Being Bi at Home 1959-61 – Part 2

We were going to the beach again as the early mist had gone and the Sun was heating things up very quickly, Jane arrived to confirm she would be picking up Clair and meeting us down there, Vicky smiled at me and winked, my signal things could get hot if the beach was empty and the cave not to wet from the tide washing in. First I had been called by Aunty Betty for instructions as she as arranged would be away for the weekend so I went to her room. She called me in after I had knocked on the door and told me to sit on the bed. She was packing her case as she told me what money she would leave us and gave me a list of things needed from the shops for our food supply then she asked me how things were going with the girls. I told her they had been very kind and shown me a great time at the beach making my holiday very nice. Well, she said they both think a lot of you and talked none stop about your visit before you arrived and with this she put her hand on my upper leg, you are a nice lad and when I return I will take you under my wing for a few days to make your holiday as nice as we all can now go and have some fun with the girls.

Wendy had Vicky sorted and I handed her the list Aunt Betty had given to me, yes she said I will meet you on the beach after I have sorted the shopping so you go off with Vicky and Jane now ok. We almost ran down the road to the Cliff path and ounce down the bottom were happy to see the beach disserted and the cave dry a good start I thought. Things improved a short time later while we unpacked our bag as Jane arrived with Clair who insisted in having a Private chat with Vicky in the cave before she even said hello to me. All became clear when Vicky came to me and asked if I would do a little something for her and make a fuss of Clair in the water, she had not had boy attention and Vicky asked me to show her enough to get her little body excited and looking forward to much stimulation form both sexes, I was fully ready to help were I could without delay. Clair like Jane and Wendy had chosen a summer mini dress and open shoes to wear in the heat and they all looked horny to me, I walked over to Clair and told her to take her costume into the cave and wait for me, she giggled and smiled and off she went while I told Vicky I was going to take her into the water, when I entered the cave she had moved to the darkened rear and just stood waiting for me, I walked up to her with my costume in my hand and asked her to show me her one, it was a little bikini and the bottom part was very small which made me very pleased. Clair I like your bikini, I said but now I will undress you and we will go into the water you in your bikini which I will help you out on but me naked, she smiled and said she would like that. Turning now she showed me were the zip to her dress was and I very slowly drew the zip down to the place below her waist were it stopped, she had no bra on so I put my hands round her and cupped her small firm breast pulling her back into me. My hand movement took no time in making her breathing come in gasps and she pushed her bottom back into my body making my cock get so hard she felt it between her bottom cheeks, she moved up and down on my rod as it lay firm in that valley. I like that feeling, she said and I told her I would try to make it all nice for her today, then I retreated removing my hands and took the hem of her dress pulling it over her head leaving her with just her white cotton panties, change now I said and I watched her take the panties off and put the skimpy bikini bottoms on making her bottom look a lovely shape, the top was also allowing me a full view of the shape of each of her breasts, this girl was so just what I wanted.

I put my trunks on and she watched my every move, my firm cock was not happy to be locked away in my trunks and its head was only just below the band and out of sight as we walked to the water, Vicky came over but did not follow us in, just said in a low voice, show her the way Julian then she will be like us and fun to be with. At the deeper water mark Clair asked me if we were far enough and made sure my body was between her and the shore then pulled her top down allowing her breasts to be free but the top able to hide them if need be, I like those tits I said, I want to to stay over if you can with Jane as we want to make you enjoy sex from us all, will you do that. I want to she said and I will try to get there tonight, Jane has told me she and Vicky want me and I do like the idea of them both having me so much, I dream of sex all the time she said and wet my panties so much thinking of a cock in me and a girl caressing my body as a man has me and fills my pussy with his cum, her hand was now under water and searching inside the front of my trunks for my cock. The feeling of her hand and the water was so good and her statement that she would come to us for sex was great my cock thought so to, it was rock hard in her hand. You must play with me Julian, I want to get horny and sit on your cock in the cave were we can do as we wish. My hands were under her now and I lifted her up and turned her round so her bottom cheeks were now available to my cock for a little exploration in that area of two lovely holes, she felt it move down between the cheeks and then pass over her anal passage then probe her pussy outer lips which she pushed back on guiding me towards the entrance of her inner channel, god it felt good but I knew I had to stop before I had her fixed on my shaft but so wanted her all the way right then. Her breath was coming fast and she pulled my head down to her neck, I kissed her, you will fuck me tonight please she croaked I am so turned on for your cock. Trying to make myself happy but do the right thing I told her what I would do to her and as I told her I would suck her clit and tongue her pussy she said I want you to tongue me in both holes I have had dreams of that and sucking cock till it comes all in my mouth, I want all this and more. I had to get us out of the water quick as my body was starting to press my cock hard on her pussy entry and I wanted to take her here and now but knew I must wait and fuck her in front of the girls or things would not seem right to them they wanted to have a hand in her arrival into being in need of sex from them as part of their little unit. Come now I said breaking the spell that we were both so fully caught up in, we must swim and then go to the cave for some light fun to keep you horny and wet between those lovely legs, hands and fingers will be all over you tonight and every hole will have attention payed to its needs I promise you, Vicky is dying to lick your pussy and bum, tasting all your juices as she thrills you but will not leave out your little pert breasts and nipples to help you light your inner fire. We swam a little and the girls watched with interest on the beach, Wendy arrived and waved to us both with a big smile on her face, she wanted Clair to but as a share while having her pussy rammed by my cock and her kissing and licking her tits and nipples as part of a three some delight with lots of juices flowing from their pussy’s.

