Live and let serve – 8

Final chapter. Ed, Corey, Josh and everybody else wrap up their freshman year at Stanford.

“Seems to me like you have a choice to make, dude,” Josh said trying extra hard to keep his anger in check. “You can either be a fucking coward and pretend that nothing happened OR you can do the right thing and help me crucify that son of a bitch!” His tone was clearly dangerous which wasn’t lost on the boy sitting opposite him.

“Bro, I can’t do it, you know that!” Jeff said shifting uncomfortably in his chair, trying to make Josh see reason.

“No, I DON’T know, man!” Josh shot back raising his voice and getting a few annoyed looks by the people around. He went back to a hushed tone “And I’m pretty sure you’re having doubts yourself! Why else would you be telling me all that?”

“Cause I’m an idiot, that’s why! I shouldn’t have said nothing!” Jeff replied annoyed.

“No, man! It’s ’cause you’re a fucking human being and you know you can’t sleep with a clear conscience if you don’t do shit about it!” Josh’s words stung the black kid like a needle.

Jeff lowered his eyes and stayed silent for a few seconds. But then he shook his head stubbornly

“Nah, forget it, man! I ain’t doing it! I’m not throwing it all away for some stupid fag!”

Josh raised suddenly from his seat, got into Jeff’s face and hissed.

“Hey! That ‘fag’ is my friend, got it?” He was being quite vehement about it which surprised Jeff a little.

“Alright, whatever!” Jeff replied frustrated “But that doesn’t change anything, ok? My mind’s made up, bro!” he said holding Josh’s gaze. The two boys stared at each other in the silence of the library. Then Josh shook his head, giving the other as much attitude as he possibly could.

“What a pussy!” he said in a disgusted tone. Jeff clenched his jaw but didn’t reply “You better find yourself another tutor, pal, cause I’m done!”

“Oh, c’ mon, man! Don’t do that!” Jeff said almost in a panic “My ass is on the line here!” He tried to convince the other.

“Go fuck yourself!” was Josh’s answer as he stormed out of the hall.

“Oh, well! Then fuck you, man!” hissed Jeff to the other’s back.

The boy kept swearing under his breath as he gathered his books and left the library building a few minutes later. What had possessed him to go and blab to Josh about what he had heard? And to think he had only done it so that the stupid fag could protect himself or whatever. He was doing that loser a favor so why had Josh gone ballistic? He had always seemed like he was one of the cool guys, not a protector of the freaks. Jeff was trying really hard to rationalize what had just gone down and to convince himself that he was absolutely right to turn Josh down. Crucifying Mark Sweeney… yeah, right! That was absolutely, positively ridiculous. You don’t crucify people like him, you follow in their footsteps! That’s what you do! Then why was the overwhelming guilt eating him from the inside?


Kyle Bennet was a little confused. When he had bumped into his old classmate Ed at the airport a couple of weeks before, the simple idea of getting a little service from him had gotten him hard almost on the spot. And to be perfectly honest, that part had gone pretty smoothly. He had even discovered Ed had been saving his ass cherry (or so he had said) and the bespectacled blond nerd had gotten him hooked on anal in… what? 10 days? Fucking sweet by anyone’s standard. What Kyle had not expected was to find out Ed was almost constantly on his mind. For the super hot sex, of course. Sure… that was certainly part of the reason. But was that it? It was a bit weird, frankly. He was obviously a good fuck but he was the biggest whore on the planet and had been since he wasn’t even old enough to drive! He was not the kind of guy you can have feelings for, he was just… a whore… right? The boy scratched his messy sandy hair right before a familiar voice said:

“Hey, Kyle! I’m sorry I’m late!” Ed waved entering the coffee bar on campus. Kyle smiled at him.

“No problem!” he said.

“My friend Jen needed help with something…” Ed explained “…and then we started talking and… well… I kinda lost track of time. So sorry! I’m ready though!” he sat down.

“Hey, you keep mentioning these friends of yours but you haven’t introduced me to any of them, you know!” Kyle said in what sounded like a rather petulant, yet cute, tone. Ed raised his eyebrows.

“Oh! I’m sorry Kyle! I… Uhm… I just didn’t think you cared… you know… I thought you only wanted to… you know… use me… as a sex toy, I mean…” Ed apologized, dropping his voice to a whisper and realizing he might have been a bit rude to his old acquaintance.

“Well, no, I… you’re right, that is… Uhm… you’re right, I do… I mean I…” Kyle said awkwardly. Ed frowned, suddenly slightly amused.

“Well, we’re all going out tomorrow night and you’re more than welcome to join us!” he said gently “I’d be more than happy to introduce you guys!”

Kyle tried to play it cool.

“Whatever… maybe I’ll come…” he said then he cleared his throat “Now let’s go to my room, bitch, I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t be able to sit for a week!” he added, rather aggressively.

“Yes, Sir!”


Corey Hansson was annoyed. In the over seven months he had known his roommate, that was the very first time Ed wasn’t answering his texts or calls. It was a really hard time for the spoiled young heir and he needed someone there to take care of him. Chicks could be such a drag when things started to get serious. Of course, he realized he was partly to blame… maybe… a little… It had almost been two weeks since that damn party. All he had done was get a little drunk, make out with a girl and… get caught… by both Karen, his girlfriend (sort of) and Anna, his sex friend. He couldn’t remember much of what had happened but he was pretty sure it couldn’t have been particularly pleasant. So now he was alone, no one to fuck and Ed was not around. He snorted and tried calling him again. Nothing. It went straight to voicemail. “Damn it!” he said to himself “Where can that little fag be?” Then suddenly the phone rang.

“Hey man! What’s up?” Corey said.

“Cor, we need to talk!” replied Josh “You in your room?”

