My Agressive little sister and her friend

This happened the the summer I was 19 my sister was 13 and she was 11. I grew up in the middle of nowhere, 7 or miles from the closest neighbor, kind of nowhere. My sister Reyas best friend McKayla was staying with us for a week because her parents were out of state. I was off the day it started. The girls asked if I would take them to town and get ice cream and maybe walk around the mall. They had money of their own to pay for things, so we loaded up into my truck and headed to town. After getting some ice cream and walking around the mall for a while the girls were getting hungry, so I decided to take them to the local pizza place/arcade that had free games you just paid for tokens. We each got a slice, some breadsticks and drinks, and enjoyed some lunch followed by the girls playing all the arcade games, including both of them, playing me in my favorite of soul caliber 2. After a while, we all got bored and decided to head back to my parents’ home.
“Girls, once we get home, would you help me wash my truck before my dare tonight?” I asked as we drove the almost 20-minute drive.
“Sure, but let me change into my swimsuit first. Come on, Reya, you should help too! He did take us all over today and bought us lunch!” McKayla said with enthusiasm
“I don’t want to wash his filthy truck just so he can impress his dare tonight. You can help butnim gonna go try my new shoes on and play Pokemon Crystal.” Reya said with a look of annoyance on her face.
McKayla leaned over to Reya and whispered,
“Come on, we can be mean and tease him the whole time and get him frustrated for his date, maybe he will bring her back and we can hear them fucking again like before. I’ll play with you this time? I love tasting your honeypot all night long. ” She said, not realizing I could overhear her.
“Now girls, secrets aren’t nice.” I laughed as I pulled down my parents’ quarter mile driveway. I parked and saw both girls go in. I got the pressure washer hooked up, put soap in the soap bucket, and heard the screen door and I watched as McKayla and Reya walked out in these tiny string bikini top and cutoff Jean shorts. I had never looked at my sister that way, but she had become a very attractive young lady, and I just knew I was going to have to kill some young man down the road. This was going to be a fun car wash.

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