Jamie and Silas Throw back to the start part 11

I’ve had the same job since a month before I graduated collage, it’s a great job I work with big name companies and music labels. The only down side form my job is that I travel a lot. This story goes back to when jamie and me started dating.


                I had been is London for a week, the week before that jamie had to fly to new York because her mom was in the hospital. My flight had landed and I was ready to go home, sleep in my own bed, and see jamie. I called her happy to be home. “oh my god, please tell me your back in town.” Jamie answered and I just smiled. “I just found my car, ill be headed to  my apartment.”  I laughed pulling out of my parking space. “my phone is dying. Im with katsie at Dublin’s. Come pick me up.” jamie laughed and I laughed. “yeah ill go pick you up.” I laughed wanting to see her.

                We have been together for 2 months, but in that time frame I had been out of town three times. None of our friends new we were together either, which was getting tricky. I pulled into the parking lot of the bar and called jamie, but it went straight to voice mail. “great” I sighed and got out of my car and walked into the bar. “silas!” katsie yelled and ran over to me. “hey” I smiled and looked around for jamie. “jamie is hitting it off with this girl from my work. I set that up.” katsie smiled and I had to control my facial expression. “why are you setting her up?” I asked looking for her.

                “because she is single, its what friends do.” katsie laughed and looked around. “ima go make my rounds.” She laughed and walked away. I looked around trying to find someone I knew. Everyone was at a table by the bar. I walked over and some girl was batting her eyes at jamie. “silas.” jamie got up and I smiled. “hey.” I smiled and this girl laughed. “and my date is talking to some other girl.” The girl she was talking to before laughed. She sounded stupid. I couldn’t help myself I just kissed jamie, pulling her into my arms. “whoa” katsie came up to the table and jamie laughed.

                “we are dating.” Jamie laughed and I just laughed. “sorry.” I breathed in her ear and she just took my hand. “see everyone later.”  Jamie laughed and pulled me away from the table and out of the bar. “no talking till we get to the apartment.” Jamie laughed and I just nodded. I felt like I had done something wrong. The drive to my apartment was short. Jamie took my car keys and walked inside as I grabbed my bags from the trunk.  I walked into my apartment and set my bags down at the door and jamie rushed me. pushing me up against the door kissing me.

                “A. thank you for saving me.” jamie kissed me again her tongue sleeping between my lips. I ran my hands along her bare waist loving the feeling of her smooth skin under my finger tips. “b.” jamie laughed pulling my shirt off. “playing the jealous girlfriend is so hot.” Jamie grinned kissing down my neck to my collar bone. “sorry that I just gave us away to all of our friends.” I breathing feeling my nipple get hard in anticipation to where here kisses were leading. “god im happy that you did because I don’t want to go out, and not be able to kiss you, and hold your hand and fucking kiss you.” jamie made her way back to my lips.

                “good.”  I laughed walking her backwards towards the couch on the other side of the room. “ive missed you.” I laughed pushing her back so she was laying on the couch. “ive missed you too.” jamie smiled bitting down on her lower lip.  God she was sexy.  “come here.” Jamie laughed grabbing me by the front of my jeans. “yes ma’am” I laughed getting over her and kissing her. I ran my hands up her side and made her sit up as I pulled off her shirt. “are you traveling next week?” jamie asked as I undi her bra. “no im not.” I smiled kissing her again. “thank god.” Jamie breathed as I kissed down her neck. Tasting her soft skin.

“body powder.” I smiled softly running my tongue along her neck tasting the raspberry body powder. It tasted like sweet tarts. “I knew you were coming home.” Jamie laughed running her hand up my back undoing the clasp on my bra. “how low does the body powder go?” I asked kissing down her sternum to her stomach. “come back up here.” Jamie laughed and pulled my head back to her nipples. “oh I forgot to say hi.” I laughed kissing each of her nipples, feeling each one stiffen between my lips. “i looked up and jamie had her eyes closed. I ran my tongue in small circles with the tip. I was jet lagged but she was sexy, and I couldn’t not sleep with her.

I bit down on jamies nipple soflty and she moaned, my pussy went wild, with one noise, I was horny. “I love that noise.”  I breathed kissing back down her stomach unbuttoning her jeans. Still tasting the body powder, I kissed along her hips then I sat up and pulled off her jeans. “are you feeling ok?” I asked looking at her thong.  “its not fun wearing no underwear when your out of town.” Jamie  smiled and I kissed her slit. “take them off.” Jamie laughed watching me. I ran my tongue over the fabric, tasting jamies juices. “god.” Jamie breathed and I pulled off her thong and smiled at the perfectly smooth pussy that was glistening back at me.

“wait I brought back a toy.” I smiled and got up to get my bag. “take off your jeans!” jamie laughed watching me. “fine.” I smiled and pulled off my jeans and my thong off. “I love my view.”  Jamie laughed and I bent over and reached into my bag. I had found this amazing glass wand, as it was called. It was curved softly, and had a olive shaped tip. It was meant to get the G-spot, and I knew jamie squirted. That was so fucking hot. “that looks like fun.” Jamie smiled and laid next her and smiled. “its cold tho.” I laughed and jamie smiled. “ill warm it up, you get to working on my clit.” Jamie smiled and I moved between her legs with a smiled.