“Uhm… yeah…” Corey frowned slightly.

“Good, Jen and I are coming over!” Josh informed him rather briskly.

“What’s this about?” Corey asked but Josh had already hung up.


Ed was actually very happy that Kyle had decided to join them for dinner, after all. It had turned out to be quite the awesome night. It was just Josh, Jen and Corey and they all seemed to have liked Kyle right off the bat. There wasn’t much not to like, really. The boy was funny, witty, smart, nice. He was even cute which was a total bonus. He managed to find common interests with all of them, from bitching about obnoxious parents to talking super complicated hacker talk, to having an unsuspected thing for shopping.

“True story! I swear!” Kyle said laughing and making everybody else chuckle.

“Oh, sweetie! You crack me up, you know?” Jen said touching Kyle’s arm “How come all the best ones are gay, huh?” she asked to no one in particular.

“Excuse me! I think you got pretty damn lucky, thank you very much!” Josh complained, but he was smiling.

“Jealous much, babe?” Jen teased him.

“Yep!” and he suddenly threatened to tickle her.

“Don’t you dare!” she said “I swear Josh if you do that you’re not getting any tonight!” and everybody laughed, except Corey.

“Anyone else wanna barf?” he muttered bitterly.

“Oh! C’mon Corey, cheer up!” said Ed then turned to Kyle to explain “He got dumped by his girlfriend cause he cheated on her.”

“Hey, now! You’re not being fair to him, gorgeous!” Jen said in a mockingly sweet tone, then she started stroking Corey’s hair gently “He got dumped by his girlfriend AND by his whore cause he was cheating on both of them with someone else!” she said with an annoying little smirk.

“Ouch!” was Kyle’s comment.

“Bite me, Zalinski!” spit back Corey getting her hand off of him, irritably.

“Uuuhhh, aren’t we cranky!?” Jen mocked him.

“Damn, how did I get myself into this mess, anyway? What was I thinking?” Corey asked himself, running his hands through his hair.

“Pretty sure it wasn’t your head that was doing the thinking for you, buddy! Not as much as your dick, anyways!” Josh joked and everybody found that funny.

Even Corey snorted. Then he whined “I want a girlfriend!” he added a few fake sobs.

“Oh for god’s sakes! Grow a pair, Hansson!” Jen burst out “Why don’t you start by treating girls with respect and not like we’re just a hot piece of ass!”

“When have I ever?” Corey complained.

“Really? REALLY?” she became even more pissed “Do you really wanna know what your problem is?” she said increasingly venomous. Corey rolled his eyes and looked at Josh for help. The dark-haired boy raised his hands.

“Don’t look at me, bro! Nothing I can do now!” he said and the four boys got to listen quietly to a rather lengthy tirade on all the things Jen thought Corey should change about himself if he ever wanted to have the slightest chance of getting a girlfriend.

“…AND you should definitely…” she said but got cut off.

“Alright, alright! I get it, already!” Corey said finally exasperated.

“Wow, she really is something, isn’t she?” Kyle whispered to Ed who chuckled. Josh also turned around and mouthed to the new boy.

“You have no idea!” making sure his lovely girlfriend couldn’t see him.


Jeff stood in the dark corner of the pub. He was looking at five kids sitting at a table. He only knew two of them but they all seemed to be having a great time. He, on the other hand, felt like shit. It had been for a couple of days, since that awful confrontation he had had with Josh. After some serious souls searching, the ebony-skinned jock had come to realize that his former tutor had been right. His conscience had done a number on him and he realized how selfish he was being. But still, that didn’t change the fact that doing what he was about to do was just about as pleasant as sticking needles into his ballsack. He took a big breath and swallowed hard. Then he walked towards the table. The kids were laughing but they all stopped when they noticed him approach. His mouth suddenly felt dry.

“Jeff! Hi!” the cocksucker said, smiling though a little surprised. Josh, on the other hand, was giving him a very, very hard look indeed. So was the girl sitting next to him and a bleached-haired dude Jeff didn’t know.

“Uhm… hi…” Jeff distractedly answered the cocksucker, turning immediately to Josh “Look, man…” he started “I’m… I’m sorry about what I said… you know… the other day…” he noticed Josh’s eyes didn’t flinch “I… Uhm… I was wrong…” he said and lowered his gaze.

“Yeah… you were…” Josh said quietly.

“Yeah…” Jeff repeated “So anyways… I… Uhm…” he paused for a second before finally saying “I’m in… if you still want me to…”

“Of course I do!” Jeff was suddenly cut off by Josh’s voice. The black boy looked up and noticed that the anger in his eyes seemed to be gone “You’re doing the right thing, man!” Josh said with a serious and confident expression.

“Uhm… what is going on here?” the cocksucker asked, visibly confused. Everybody turned towards him but no one spoke for a few seconds.

“Jeff, why don’t you sit down?” Josh said then “Ed, there’s something we need to talk about.”


Kyle had never been so angry in his life. His fists were clenched so tightly his fingernails were starting to leave a mark on his palms. He was walking silently next to his former high school mate who wasn’t making a single sound.

“Can I just say something?” Kyle said trying to sound as calm as possible.

“I’d rather you didn’t…” Ed replied “I know what you’re gonna say… what everybody else said…” he sounded so utterly beaten and sad it was so out of character for him.

“That’s because they’re right, Ed! You can’t let that asshole get away with it!” Kyle almost exploded.

“Please don’t…” Ed begged “I’m so tired of…” he left it hanging.

“But I don’t understand! We’re just trying…”

“I know and I appreciate it but look I’m really tired and I really wanna get some sleep, so if you don’t mind…” Ed said rather coldly as he walked into his dorm.

“Wait, Ed! C’mon!” Kyle said.

