The mall, and what people try and get away with

It is spring break and all the little darlings are out in full force, I’m a mall walker, like you see in TV shows, I walk the mall watching people do there thing, most legal and then their are the not legal people, these are the one that cause prices to go up because companies have to recover their looses, for every dollar taken it costs about five dollars to get it back, anyway, I’m like the mystery shopper, I’m hired by companies not to buy or see how the services are I’m hired to find and or catch the people that take from them.
As I was say its spring break, all the kids mass at the mall, Im doing my thing wandering around lost in the mall, this place is massive, four floors tall in some areas, swimming pools, ice rink, and an indoors, roller coaster, there are over 3000 mall staff alone, I go to the store that has had a number of items that are missing, as luck would have it there are a number of comfortable seats to sit in, I see facing away from the store as I can watch in the reflexion in the of the store windows, I sit and watch as all manner of people pass by and go through the store, loads of looky loos, its getting close to 1500hrs, and I have been here since 1000hrs, and then I see them, two teens, both tall and skinny, the red head has a large purse and the blonde has a shopping bag, they both walk in, the blonde walks up to the counter as askes for help with a return, the red head talks to the blonde and then walk into the store and starts to shop, so far so good, the blonde keeps talking to the counter lady, distracting the person, pulling out a ream of register tape copies, the other workers in the store come to help with the counter as people are waiting to purchase their item, that’s when red is alone in the back of the store, she is made 10 to 15 minutes in the store and she walks out and waits for the blonde girl, blonde girl did her exchange in sizes and left the store, they walk the mall and i follow them from a distance, they turn to go toward the restrooms, i go through another store and out the back into the hall were the girls are walking to wards me, I open the store room door for the shop they had allegedly taken items from, as they about to pass i grab red and the blonde by the arms and tell them they are under the suspicions of taking item from a store, I tell them to get into the store room, blonde girl tries to fight and i ram her into the wall hard, she cries out, reds eye widen from what she just seen, i drag them both in and close the door, I tell red open your purse, all the blood drains away from her face, i tell her again with a growl in my voice OPEN THE FUCKING PRUSE, she does i tell her empty the purse on the table, she does, and we find bras, panties, jewelry, make up all with new tags on them, I inspect the bag and find its heavy, i open the lining and find lead sheets covering the inside, red is in tears asking what am I going to do with them, blonde goes I did know she was doing that, red turns to her and calls her a lying bitch, they start to scream at each other, I tell them to shut the fuck up, I tell red strip, she looks at me a say what did i say, i repeat, strip, I have to check all your clothing for any other items, she is crying saying she was sorry and she would never do it again and to please let her go, STRIP, and she started to take her cloths off, she put her shirt and pants on the table, I picked then up and search each article of clothing and her shoes, she stood there in her socks and underwear, I said your not done all of it, she took her underwear and socks off and put them on the table, she stood there naked and covering her private parts, i search her socks and underwear, I notice a wet spot in her panties and being the gentleman im not pointed it out to her and blonde, she turn a very deep red, almost purple in color, then I turned my attention to blonde girl, told her open the bag and empty it on this other table, she did as she was told, she said paid for all that, I ignored her comment, search each item, then search the bag, i looked to is and low and behold a fake bottom in the bag, well what do we have her blonde girl, she tells me she borrowed the bag from red, really red goes, lying bitch, and they are at it again, SHUT THE FUCK UP, all is quite on the western front for now, i tear open the bag, and more marked and unpaid items appear, another lead lined bag, I look at them both I tell them your professional thieves, both red and blonde say no, I tell blonde to strip down to her birthday suit, and put all your clothes on the table, she was about to say something but I growled at her and said now, she does as told and I search each item, I find her panties are wet as well and show red this, blonde turn red.
I call the store manager and tell her to meet me in the storage room I have a something special for her, she askes what it is, i tell her just get here to find out, the girls look at me and i tell them you are going to have to pay for all this,
The store manager walks in with one of her assistance, they see both girl standing side by side naked and trying to covert their privates, the store managed says did you call the cops yet, nope, she looks at me, then looks at the girls, she has rage in her eyes, she says to Tammy ( her assistant) go to my office, get my black bag from out of the locked file cabinet, Tammy goes yes Mistress, she has fear in her eyes, Lynn the store managers goes so you two little cunts think you can steal from me, she walks over to the table and looks at all of the items, been busy I see, well a quick number crunch and your at almost 15,000 in items, not a bad hall, I will have all this back on the shelfs before end of day today.