Clair and I slowly retuned to the beach and my cock was still hard as I left the water even after my best efforts to knock it down and failed, now Vicky had noticed my alert member and said in a high voice, saved that for me Julian I could sure do with it right now, I just laughed and went off into the cave behind Clair. Tell me she said, will all of you be having me tonight when I stay over, would you like it if we did I said, you are able to choose what your fantasy is and have it all as you wish but you know when I leave the girls want you. I think you enjoy Jane and Vicky getting you horny with touches and kisses, their fingers probing you makes you wet and truly hunger for more till you can’t stop the need to climax time and time again like the little sex bomb you are. Yes she said I have thought of nothing more, Vicky all over me and the thrills her fingers bring to me when she has them deep inside me and working my pussy fast then slow and licking my clit have been a constant picture in my head, Jane using her tongue on my bottom then her fingers probing it as her free hand rub’s my clit hard and fast till I shudder and release my held back wetness and beg for more. What of Wendy, I said, she is a Woman who I would wish to have me with a strap on cock and fuck my arse and pussy till I could take no more she said in a firm voice, she has already whispered in my ear that she want’s my body for real sex. Clair looked me in the eye and said in a voice with a little tremble in it, I wish you were staying Julian as you make me wet just by a touch, I will miss you a lot when you leave for home. I kissed her and told her she will be able to have all the men she wished as long as she was careful not to get pregnant when enjoying her needs being met, no she said I will stay with the girls that way I am safe from the risk. I took a towel, removed her bikini top and rubbed her dry making her breasts go firm with the treatment they were enjoying then pulled down the bikini pants and wiped her bottom and crotch dry turning her back on so I fingered her finding her spot and made her climax into my hand which I licked from my palm and enjoyed knowing her taste ready for tonight.

We joined the girls on the beach and in turn they all asked Clair if she was happy to come and stay the night knowing my Aunt would be away and she would be subject of a sex party the girls so wanted to have and she would be star of the night. Clair boldly said she wanted this night to be all she had ever dreamed of and would hope to have fun with each person in turn then be the target for them all together. The Girls told her she was a star and each kissed her but as I thought Vicky lay her back on the sand and kissed her breasts then moved south with her mouth kissing and licking till she was firmly enjoying the fruit between Clair’s legs her tongue working hard and her fingers to till Clair let out a mighty scream and exploded her cum in a shower over Vicky’s face and breasts. Jane was here in an instant and moved Vicky away were she could lick the juices from her making Vicky horny to but the best was Wendy, she lay with Clair kissing her and moving her hands all over her naked body, she rolled her on to her front and parted her cheeks of her bottom, her tongue went down and cleaned her pussy but made her squeal when her tongue forced an opening in her anal channel. Clair was breathing deeply and muttering, oh yes please deeper, more, oh yes, fuck me with your tongue Wendy. Wendy did, she really wanted Clair and the others knew it, she wanted her for real sex like a girl friend not just a play fuck like Jane and Vicky even if she did like the idea of them having her to she would take over ownership when the time was right. Clair without any choice came again Wendy claiming every drop she could from her hot pussy as she scooped the juices up. Poor Clair was finished but went back in the sea to cool down and let her body recover from the high speed sex she was now enjoying for the first time. I swam to and stopped to see she was ok, the smile told me not to worry this small bundle was fit when it came to sexual pleasure, she knew what she liked and soaked it all up relaxing into what thrills were being sent to her brain and allowing it all to come as it wished, good girl.

When we had all had enough at about 4pm Jane and Clair left us making ready to come to the house at 7pm, we were all in need of showers and some food ready to face the night ahead, I for one was looking forward to seeing them have Clair and get my cock into that lovely pussy to. We worked quickly to sort things out at home and Wendy went off to search her Mothers room for her sex aids, she knew she had some and did not take long to find some, the vibrator was not large by today’s standards but she did find a two ended dildo made of rubber and about 18 inches long, she was looking at it and wondering were and when her Mother had used it till she looked up and said May, Mums friend May has stayed here a lot and they shared Mums bed every time, so they have been having some girly fun to, well I’m blessed she said. Are you upset about it I said, not at tall Julian she said, Mum has told us from the start she wants us to have a healthy sex life and to do what please us to get it, she always undressed without a care and trained us the same, she want’s to have sex with you we know that and we both hope she does and you are ok with that, I think you are. Yes I said she is hot and every time we have been in a room together she has touched me and without a care made sure I was able to see her breasts and her crotch, we know Wendy said, and we have enjoyed watching her seducing you but I for one wish we can see you both having sex Vicky is so much hot on the idea. I told her I was fine with that but not sure her Mother would be open to that, we will just have to wait and see. Also with the things Wendy found was cock ring so she liked her clit to have some heavy bashing I thought, the small spanking whip with lots of leather tails was a new thing to me but hey we will see. The Girls shaved each others pussy’s and the result was shown to me for my approval without hesitation and the result was a treat I loved, dress was blouse, no bra and skirt full, no panties, a quick phone call to Jane had fixed that for the others two as well. Food sorted, music found, all needed items placed were they thought would be right and the clock moved on towards the time our victim would arrive. I wore a pair of loos trousers with no pants and a sports shirt outside them, no socks, bear footed.

The clock struck 7 and the door bell rang and in came the girls both looking good enough to eat with hair done and makeup all perfect, Clair went to us all in turn and kissed us, Jane lifted up her skirt and showed of her naked lower body and a shaved pussy to, I loved that, Clair just said we would all have to wait to inspect her but asked that we make sure we did it well. Drinks now poured and everyone sorted Wendy whispered in my ear that to make Clair relax she had found one of her mother relaxation tablets and put it in Clair’s drink, hope it will not send her off to sleep I said, no Julian it is mild and it will just relax her muscles and allow her to feel more from the sex she is getting, oh ok I said, want no mishaps to night just fun. Next Vicky comes into the room with a 16mm movie camera, Vicky is that working I said, oh yes we use it a lot but the film we take will stay secret its a new film we bought today when Wendy was shopping, it will be nice to look back on some time, she laughed.

