Meeting a young neighbour and her friends

I didn’t know Hazel next door until this memorable afternoon

My bedroom was on the first floor at the back of our semi-detached house, overlooking the back garden. It had an equally good view of the neighbour’s back garden, on the left as I looked down.
The neighbours had been living there quite a while. We got on OK but weren’t particularly friendly. A couple with a daughter a few years younger than me. Boys my age don’t take much notice of younger girls, but I’d recently I’d seen with interest that Hazel was starting to mature and a new shape was starting to show. Wouldn’t call her a beauty but, again, she looked OK.
I’d noticed the parents going out a while ago. As I looked down from my window, I saw Hazel in the garden with two friends. Two girls who looked a few months or so younger than her, about eleven perhaps. It was a first time, I hadn’t seen her in the garden playing with friends before. I didn’t know the other girls, hadn’t seen them before at all. The three were standing, just talking, near the hedge that divided our gardens, so they were only a few yards away, just below my window. Still had their school shirts and skirts on, hadn’t changed after school. Hazel had her back to me and then, I saw her lifting up her shirt. The two girls looked, then their hands moved forward towards her. I thought, my god, she’s showing off her new tits and they’re having a feel. Wish she wasn’t facing the other way! After a while, her shirt was back down in position and now she’d lifted her skirt up. One of the other girls reached forward again and was obviously pulling Hazel’s panties down. She’s showing them her pussy and her new pubic hairs! Both the girls, one after the other, were rubbing their hands between her legs. A minute or so, and they headed off to the left out of sight. I thought, they’re going into the house and I bet they’re going to play around with each other. Nothing to lose, I’ll see if I can join in!
I didn’t really know Hazel well, we hadn’t played together as kids, but I can try. I decided to go to the back door, on the side of the house. More friendly than going to the front, and not in view of anyone passing by, or looking in from across the road. The road sloped downhill, so there were a few steps up to the back door from the path at the side of the house. I went up the steps, rang the doorbell, and then went back down and waited, looking up from below the steps.
After a short wait Hazel was at the top of the steps, in the open doorway. “Hi Hazel, nice to see you”. I felt more than a little embarrassed but, looking up from below the steps, I noticed that the buttons on the top half of her shirt were unfastened and the bottom was not properly tucked into her skirt. I could see right up the rather short school skirt, and I couldn’t see any blue school uniform panties. “I was in my window upstairs and saw you playing with your friends in the garden. I thought I’d like to join in, if you’d like me to. How about it?”
“OK, we’ll surprise the other two” Hazel said, after only a second or two’s hesitation. I was up the steps in a flash and not much after that we were upstairs and entering Hazel’s room. Like mine, it looked over the back garden. The two girls were lying back on the bed next to each other. They were naked below the waist and each had her hand on the other’s pussy. That quickly changed. As they saw me, each covered her own pubic mound.
“Girls, meet Dave from next door” Hazel said. “He saw us in the garden and thought we might like him to join us. Dave and I haven’t played together before, but I thought it would be fun. Dave, meet my friends Alison and Jane. They’re eleven, both will be twelve soon”.
Not much the other two could say, they were caught with their pants down, as the saying goes.
“Nice to meet you, girls. And nice to see you’ve got started already, I’d love to join in and help. Hazel, are you going to show me what you showed your friends?”
Hazel didn’t just lift her school shirt, she unfastened the rest of the buttons and took it off. She didn’t have a bra on. She faced me and smiled. She wasn’t shy and, why should she be? Her budding breasts, lovely pokies with dark nipples, were delicious to see and I had to hold them. They felt soft but firm, with hard stiff nipples, fantastic! “You’re growing up very nicely Hazel, I have to see more. From what I saw in the garden, I bet you have some cute hairs around your pussy”. She still just stood there, smiling at me. I decided it was an invitation. I found a button at the back of her skirt and unfastened it. Below it was the zip at the back of her skirt, and I pulled it down. The skirt fell and she stepped out of it. I’d been right when I looked up below the steps, her panties were off already. At that time, I noticed the three panties lying on the bed-cover.
I moved to finger the slit. It looked wet, juicy and I was right, there were just a few wavy, light-coloured hairs. I touched it and Hazel said “You can play with me but first, we need to see what you have to show us, before we do anything else.
Alison was behind me. I had a belt on my trousers and she had no trouble putting her hands round my waist and unfastening it. There was a button fastener above my fly zip, she efficiently dealt with everything and my trousers were down to my knees. She quickly had her hand inside my underpants and was feeling my dick. It was the first time for my dick to be touched by a girl, and I liked it, but this was obviously not the first time little preteen Alison had held a cock.
