ve said no , or she could’ve yelled at me but she didn’t. And I forgot to mention that my mom is an American and my dad is African-American. And I am black too , so I am taller than my aunt , I pulled her head towards me and kissed her neck and I told her to shut up and just let me do what I wanna do . We went in my room , I started kissing her, but she wasn’t kissing me back . I removed her hoodies, she was wearing tank top inside it . I squeezed her. I kissed her and she started kissing me back , now she had her hands around the back of my head. I removed her top , licked her tits . I threw her on the bed on her stomach. I ripped open her leggings, she got furious and told me to take it easy , I turned her and started kissing her agressively, she started pushing me to calm me down , and that’s when I grabbed her hair and punched her in the face , she was shocked by my action , but then I whispered in her ears that I’ve waited so long for this . And I was surprised by her reaction, she smiled and started kissing me . I went down on her , ate her pussy and her asshole .

I wanted to make her suck my dick , but i was close to cum , so I just started fucking her , I fucked her for 5 to 7 minutes. And came inside her . I panicked because I came in her , she told me not to worry , she was on pills. We were then cuddling and talking . After about and 30 minutes I pushed her head on my dick and told her to suck it . She said no , I told her to do as I say or I’ll punch her on the face again, she started sucking my dick . And within 5 minutes I came in her mouth . She rested her head on my crotch,with my dick in her face , she just layed there for a while . Then I asked her whats going with her husband and her. At first she said it going great , then she told me a secret , she said that she’s been cheating on her husband . I wasn’t surprised at all , but then she told me something that knocked my mind down , she told me that last year on Christmas, my dad fucked her. I got up and said what the fuck are you talking about. Then she gave me the details, she said that she was talking to my dad about her marrital problems and they started kissing and then my dad made her suck his dick , she also said that my didn’t wanted to fuck her but she forced him to . I was shocked by that news . I just sat there , she fell asleep and it was around 4 In afternoon, few minutes later I fell asleep too . I woke up after an hour and saw her , she was covered in sweat , and I get turned on by female sweat, it’s one of my fetishes. I licked her sweat from her butt , then I licked her swear from butt cleavage . Then eventually I ended up eating her asshole , she was half asleep, I started rubbing my dick on her asshole cuz I wanted to fuck her in the ass. She woke up and said that she don’t wanna do that , cuz she has never done it . I pushed her down and forcefully put my tip in her asshole , and she was right her asshole was tight . She was crying but then after while she was enjoying it too. I finished and then I saw her face full of tears , we just looked at each other for while then I pulled her by hair and kissed and apologized to her . Then we took a bath together. Then we ordered pizza and and watched movies . We pretended like nothing happened, then my parents came home .

Next day I snuck in my gf’s house and fucked her like a dog . I just had best sex week.

The end.