The music got a little loader and we had some more drink when Clair who was dancing in the middle of the floor unbuttoned her blouse letting it fall back over her shoulders and down her arms to the floor while she swirled around her now free breasts looking so lush in the now dimmed lights of the room. Jane got up and joined her dancing the same swirling movements and allowed her blouse to copy the departure of Clair’s, the two girls closed on each other breast to breast and Jane pulled Clair closer so nipples were rubbing nipples and the larger breasts of Jane swelled to full size the nipples now hard from the passing touches from Clair’s also now hard nipples. I stood up and went to the floor making my copy of the dance the girls were doing and yes I let my sports shirt fall away as I moved to the music and the image of the girls made my mind send messages to my cock which was now getting hard inside my trousers. Vicky stood and joined the girls close in the dance her blouse taking just seconds to fall away and her breasts enjoy the warmth of the hands of the girls as she pasted them in her dance, this was a very horny place and Wendy joining me her breasts free and shinning in the light were she had skin oil on them to make them look so smooth and lovely, dancing in front of me her hands took hold of my Trousers and with little trouble she released the button at my waist and lowered the zip exposing my cock plus allowing my trousers to fall to the ground, I kicked them away but her hand had now taken hold of my cock, her dancing movements slowed and my balls became captive of her other hand. Her hands were silky, she must have used some form of hand cream as the hand on my cock was sliding up and down my shaft and giving me feelings so nice I was in heaven. The music was now low and the girls came over to us and took instructions from Wendy, Clair will need to kneel before Julian while you two kneel one each side of her, first you will take the breast on your side and suck it trying to make her come from your attention to her breasts only, Clair you will suck Julian’s cock using your tongue to go all round the rim of its head and taking away his pre cum enjoying its taste, Julian I will fetch a chair which you will sit on so Clair will need to lean forward to cover your cock is that clear all of you. We all said yes and Wendy bought the chair which I sat on, Clair took my cock in her mouth and I was able to see all the girls were doing to her breasts making my cock twitch in her mouth. Wendy now knelt behind Clair and lifted her skirt up over her back exposing her bottom to Wendy who’s hands now went in between the cheeks and found her two holes each lightly touched and encouraged to open to her exploration, the girl was already breathing in gasp’s as she sucked my cock and my pre cum rewarded her each time, Clair was pushing her bottom on to the searching fingers of Wendy and those fingers were returning very wet but from behind her Wendy recovered her Mothers Vibrator the shaft already creamed up for use, she did not turn it on but used it it each hole to stretch it apart for her to enter and the girl was pressing down on it to hurry it in each one, Clair was having all her dreams come true right now. The Vibrator was half way in to her pussy and removed to go up into her bottom now also allowed to enter an inch or so, I knew this must be giving he some pain but the tablet was doing its job, the relaxed muscles allowing entry in the anal passage without to much pain. Clair was enjoying it all her grunts and breathing showing she was in a dream world of pleasure and cared not what was being done just as long as it was good. The Vibrator was in now and Clair was grunting a lot as she was pushing back on it trying to get it deeper each time her pussy making noises as her wetness pushed past the moving Vibrator inside her and her pleasure reaching a peak, my cock sucked harder and harder by her was making me get to the point of filling her mouth with my gift of cum. Wendy was on it straight away, she ordered the girls to stand up and removed the Vibrator from Clair’s pussy, turned her round and sat her down on my lap, my cock passing all barriers and going deep inside her helped by her body force as she sat down. God she felt good and my cock was so deep it felt her inner special place open and seal its rim round my cock head passing a shiver through me of high voltage pleasure and delight. Wendy told Vicky to work on Clair’s breasts and Jane to lick her clit as I moved her up and down on my cock with luck she would explode her cum soon and give the girls a taste of her inner gift as they licked her dripping cum. My climax was not far off and Clair knew it, she told me she could feel me right inside her special zone and it was passing shock waves through her close to pain but very high pleasure. Wendy’s voice brock in to my thoughts and she told me to lift Clair up off my cock and resume fucking her in the other hole which she had made wet and open while my cock was in Clair’s mouth, I lifted her and she gave a squeal, don’t stop fucking me please, just wait I said and guided my cock back towards me a little finding her tight but open anal entrance, the head touched it and she moved her bottom placing it so my cock could pass straight up her channel as she sat back on me, ah, ow ah, yes, as my cock slid in and her tight arse swallowed me to the hilt. She started to ride my cock and even her inner supplied some wetness to help us have an easy motion with less energy required to make me cock go full hammer in her butt. Clair bucked and moved on me making sounds deep in her throat and she had an orgasm to Janes delight her tongue tasting its creamy juices as they dribbled from her pussy, wow the another, Clair had found her fountain of pleasure and was using all she could, next a total shudder throughout her body and she squirted juices like a shower from her pussy and I filled her with my cum deep in that tight delightful arse. God that was good I felt so drained but with darting bolts of pleasure throughout my body, Clair was a little sex machine in my mind and I would love more of her some time. Wendy and the girls were on her now, she tried to get up off my cock but her legs nearly gave out on her and as she turned to look at me I saw she was crying and I got worried, she saw my concern and put her hand on my face telling me I had made her enjoy the best feelings she had ever known and made her find her place of satisfaction and total pleasure. I helped her up my seed dripping from her but none allowed to waist, Vicky and Jane where under her, mouths working and tongues within her, clearing all we both had released for a greedy feast with the odd kiss or two in the middle of their task.

