Janey’s slaves part 2

As I went down the stairs, I wondered of all the things that I had planned for the two, in the weeks before, what do I do next??? I had my taser, and I took the shackles off of them, one at a time to go to the bathroom. I took Ann first. I led her to the bathroom, and as she sat down, I placed my hand over her pussy to feel the piss coming from her. When she started, I was surprised. She was like a water hose, but only very warm. It made me excited. I wouldn’t let her wipe away the piss, and I asked her if she needed to poop. She said “no”.

After putting the restrains back on her, I went to Brad. I reminded him of the taser, and that I still had my cane. He went to the bathroom and ask how he would see to hit the commode. I told him to sit. I told him that he had better poop also. “You had better clean out those bowels.” He had a look of apprehension on his face, but he pissed and had a big poop. He wiped his ass, and we went back to the shackle’s.

After the bathroom break, I fixed their breakfast. I gave them eggs and toast. They eat like they hadn’t eaten in weeks, but it was only yesterday. I fed each of them and when I fed Ann, I asked her, “what did you and Brad talk of last night?”

“Nothing, we were pretty tired”. I grabbed a few pussy hairs and pulled until a few of them came out. After her scream, she said “OK, OK.” I asked her again. “He kept asking me how we were going to escape. I told him I didn’t know. He said that if you were to ever take the cuffs off of him, and you were to have sex with him, as you were cumming, he was going to overpower you.” “Thank you my dear.”

I went to Brad and asked him if this were true. He didn’t say anything, but he felt the cane come down two times in the same spot on his thighs. He wanted to scream, but he only gave me a little muffled moan. He was learning. “Yes Mistress”. I said that he would continue to be truthful with me. “In fact I will now take off your shackles”. I did and told him to turn over on his stomach. He did, and I locked his wrist to the bed.


“Ann, are you ready to repay Brad for slipping you the drugs?” “No Mistress. I don’t have to pay him back”. She was terrified. I told her someone would have to have a canning this morning. If she didn’t want to give it to Brad, I would have to do it to her. She gave me a quick no, no. She would do it.


I took the shackles off Ann and moved her to Brad and gave her the cane. I told her that he was right in front of her, and I told Brad that the only thing he could say was to tell Ann to go either higher or lower to get her to cane his asscheeks. She gave the first blow. It was a pussy swat. Brad barely moved. I told her if she didn’t hit harder, I would have to swat her to show her how to do it. The next blow was a good one. We both heard a mighty groan. I told her to go faster. She gave more swats and she missed his ass cheeks and went lower on his legs. Brad was yelling to go higher. She did and doing a good job beating his ass. I said “this is the mother fucker that drugged you and was going to do, who knows what to you”. She hit harder. Brads had red welts all over his ass cheeks, a few on his legs, and a few on his back. Some were already bleeding. It appeared that Ann was beginning to like this. She had spread her legs, a little, and was taking a longer swing. It got my adrenaline flowing, and her little furry pussy was attracting me. I ran my hand up to it, and Ann gave a slight pause in the beating, and then went back to the chore at hand. Her cunt was wet. I ran my fingers all over it and they instinctively went inside. There was no restriction. They slid in like she was waiting for them. I had to bring my hand to my mouth for a taste. I could taste the pussy juice mixed with the piss. WOW, all this criminal activity was worth it. It was so tasty. I had to have more. I placed my mouth to here cunt, my nose in her asshole, and started licking from her slitty to her musky asshole. Brad was beginning to yell as Ann was hitting harder. The closer she was getting to cumming the harder she was hitting. I was getting light headed from the taste of her pussy. Brad was giving a long, muffled whimper


The next thing I know, Ann has shoved me onto the floor. As I lay sprawled out on my back, Ann takes off her blindfold and is coming at me. I thought that she was trying to do what Brad wanted to do. She was going to try to over power me. I was wrong. She jumped on me and started kissing. She was rubbing her cunt mound on my cunt, moving her small tits all over my humongous breast, and was kissing me leaving my whole face wet. This was one turned on chic. I grabbed on tight, and she was the one that turned around to get to my pussy, and dropped her pussy on my mouth.

