Lesbian Sex with Afghan Beauty during my trip to India

My name is Emma, and I am a lecturer at one of the renowned universities at Chicago. One day, while I was taking my class, I got an email with an invitation to be a part of a training program for students in Mumbai, India. I always wanted to be a part of such training programs, so I immediately replied with my confirmation. The entire process of the visa and ticketing took nearly a month but finally, I made it to the training program accommodation on time. There, I came to know that I had to share my room with a Botany professor from Afghanistan, Dr. Shaina. As I entered the room, I looked around for her but she was nowhere. However, a pile of clothes on the bed and scent of jasmine in the room claimed her arrival. The jasmine scent was so relaxing that the moment I hit the bed to stretch myself a bit, I fell asleep. I didn’t knew this trip will bring me some the treasure of lesbian sex with Afghan Beauty.

After some time, I felt my body moving on the bed. I opened my eyes a little and saw a beautiful woman waking me up for breakfast. When I opened my eyes completely, I came to know that she was my roommate, Dr. Shaina.

I thanked her for bringing me breakfast. While eating my breakfast, I just adored her continuously. She was indeed a beautifully crafted sculpture of God. She measured 36-24-36, a perfect hourglass body with milky coloured skin. I felt she was perfect in every sense and wanted to feel her beautiful skin.


The training was scheduled to start from the next morning, so we had time to catch up. After my breakfast, she excused herself and went to take a bath. I was already horny after seeing her. When she entered the bathroom, I took out my electric vibrator and started rubbing it on my pussy with my panty on. The vibrator convulsed my pussy muscles and within 5 minutes, I orgasmed in my panty. After sometime, Shaina came out of the bathroom in a black towel wrapped around her milky body. She looked delicious with water drops still dripping between her cleavages. At that moment, I badly wanted to kiss and lick every inch of her skin. She thought I was asleep and started wiping her wet body with another towel. Meanwhile, I was watching her act with slightly opened eyes. I was getting excited seeing her and wanted to have lesbian sex with Afghan Beauty soon, if she likes me too.

Then she opened her towel knot to get completely naked. All of a sudden, my heartbeat started racing. I was going out of control. Her breasts were tight. I noticed she pressed her nipples and milk spurted out. I got confused but didn’t pay heed to it. She continued her cleaning process and wiped her ass hole and vagina with the towel and then got dressed in a traditional black sleeveless traditional dress that was transparent. I could easily see her yellow panty and bra from it. She then thought of taking some rest. The room had one big king-sized bed which we both had to share.

Then I got up and went to take a bath. I was frustrated by not finding Sania’s used clothes in the bathroom. I masturbated again by fingering my pussy with three fingers. After a long shower, I came back to the room. I saw Sania sitting with eyes closed. I didn’t disturb her but saw her big round ass working its magic on me. She dozed off after a few minutes of lying down on the bed. After confirming that she was completely asleep, I moved closer to her. I didn’t know where to start from, each and every part of her body amazed me. As I smelled her bare and beautiful arms, my boobs tried to bounce out of my tank top.

After smelling her arms, I began to give kisses on her arms and then finally reached for her armpits. I lifted her arms and kissed her armpits. Her jasmine perfume and erotic body-sweat made her pits delicious. Then I opened my lips and started licking her armpits by burying my face into them completely. She was liking it surely, but kept her eyes closed. After licking them for sometime, I concentrated on her beautiful face. I kissed her forehead and nose affectionately, then I kissed and bit her rosy cheeks. Finally, I kissed her juicy lips. I got the first taste of lesbian sex with afghan beauty now, but more was coming my way. Then, I slid my hand inside her dress and began to rub her pussy. She had hair down there in a triangular shape. I slowly removed my hand from her underwear and smelled her vagina. Her pussy smell was making me really horny. Suddenly, she showed signs of getting up, but I was so turned on that I forgot everything and took out my 8” strap-on dildo and wore it.

I removed the knot of her dress and slowly pulled down her dress along with her panty. Her thunderous thighs and pink pussy were in full view. I started licking her pussy by spreading her legs. Within seconds, She got up and was shocked at what she saw. She pulled me by my hair and said: “I am married!”I stopped licking her pussy and held her arms tightly and kissed her on the lips. Then, I pulled her hair and she opened her mouth. I immediately lip-locked with her and buried two of my fingers into her pussy and finger fucked her wildly.

Soon, she got aroused and kissed me back like a hungry lioness. I adjusted the dildo to her vagina and instantly pierced it in. When it entered her pussy entirely, She gasped for breath. Meanwhile, she pushed one of her fingers into my ass hole and started fingering my dirt hole. I started moving in and out of her pussy slowly. She lifted her hands in excitement, and I increased my speed. Slowly, I came down to lick her armpits. I licked her armpits fiercely and tasted her fresh few drops of sweat. She then lifted her back and asked me to fuck her faster. By burying my face in her armpits, I doubled my thumpings and soon we both orgasmed together. When her juices stormed out of her pussy, I quickly licked her juices without wasting a drop of it.

During our further conversation she told me she likes lesbian sex but due to strict rules in her country, she could hardly enjoy with her friends back in her country and we enjoyed to the peak during our trip. We tried different pose, even had lesbian sex in bathroom before we bid good bye. But I promised her, I wanted to meet her every 6 months to devour and enjoy lesbian sex with afghan beauty.