I was asked not to clean my cock by Wendy as I stood and moved away from the girls at their task, both the girls are wet now and Vicky wide open so I am going to see if we can get her to fix Clair on the end of the double ended dildo, I like that idea as I could watch her being given some lesbian sport training she might grow to desire in the future, one thing was for sure Clair was into anything that gave her pleasure and it mattered little what it was. Vicky was beckoned to Wendy and after a few short words went for the dildo and on her return had Clair lay flat on her back on the floor, she knelt down and sucking the end of the rubber dildo started to lightly rub it up and down on Clair’s clit and pussy entrance applying a little force each time till the end slid in to her and with care Vicky fed more till enough was inside to already make Clair rise her butt and use her inner muscles to ride it, now Vicky lay on the floor pussy to pussy with Clair and fed all she could into her own pussy making noises of pleasure as it went deeper within her. Now enough inside and only about three inches showing between them she pushed on towards Clair and they rode the dildo together panting and forcing the object hard within each other till a shout from Vicky of, yes, yes yes, told us she had come but they were not finished for a second. Clair asked Vicky if she would go butt to butt with her and have the dildo in her arse, I waited not sure if this was going to be ok with Vicky she had not taken a cock up there yet let alone a dildo. I will try if Jane uses the Vibrator on my but to open me up for it but not certain I can do it, ok said Clair but lets try, think of the fun we can have if that works. Vicky went on hands and knees on the floor and Jane attacked her bum with the Vibrator treating it lightly and taking her time she did manage to open Vicky up and pass it well within her nice formed hole this done with some delight to which pleased Clair a lot, Jane came to the point were she needed to swop the Vibrator for the dildo and I could see Clair was getting excited at the prospect of this double butt fuck the girls were trying for. Jane found the dildo would enter Vicky without any worry and fed it as far as she could within the now pushing back on to it Vicky. Seeing the progress Clair was on hands nd keens butt to butt with Vicky waiting for her end to be threaded inside her very open hole which took it all so easy and the sounds came from them both as movement from one effected the pleasure of the other and they started to move back and forth with speed grunts and shouts, cries of joy and pleasure flooding the room, even Vicky was out of it with delight from her new found pleasure zone and the method of getting it to. I think Clair forgot we were all there still as she shouted to Vicky, will you promise to fuck my arse like this a lot, I just love it and I am flooding with my juices in both holes, Vicky just said, promise and so am I dam you I love it. They were joined for half an hour and had climax after climax the pair of them, my bi side knew how such fucking can go deep in the pleasure zone and make it like a dream if done right.

We took a break for some food and drink and it had a real revival effect on me so now Wendy was looking over at me and told me to stand in the middle of the room, what I would like to do she said, was have you fuck us all from behind using us in both holes but not cum till we are all happy with the cock’s performance even if not for a long time, we will kneel on the edge of the Sofa our bum’s free for entry even a little slap or two to help us on with our enjoyment is possible if you like, I did like, these four girls all had lovely bums with white zones and now shaved pussy’s so even if it killed me I had to try and make them all enjoy it to. So four girls giggling and patting their bottoms knelt on the edge of the long Sofa, Jane Vicky Wendy and Clair, I putt my two fingers in Janes pussy and she giggled my thumb stretched up and into her butt and with rapid strokes got her going till her breathing told me this one was on the brink, I smacked her bottom with my free hand and she sighed with delight, again then out with my fingers and it with my cock now slapping her bottom on both cheeks as she pushed so hard back on my cock deep within her, she was so wet noises were coming from her pussy telling the others she was ready to come, I withdrew and plunged my cock into her tight young arse, ah she grunted and as I fucked it deep as I could my balls slapping her clit she unloaded her full load of cum and it was so heavy she spilled out on the floor, I withdrew now and went to Vicky her bum waving at me I went into her bottom strait away and her wetness piloted my cock to the depths of her inner chamber, this arse felt so good I did pile on the thrusts and slapping to get her as hot and horny as I could, she knew I liked her a lot and pushed back so hard on me I had to change holes very quickly, her pussy was so sweet I could eat it so she got a slow then fast ploughing move from me bringing the result we needed her orgasm and a deep sigh of pleasure. Now my hardest trial, Wendy, this girl I would love to fuck all day and explore every tiny part of her body for points that would bring her to the high point of her pleasure, she is a doll and a really lovely girl. Now before me her pussy moist as also her bottom and her scent in the air as I kissed both her bottom cheeks, then I took her clit hood between my finger and thumb and wanked it like a mini cock, she cried out with a voice of pure lust, yes, harder, yeah, fuck me now. She had a mini climax and the juices filled her inner lips as they caressed my cock as it passed between them entering her and seeking her utmost pleasure so to demand her future need for more. I gripped her bottom cheeks hard my nails digging in as I gripped and pulled her on to me, a cry of pain but her bottom fast back for more and again I applied the grip further, my brain was full of a mush of different forms of pleasure as she was driven back by my need to be as deep inside as I could get then the need to retreat and fill hole two and pray she will enjoy the attempt I am making to make her like my cock enough to need it more while I am staying. She was making strange noises now and puffing hard like a train as the build up in her was moving towards her time to come, maybe silly of me but I wanted to be there with my load at the same time if it were possible and our timing became as one, her reacting with a push back as my forward move went home, inside her my cock was firmly sheaved and gliding within her warm silky inner zone of pleasure. Wendy began to shudder her legs shaking and her body pressing back on me with new energy making my cock twitch within her and then, her orgasm just a moment ahead of mine, the pleasure I felt was like never before and her cum was washing over mine and spilling from her as I nearly passed out from the shock wave that traveled through me. I tried to keep my brain clear and my cock in place moving it very slowly in and out of her as she made shrill tones as I moved within her. Vicky’s voice came next, wow you to that was some fuck, you both seemed to be looking for the real thing that time, Wendy said in reply, we found the real thin girl and it was heaven for us both I know it. She was more right than she knew and I still held her back on my slowly dying cock as creamy juices flowed over and past it and over the floor via my crotch and balls. I stepped back from her and helped her to stand fully upright kissing her neck and lips, you naughty boy she said, now you have made me want you a lot more than I already did.