“Thanks for walking me to my dorm, Kyle… you didn’t have to…” Ed added in a kinder tone, before closing the building door.


“Hey… you’re here…” Corey said as Ed opened the door to their room finding him pacing “I was worried…”

Ed force a smile.

“Sorry… I had to clear my head for a bit…”

“Yeah, no… I totally understand!” Corey hurried to say.

There was silence for a moment.

“Look, man, I know it’s none of my business but I really think you should listen to Josh…” the blond boy said. No reaction from his roommate. “I mean I’ve known him since like forever and he’s super fucking smart, you know that! If he says he can…”

“Corey…” Ed suddenly cut him off.

“Yeah, man…”

“Can I ask you a favor? Please…” Ed pleaded.

“Of course! Anything!”

“Can we please pretend none of that shit ever happened?” Ed said looking at the straight kid who frowned slightly “…just for tonight… please… let’s just go back to me being your fag bitch, your cocksucking slave… please… I need that… I need to stop thinking about… that… please… just for tonight…” he was clearly begging.

Corey looked at him for a few seconds before smiling, rather dumbly “You got it, buddy.”

Ed immediately felt slightly better, got down on all four, crawled over to his straight roommate and started kissing his bare feet.

“Thank you, Sir… mmmmmm…. thank you for letting me be your bitch, Sir… mmmmm…. you are so kind to me, Sir…” the gay boy said planting kiss after kiss on those smelly feet.

“Yeah, I am, aren’t I?” Corey replied, his cocky tone never seemed to be missing “Could you be more of a faggot right now?” He asked, rhetorically, smirking.

“I could try, Sir!” Ed replied, “Would you grant me the honor of licking your perfect feet clean for you, Sir?” He asked in the most subservient way possible, still kissing and slobbering on that nasty skin.

Corey thought about for a second.

“Maybe later. Get up here, faggot!” He ordered.

“Yes, sir!” Replied Ed and got up on his knees, facing his roommate’s crotch almost instantly. He waited silently as Corey undid his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and lowered his Tommy Hilfiger boxers.

“Open,” Corey ordered and Ed obliged without questioning. The huge, limp, uncut dick entered his mouth for about half its length. Ed hadn’t been ordered to suck it so he stood there, still, like a good dog that has been thoroughly trained, enjoying the savage taste Corey’s junk never failed to provide. “Imma give you a pint of your faaaaaaavourite fag drink, hehe!” Corey said and although Ed tried to say ‘thank you’, his reply sounded completely unintelligible. Corey knew what he had meant, though and right before relaxing his bladder, he snickered and said:

“Cheers, queer! Hehehe!”


Corey had been peacefully snoring for maybe half an hour and yet Ed was still licking the soles of his feet adoringly. It had turned out to be quite the awesome night. The straight boy had pissed down his throat, let Ed service him while enjoying his porn, fucked his face savagely right before cumming and let him lick his balls while he was getting high and drinking beer, chuckling and giggling pretty stupidly all the while. He had even let him taste his asshole, which was an extra special titbit for Ed. And as a final treat, when he was ready to hit the sack he had told him to lick his feet till he fell asleep. Everything had felt so good and Ed didn’t want it to end so he kept lapping those feet like his life depended on it. It was only temporary, of course. He knew he was gonna have to deal with his problems in the morning. Namely Mark Sweeney. Apparently, the quarterback was gonna beat him up again soon. The mere thought of it terrified him. The boy knew all too well that people like Sweeney were untouchable, which meant there was not a thing he could do to avoid being fag bashed. There was no way he would let his friends get involved with this whole mess. They had offered, repeatedly, insistently and vehemently but… No. He looked up at the face of his straight roommate. He slept so beautifully and without a care in the world. The thought of ruining that for him made him sick to his stomach. And Josh and Jen… it was unbelievable how much they cared for him. Him! FagEd, the disgusting bitch that no one wanted to hang out with in high school. Even Jeff now! That was crazy! The dude had never even had a conversation with him, now all of a sudden he… what? Wanted to protect him? The boy couldn’t understand why. And then there was Kyle. That was another riddle.
Ed was so confused. His tongue was tired but he didn’t want to stop. Licking those feet felt good. They didn’t even taste nasty anymore. They didn’t taste like anything at all. But it felt good. It actually felt safe. If only he could have kept doing it forever.


Corey woke up hungry and with a nice morning wood that was poking through the front of his boxers. He yawned and stretched but his foot touched something. He looked down. Ed was still on his knees at the bottom of his bed, sleeping with his head between his feet. Corey yawned again and scratched his crotch. His roommate had apparently collapsed after god knows how long. He was probably exhausted from a night that couldn’t have possibly been comfortable nor recharging. Yet Corey was actually very proud of himself for having helped his roommate the previous night. It had been a way of repaying him of everything he had done for him, what with the tutoring and basically being at his beck and call, 24/7. He placed his right foot in the fag’s cheek and started slapping it lightly.

“Wake up, fag!” he said in his deep morning voice.

Ed opened his eyes suddenly and looked up. Corey didn’t move his foot, he simply looked down at him.

“Morning, Sir…” he said and immediately started to kiss Corey’s other foot, the one that was lying right in front of his mouth.

“You spent the whole night licking my feet and you still didn’t have enough?” Corey asked, amused.

“Never, Sir… mmmmmmm…” Ed replied “Thank you for last night, Sir…” he said then.

“Sure” replied Corey distracted, then he took off his boxers, taking his feet away from the fag’s face for a moment. Ed marveled at his straight friend’s manhood “Get me off, I need to dump a load somewhere”.

“Yes Sir!” said Ed and immediately dove between his thighs, sticking that hard uncut cock down his throat, tasting once again his personal piece of fag heaven.


“So you wanna… help me?” Josh wasn’t entirely convinced of the boy standing in front of him.

