If We Met

Dating had always been a difficult thing for me. I was always envious of all those other men, with their great lines and unshakable demeanors. I was not a part of that fraternity. I was always the guy that saw the stunning woman and said nothing, only thinking of the right thing to say hours later. This went on throughout my entire life, and while I’m not repulsive looking or conversationally handicapped, it was the assertive men that always won the day.

These very thoughts haunted me each day on the train to and from work. Never did the attractive woman sit next to me, it was alway the fat guy that hadn’t yet discovered showering with whom I shared my commute.

While on my way to my photographic studio that day, I took a personal oath, while once again being conversationally accosted by a guy that apparently decided to share his sandwich with me by spitting bits of lettuce on my jacket while he spoke, that I would somehow, some way approach the next woman that shared a seat with me. Hell, I may even be as brave as to sit next to an unescorted woman if the opportunity presented itself… and it would, sooner than I had expected.

Two days later, on the morning commute, I drudgingly entered my familiar train car and walked my way toward my “usual” seat. The fat guy in front of me bumped into a woman that was already seated on the aisle causing her to drop her coffee onto the floor. He pretended not to notice his act of callousness and she didn’t say a word, but a look of hurt came over her face. I couldn’t tell if she was more upset over the spilled coffee or all that had splattered her paisley sundress.

In a split second of decisive movement, I squeezed past Jabba The Hut and took the seat across the aisle from this woman, before he could, just as the train began to move.

Without making direct eye contact, I tried sneaking quick glances at the beauty sitting not two feet away; although we were separated by an aisle, I WAS technically sitting next to her. This was progress. It was easy to see that she had been embarrassed by the incident although through no fault of her own. She simply continued to look down at her hands that remained folded in her lap. I felt terrible for her and had to do something.

I took a deep breath and bent my head down, looking back up at her in an attempt to make eye contact. Her eye’s shifted and met mine. I gave her a weak, uncertain smile. Her stunning hazel eyes sparkled and the corner of her mouth betrayed the slightest trace of a smile. I saw her blush; she was shy, but even that could not conceal her outward beauty.

You know how at certain points in life, things just go into slow-motion? I know it’s usually things like car wrecks and other accidents, but this time it was different. For me, two things happened at once, my heart completely sank and my cock began poking me under the chin; now I was the one embarrassed.

I kept thinking… ‘This is the wrong time for a hard-on!! Please don’t notice, please don’t notice, please don’t notice….Think about something horrible!!! Baseball, uuhhh, stepping in shit with new shoes on, uummmm, Justin Beiber…..ok, ok, that’s cool, that did it, thanks Justin.’

I was desperate to speak to her and I summoned what was left of my faltering courage and spoke. “Hi. I saw what happened, I’m so sorry, are you ok? Is your dress ruined? You didn’t get burned, did you? Do you ride this train everyday? Do you work in the village?

At this point, her eyes got wide, and I realized I was beginning to look no better than Jabba the Coffee Spiller. I had to make a recovery and fast, now that I was officially babbling.

“You can answer any question you like in any order you wish, but please say something.”

She lifted her head and turned to look at me. Now, I don’t know if it was the sun shining in from the window behind her or just the magic of that moment, but the sun created a halo around her head, shining through her silken brown hair making her look like an angel. She smiled and I melted into a puddle, I could hardly bring myself to meet her gaze.

“I’m fine,” she said in a voice not much more than a whisper, “Thank you for asking”

Her voice sounded like the sweetest love song ever written. Her hair cascaded over her shoulders like liquid silk, tickling her neck and flowing onto her breasts. I took a very deep breath to avoid losing consciousness, struggling for something to say.

“Do you ride this train often?” I asked, and then immediately regretted the stupidity of the question. I felt all the blood rush to my face, I must have looked like a tomato.

She giggled, obviously noticing my blushing and replied, “I just started a new job yesterday, so I guess I will be.”

The train began to slow, and I fumbled yet again for something to say.

“So, how do you feel about red faced men?” I asked smiling

“Oh, this is my stop,” she said trying to suppress a smile of her own. She gathered her things and stood up and walked toward the door and paused. “To answer your question, I love red faced men.” She seemed to blush a little herself, or maybe my blood pressure was just affecting my vision, and she was gone.