Jane and Clair were on Wendy like nothing on earth kissing her and licking any and all the cum they could find with searching tongues and fingers in both holes making Wendy squeal as she was turned on by the attention and enjoyed it all to the full. Vicky came over to me and gave me a really big kiss on the lips with her tongue darting straight inside my mouth then she said I was her hero for making her sister so happy and abandoned in the lust she had now for sex with both sexes, I was worried she said, Wendy played but always made it me that was getting turned on enough to nearly come and get very wet while she would hold off from getting beyond wet. The letters from Rosemary did make her a little randy and she read them time and time again hearing of what you and her had been up to shone a light in her eyes that even Mum had noticed, we think she had a look at the letters when we were out as some of her questions were getting a little close to the point were we thought she might ask if we were going to both fuck your brains out. I already knew she had read them as she had told me so before she went off for the weekend but I said nothing. Vicky sucked my cock and kept saying how nice it tasted with mixed cum still stuck to places on it and her efforts nearly made my cock stretch its self for more but I resisted the temptation and watched the girls enjoy giving each other a tongue licking that bought more enjoyed orgasms from them all. I had the company of Clair and Vicky in my bed over night and a lot of finger play was had so much so we were not up till 9am, Wendy had Jane in hers and she told me the girl had come a few times when she had used her Mothers Vibrator on her front and back, enough for the bottom bed sheet to go straight in the machine to hide the large stains from cum. We only had till 6pm now to clean up and make sure all signs of our fun were not there for Aunty Betty to see on her return plus Sunday was a slow day back then, when finished and Wendy was happy Clair and Jane departed but I noticed that Jane was slow to go hoping she could have more sex with the now inflexible Wendy who said to her sweetly, we have all the time in the world girl and kissed her. Clair came to me and kissed me saying she wanted more sex please and maybe in the cave on Monday would be nice, foreplay in the sea and sex in the cave sounded ok by me.

