Greetings – I must introduce myself I am Frederick John Caunce (call me Frederick or FJC and I will respond.)

I am an elderly Bi British Gentleman who refuses to use American spelling or corruption of sex terms. I am also pedantic.

Pussy is a cat and the American misinterpretation of Hairy Twat – most cunts have trimmed or shaven pubic hair, – so cunt or twat are my preferences for vaginas – and cock – prick or tool are the words I use – for penis

Also, Ass is a donkey you can ride on Blackpool Beach, – Arse is the correct term.

I will now commence to tell you about my boyhood pleasures,

At the age of 4, my mother pitched a tent in the garden and my friend Leonard joined me, He took my cock out of my trousers and started to fondle it – so I returned the favour by fondling his. – The following day I initiated the mutual cock fondling. The experience was enjoyable and memorable –

I also made a mistake – My mother took me to buy a towel and with, rationing was discussing what was available when I saw a pile of packages with towel written on it – they were of course Sanitary “Towels” but I did not know that or for what they are used.- So I said “mother there are some towels here” – she said “they are sanitary towels” continued her discussion, and eventually bought a real one.

When I was 7 I attended a boarding School and on my first morning was taken to the cellar below the cricket pavilion and told to strip, and they dropped their trousers and we rubbed each other’s pricks – my first erection – they repeated it in the dormitory that night – exciting – but it was repeated the following morning and they brought Stedman who had a tiny circumcised tool – we became friends later. That night in the dormitory I was told to hold my foreskin back – since the others were circumcised and I had the great pleasure of cock sucking – but we all spurted on the floor.

I commenced a daily routine of one wank in bed in the morning and the evening and another in the loo after lunch

In my last term Mustil, the head boy of the house shared my bed every night and we wanked each other off – He had the biggest prick I have ever held or seen – and regret I did not suck him.

I had a hide among the bushes where two of us would enjoy the pleasure of wanking and cock sucking.

My first cum swallowing is another story