At my stop, I practically ran to my studio. I was in a spectacular mood and somehow taking photos of products, dogs and babies didn’t seem so bad. All I could think of was the image of her face, how radiant her smile was or how her dress clung to her very sexy frame. I was hoping against hope that she might be there on the return trip home, but what were the odds? The day flew by and I left the studio early determined to ride the train until I found her. I boarded my familiar car and fought for my usual seat trying to recreate the magic of the morning. At her stop, my anxiety soared and then I saw her. The only seat in the vicinity available was next to me and my heart stopped when she gracefully lowered her petite frame next to mine.

I smiled and handed her the coffee I got for her to replace the one lost that morning.

“I picked this up for you.”, I said in a weak voice

She positively glowed. “Thank you so much, that was really very sweet.”, she replied with shy, self-conscious smile.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” I said and I looked around and leaned a little closer to her and whispered, “I know where to get the stuff, you just say the word.”

For the first time, I heard her laugh and saw her face light up. It was absolutely beautiful and I was on a roll.

“You’re face is a little less red this evening,” she said, and I immediately blushed again, “Ok, maybe I spoke too soon,” she added quickly, and we both laughed.

I decided to make a very bold move. I summoned every ounce of nerve I possessed, took a deep breath and rolled the dice while she sipped her coffee.

“There’s a lot more where that came from, maybe I could take you there?”, I asked timidly. “The coffee, I mean… there’s a lot more if it there, you know, where it came from…” I stammered

Now it was her turn to blush, “That might be nice.”

I figured at this point I may as well roll the dice once again, as it would appear that I was on a winning streak.

“You know, it’s kind of dinner time and there’s not much to eat at my house, you wouldn’t by chance want to get something… you know… together… maybe go out somewhere…?”

“But I don’t know anything about you. You could be a lunatic,” she said with a smile in her voice.

“You’re right, I might be a lunatic or I might be the nicest guy you’ve met in a long time, or I might be a guy that thought all day about talking to you and was hoping I’d get a chance to ask you out. Listen, I don’t do this sort of thing. I’m a little shy and I have a hard time approaching women, especially women that are stunningly attractive and I just thought…”

“Ok, ok, slow down. You think I’m stunning?” she said in a quiet voice

“Well, yes… people must tell you that all the time,” I replied

“No, not really, or maybe I just don’t give anyone the chance to. I can be a little shy myself. Listen, why don’t you tell me a little about yourself and that way I won’t be having dinner with a stranger. I don’t do this kind of thing either and maybe we’d both be more comfortable.”

“Alright, that’s fair. My name’s Rick. I have a small photo studio in the village. I do mostly contract work and the odd baby or animal shoot. I live by myself on the Cape and I don’t get out much… see… we’re all acquainted now.”

“Photographer, huh? That sounds like it would be interesting. I really should change, I’m not exactly in dinner attire.”

“Neither am I. I’ll take you somewhere casual. There’s this tiny Italian place, I know the owners. You’ll love it.”

“Can I tell you a secret?” she said

“I wish you would, I’m feeling a little exposed. I don’t know anything about you yet.”

“Ok.” she leaned over, almost resting her head on my shoulder and whispered, “It’s my birthday.”

“That settles it then, I’m taking you to dinner and… Wait a minute. I don’t even know your name.”

“Meredith, my name’s Meredith.”

“Well, Happy Birthday, Meredith.”

We got off the train and turned around, heading back toward the village. I was positively giddy. Here I was, going to dinner with the most beautiful, charming woman I had met in years, all thanks to some asshole that spilled her coffee. If I ever saw that guy again, I’d kiss him on the mouth. Meredith was thirty-two and I, well… I’m not exactly thirty-two.

I simply couldn’t take me eyes off her; she was breathtaking. We told stories and shared funny moments with each other as we walked the couple of blocks from the train platform to the restaurant. As I said, I knew the owners and they immediately found us a very cozy booth, dimly lit, and treated us like royalty. I must admit at this point, I was looking pretty good.

The way she sipped wine from her glass was mesmerizing; her full lips caressing the rim of the glass, she was pure grace, while I, on the other hand, demonstrated the pinnacle of klutzy behavior. I didn’t know it at the time, but it would prove to be very enlightening.

We were getting along perfectly, no awkward silences, we both seemed to be opening up. You know those people that you meet and you feel like you’ve known them all your life? Well, it was just like that. I went to move a little closer to her in the booth and accidentally knocked a fork off the table, which I naturally went to retrieve. As I briefly ducked my head under the table, I saw Meredith’s legs crossed over each other. What happened next was indelibly scratched into my brain for all eternity.