Aunty Betty arrived back full of smiles and sent her friend Alex off after he had met me and said hello to the girls, him gone we sat in the lounge and told her we had a good time at the beach and hoped we would get nice weather to go again in the morning while she was at work but yes we would do any shopping needed first. Aunty Betty was happy, she went upstairs with her bag and after a while called me up there, were they good to you Julian she said as I sat on the bed, oh yes I said nice as pie and we all had fun, good she said, I want them to be free of silly rules and able to go out in the world prepared, no Mummy’s apron strings getting in the way of what they wish for in life. You are already free, the school you had was guiding you to be free of worry and able to cope on your own in the world. She was right I knew soon I would join the Army and go abroad away from any control from home and parents. Then she told me that she had arranged a special trip for me with Alex and her for a show and a nights stay in a hotel in Portsmouth for my birthday which was a week tomorrow the 5th of August and hoped I would enjoy it as my gift. I was very happy with that and thanked her for thinking of me. She came over to me and whispered in my ear that she would make it very special in all the ways she could and kissed me on the lips lightly but with a sensual feeling passing between us like electric shocks. Follow me she said and led me through to her bathroom, undress me she said again in a whispering voice so sexy I just went to her turned her round and slowly drew down the zip of her thin cotton dress my heart leaping as no bra straps came into view as the dress descended to the floor and more no panties, she was totally naked. Touch me she said I want to feel you moving your hands all over me and going every were you think will make me happy, she had cast a spell as all I knew told me this was crazy but my hands were already tracing the contours of her breast and my fingers squeezing her nipples, my cock tightening in my shorts were her hands were now undoing my buttoned waste band and opening the zip, down they went my naked body now on display and her hand now holding my cock. She was guiding my hands down her sides and to her hips and told me to put my cock between her legs from behind her, I did so, my cock not in her pussy but through the gap in her thighs my hands on her hips I slid it back and forth and the move made her lips part and my cock lay in a sheath of pussy lips like a hotdog in a roll but his felt so good. She whispered to me, I want you to do all you have done to my daughters to me before you leave and I will confess to you they have had sex with me to but by their own request, Wendy has told me of all that has happened while you have been here and I have read every word dear Rosemary has written to them about you and her and your bi sexual state which we here all enjoy to as a result I will have a special treat for your birthday which I know you will love. What would you think of us all tonight having sex here in my bedroom us and the girls who already have asked me to make it a special thing for them to. The girls know you want sex with me I said, oh yes I tell them everything and they tell me all they do with girl friends and such, I give them advice if asked but you have done so much more they are women now and know the joy’s of sex as I wish them to and I owe that to you. While talking she is riding my cock which has been joined by wetness from her pussy and she has used her finger to retrieve drops of pre cum from my cock head and sucked it off going for more, Vicky say’s your cum tastes very nice and Wendy told me you can be cruel if it is asked for, using your nails to bring some pain to join pleasure, I like that she said. A sound behind me mad me look round and there were the two girls with big smiling faces standing watching both naked, Wendy spoke, we want you to have our Mother and us for the rest of your holiday will you do that for us and you will be surprised to know your Mother has invited the three of us to stay with you for three weeks on your return, do you like that idea to. I was shocked but anyone could see from my face I was more than happy, Aunty Betty added that the invite was so you would not be alone while your Mother is out at work all week so I will be looking after you, I broke in, wow how lucky I am to have you three and could be you will have Rose to she is home alone to all week. Right said my Aunt you call me Betty now and from this second we do what we like to each other firstly I would like to see the girls suck your cock but after you put it inside me, so I moved back and she guided my cock into her pussy slowly and with some enjoyment as it went deeper, she was tight inside and not what I had expected, woo I said, you are so good it feels great and nice and silky wet, after a short while she asked Vicky to come and suck my wet with Mums juices, cock, she licked the head and put all she could in her mouth and in gobble talk told her Mum how good it tasted with her pre cum all over it, Betty pushed the back of her head so my cock was firmly in her throat and the girl gagging on it she then moved her head back and asked her how that was, ok came the thumbs up sign and now she went on to my cock like that without the push from her Mother and gagged on it for longer one hand now playing with her clit as she sucked me. Enough said Betty taking my cock from her daughters mouth and putting it back in her pussy which was very wet now warm and welcoming to me and in deeper than before also within a cover tube gripping my cock head um, that is nice and she also noticed the change within her, now that I like she said. Wendy said, his cock is cut and the head gets gripped inside the womb which demands his cum and feels so good I felt it to made me cum twice within seconds it did, Betty was coming to but not heavy as I slowly went in and out of her deep hole she knew how to make her fun last no worry there. My turn to suck now said Wendy, come on I need to right now I think it will make me cum, Betty removed my cock and passed it to the open mouth waiting for its turn on my cock but a mouth of delight for me, she sucked and had it down her throat in one gagging till she nearly passed out, spit and fluid ran from her mouth all frothy, If he comes keep it in your mouth Betty said, we can pass it from one to the other and leave a little to taste for us all. My cum was thick now and came very heavy when aroused like this and new was ready within 45 mins so not the end of the world when time on my side, I did cum and Wendy took care not to let any escape down her throat or mouth, Betty had a glass in her hand and asked her to deposit all she could in it, wow it was more than I thought I could produce in one go and well thick, Wendy had kept a little back in her mouth and was making it pass all round the inside enjoying it a lot as the look on her face gave away her joy. Betty had the bulk of the cum and gave me a very naughty look as she allowed the glass to drain into her open mouth moving the cold cum all round but allowing a little to find its way down her throat in measured amounts till she came to me and kissed me on the lips with my cum on her tongue which was in my mouth sharing my seed with me and loving the sexual meaning of it. The kiss was given with a strong meaning I gave back as much of a lovers kiss as I could to confirm the message had been understood but in my head I was not a little confused with the situation. She has the body of a young women and the hunger for sex of a girl finding its thrills for the first time so why had she wanted me when Alex was around to give her all the cock she wanted, it made little sense to me right now. She broke off the kiss and moved her lips to my neck then onward to my chest were she sucked each of my nipples softly and with tenderness I had never had from a girl before just the man of my youth who had launched me down my road of being a bi sexual boy. Her lips traveled on to my crotch and captured my half limp cock sucking it inside her mouth to be worked on by that strong darting tongue which bought life back in my cock within seconds as the feelings rushed through me from her loving actions, oh god this is so good I said out load, Wendy had moved behind me and she was kissing my back now adding to the sensations and pleasure mounting and taking me beyond my point of stopping my cock from filling Wendy’s lovely mouth with more of my cum, ah shit I climaxed but she was ready for it and let my cock slide out of her mouth as a last spurt covered her lips and trickled down her chin some falling on to her left breast only to find daughter Vicky there to lick her breast and nipple clean then attend to her Mothers chin and lips kissing it away and licking it up as well. Betty swallowed the cum and between Vicky’s kisses, said thank you. Mum called time on our play and we all slept in with Betty who I did have a short spell of roaming fingers with till she had a minor orgasm and fell off to sleep her daughters having thanked her for being such a great person and they loved her in every way.

Morning saw us all grinning and happy, poor Betty had to go to work but she had a new look on her face so the girls informed me, Wendy said she thought it was the best night ever and teased me by saying her mother was in love with my cock and cum which is her happy juice and it showed as she left for work, she told me to look after you and I promised I would as Vicky is going over to see Jane and Clair for a little girly entertainment of her own. Vicky confirmed her arrangements and whispered in my ear how she so wanted to have Clair’s pussy riding on her fist till the girl could not stop coming and cried for mercy when she would start on opening her anal pleasure zone and see if she could cum from that being fisted to. Jane had her last night she rang me this morning as soon as her Mum left the house and told me she fucked her with her hair brush handle till she could not bring more cum and she thanked her for every drop of cum she had licked from her pussy afterwards, lucky girl. I wanted to take it easy as tomorrow night was my trip to a show and a slap up meal at the hotel in Portsmouth with Betty and Alex, Wendy said they would do a special thing for me to but the following day so all was ok and in truth I was over the moon they were coming to stay at my home at the end of the week it would be good to see how the girls progress with Rosemary and long shot but maybe I would have a chance to really have Betty to myself and enjoy more of her body which was making me hard when ever she bent down or showed me a little flesh, in short I wanted her bad.

