Let me take care of you, daddy

Mom wasn’t giving dad what he needed, so I had to do it. Someone had to.

When I was 14 I heard my parents arguing late at night, they were fighting about sex.

“I just want to make love to my wife, is that too much to ask.” Said Dad.

“I’m not in the mood.” Replied Mom.

“You’re never in the mood.” Said Dad.

“Don’t make such a big deal about it.” Said Mom.

“We haven’t had sex in months. Don’t you love me anymore?” asked Dad.

“Of course I do.” Replied Mom.

“Then what is it – is there someone else?” asked Dad.

“Don’t be fucking stupid.” Replied Mom.

“Then why won’t you make love to me?” asked Dad.

“I’m just not in the mood.” Replied Mom.

“You’re never in the fucking mood. I’m sleeping downstairs.” Said Dad, and he slammed the bedroom door as he went downstairs.

I thought that was really selfish of mom to treat dad like that, he works long hours really hard to provide for us, he’s such a nice person, and all he wanted was to make love to his wife, mom was being a right bitch, and it upset me.

I’m not a virgin so I know what sex is all about and I know how good it makes you feel and it can be calming and relieve stress, it was clear dad hadn’t had any in months and he was getting very stressed, it was perfectly natural for him to want a release, its biological, its normal, well if mom wasn’t going to give daddy what he needed, then I would.

I waited until I knew mom was sleeping, then I went downstairs, dad was asleep on the couch, wearing only his boxer shorts, with a small thin blanket covering him from the waist down, I kneeled on the floor and put my hand underneath the blanket, I rubbed his cock over her shorts for a while until I felt it growing, then I put my hands down his shorts and stroked it repeatedly.

When he was fully erect I put my head under the blanket and took it into my mouth and sucked on it, it was very enjoyable sucking on the thing that made me, it was like saying hello to an old friend.

Dad woke up and threw off the blanket, “What – What are you doing?!” he said in shock.

“Shush – its okay, mom’s sleeping. Let me take care of you.” I whispered.

“But what the fu…Oooah” he said, then he groaned with pleasure as I started to suck him again, he laid his head back down on the cushion, closed his eyes, and placed his hand gently on my head as I sucked him off.

A few minutes later, when his cock was rock hard, I stood up, he lifted his head and looked at me to see why I’d stopped, it was then I untied my silk robe and let it drop to the floor, I was naked underneath.

Dad’s eyes widened when he saw me naked, I kneeled by his head on the floor, took his hand and placed it on my breast, while he enjoyed squeezing them I kissed him passionately, shoving my tongue down his throat.

Then I stopped, I stood back up, threw my leg over him as I got on to the couch straddling him, I held his cock in my hand and lowered myself on to it, he gasped and groaned happily when he felt my tight pussy swallowing his cock and my warm juices flowed down his shaft, “Ooah – Go-d – Oooah.”

“I love you, dad.” I said, as I took his entire length and placed my hands on his stomach, then I started to rock my hips back and forth, and bounce up and down, working his cock inside me.

“Oooah – Ooah shit! – Ooah god! – Oooah” he groaned.

He rubbed his hands over my legs and held on to my hips as I rode him hard, then he felt his way up my body, spent a lot of time feeling my breasts, then I took his hand and sucked on his middle finger like it was a cock, “Fuck – you’re good. Ride my cock, baby-girl.” He said.

“Yes, daddy.” I replied, and rode him faster, “Is that good?” I asked.

“Oh yeah – Oooah.” He groaned.

“Do you want to come, daddy? – You want to come inside me?” I asked.

“Yes! – Oh god, yes!” He groaned.

“Then come in me, daddy. Release your stress.” I said, now riding so hard my ass was pounding on his balls.

I could feel his cock swelling, he was about to blow, “Do it. Come in my pussy, daddy.” I said.

“Yeah! – Oooah – I’m coming!” he groaned.

I had to ride him real hard at this point until eventually it happened, his cock swelled like a balloon inside me, pushing at my inner walls, and I felt him shoot his load in to me, I’m pretty sure I drained his balls dry.

I got off him a few minutes later, put on my robe, gave him a kiss, then went back upstairs and went to sleep.

The next morning was fun, dad kept smiling at me during breakfast, mom was asking why we both looked so happy, but we didn’t tell her, obviously, it was our secret.

Dad was a lot happier after that night, I think I did a good job and relieved all his stress.

For months after that, dad would come in to my room late at night, every 2-3 nights, and we’d have sex, dad had a lot of stress that needed relieving, I was more than happy to help, because I love my daddy.