Meredith uncrossed her legs and hiked her skirt up just enough for me to see that she was not, and I repeat, was not wearing panties. I was treated to a look at smooth, flawless legs and what appeared to be a neatly shaven pussy displaying the most lickable pouty lips I had ever seen. Being the smooth operator that I am, I banged my head on the underside of the table before surfacing.

When I returned to an upright position, Meredith touched my arm and asked about my work. “Do you ever take pictures of anyone older than two?” she said, giggling… maybe it was the wine talking, but I was listening intently.

“Yeah, I few times, you know, weddings, birthdays, that kind of thing.”

“Well, today is my birthday. Will you take my picture?”

I wasn’t completely certain what that meant, but I think my cock did.

“Of course, today is your day. Anything you want.”

“Then let’s go, shall we?”

I couldn’t get up fast enough. We ended up facing each other, I boldly reached for her hand and felt her fingers wrap around my own. She leaned forward until her forehead touched my chin. I placed a finger under her chin, lifted her head and kissed her for the first time. Again, I’m not certain if it was the wine or the blow I’d taken to the head, but the room began to spin.

Still hand in hand, we walked down the street to my studio, passing an alley. Impulsively, I pushed her into the alley and against the wall, her eyes showed the surprise and a trace of fear. I ran my hands through her exquisite hair and pulled her to myself and kissed her again. I felt her melt into my body, her breasts against my chest. I grabbed the hem of her skirt and lifted it, sliding my hand up her leg until I was cupping her pussy. Meredith moaned and began kissing my neck.

“Take me to your studio. I want you to take my picture and I want you to fuck me.”

I was speechless; these things don’t happen to me. I simply slid my hand around her back and squeezed her sculpted little ass. Trust me, I got her to my studio as fast as I could.


I turned on the lights and had Meredith sit on a stool. I set up two cameras on tripods and had a handheld as well. When I turned around to face Meredith, she had slipped her dress off her shoulders and I was faced with two of the most perfect breasts I had ever seen.

“Is this ok?” Meredith asked in a slightly shy kind of way, but her erect nipples gave away her disposition.

I snapped a couple of quick shot and approached her, standing directly in front of her.

I took her hand and placed it on my crotch so she could feel the throbbing hard on for which she was responsible. She smiled and looked into my eyes

“Does that answer your question?” I replied

She just continued to smile and said, “Take my picture.”

And so I did. Meredith began to move with the grace of an experienced model, using her hair and dress as props. She then stood and grasped the stool, turning her back to the camera and allowed her dress to fall to the floor. The sight before my camera would have killed most men. She looked back over her shoulder at the camera. I took a quick shot and lowered the camera.

From her incredibly velvet looking slit, a long string of nectar stretched toward the floor. I’m only human and this was too much for a mere mortal to take. I got onto my knees in front of this dripping banquet and slid my tongue into Meredith as deeply as I could, until my nose rested on her pink bud of an asshole. It was a perfectly selfish act on my part as at that moment all I wanted to do was taste Meredith. I was not disappointed; she was sweeter than honey and wiggled her ass deliciously while impaled on my tongue. I spread her pussy apart with my fingers and found her stiff clit jutting out to greet me.

I tickled it with the tip of my tongue as lightly as a breeze, causing Meredith to moan and sway her hips, she danced on the end of my tongue. I reached up, spreading luscious the cheeks of her ass and tickled her delicate little bud with a finger.

“Do you like that, Meredith?”, I asked, just wanting to hear her sexy voice answer me.

“Yessss,”, she hissed through her teeth, “I want you to use me… control me… I’ll do whatever you ask.”

Wow!! I thought, this was not the shy girl I had just dined with, this was a thousand times better! No one had ever made me THAT offer before, and my imagination began to run away with me. I licked her succulent clit with renewed enthusiasm, relishing the juice that graced my tongue. Meredith began to groan in a soft rhythm, swinging her head to and fro. Juice started to flow from her pussy in what was almost a steady stream and her thighs started to shake.

“Oh Gawd…” she said amidst panting breath, “Eat my pussy, that’s sooo goood. I’m cumming, Baby, I’m cumming… lick my juicy little fuck hole.” Her body tremored as she enjoyed her first orgasm.