All quite in the house I was sitting in the arm chair when Wendy came in the room, she had a dressing gown on after her bath and looked very nice, she walked over bent over me exposing her breasts and opened my shorts, found my cock and pulled it out, the breasts, her scent that heavy was enough to make my cock act straight away, she just said good boy and took off the dressing gown and faced me kneeling her legs each side of me and sat down on my cock that she guided home without another word. Facing me moving up and down on my cock I was able to see every change to her facial expressions, she was doing all the work her head back and her lovely breasts firm and pointed nipples showing how turned on she was, now slowly she made sounds as her body took me deep within her my balls almost joining my cock inside as well now they were enjoying the lubrication being supplied by her very wet pussy. You will promise to fuck me when we go to stay at your house, please say you will. Wendy I said, you know I have a special feeling for you and without your backing I would never have enjoyed Jane, Clair or Vicky. I loved watching you fuck them she said, I wanted you to have them it made me so horny for what you would do to me, you are funny and special I said, do you care that I like to be had by men as well, yes she said, that makes me horny to that you get fucked to and so enjoy it like we do from you. Talkin about it was making her ride my cock faster and she let her full orgasm come, my cock bathed in its warm silky juices felt so good as I tried to hold off my contribution as long as possible, don’t come yet she said I have more on the way and need to let it all go, with that she shook and convulsed having a full explosive climax and taking my cock into her womb the feeling was fantastic and not possible to describe but never to be lost from my memory. I want us to 69 on the floor now Julian so I get yours and you can taste all of mine, with that she lay on the dressing gown and I got down and lay on top of her my eager mouth and tongue just in time to stop a heavy flow of her cum from escaping my greedy desire to swallow it and enjoy every drop while naughty Wendy sucked my cock into parting with her ration of cum which was plenty to keep her happy. Our 69 lasted a long time as I sucked her clit making her bring more juices to the party till she pleaded for us to stop all below being to tender to take any more. We went to the bathroom and had a joint cleaning of our sexual parts with kissing and lots of chat.

On her return from work Betty called me to her room and opened some bags she had bought home with her from town, these are things for tomorrow night she said, for you to wear if you don’t mind and like them, we will leave here at 3pm and go to the Hotel and sort our clothes out for the night out, return to the Hotel after the show and have our special meal served in the room with drinks and some surprises just for you, now just to make sure I have sizes correct let me check your measurements so please strip off ok, I laughed and stripped while she enjoyed putting her tape in places that made me jump and more so as the metal end was cold, Betty wrote down all the numbers in her note book and allowed me to put my clothes back on, The girls will be able to see some of our night out as Alex is taking his camera and will have pictures for us to show them by the time we leave for Wembley at the weekend, ok I said they will like that, oh yes she said with a big smile. As a final question what size hat did you have at the Duke of York’s, 6 and 7 8ths I said, not very big like some, I am so wanting to know more about the men and boy’s who have had sex with you Julian, are you happy to talk about it with me, well I said I think you know it started when I was young and went to the swimming baths during the summer holidays when Mum was at work or in bed on a Saturday, I became friends with a man who shared a dressing room with me and I let him touch me and use my body as his touch made me feel special pleasures and started to make me want him to change his finger attention to his nice cut cock I had sucked a few times and tasted its creamy cum, I really wanted it and he showed me how to enjoy it and I did a lot till school and our house move but from school I had a willing friend and a boy or two who wanted me so I was contented even happy as long as I had some cock in me. Betty thanked me for telling her and she asked me further questions about how and what things made it good for me and I told her without fear, I think it turned her on to hear me relate how I was fucked more so when I related sucking a pussy while my bottom was being drilled and filled. The clothes for the next day were a nice sports jacket and grey trousers a nice shirt and new tie, my own shoes which were black and grey socks. No underpants, as a joke I said shoe size 8 and she laughed, but the way I have spoken to your Mother and told her to take a holiday while we are in the house as she gets little chance to get away and she has said yes and will go to friends in Devon for 2 weeks so you will be able to relax and have a little more fun before you need to find a job and move your life forward again.

We got into Alex’s car and off we went to the Hotel, our room was ready and it was a large family room with a sitting room, no holding back on the cash with this Birthday treat I thought as I was shown my bed and Betty sat with me to go through the plan of events for the evening, first the show, back to the Hotel room were our Meal would be served in our room, after the Meal a secret treat I would have to wait for but it would mean I was to be blindfolded and my clothes changed for me then the treat for the rest of the night, no more information was given but I was duly happy they had thought enough of me to arrange it all.

