Meeting Ganga – 2

Rich man, only one daughter, American groom, naturally the marriage was quite mouth filling. Nice to see so many girls walking around, seeking attention. As marriage got over, I thought of meeting my sweetheart Ganga, though now she had become someone’s wife. However you don’t need any license to appreciate her beauty. But then the situation was different. Her mother needed a favor from me. “Our Ganga will soon leave for America forever, she has a strong desire to visit our old village. Her father could not take her. Can you fulfill her lone wish”. My submerged village, often used to be out of water, but there use to be no one living there, which is certainly not safe for a lone girl to visit. Even before I could react, Ganga now a beautiful curvy girl was in front of me. With sparkle in her eyes, and a request all over her face, “DK please, can you help me, I heard our village is out of water at this time, I want to fill it in my heart before I would bid a bye to all of you”, as if she is going to a land from where she may never come back. The sweetness of innocent smile still covered her face. Unfortunately she is not be kissed now. What a wonderful baby, I should have met her few days before her commitment.

Things rolled down very quickly. Me and Ganga left for our village at her demand by the first bus of the day. Unfortunately or fortunately my close friend located close to our village was too busy for the day and gave me the keys of his jeep. In no time, we were in our village standing in front of the same school. Ganga came with me wearing salwar with parrot green and red combination. She is more beautiful than the parrot itself. We walked into the building known once as our school, with no doors, windows and not even the roof. I turned to her “Ganga do you remember how we were punished then”. She took my hands into her hand “You were shivering then, for me it was not a punishment at all” she winked at me. “Yeah you kissed and made me bold to face it”. The memories turned her face red, she moved closer to me, pressing her boobs to my shoulder whispered in my ears “You want to reenact the scene, assuming Shamanna sir is punishing us”. I laughed and said, “Don’t ask me to pull my pants down now”. As I turned to her, she has sparkle in her eyes, and said seriously “I am ready to console you”. Unknowingly we moved close to each other and locked our lips and smooched for a while.

She turned away, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity. Found a short wall nearby inside the building and shouted mimicking Shamanna teacher’s voice “Ganga, you stupid girl, stand on this bench”. She literally walked in, holding my hand, she stood on top of that. She was giggling uncontrolled, and finally put her hand across her mouth to stop it. I continued “You silly girl, you will be punished now”. Even before I stop she replied “it must be shameless girl, which I want to become”. As I was blinking my eyes, my beautiful Ganga threw her dupatta on me. She took her top out of her head, showing her marvelous bosom, covered only with her bra. She also pulled the nada of her pajama. As it drops down, my beautiful Ganga was standing in front of me in her bra and panties. I knew that no one would be around in this abandoned village, but I am not as bold as her. She is truly the same old Ganga, who stood naked next to me then. She didn’t stopped as she unbuttoned her bra and threw it on my face. I was catching all her dresses. She took the last piece called panties out, and stood completely nude in front of me. I had no courage to pull my pants down, and was simply lost in watching her beautiful curves.

“Don’t you want to undergo punishment” she whispered. I was shivering again now. Certainly this time it is the mesmerizing beauty of Ganga standing nude in front of me. Beautiful nude girl, amid pristine beauty of nature is a feast for anyone to watch. I just climbed to stand next to her with same shivering throughout my body. My sweet Ganga, this time, put her arms around my neck, whispered in my ears “DK take this Ganga completely for yourself”. She locked her lips in to my lips. My arms covered and tightly hugged her naked body, and for quite long time, we both were lost smooching each other. My hands went down caressing her beautiful butts and I pressed it gently. “What if something happens” tried to be gentleman. She pressed her exposed pussy to my covered cock “let it happen”.

Girls are always bold, when they decide to make the best of the opportunity. It is we guys who hesitate, and pose ourselves as gentleman. But not every man will be so lucky to get a beautiful girl like Ganga, who is giving such a once in lifetime opportunity. Now it is my turn to make full use of the same, without hurting her enthusiasm, and take her to the peak of ecstasy. Did you ever come across with similar opportunity with beautiful girl. Wish a beautiful life for such girls and ensure such flowers to remain unhurt and fresh even after they allow you to suck all the nectar they are offering. Share me your opinion and let me continue my love story with Ganga.