I was sucking and licking for all I was worth, as Ann was doing the same to me. She must have liked it when I stuck a finger up her ass yesterday, because I now felt a finger go in my asshole. One finger, two fingers, and she was trying for the third finger. It was driving me crazy. I pulled my mouth back from her cunt long enough to shout, “more fingers”.

I was used to my dog’s cock up my asshole and if I could take Max’s cock, I could take anything she could give me. I thought if she is giving me her fingers, she must want me to give her a few.

I started with two fingers and she moaned louder. I felt like she had four fingers in me. Her pussy was right over my mouth and she was leaking like a running faucet. I was swallowing her cum as fast as I could. I could feel the cum running down my ass cheeks, as Ann was not licking and sucking fast enough to catch all of me.

I stuck the third finger in her asshole, and as I did, she let out a yell of exclamation, and I felt her whole fist go in my asshole. It surprised me as well as surprising her. This is all that it took. I know I must have actually squirted as I came, as I could feel my whole lower body getting wet. This was the best cum ever. Better than with Max, my dog, better that playing with myself while reading Teri’s stories, it was just the best cum ever. There was only one thing that would make it better, and that was starting right now. Ann’s pussy was gushing. Her pussy gush was going every where. I was sucking and licking and swallowing as fast as I could. I have swallowed gallons of doggy cum, and swallowed my first man cum yesterday, but nothing has tasted like this. I couldn’t get enough. I sucked long and hard until Ann shoved up off me, turned around, and lay in my arms. As she placed her lips close to my ear, she whispered “where have you been all my life?”

I was so scared when she first saw my face. I figured that she would tell the police, and I would spend the rest of my life in jail, but now, it didn’t worry me. I think she belongs to me. Teri has Laney, now I have Ann.


We lay in each others arms, and caressed each others breast and cunts. Our bottom halves were so wet from shooting all the cum, and her nipples were so hard. She was beginning to respond to my caresses again. I received the most wonderful kisses from her. Her probing tongue was finding everything in my mouth including my tonsils. Her fingers were going deep in my vagina. I started fingering her wet, moist, love nest, and before long, both of us had another orgasm. Now we were both fucked out.

As we got to our feet, we saw Brad. His ass cheeks were bleeding, he had stripes on his back as well as his legs. As I looked into Ann’s eyes, I was surprised at what I saw. It was not remorse, it was more anger. She took the cane and gave him a few more lashes. From high on the back, to low on his legs. “Take that daddy” was all she said. I thought, what a can of worms have I opened.


Ann turned back to me and encircled my body with her arms and began to give me little kisses. “I could use some more of those eggs.” I would have given her the world if she asked me for it.


She was naked, sitting on my naked lap, as I fed her scrambled eggs. She had her arm around my neck and as I fed her a bite of egg, she would eat the egg, and blow on my neck and in my ear. This girl knew how to play me if she wanted to. I don’t know if she is mine, or I am hers


As she finished her eggs, she gave me a soft kiss on the lips, picked up her plate and took it to the sink. As she was at the sink with her back to me, she opened the silverware drawer, and started looking thought it. I wonder what she was looking for, and my heart stopped beating as she turned around with an ice pick in her hand. Did she play me. Is this what she and Brad talked about last night? Am I about to get an ice pick in the heart? She slowly walked toward me with a sly look on her face with the ice pick held in front of her.

As Ann walked toward me with the ice pick in her hand I thought, this is it. I will have to pay for all the bad things that I forced her and Brad to do, and all the things I did to her. In that short time I thought that it still had been worth it. All the good loving I have received in the last day and one half, if I am going to die, then so be it. I can still taste her cum on my lips, and the sweet taste of her kisses. I leaned back in my chair, thrust my chest out, and waited for the plunge of the pick. As she came closer, she said “this will do nicely for what we have to do.” What the hell!! I am still alive, and that means that we still belong to each other. I let out a ‘Wa- Hoo’, jumped up and gave her a hug and kiss. She reciprocated, and led me back down to the basement.

