My Manager at A&W

How at 17 I fucked my manager who was in need of dick

This happened when I was 17. I wanted a job so that when the time came I could buy myself a car without my parents help. A&W, a fast food chain was hiring and I put in my application only to get a call back the next day to get hired.

On my first day I met the manager of the store Tamika. She was this gorgeous 25 year old black woman who was nice and thick with a rack you wouldn’t believe and a fat ass that looked like they could spill out of their jeans any moment. She was in charge of my training and I couldn’t have asked for someone better. When we went around the resturant I managed to bump into her a few times to gauged her interest and each time she looked at me and laughed while joking and pushing herself back onto me. The entire time we joked around and before I knew it, it was time to go home. The same thing happened for the next few days and I could feel there was some kind of chemistry between the two of us.

She got comfortable pressing herself against me, whenever we had to go into the cooler my hips were pressed against her fat ass and the excuse was that there wasn’t much room so she pressed herself against me to make some. She showed me the back where we threw out the trash and casually mentioned there were no cameras. It was great!
Any question I had she helped me with and it was always just another excuse to see her and get closer.

After a few weeks of this I was scheduled for my first night shift and I came into work as usual. It was very quite that night and a few other workers called in sick so Tamika came in to cover knowing she couldn’t leave me alone there all by myself. The night started off normal with us just chatting and me asking if she had a boyfriend.
Apperently he was some deadbeat that couldn’t keep his job or his dick up since he drank so much. She was sick and tired of him and was planning to leave him as soon as the month was over. Seeing as she looked frustrated I went over to give her a massage and tell her how great of a woman she was. She was like putty in my hands, leaning back against me I bent down and kissed her neck while my hands trailed down and lifted her massive tits. Those breasts were the heaviest I have ever held, my hands not able to hold all of it and my fingers sank when I squeezed them hard. Her moans and hums were enough to tell me she hasn’t gotten fucked in a while and the attention she got from me was enough to get her to melt like butter.

I had to pull away from her when I saw a customer come into the store and I walked to the back while she composed herself and took their order. I was so hard at that point and I could still feel the heat from her body radiate off me. I never put together an order as fast as I did and when we were alone again we were all over eachother. My hands wrapping around her body and playing with her ass while we made out. Her hands just exploring my back while she pushed her hips against mine feeling my cock and then squatting down and pulling out my dick. She knew how to suck cock, her tongue and lips worked together to suck out any cum I had I could stand up straight so I bent over the countertop and groaned. I then hear a customer ask if I was okay and I shot up in surpise, my boss under the counter sucking me off and now I had to take an order like nothing was happening. I managed to jot down what the customer wanted but then my knees bucked and I came hard into Tamikas mouth. I groaned a bit as the customer handed me the money and I got looks from the customer like I was crazy. I felt my dick back in my pants and from the side of my eye u saw a fat ass crawling away and I finished ringing up the customer.

After they left I locked the doors because I didn’t want any more distractions and in the back I already saw her, naked and playing with herself. I knelt down and pulled her hand away as I ate her out. She was not shy and her moaning could have been heard by people just outside the resturant. I got up and trusted my dick inside her and buried my head between her tits and I was in heaven. I pounded away into her like that was my only chance to have sex. Her insides were warm and tight and they massaged all the right places.
I was close and she wanted it inside so I shot my load into her and didn’t think anything about it again.

She hopped down from where she was sitting and bent down to get her cloths but her ass was just calling for more so I stuck my fingers back into her pussy and one in her ass hole and she screamed. She couldn’t hold back and her body was thrusting back onto my hand. I smacked her fat ass and it threw her over the edge and she came all over the restaurants floor.

That wasn’t the last of our fucking that night and for a few weeks I met up with her cheating ass and fucked her really good without her Ex finding out she was cheating on him. I got enough for my car and working there was great but I had to quit after my grades started to tumble.

We kept in touch for a while and were casual fuck buddies but when got a girlfriend we just resorted to chatting and then slowly stopped talking. I should reach out to her again, I think she got married so she might be down to ride my dick again.

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