I think i found a lover and things going wild

Sunday I go on our date, the previous time he begs me if I could go again in my school uniform and with pigtails, my hair as I write in the previous story is long so the same the pigtails, blonde and pigtails you can imagine how much hot I was. Sunday, and walked outside like I am going to school it couldn’t be normal so I wear one white hoodie and one pair of black leggings it was one cold day so I wear one red coat which my mother buy me as a gift for my 10th birthday.
I tell my parents I am going for a walk with friends while in reality, I am going to bawl my eyes out with a man. I found him waiting for me at the same point as Friday, I run, I open the door, and get inside. When I seat he welcomes me with a kiss on the mouth which I return, I do him happy for my pigtails but a little sad I was without my uniform but he understood and telling iam awesome so he turns on the car and we leave. Ask him where are we going he says it’s a surprise.

We arrived outside of one apartment building, what are we doing here I ask him, here I stay it’s my home, really you stay in all these rooms, he laughs and he answered of course not any other people are staying here very simple iam the owner of this and many other buildings. Wow I say, are you coming he ask me, and I say yes so we get outside of the car he lock it and we get inside the apartment, he was careful no one sees us and we take the elevator.
The elevator stops on the last floor which had only one door, as he explain to me, he choose the last floor for silence and easy personal moments. The time for the surprise comes when we get inside his apartment and he calls we are home sweetie I hear one woman’s voice finally I will meet this girl I see a tall with long red hair woman wearing one white dress welcome us and I see my lover hug her and start kissing each other passionately I watching them in shock.

Finally, they stop kissing and the woman had her attention on me, she is the girl you are meeting all this time he nodded his head and she come to me. Wow she is very beautiful exactly as you describe her to me look at her blonde hair, her pigtails she is one natural beauty, I thank her and she is one kind girl something rare with youths these days, your parents must be very proud of you, she leaves my hair and let’s go in the living room she says to sit.
As I understand they are married, photos of them everywhere but of a little girl younger than me their daughter probably, she asks me if I want to drink something, I ask them for juice, no problem I will make you one and soon we sit down, I with the woman in one big sofa while lover sits in one armchair near to us and we start talking.
I was confused I must say because I come here with him for sex, finally I discovered he has a woman and we are sitting in the living room talking as usual people but after I drink a lot of my juice I start feeling not very good and before I tell something everything went dark. In this way, I had my most until then emotional experience.

It was difficult but I finally open my eyes again at first my vision wasn’t clear same my mind and feeling strange, one minute later I discovered why I found myself wearing only my panties and laying down on my back on a bed worse my hands were tied up together behind the bars of the bed, I, of course, get scared and wondering what’s going on, then the door open it was the woman wearing only a black bra but I could see her big breasts and black underpants when he sees me he says sweetie come she wake and soon come and my lover wearing also one black boxer.
A woman come and sit at my side I scared and with tears in my eyes ask her what are they will do to me, not cry and not to be scared all this is one fantasy of me and my husband which also come and sit at the other side of me, see her tits how much cute they are and they start together rubbing my chest, how old are you she asked me, ten, mmm nice age and you have nice tits, their hands rubbing my chest doing me feel great and I start to moan then she lowing her head and kissing me in the mouth.
It was the first time I kissed a woman but I don’t hesitate contrariwise her kisses were nice and I feel love’s mouth play with my nipple, she stop kissing me in my mouth and after some kisses on my cheeks, neck she suck my other nipple going me out crazy only my tied up hands were hurting me. They let my nipples and with kisses, in my belly, they go to my thighs, more down and there I lose it when I see them rise my legs suck the fingers of my legs and my feet which giggled me but I could feel other new feelings and no more fear only pleasure.

Suddenly they put my legs down again open them wide and pulled down my panties letting me fully nude, nice bald pussy sweetheart soon I feel fingers playing with my pussy let me with my mouth open, then it come fingers, I wasn’t a virgin so fingers slide in easy and then come the beautiful feeling of tongue playing with your pussy or two I don’t know they were both of them with their heads down there now I was moaning loudly and with tears in my eyes, holy shit, mmmmm, my god, ohhhhhh, my belly going up down.
Then suddenly they stop and I see a woman pull down her panties and start crawling above me, what are you doing I ask her, I offer you pleasure now it’s your time to offer at the same time I could see her mouth wet and kissing me again in the mouth at the same time I loose of my sight lover but I feel him grab my legs rise them and put them in his arms, his cock rubbing my pussy.
The woman let me get up but she opens her legs and low down her body, as a result, her pussy some meters from my face, come little bitch use your tongue, lick my pussy, I wash it very well and I shave it for you today early the morning. Well yes, I had one beautiful view of her pussy it was like calling me to lick it so I take out my tongue, well first contact with pussy lips was magic and fascinating, I don’t know how else to describe it.
The woman moaned and told me how much my tongue gets her crazy and with her hands grabbing the bars of the bed I scare that she will kill me but she was careful. All this time I had forgotten my lover but I remember him again when his cock rubbed above my pussy now go to my ass estance and after some rub, one push and it slides in after two good previous anals I take it easy but it hurt me a little.

I couldn’t believe that a man with his wife abuses me, soon woman start moaning loudly and rubbing her pussy in my face, her pussy become wet, little liquids start running down my tongue, mouth, and face, she starts rubbing her pussy in me faster until one river of liquids fell to my mouth and face some of them I drink them.
She stays sitting at my face while my lover still fucking me but for a long when I hear him I am ready to cum she gets up herself from me and love comes to me stroking his cock and suddenly hot cum explode on my face yes my love fill her sweet face with cum, I try to avoid them but she grabs my head keep it stable so I take them all I from fear I close my eyes.

Because of so much cum I couldn’t open them and I beg them to clean me and let me free but instead, I feel them laying down left and right of me. This doesn’t finish it was my first experience with them and follow and others.