“Yeah, man” answered Kyle “I’m so angry I need to make that motherfucker pay for what he did to him!” He said vehemently.

“Oook…” Josh said still not convinced “Look no offense man but I don’t know you, I literally met you last week…” he said “I mean why do you wanna help him so bad? And don’t give me that ‘cause we were buds in high school’ bullshit cause I know you weren’t.” The handsome brunette said dropping all pretenses to the bespectacled boy.

Kyle held his gaze for a few seconds without replying. Then he admitted “You’re right, we weren’t… he was the guy who would suck my dick on command… he would suck anyone’s dick, really… but you already know that, don’t you?” He finished looking straight into Josh’s eyes. No reply from him. “No one wanted to be his friend, he was a freak… the talk of the school, everybody laughed at him, called him all kinds of nasty names…” he paused and looked down, somewhat ashamed “…and I hate to say that I was no exception… I mean I never did it to his face but…”

“Then why are you here?” Josh’s tone was dangerous again.

“Well… because since when I bumped into him at the airport I started thinking about those days… and I realized I was kind of a dick to him…” Kyle confessed “…You see I simply couldn’t admit to myself that I was liking his blowjobs way more than the rest of the school… I couldn’t be gay, not me, the perfect son! Can you imagine the shame I was gonna bring to my stuck up family?” He was clearly venting in a bitter, resentful way and Josh didn’t stop him “So you know what I did? I stopped getting my dick sucked just to prove myself that I didn’t need a faggot to blow me, I was gonna find a chick to do that for me!” He sounded a little embarrassed “…and I didn’t just stop visiting him in the toilets, I started to ignore him completely at school… not that we had ever had a real conversation before but now I avoided him like the plague!” He scratched his head “Anyway, I don’t wanna bore you with my life story, let’s just say that now that he’s back into my life and I am finally able to be honest with myself… well… I kinda feel sorry for him.” He admitted “And then when I found out about that son of a bitch…” he added way more aggressively.

Josh had stayed silent the whole time.

“Alright, I get it.” He finally cut him off. Kyle looked slightly surprised.

“You do?” He said.

“Yeah, Corey and I were both huge dicks to him one time so… I get it…” Josh said.

“Really? What’d you do to him?” The sandy-haired New Yorker asked, sincerely curious.

It was Josh’s time to scratch his head in embarrassment.

“Well, we kinda… face raped him… and filmed the whole thing…” he didn’t even know why he was confessing that to someone he had just met. It somehow felt right “…Cor even pissed all over him while I stood there cackling like an idiot… to our defense, we were completely wasted…” he added to justify himself.

“Yeah man, I don’t wanna burst your bubble or anything but I doubt he was even phased by that.” Kyle said in all honesty “I mean he used to get that like ten times a day in high school and way worse!”

“Yeah, I know, but I don’t care. That was just wrong!” Josh asserted almost daring the other to respond “Anyways, my point is, he completely forgave us… he’s one hell of a guy…” he paused “ he’s one hell of a friend…” he added.

Kyle smiled. “Yeah, well, I don’t know him that well but I plan on changing that.”

The two smiled at each other. Then Josh said:

“Did you really just stop using his mouth… just like that? How did you do that?” He asked amused.

“Hardest thing I ever did!” Kyle replied bitterly and they both chuckled “That guy’s the best cocksucker in the fucking country!”

“I know, right? It’s like he was born to suck dick!” Josh said, all in all quite happy to be able to share those thoughts with another intelligent human being.

“Yeah, but trust me, I’m making up for the time I lost!” Kyle smirked.

“Hehehe! Good for you, man!” They both laughed again, then they fell silent.

“So we’re really doing this…” Kyle said.

“Yeah…” Josh replied

“He wouldn’t want us to…” Kyle objected feebly.

“That’s because he’s scared we might get hurt in the process. The guy’s not exactly good at asking for help.” Josh said.

“Ok…” Kyle simply said “Next question: How do we do it?”

Josh smiled “well… I have the beginning of an idea… why don’t we go get something to eat and you can help me figure out the rest.”


Mark Sweeney’s day could not have gone any better.

He had had an awesome practice, gotten spotted by one badass scout and was probably on his way to become the NFL star he clearly deserved to become. But the cherry on top of all that stuff was that he was about to fuck the hottest cunt he had ever laid eyes on. Fucking sweet deal, really. This chick was like 26 and married to this stupid old faggot who wasn’t even touching her and she felt frustrated and completely unsatisfied. So she had found this super hot young college stud on Tinder and he was super happy to fuck her brains out. That was him of course. Mark Sweeney. All in all, Mark was feeling pretty damn good about himself, even more than usual. Not that all of the above hadn’t happened to him before. The hot athlete was quite used to being the object of people’s attention. Especially girls, of course, and pretty much all of them. After all, who didn’t want to sleep with Mark Sweeney? He was the man. Hot, sexy, rich, successful and hands down the coolest guy on the entire planet. Everybody knew that, including, or better yet especially, himself. He took his time to shower. It was good to feel the water caressing all his awesome looking muscles. Besides he wasn’t in a hurry. He couldn’t stop imagining all the nasty things he was gonna do to that cock-starved bitch and his dick just wouldn’t go limp. He dried himself, got dressed and looked at his own reflection. He liked doing that. A very handsome, blond-haired, blue-eyed jock was smirking back at him. He looked like a million bucks.

“Uhm… Mark… can I come in?” a deep voice asked politely.

“Sure!” Mark said distractedly while checking his phone. One of the freshmen came into the room, a black kid named Jeff Murphy who practically worshipped the ground he walked on. And rightly so.

“What’s up, Murphy?” the quarterback said.