I took my pants properly off and my stiffening dick was making a good effort to poke out of my underwear. I might as well take the underpants off too.
“Wow, I like that!” Jane was suitably impressed. “He’s ready for us to play with, let’s go” said Hazel.
Alison: “I like it as well. It’s a bit bigger than my brother’s, his is nice too”.
Jane said “You’ve seen your brother’s dick?” Alison: “I wank him off, it’s lovely, we’ve been playing around now and again whenever our parents are out, we’ve been doing it for a month or two. I make him shoot his load in my mouth and I’m trying to train him to suck my pussy. He’s improving but he’s not as good at it as you or Hazel”.
Jane: “You dirty little bitch, not telling me before. I really like your brother and I think he likes me. Now I know, next time you’re going out I’ll be round at your house, pretending I’m looking for you but I’ll be leading him on and we’ll soon be in each other’s pants. I’ve never seen a stiff dick before except in porn, and no boy’s ever seen my pussy”.
“Until now” I said and I was sliding my finger along her damp slit. She didn’t resist and my finger pushed her pussy-lips apart and was finding the wet hole. I went down on my knees in front of her and admired the hairless crack. I’d never seen a pussy so close or tasted one and my mouth had to enjoy it. I parted the labia and could see the virgin hole. My mouth covered it, I tongued into it and finally tasted a pussy. I examined above the hole and found a clitoris for the first time, like a tiny hard prick sticking out.I sucked on it and Jane put her hands behind my head, moving it to give her little clit the best thrill. So, I knew she was enjoying it as much as I was. Her pussy was leaking juice more and more and she was moving it, pushing it against my probing tongue.
Hazel and Alison were watching and playing with each others’ pussies. It was pretty clear that, although these virgin girls hadn’t been fucked by cocks yet, they’d been finger fucking and sucking each other and knew all about that. And equally clear that they were all itching for dick. I needed some experience and with a bit of luck I’d get that today.
Jane was slim and her face was good looking, very pretty. Short dark hair. She still had her shirt on. I started to unbutton it and she took it off. No bra but she didn’t need one. Hard nipples stood out from little bulges on her chest, we (my friends and I when talking about girls) liked to call them midge-bites. My dream fancy was a little girl with long hair and big tits but here I was with the hardest dick ever from admiring a cute little girl with short hair and no tits. Jane shyly got hold of my stiff cock. Alison said “Go on, let’s see you wank it, make him cum.” Jane massaged it gently, she hadn’t done it before but it felt good to me, and apparently to her too as she continued wanking me.Her hand now really gripped my cock which was getting more exited with every stroke. I don’t want to cum now though! Nothing to lose, let’s try and see what happens.
We were next to the bed and I softly but firmly pushed Jane back on to it. She was lying on her back, legs apart with the hairless crack facing me enticingly. “Do you have periods yet?” Her answer “No, not yet”. So, it’s safe to do it with her. I was above her and wanted to put my dick into a pussy-hole for the first time. I didn’t really have much idea, the cock end well juiced with pre-cum was adding to her juices in the already soaking slit, but wasn’t finding the sweet haven.
I suddenly felt a hand guiding me. Alison or Hazel? It didn’t matter who’s it was, the hand put my bell-end in the right place and I slid into the wet, velvet tight orifice.
“Fuck her hard” said Hazel. “Fill her with spunk” said Alison. I wondered if there’d be resistance from a hymen but no, I was all the way in her, up to my balls. Heaven was here. She was moving and gently moaning in time with my thrusts. Not very long after, too soon, I knew I’ll have to slow down or I’ll cum. But though I did slow down, I couldn’t stop the blissful thrusts and I was cumming, squirting and spurting my load of juice into the little angel’s pussy. “Jane, my beautiful first fuck, you’re wonderful” I whispered into her ear. She was holding me, her arms round my back. She would not let go, but my softening dick was slipping out of her cunt. She didn’t say anything, just held me tight. We kissed and it went on, and on a while, a lovely kiss.
It was a blissful moment between the two of us but at the same time two more naked, horny as hell girls were watching everything. Hazel said “Look, her pussy’s leaking spunk!” Jane said “And Dave’s dick’s dripping with more”. My cock was soft now but still feeling fantastic. I’d had some good wanks but nothing like this.
Hazel said “I hope it’ll get hard again soon”. Jane “We all need a share of that”.
“Oh my god, I hope it does too” I thought.
The afternoon was young, time would tell what was to follow.