Time for the show and off we went this time by Taxi to the theatre in the town, the show was mixed acts, singers comedy acts etc. It was good but must say I was glad when it was over and we were in a Taxi heading for the Hotel again, The Table in our room was laid out ready and just a few mins after we returned our food was served and really good it was to, Roast Lamb for me and sweet was Jam Rolly Polly with Custard and Cream. I enjoyed every little mouth full and still wondered what awaited me next as we drank Coffee and the table was cleared away allowing us to be private for our own entertainment. When all was away Betty came to me and told me to strip all my cloths off which I did, she put a tight blindfold on me and then she dressed me, I had hands putting things on my legs and some kind of pants which felt very nice were put on me to, I was forbidden to search with my hands for what was on me but I had my chest covered in an item and over my head a covering that was pulled down over my body and down to my thighs, more moves on my waist under this item and my legs were in some way involved to but then my head was covered with an object which tickled my neck and the side of my face. Next I was told to sit very still and my face had some sort of cream put on it and my lips were covered to, round my eyes some sort of thing was also going on till Betty sprayed some type of perfume at me and said it was done. Now will take you to the mirror and uncover your eyes, she led me from the bed and when we stopped she took the blindfold off. I nearly died of shock when I looked at myself in the mirror, I was dressed in a red satin mini dress my legs were in white stockings held up by a white satin suspender belt which the holder straps went under the red satin panties I wore, further more I had full make up on and a long haired blond wig which made me look like a total girl, I had still not said a word when Betty made me put my feet into the red patent leather high healed shoes. The new girl in town was born and I was it, she kissed me long and hard and told me the outfit was mine to keep and a few extra clothes were with it for me to enjoy being sexy in, my mind was blown I did feel sexy and the dress with its satin bra felt so nice on my skin, the panties made my cock feel great as I moved and they had a way of touching my anal zone and making it feel sensitive and in need of play. How do you feel now Julian, she said, very sexy I said and horny as the clothes set my pleasure zones into tingle mode, I need to be fucked in all truth and sucked till I burst a shower of cum into the willing mouth of my lover. I have it all under control she said no need to worry about a thing, you will put the blind fold back on now and come to the bed again, she put it on and guided me to the bed and sat me on its edge. Then I was instructed to lay on the bed on my back and did so relaxing knowing the feelings I was getting would lead to some enjoyment one way or another, then a light touch of a kiss on my lips awoke my senses and an inner excitement began to grew within me. A hand softly moved over my body through the dress and at the hem of the dress it went under and up my thighs but then another hand joined the first but on the other thigh and it was a smaller hand lighter in its touch, now I was feeling a real pleasure from this probing knowing it was being done by two people making me let out, oh yes more please more, my panties were being removed so slowly and each touch made me shudder with pleasure my cock now free twitching and standing proud from my body it in need of attention to. Shand was removing my blindfold now and before me to naked figures, Betty and Alex, he to had a hard cock and the look of lust in his eyes, will you do as we bid you, he said, oh yes I replied, then we will strip you of your clothes and I will make you suck the wet pussy of Betty while I have your needy bottom for my pleasure, do you understand, yes oh yes I said my voice with a tremble in it as I was so horny for this special fuck. I was gently stripped of the clothes and left with just stockings and suspenders was told to kneel on the bed which I did and was now facing the wide open legs of Betty who lay at the head end of the bed her shaved and wet pussy within my range if I went forward and down on her for my greedy mouth and tongue to enjoy which I did without hesitation the scent of her making me want to eat all that she was displaying and more. I went down and my tongue started to enjoy the wetness she already had seeping form her lovely smooth place of pleasure, now boy make me your cum fountain she said, with that I took her clit hood in my mouth and mouth wanked her clit, this made her buck her body up and the wetness increased from within her pussy to a flow, Betty was hungry to be muffed all the way. My attention was now a little distracted by Alex on the bed behind me licking my balls and my anal passage from behind me and finding his way into me with his tongue, then the never to be confused feeling of his cock being pressed hard against my arse entrance and his strong hands pulling me on to his firm and long cock the entry making me feel a short surge of pain that left me the second he was within me with his shaft moving back and forward gaining more entry each thrust. Now I felt so good my mouth full of a wet pussy I enjoyed shafting and a mans cock doing me without care as I love to be had. Betty had two hands on my head as she guided it to the spot she needed me to attend to her bottom rising to meet my tongue as it worked to recover all her juices available to me and for them to be enjoyed and tasted before I swallowed them all. My body was enjoying this two way pleasure the perfume of the female body and the now easy trusting of his cock inside me, making me produce internal juices of my own making his ride easy and a real pleasure for me while awaiting his climax to fill me with creamy warm feeling of luxury within me and a brain full of so much pleasure from his efforts. I was in a tinny heaven all of my own as he shafted me into my perfect dream, his balls hitting mine and the harshness with which he pulled me back on to each thrust, oh yes bi boy was having his best day so far. Alex gasped and shot his fill into me, so much cum I had never had inside me before and with his cock still hard at work it sprayed out all over my bum and him to, I liked that. Moves, Betty was on his cock as fast as she could move from under my mouth, she was behind me sucking his cock of all its cum and mixture of my juices with his huge cum flow, she was loving it and I still had so much leaking from me that she caught every time it started to drip from me, Betty just loved cum. You will be fucking her arse soon Alex said, she wants your cum up there and mine to follow if you will do it for her, I would have fucked a cow right now so I was never going to pass up Betty not a chance, oh yes I will do it I said and get her ready with my tongue first. Betty smiled and I got her to go on hands and knees then started on her pink hole with my tongue and fingers to open her up for two cocks but first I went into her pussy and gave my cock a cum bath in her very wet pleasure zone, I did not take long to get her fully open as she had signs of an o forming right from the start, fuck her now Alex said, so I rammed my cock up her bottom to get as far in as I could, she pushed back and let out a cry as my cock went past her tight opening and inside her ready to fuck Betty as if she were a whore I knew now that is what she enjoyed most, My cock was now with her pushing back so hard, deep inside her and the tightness of her arsehole was making the feelings so good for us both. She said, go on boy fuck me hard like you mean it so I did and she climaxed her cum dripping from her pussy as I went hard into her again and again. I was not able to hold off my orgasm for much longer and filled her tight anal heaven with my warm cum and pumped it in as it spurted from my cock. Worn out I removed my cock from her and next thing I know Alex is sucking my cock clean and telling me he would love to own my arsehole as he had enjoyed me so much. He and I went and showered joined shortly by Betty who smiled at me and said, you thought Alex was my fuck daddy and you were so wrong, he is a good friend but not into my body but so into yours and I love that, wait till we are back in your home Julian now I know what turns you on. I was not to be beaten just yet, but I said, I know you are bi to I have seen the way you look at Jane when she comes round and god help us if you see little Clair naked you will melt on the spot to have her pussy in your mouth trust me.

The night was full of fun and play with my arse getting a visit from Alex ounce more and a filling of cum Betty removed from me with her tongue making me feel so good and finished my nights desire for more.