“Hey, look, can I use your laptop? Mine’s dead and I need to finish that paper for Clarke…” the black kid said miserably.

“Haha! No problemo! Just wipe the cum off the fucking keyboard when you’re done jerking off, loser! Hahahaha!” Mark said witty as always, laughing at his own joke. The black kid predictably laughed too, how could he not?

“Sure thing, boss!” Jeff said, “Is it ok if I give it back to you in the morning?”

“Whatever, I’m busy tonight, anyways!” Mark told him, shaking his hips like he was fucking a nice, wet whole.

“Man, you rock!” Jeff said, adoringly.

“Yeah, tell me something I don’t know, freshman, hehe!” he said grabbing his keys and wallet and exiting the room “Close the door when you’re done!” he added.

“Yes, boss!” was the answer that came. It was so good to be Mark Sweeney.


When the door opened, Mark’s smile couldn’t help but get way bigger. The girl was off the charts hot. Nice tits, nice ass, nice legs and a slutty face that screamed ‘RAPE ME!’

“Hey, babe! You’re even hotter than I thought you’d be! Sweet!” Mark used his charms masterfully. The girl smiled, bashfully.

“Thanks…” she whispered “I was gonna say the same thing about you…” she said flirtatiously.

“Well, lucky you, huh? Haha!” he joked “So, do you want me to come in or what?” he said rather impatiently, getting real close to her face.

“Yes, of course, come in!!” she invited him.

They walked into the living room which was small and looked rather empty. There were only a couch and a little coffee table. He wasted no time and grabbed her ass. She turned around nervously and smiled an awkward smile.

“Is it ok if we have a drink first? I’m a little jittery… please?” she asked, cute as can be.

“Hehe! Sure thing, babe! Anything you want, I’m in no hurry!” he said and threw himself on the couch.

“Alright, I’ll be right back.” she smiled at him “Is beer ok?” she asked walking towards the kitchen.

“Totally!” he replied distractedly, staring at her tight ass. Oh yeah. It was gonna be a hell of a night.


The pain in his head was searing. The stench was acrid and incredibly pungent. The taste in his mouth was revolting. He felt nauseous. As he was coming to his senses, slowly and agonizingly, he realized his body hurt in several places. It was all so hazy and he felt sore all over. His back hurt in particular. And his ass. Yeah, that hurt a lot. And his balls. Why did his balls hurt so much? Also, his throat was sore as hell. What the fuck was going on? He couldn’t open his eyes, not yet. He wasn’t there yet. It was like coming out of a dream. Not a good one though. His head hurt so fucking much it was unbelievable. He couldn’t even think straight, the pain was so strong. He felt wet. He actually felt like his whole body was lying on a cold, wet surface. The position he was in was extremely uncomfortable. His neck was stiff as fuck. And then the light was attacking his eyelids. Yeah. Mark Sweeney was not feeling good. Not one bit.

He forced himself to finally open his eyes. The light was pretty strong and he had to blink several times before his pupils started to adjust. There was a window in front of him and he realized that the cold, wet surface he was lying on was actually the bottom of a bathtub. He tried to move and managed to sit up. He brought his dripping wet hands to his face, to cover the light. Man, the smell was unbearable. He looked at his hands. Then he looked at the bottom of the tub. The wet sensation he was feeling… it was piss. He was lying in a two-inch-deep pool of fucking piss. He jumped up in utter disgust which he probably shouldn’t have done because his fit body was not as ready as usual and he slipped and fell on the hard floor, hurting his shoulder.

“Fuuuuck!” he shouted but his voice was strangely hoarse. He tried to get up but needed to do that very slowly, attempting to steady himself. When he was finally up, he did something we would all have done. He looked at his reflection. This time, though, he did not enjoy the view. What he was seeing was obviously impossible. It was an abysmal spectacle that simply could not have been real. The young man that was staring back at him in pure horror was not blond anymore. His golden hair had been shaved on the sides and he now sported a bright fuchsia mohawk in the middle of his head. His eyebrows had been dyed the same awful color and the word ‘FAGGOT’ was written across his forehead in all caps. His lips, his cheeks, even his forehead was covered in transparent slime that, judging by the smell, could not have been anything else but cum. His handsome face was covered in fucking cum! But it wasn’t just his face. He realized that his whole body, that was dripping with piss, was also covered in the same disgusting muck. There were other words written all over his torso. ‘COCKSUCKER’, ‘SISSY’, ‘CUNT’, ‘QUEER’, ‘PUSSY’, ‘DICKLICKER’. And, lowering his gaze, Mark realized that someone had made sure that his pubes would match the color of his hair. But the most absurd thing was that his dick was hard as never before. What the fuck was wrong with him?!

Mark screamed in horror and frustration and just stood there staring at that nightmare, sobbing. He turned around and looked at his back since it seemed to give him pain. And the horror continued. Not only were there similar insults scribbled in big black ink but the skin on his back and particularly his ass was red and swollen. Right over his ass crack, the words ‘COCK GOES HERE’ were towering over what looked like a scoreboard that spread on both his ass cheeks and was clearly there to count something unspeakable. The sight of cum dripping out of his asshole was too much. He doubled over and threw up.


It had taken him well over an hour to pluck up the courage to finally leave that house. He had tried to wait for that absurd, painful erection to go away but no such luck. That thing was there to stay. He had tried to shower but there was no running water. He had actually realized that the house seemed empty of pretty much everything. In fact, the only furniture in the entire place consisted of that couch and coffee table in the living room. The rest of the house was bare. He couldn’t even find a stupid towel or anything he could wear to cover himself with. Yeah, because his clothes, his wallet, his phone, even his car… everything was gone. He was all alone in a strange house, at least three miles from campus, reeking of someone’s piss and cum and there wasn’t even a fucking towel to dry himself with. He was gonna kill the motherfuckers who had done that to him. He was gonna kill each and every one of them and he was gonna enjoy it as he had never enjoyed anything. No fucking question about it! But who the hell were they? He could not remember a single thing about what had happened to him. The very last thing he remembered was that fucking cunt that had clearly drugged him. She was gonna pay too. Becky, that was her name, right? Or maybe Patty… and what the hell was her last name? He realized he had no idea whatsoever. But he was gonna track her down, for sure. He was gonna make one of those fucking nerds do it for him. Yeah, that’s exactly what he was gonna do.