I was inspired. Here was my shy little Meredith, completely in heat, saying things I didn’t know she even thought about. I was losing all inhibition myself, this was certainly the chance of a lifetime, and I wasn’t about to waste it. I took a chance. “Meredith, would you like a photo album of yourself getting fucked? I’m going to have you do all kinds of dirty things for me and we’re going to take pictures, ok?”

Meredith was now lying across the stool, still breathing hard.

“Oh please, would you?” she said between breaths, “Photograph my sweet pussy.”

I got up and told her not to move. I set both of the cameras to take an image every ten seconds and grabbed my handheld. I walked back over to her and laid a hand on her ass briefly.

“I want you to do exactly as I ask.” While I said this, I ran a finger from her clit all the way up her back. “Now take your hands and spread yourself for me.”

Meredith did as instructed and looked back over her shoulder at the camera, her timid little look still intact, her tempting asshole practically winking at me…. I was so fucking hard, I couldn’t wait to ravage that perfect form in front of me. I took a few shots and instructed Meredith to slide a finger into her pussy and then lick it clean. She licked her finger with exaggerated effort, sucking it in and out of her mouth. That was soon to be replaced by my throbbing cock.

I lowered my camera and asked, “Meredith, do you want to see the cock that’s going to be fucking you? Would you like to suck the cock that’s going to fuck every hole you have?” I loved asking stupid questions and didn’t really expect an answer, nor did I wait for one.

I moved a camera to catch the moment and stood in front of her as she continued to lay across the stool. I unbuttoned my pants and my eight-inch cock sprang forward almost hitting her nose. The head was glistening from the precum that was smeared over it. Meredith gasped and I could feel her hot breath on my sensitive skin. I gathered her hair in one hand and told her to open her mouth. She turned her head to the side to look up at me with her stunning hazel eyes. I traced her lips with the head of my cock, leaving a shiny gloss behind and slid my cock into Meredith’s warm mouth as the mounted cameras clicked away, immortalizing Meredith’s sensuality.

“That’s a good girl, Meredith, take that cock, yes, that’s perfect, Baby.”

I withdrew and squeezed the head. Meredith knew exactly what to do and offered her tongue onto which I deposited a thick, clear drop of precum. She purred like a kitten and swirled her tongue around the throbbing head. Using the handful of her hair, I guided my cock back into her warm mouth and down her throat, while the fingers of my free hand traced a trail down her spine. I allowed a finger to linger between the globes of her ass, gently enticing her hot little button of an asshole. I began pumping my cock int her mouth in rhythm with a finger gently probing her ass. She moaned deeply and pushed her ass against my finger, working the probe into her a little deeper with each thrust.

“Oh Meredith, you’re so fucking hot, sooo fucking hot, my dirty little girl.”

The words seemed to encourage her, she sucked my cock with an enthusiasm the likes of which I had never experienced, as the cameras recorded every moment.

“It’s time to stretch that sweet little pussy of yours, wouldn’t you agree, Meredith?” Again with the stupid questions.

I moved behind her and stroked her stiff clit with the head of my cock and then parting the lips of Meredith’s sensuous box. I guided my cock into what was the silkiest feeling pussy I have ever experienced, slowly inserting the entire length until my balls slapped against her clit. The sounds of animal lust began to fill the air. As I withdrew, I was treated to the sight of her flawless pink lips sliding along the length of my cock. I began to pound into her, digging my fingers into the mounds of her ass, fulfilling her birthday wish.

“Oh yes, Baby, fuck my little pussy, use me…. use me… I need it sooo bad. I’m your cum box.”

I was grunting with each stroke, practically knocking her off the stool. I took her hair in hand again, pulling her head up, riding her like a wild mare.

“Cum for me, Meredith, I want your juice dripping off my balls… such a beautiful girl, such a beautiful pussy, cum for me Baby.”

I left her impaled on my cock and inserted the tip of my finger into her puckered little rose bud, triggering a powerful orgasm for her. I felt her pussy contract, squeezing the cock buried deep insider her. Her cum coated both of our thighs, running down our legs in a sensual shower. I removed my cock and Meredith squirmed on the stool, her ass bouncing up and down as if fucking some invisible cock. I rubbed her cum over her ass, lubricating her unexplored little bud before getting on my knees and licking the cum that had trailed down her thighs.