When we got there, Brad was still moaning. There was a lot of blood seeping out of his welts. Ann still had the ice pick in her hands, and a smile on her face. As she looked around the room, it seemed she was seeing it for the first time. She say “HO, HO” when she sees the box of toys that are in the corner. She goes to the box and sees the assortment of vibrators, dildos, and butt plugs. These are the goodies that I had thought I would be using on my slaves, as I planned this abduction. She said “by the way, I don’t even know your name” “My name is Janey” “Janey, I think we are going to have a good time.”

She rummaged thru the box and came out with a dildo that was about 6 in long and not to fat. She said it would do for a start. She walked to Brad, leaned over and asked him if he ever had a dick up his ass. Brad didn’t say anything so Ann brought the cane down across his ass with great force and vengeance. Brad held his breath so as not to cry out, but finally said that he had never had a dick in his ass. Ann said that she would rectify that.

She found the KY-jelly and the latex gloves. She put on a glove and squirted jelly in her palm. She gently rubbed the jelly all over his ass crack.

He was starting to like it. The moans coming from his mouth now were of pleasure, rather than pain. She continued to massage his ass crack and started to insert her middle finger in his hole ever so often. It was apparent that he was liking it. Before long she had in 2 fingers and was pushing in with more force. He was shoving up with his ass to try to get in more finger. Ann stopped with her fingers, lubed up the dildo and slowly inserted it in his asshole. Brad gave a long groan, and lifted his ass in the air. He couldn’t lower his ass onto the bed, his cock was to hard. It would hurt for him to push his cock into the bed. Ann saw this and placed her other hand under him and started massaging his cock. She said he is about to cum. “Unshackle him Janey, so he can turn over.” He jumped to roll over on his back after I unshackled him, so Ann could get to his cock easier. “Tie him back down, love”.

I tied him back down. Ann was closing in to him, reached for his dick and slowly lowered her lips to touch its end, and slowly let it go down her throat until her tongue was lapping his balls. She had plenty of experience sucking cock from all the years of the abuse from her dad. Brad was pushing up and down with his hips as he was pushing the dildo, in his ass, deeper and trying to shove his cock deeper into Ann’s mouth. He was no longer being quite as his Mistress had told him, and was yelling at the top of his lungs. He was starting to cum. Ann was sucking for all she could. She swallowed his whole load,(this was a first for her) and raised her head, licking her lips, and said “daddy, I finally swallowed the stuff. Here is what I always wanted to do to you daddy.” As his dick was loosing his hard on and getting soft, she pinched the foreskin, pulled it up, and rammed the ice pick through both sides. Brad was thrashing against his bonds, and screaming. I thought of giving him a whack with the cane to get him to be quiet, but I thought that it wouldn’t hurt any worst that the ice pick thru the cock


Ann reached up to her ears and removed her ear ring studs, and placed each of them through Brads new holes in his dick. She looked at me with the widest grin I have seen on her. She asked me if I had any more studs. “Yes dear. I have plenty of them”. She led me over to the box of toys and looked thru them to see if I had a strap on. I did, she reached for it and said, “who gets to use it first?” “Please Ann, would you wear it first?”

She strapped it on very fast as I lay back on her bed. She came to me with about 9 inches of cock hanging from her strap. It was as big as Max, so I knew it would fill me to my cervix. She lay on top of me and went to my mouth with her lips. She gave the best kisses that I have ever had. She was using her tongue to make my head go from side to side. She was sucking on my mouth, squeezing my breast and pinching my nipples. She was so hot from all that foreplay with Brad, fucking his ass with a dildo, sucking his dick and getting a mouth full of cum (I could still taste it in her mouth), she was all over me. We were hugging, kissing, and rolling all over the bed. On one roll she ended on top of me, between my legs, and I felt 9 inches go in me with one lunge. Damn, it felt good. She was almost like Max. As soon as she knew she was in me, her ass was pounding me like a locomotive. In no time, I had to break from the kisses to catch my breath, and have another best ever cum. As she was banging me as fast as she could, her end of the strap on had nipons on it to rub against her clit. She was cumming to. I don’t know what Brad felt with all this screaming, but I bet his cock was still hurting.

After we lay in each other arms, to get our hearts to stop racing, about 15 minutes, She gave me another kiss, and said she had to minister to Brad. I didn’t know what she meant, but I wanted to know.


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