Not now, though. He had more urgent business at the moment. The only way he could get help was to go back to campus which meant walk all the way there. In that pitiful state. In the middle of the day, when everyone could see him. The mere thought of it was petrifying. Being seen like that was social fucking suicide, of course. But he WAS Mark Sweeney. Rules didn’t apply to him! Everyone worshipped him so it was pretty much a given that he would recover from that! Yeah, no question about it. Right? His mind was working tirelessly to find a silver lining in all that shit. He swallowed hard. Then, with fear, anguish, and dread he covered his crotch with his hands to hide his abnormally stiff dick and opened the entrance door.


There were so many people watching and taking photos and videos. It looked like the whole campus was there. Every student, every faculty member and the dean of course. All those people there to witness the arrest. Two cops were taking away the Stanford Cardinals star player, Mark Sweeney and that was as big a scoop as ever. Everybody knew him, after all. He was everyone’s idol. And yet everybody was there to witness his fall, even the local news. It was just a Wednesday morning that had started like any other before, and then all of a sudden, something completely absurd had happened. Mark Sweeney had shown up on campus naked, with a pink mohawk and nasty fag names written all over his body. And what was more, was that he seemed to like the attention very damn much. He had a boner that people were gonna talk about for years to come. From hero to zero… from football stud to pervert… just like that. And now this! He was being arrested. The whole campus was completely absorbed and transfixed by that particular, juicy piece of information. Mark Sweeney was being arrested for… what exactly? Being a pervert? Could you even be charged for something like that? Or maybe it was because of the rapes? Was he finally gonna get it for all the girls he had forced himself onto? Was he finally gonna get it for how much of a jerk he had been all his life? The expression on the young man’s face was something people were not accustomed to. He was crying like a baby. Weeping and sobbing uncontrollably as the cops were forcing him into the car. It was surreal. Absolutely surreal.

A little distant from the crowd, on the other side the road, five students were watching the scene. They didn’t have phones in their hands and they didn’t share everybody else’s expression of stupor. The did, however, share the same exhausted look, like they hadn’t slept all night even though there was some sort of overdue satisfaction painted on their young faces. They stayed silent for a while until the police car passed them by and they could get a glimpse of Sweeney’s utter, inconsolable despair.

“Good riddance…” muttered Jen when the car was no longer visible and the crowds were starting to disperse. The other four silently agreed. Then, with a much lighter tone, she added “Breakfast, anyone?”


None of them had even tried to give him any kind of explanation. The answer he had gotten had been the exact same one “I don’t know what you’re talking about but if you ask me he got just what he deserved!” Jen, Josh, Corey, even Jeff had replied with that same infuriating nonchalant that told Ed that they actually did know a whole lot about that whole incident. In all fairness, Kyle had actually tried to do the same but the look on Ed’s face had clearly worked better than it had on his other friends.

“Tell me what you did… all of it please…”
” Ed said serious as death.

“I don’t think you need to know al…” Kyle tried to reply but got cut off.

“Yes… I do… I really do Kyle… please…” Ed insisted.

They were in Kyle’s room, it was mid-afternoon, quite the usual time for them to see each other. But they weren’t having brutal sex this time. They were both sitting on the boy’s bed, next to each other.

“Fine…” Kyle gave in “We made him pay for what he did to you…” he confessed “…and not just to you… they say that son of a bitch raped tons of girls too…” he continued more vehemently. Ed didn’t reply, he kept looking at him. “Anyways…” Kyle resumed “…Josh and I, we sort of … we came up with a plan and, you know, we all did our part… well… all except Corey, he didn’t do much of anything, to be honest… that guy’s kinda useless if you ask m…”

“Kyle…” Ed said rather impatiently.

“Ok, ok!” the bespectacled boy said scratching his head “It all started with Amanda, Jen’s cousin…” he said and Ed frowned.


“You see, Jeff had heard that fucking douche brag about hooking up with random chicks on Tinder…” Kyle began “…he even bragged about his nickname cause he thought it was clever…” he snorted “Anyways, Jen has this super hot cousin that was very happy to help once she explained the situation…” he paused slightly then continued “So basically she hit him up and made him believe that she was starved for sex. And boy did he fall for it!” Ed was listening, still without saying a word “When he got to the house we rented for that night, she gave him… well, something…” he hesitated.

“Something what?” Ed pressed “You mean she drugged him?” he asked incredulously.

“Yeah… it was actually a cocktail of some roofie and a pretty massive dose of viagra…”

“What?!” Ed’s jaw dropped.

“Yeah, look, it’s probably better if you let me get to the end before you start freaking out…” Kyle said a little patronizingly and Ed’s eyebrows raised.


Kyle cleared his throat nervously.

“So, anyway…” he resumed “…when he was out the real party began…” he said in a flat tone “I… Uhm… I kinda… went on Craigslist and gathered as many guys as I could… very horny, very shady… very gay guys… and I told them what that motherfucker had done to you…” he paused.

“You did not…” Ed interjected in pure incredulity.