I stood her up and turned her to face me, kissing her pouty lips, feeling the hot breath of her panting mixing with my own. I bent down and took each of her hard nipples into my mouth, teasing each of the little clits. Her tits are perfect, the example of what all tits should be. I don’t know which one of us was enjoying this more, but if I had to guess it would probably be me.

I sat onto the stool, my cock menacingly pointing toward the ceiling. I didn’t even have to ask. Meredith dropped to the floor, placing a hand on either of my knees, spreading my legs apart. Her tongue started behind my balls and she licked me from there to the tip of my drooling cock. She looked into my eyes; all the shyness had been replaced with a fiery animal lust. She swallowed my length while furiously rubbing her clit. Her head bobbed on my cock with the rhythm of a good fucking while her flowing hair tickled my balls with each stoke. She took each of my balls into her mouth, releasing it with a loud “pop” and a smile, apparently satisfied with her efforts. I know I was.

I could hardly stand any more and I took Meredith’s face into my hands and told her to make a wish. She stood and turned her back to me, slightly bent over. She took a finger and started tickling her tiny rose bud, while her pussy dripped into the floor like a leaking faucet. Now, while I’m not the best at reading “signals” I was pretty sure I had a grip on what was being requested, and in an instant, I had a grip on Meredith.

“Take me, take my ass, Rick. I’m so slick, slide into me… fill me up. Use my pretty little ass.”

I smiled so wide that I thought my ears might pop off. I grabbed her hips and pulled her backwards until my cock rested between the cheeks of heaven. Meredith took my shaft and rubbed it all over her sopping pussy and pressed the head of my cock against the tight flesh of her ass. She worked the head in, using a picaresque little dance, as I guided her back. My cock passed the point of greater resistance and Meredith started to slowly pole ride, allowing herself time to adjust to the flesh stretching her ass.

I reached around the front of her, cupping each of her exquisite breasts, rolling the nipples between my fingers, kissing her back, as she arched her neck. She was now sitting in my lap, my cock fully enveloped by her warmth. I took two fingers and inserted them into her creamy pussy, bringing them to my mouth and then to hers. This seemed to heighten her state of arousal as her began pounding her ass into my lap.

“Fuck… I love you in my ass, fuck me, Baby, I want to feel every inch. Please, pound my ass….”

“Lie on the floor, Meredith and spread yourself for me,” I said in a shaky voice.

She did as instructed, and I lay on top of her, sliding my cock into her gaping hole. Meredith gasped, finally being penetrated to the degree that she desired. Her mouth opened, and although no sound was initiated, her nails clawed at the wooden floor as my cock was able to reach new depths and I was able to provide her the fucking she desired.

Shortly, I was able to take no more. I reluctantly pulled myself from her luscious hole and shakily got to my feet. Meredith instinctively took a position kneeling in front of me, seductively opening her inviting mouth. I stroked my cock close to her open mouth, again, feeling her hot breath on my desperate cock. Meredith regained the use of her voice, providing arousing words of encouragement.

“Cum in my mouth, Rick… I want to taste you… I want to swallow you. Give it to me…. I need it… it IS my birthday…”

I was panting like a marathon runner and was hardly able to get the words out. “Close your eyes and make a wish.”

And she did.

My cock erupted, the first strands of cum coating her upper lip and tongue, the remainder dripping off her chin, leaving pearl like droplets on her unparalleled breasts. Meredith smiled and the second shot covered her snow-white teeth. I grunted like a bull, almost losing my balance and Meredith swallowed her birthday frosting as quickly as she could. Her tongue snaked from her mouth, finding the head of my cock and received a creamy white blanket for her effort. She then took the head into her mouth and sucked the remaining cum from what felt like my toes. I thought my balls were going to collapse. My legs shook and the room spun. The next thing I can recall is being on my knees, facing her, looking into her now, mischievous eyes.

“I’m not sure if that was your birthday present, or mine,” I said between breaths.

Meredith smiled and looked at the cameras as they continued to click away.

“You have to bring me my present tomorrow,” she said in a very matter-of-fact tone.

I was a little confused, and I asked, “What might that be?”

“My photo album, of course. You can bring it around to my house… I’ll make you dinner and we can look at it together. Maybe, I’ll invite a girlfriend over. My friend Megan would love to see this.”

I thought I was living someone else’s life. Someone fortunate, someone cool… certainly not my own. Not wishing to say anything stupid and break the spell, I decided just to vigorously nod in approval and acceptance. For the first time in years, I couldn’t wait for tomorrow.