I looked up and jamie put the tip of the glass dildo between her lips and I ran the tip of my tongue along her slit. She was wet already. I used on hand to keep her pussy lips parted so I could get to her clit. I sucked her clit between my lips and felt her gasp. i stuck my tongue as far into her pussy as it would go forcing my nose against her clit. “mhhm.” Jamie breathed and laced her fingers with my free hand. I sucked my finger into my mouth before putting it inside of her.  “mhhm.” Jamie gripped my hand tighter and I flicked her clit again and looking up at jamie who was rubbing the dildo on her nipple. I just smiled and kissed my way back up to her lips.

“is it warm?” I asked letting my tongue dance with hers.  “mhhm.” Jamie grinned and handed me the dildo and I smiled. “ready?” I asked running it against her clit. “yes.” Jamie smiled and kissed me. i pushed the dildo into her feeling her moan into my mouth. “mhhm.” Jamie moaned and bite down on my lower lip softly. “that feels good.” Jamie breathed and I worked it in and out of her. it was only about an inch in diameter but jamie was so tight. 

                I kissed my way to her nipples again looking up a there as I took the left one between my lips. Jamies eyes were closed and her finger tips were digging into my shoulders. Her hips were working in time with my thrusts. I kissed lower back towards her pussy. Kissing that spot where you leg connects to your torso. “oh god.” Jamie breathed rocking her hips faster.  I reached her slit and start to work her  clit with my tongue. God she was so wet. I sucked her clit between my lips and let it pop back out of my mouth. “oh.” Jamie jumped and I worked her clit with the tip of my tongue.

                “baby, im so close.” Jamie breathed and I started to fuck her harder with the glass dildo.  I sucked her clit between my lips and jamie moaned. “yes, oh god, yes. Baby, fuck. Baby im cumming!” jamie moaned and I felt the rush of her pussy juices flow into my mouth.  I started working her clit again and she came again fast. “ oh my god!” she screamed and the orgasm ripped through her body. “that was faster than normal.” I laughed resting my head on her mound looking up at her. letting her come back down to earth. “you’ve been gone a week, and the week before that I was gone.” Jamie panted and I kissed the top of her slit smiling when she jumped.

                “I haven’t masturbated in 2 weeks, we haven’t had sex in two weeks.” Jamie laughed and I smiled and kissed my way back up her body leaving the glass dildo inside of her. “why not?” I asked kissing her, letting her taste her cum on my lips. “because I want you to make me cum.” Jamie smiled ran her hand along my side and gripped my ass hard. “your make cumming better.” Jamie laughed and flipped me onto my back and kissed along my neck. “I wish I would have known that.” I smiled and jamie sucked my nipple into her mouth and I smiled. the feeling of her warm tongue on my stiff nipple. She switched to my other nipple and then blew on it softly and I felt it get harder. “oh.” I smiled and jamie grinned.

                “i figured with the pictures I was sending you.” jamie laughed and kissed lower towards my pussy. “those pictures.” I smiled and felt goose bumps form as jamie blew on my skin again. Jamie had emailed me naked pictures of her before I landed in London.  God she was hot, and she was mine. “I thought you would like them.” Jamie smiled and spread my legs and looked at my pussy. “your wet.” She smiled and sucked my clit between her lips. I jumped and jamie sucked harder. “oh.” I breathed and she laughed. “stay here.” She got up and ran to my room. “where did you go?” I called a little frustrated, when she returned she had a think vibrator with her.

                “to get this.” she laughed and came back to the couch and kissed me again. Her tongue slipping between my lips. The taste of her was still on my tongue, and was now mixed with the taste of my own pussy. “did you cum today?” jamie asked moving back to my pussy. “no, not for a few days.” I smiled and jamie flicked my clit with the tip of her tongue and I jumped. “oh.” I smiled and she worked my clit with her tongue while slowly inserting the vibrator into my pussy. It was the same size as the one that was still in her.  “you taste so good.” Jamie breathed and turned the vibrator on and I jumped. “oh my god.” I smiled and started to rock my hips towards her.

                The feeling of the vibrator inside made me want to come almost right way. “two times.” Jamie laughed and started to fucked me while she sucked on my clit. “oh yea.” I breathed moving my hips in small circles while she fucked me. “baby.” I begged. “im.” I in hailed and came hard. Feeling my whole body tense up then relax. “cumming.” I moaned and jamie kept up her pace with the vibrator. Working my clit faster.

                “yes. On my god baby.” I breathed bucking towards her. “right there.” I begged and she turned the vibrator on higher and my pussy went wild. “oh my god im cumming.” I gasped felling my pussy clamp down on the vibrator. “see waiting is worthwhile.” Jamie smiled and turned off the vibrator. “im going to have to remember that.” I laughed and pulled her up to my. “god your hot.” I smiled kissing her feeing the tired hit me like a sack full of bricks. “come to bed.” jamie smiled and stood up taking my hand.  I walked into my room and there were candles around my room unlit. “I had hopped for the yay your home sex, but the couch was nice.” Jamie laughed leading me to the bed. “we can have that sex tomorrow.” I laughed laying down pulling her into my arms.

                “the dildo Is still inside of me” jamie smiled a wicked grin facing me. “so is the vibrator.” I laughed closing my eyes. “I might wake up in an hour and take advantage of that.” I smiled felling jamies soft breath on my lips. “I wont mind that at all.” Jamie kissed me softly and I smiled. “I love when you bring home new toys.” Jamie laughed and I looked at her. “I love it too.” I laughed feeling myself sink succumb to the beckoning calls of sleep.

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