“Yeah… and they raped him, Ed… brutally… mercilessly… ass, mouth, they used his body as much as they wanted… they kicked his balls like…” the boy shivered as he was saying those words “That was so fucking hard to watch…” he commented then went on “…they even kept score of how many times they came inside of him…” he said with the right amount of rage “I gave them permanent markers so they would write on his perfect athlete’s body all the nasty shit he would call people like us…” he continued “Then, when they were done, we threw him in the tub and we all pissed on him… and yes Ed, I did that too!”

There was silence in the room for a few seconds. Ed looked like he had seen a ghost.

“But… but…” the black-haired boy was speechless, which was kind of a first “how… how… he… I mean…”

“Did I break you?” Kyle said kinda cheekily and Ed regained his wits.

“Very funny…” Ed said coldly “Why was he arrested?”

“Well, I kinda only told you my part…” Kyle confessed “…you see Jeff borrowed the douche’s computer and Josh kinda filled it with… compromising stuff…” he said vaguely.

“Oh man, what do you mean compromising stuff?” Ed pressed on, in exasperation but Kyle raised a hand:

“Trust me, you don’t wanna know the details!” he said “Suffice it to say that it was a bunch of really and I mean REALLY nasty, perverted shit that’s not exactly legal.” he said with a final tone “ And then of course the police was tipped off anonymously and when they got there, in addition to the computer they also found a whole bunch of drugs in his room, as well as copies of all the finals he was supposed to be taking in a couple of weeks…” the boy said “Hey, don’t look at me, I don’t know how he got those!” he added hastily, like that was the only problem with that whole story.

Ed was silent again which was quite disconcerting. He kept looking at Kyle ashenly.

“Ok dude, I’m done, you can freak out now…” Kyle said in a rather meek tone that was quite out of character.

“I don’t know what to say, Kyle…” Ed said, “I literally have no words for what you did…”

Kyle rolled his eyes.

“Look, that guy got exactly what he deserved. You know that’s true!”

“If I hear that line one more time…” Ed said frustrated.

“Well, tough shit!” Kyle blurted out angrily “We didn’t do to him anything he hasn’t done to others a bunch of times!” he had gotten to his feet and was positively mad.

“I don’t care about him, stupid!” Ed shouted even louder getting up too “Don’t you get it? You all put yourselves in danger! Any part of your stupid ‘PLAN’ could have gone horribly wrong!” he said, tears welling up in his eyes.

“Yes, and we did it for you, dumbass!” Kyle poked Ed in the chest “So you should probably be a little more grateful, don’t you think?” he snapped. Ed was positively stung by those words and didn’t reply immediately. He felt so many things inside his chest, he thought he was about to explode.

“I… I am… Kyle… you have no idea how grateful I am…” he said finally but there was no anger in his voice. His voice was shaky as he was close to tears “I… I just…” but he couldn’t finish.

Kyle closed his eyes for a second.

“Look, I get it!” he said now grabbing the other boy’s shoulders “You were worried about us and that’s all well and good but do you really think Josh and I could not come up with anything short of perfection?” he said with blatant arrogance. Ed lifted his face and looked at the boy who carried on “We made sure that nobody could trace us back.”

“What about the house you r….”

“Paid cash and gave the guy a false name…” Kyle anticipated.

“And what about the guys you contacted on Craigslist… and… and all the stuff you put on Mark’s computer? How do you know they’re not gonna…” Ed insisted but was cut off again.

“Oh please! That was child’s play, Ed! Even you could have pulled off that much hacking!”

He was right, even though Ed felt like he had run out of ‘what ifs’. They remained silent.

“Why did you do it?” Ed finally asked.

“You’re not seriously asking me that, are you?” Kyle said throwing himself on the bed, a little childishly. Ed’s look was too determined to ignore. He rolled his eyes again “Because we care about you, stupid!”

And that, right there, was exactly what Ed needed to hear. Once again he got reminded that he had people who cared for him. Was life actually that good? Could it be? He swallowed back the tears and sat on the bed again, next to Kyle’s feel. No one spoke. Ed had a whirlwind of sensations that confused him. And although he tried, he couldn’t deny that he felt good about Mark. It was selfish and wrong. But it did feel good. He swallowed again then took a deep breath. He didn’t know what to say, he almost felt drunk. Then all of a sudden he frowned.

“Hey what about the pink hair?”

Kyle sneered.

“Well, that was Jen’s idea. She was in the house when he lost it and decided it would be funny if the guy had pink hair. But then she decided to do his eyebrows too… I wasn’t too sure about the pubes but she went ahead and did it. She would have done his armpits too but the guys were getting impatient so…”

Ed couldn’t contain himself. For some reason, he found that hilarious and burst out laughing.


Three days after the arrest, Mark Sweeney was officially expelled from Stanford University. Not even his father’s influence had been enough to save him from that. The main reason had been the stolen finals, of course. The drugs and the kiddy porn, well, the police were more concerned with that stuff. And also the rapes. Given the new status of formerly untouchable Mark, twelve girls had come forward and spoken about how the star player had forced himself on them. Whether he would be sentenced to prison or not, people would have found out over the next few months but the life the young man had led up till that day was probably over for good, given the media coverage on the matter.

Life on campus went back to normal fairly quickly though and in no time finals came and went. When the results came out no one was as shocked as Corey to find out that he hadn’t done too bad. He had managed to pass most of the subjects which had made his cold-hearted father finally cave in on the money issue.

“Yeah, thanks, dad… bye!” an elated Corey said on the phone.

“Yes!!! I got my allowance back!!!” he shouted the second he hung up to the three other boys in the room. Ed and Josh who were smiling, couldn’t help high-fiving each other “Oh man, I can’t believe how fucking good this feels!” the blond boy continued.

“I can’t believe how much of a spoiled brat you can be!” Josh commented and Kyle snickered.

“Yeah, I’m with Josh there, sorry man…” he commented.

“Well, what if I am?!” Corey whined “Yes, I am rich and yes, I am spoiled…” he admitted “..and I’ll bow to that!” he added smirking. The others chuckled “Hey, we need to celebrate!” Corey continued “What if we all go to Miami over the summer?”

“M… Miami?” Ed asked.

“Yep, the brat’s got a huge beach house there…” explained Josh “…and by the way, it’s the least you can do!” he added looking at Corey.

“Yeah, whatever…” Corey replied a little annoyed “I’ll even let you bring Miss you-know-what-your-problem-is? I won’t hold it against you!” he said to Josh “What do you guys say?”

“I’m in!” answered Josh, smiling “And I doubt Jen’s gonna say ‘no’ to Miami” then he added smirking “Especially if she gets to lecture you in ‘what your problem is’!”

“Great!” said Corey flatly “Ed? You can come too New Guy, you know…” he added, talking to Kyle then “But I’m warning you: I want my dick sucked at least three times a day while this little bitch is there!” he pointed at Ed and flashed him his cheeky smile.

Ed smiled and looked at his old high school mate to see his reaction.

Kyle snickered again. “Hey, he’s not my boyfriend or anything…” he shrugged “…but I got dibs on his ass!” he told Corey.

“Deal!” Corey said and shook hands with Kyle.

“Nice to see they asked for your opinion, Ed!” Josh commented while flipping on his phone.

“Hehe! It’s fine, I like it better this way!” Ed chuckled.

“Great!” said Corey “So when do we leave?”

The boys started planning their vacation while Ed watched them. His thoughts were elsewhere though. He was still amazed at how these people had changed his life in a way that he could have never foreseen. A life that wasn’t exceptional by any means but this year he had had the chance to experience what friendship meant. It was lame of course and probably most people would have not understood the way he felt simply because something as common and taken for granted as that could not feel ‘new’ at 19. Yet, new it was for Ed. It was uncharted territory but, little by little, Ed was getting way better at understanding it.

“Guys!” he said suddenly and the other boys looked at him. He swallowed then continued before losing the guts “Look, there’s something I need to say.” no one spoke “We haven’t talked about it and we are not going to in the future.” he began “But for what it’s worth, I want you to know that I do not approve of what you did.”

“Dude!” Kyle started exasperated but Ed cut him off.

“No! Let me finish, please!” his tone was so polite that it was impossible not to grant his wish.

“You committed a felony. You were off the charts irresponsible and pretty stupid if you ask me…” he stated, “You risked big and you did something awful to Mark…”

There was silence in the room. Corey was looking at his feet and biting one his nails, nervously. Josh was looking intently at Ed without speaking. Kyle, on the other hand, was just about ready to reply to that bunch of nonsense but Ed didn’t give him the chance.

“That being said…” he resumed speaking “…thank you…” he said trying hard not to cry “Thank you for every single thing you’ve done. You have no idea how grateful I am…” the boy continued wearing his heart on his sleeve “No one has ever done anything like that for me…” then he corrected himself “Well, no one has ever done anything for me period…” he admitted “…and… you…” he wanted to go on but he was lost for words.

The three boys looked at him. There was a weird expression on their face, probably a mixture of guilt and shame. But they were somehow smiling. It was Josh who broke the silence by simply saying:

“Sure! Anytime buddy!”

And everything felt great again.


Ed had been right about the fact that the incident was never brought up again. Mark Sweeney didn’t end up serving any time but his dad’s fortune had gotten a little thinner after paying off anyone who would say bad things about his precious heir. No one ever found out about ‘the plan’. It was crazy but true. Of course, the former football stud had pointed out that ‘that stupid black kid’ had borrowed his laptop just the night before the incident but all those incriminating files had clearly been on that computer for months and months, Josh had made sure of that. And all the stuff Mark had said about the fact that he had been drugged and raped… well, there was no real proof. The second the alleged victim had gotten back to his frat house he had not only showered so thoroughly that any genetic material on his body was lost but he had shaved his entire head and pubes to hide the fact that they had been dyed. Sure, there were the nasty writings on his body but the police didn’t really believe him. They never found any trace of the alleged drug in his urine if not a strong dose of Viagra and none of the people involved in his downfall were ever found. The girl seemed to have vanished into thin air and the name of the person who had rented that house had turned out to be none other than Mark Sweeney himself which had led the police to believe that the whole thing had been just a sexual game gotten a little too far and now that the popular jock had been labeled as a perv, he wanted to cover it all up by screaming RAPE!

They never saw him again nor heard about him. Not over the following years, not after college when, as it happens, they all went their separate ways. Some of the gang stayed friends though, which is not always a given. Josh and Jen ended up getting married and Corey and Ed were both best men at the wedding but after having a couple of kids they split up and found new partners which still makes Thanksgiving and Christmas pretty awkward indeed. Jeff became an NBA star and made millions. He retired at 38 and is now a well-acclaimed sports commentator. Kyle dated Ed for a while but decided to break it off before graduation. He pursued a political career and, to his mother’s horror, is now a very gay senator for the Democratic Party. Corey and his younger brother Chris inherited the family company and the enormous load of responsibilities that came with it when their father suddenly died in a tragic plane crash which forced them both to grow up very quickly and get their shit together. They now manage successfully a larger company than their father’s ever was, which no one could have ever foreseen, not even Ed.

Ed is happy, by the way. He’s not just an internationally renowned theoretical physicist, he’s in a good, solid marriage with a younger man who happily indulges a few of his quirky kinks. After a series of relationships that didn’t go too well, he has collected a large number of memories. Good and bad, of course, like is often the case. He has friends and people who care for him and although his high school days are now far away, they’re not forgotten which is why he still treasures those very same feelings, so common and taken for granted by so many.

But this, as they say, is another story for another time.