Tammy come back into the room with the black bag, its a large bag on wheels, Tammy puts it down with a thud, Tammy stands by the bag waiting for the next order, Lynn goes open the bag Tammy, she done, take out the spreader bars, out come four bars, take out the pullies and rope, out they come, set up the pullies on the hooks in the overhead beams, she does, Lynn goes take red put her hands in one of the spreader bars, red tries to fight Tammy, big mistake, Tammy grabs her flips her onto her stomach so fast it was just a bleer, she knocks the wind and fight right out of her, Tammy puts the bar on red, ok Tammy now blonde, she does, Tammy hooks up the pully to each bar and pulls the girls up on their tippy toes, Lynn goes ok Tammy bars for their feet, she does it, both girls are now hanging by the arms just off the ground, Lynn goes good now we can begin, she walks over to blonde and goes nice a bald pussy, just the start of hair, she runs her hand over the girl mound, so soft and I feel some wetness, MMMMMM I like girl that get wet during the beginning of punishment, Lynn grabbed the girls ass cheek, OOOO so nice and firm, she slid her finger to the girls tight little rose bud, she pushed a dry finger in, blonde cried out in pain and shock, she pulled her finger out and offered it to Tammy who took the finger in her mouth and sucked it, Lynn pulls her finger away from Tammy and goes back to Blonde, she grabs her nipples and pulls on them, Blonde screams, red is wide eye at what she is seeing and hearing, Lynn turns to red and goes your next cunt.
Lynn tells Tammy get me my flogger, Tammy goes to the bag and stops dead in her tracks, which flogger would Mistress like, Lynn smiles to her self, my well trained little slut, my red one , yes Mistress, she digs around and come out with the red flogger, she delivers it to Lynn, Lynn takes it and walks over to blonde, has your daddy or mommy ever beaten you, have you been spanked, you are going to lean that steeling is a crime and you must pay for said crime, blonde was about to speak but that was taken away from her.
A load smack sound and a scream from blonde, Lynn told the girl, you smack, are smack, only smack, allowed smack to smack, talk smack, when smack , given smack, permission smack, too smack, now you will count out loud to 100 each smack, got it, a teary yes, you will say thank you for each smack and ask for another, got it, teary yes, at the count of 100 you will say thank you for the smack mistress, if you do not say this or if you lose count or miss count we start all over again till you get it right, another teary yes, Lynn goes what did you say smack, Blonde cries out yes Mistress.

The beating of her ass took the better part of 2 hours, blonde had given in about 40 smacks in but she never missed her count and she said thank you mistress when she we done, Lynn puts her hand between the blonde girls leg and feels a soaking wet pussy, see looks at me and goes she soaked, I smile, I walk over and whisper in her ear, how old are you, she goes 13 almost 14, your daddy fuck you yet, she goes no, so your a virgin, she goes yes, not for long I tell her, I slap her ass hard, she whimpers,
Lynn looks at red and tells Tammy to eat her cunt Tammy drops to her knees in from of Lynn and askes to lift her dress, Lynn tells her to remove the dress from her, Tammy promptly does just that, Lynn stands there in her black lace garter belt and black nylon stockings with her fuck me 6 red inch high heels, and nothing else on, she is a hard body, c cup tits and smooth body, Tammy drops to her knees again and dives face first into Lynns cunt, Tammy is lapping up Lynns pussy juice and sucking her lips and driving her tongue into her, Lynn grabs the back of Tammy’s head and pulls her in more, Lynns arms are straining to pull her in deeper, Lynn breather harder and harder, pulling more and more on the back of Tammys head, Lynn starts to shack, she cries out to Tammy, NOW, NOW you slut< Tammy shoves to fingers into Lynns ass, Lynn screams and floods Tammys face with her cum, she squirts all over her face Tammy is lapping it up as fast as she can, Lynn let go of Tammys head, Lynn and Tammy are trying to catch their breathers, Lynn is on weak legs, she sits down before she falls down.
After Lynn composes herself she looks at red again, now its your turn, Tammy she say, beat the shit out of her, Tammy smiles and says yes Mistress,
My cock is hard enough to cut diamonds, I walk over to blonde and let her down over the table, Lynn comes over and whispers in her ear as I get behind her and rub the head of my cock up and down her pussy lips, her pussy is so wet, i push into her just to get the head in side of her, she groans, lynn tells her, he going to fuck you to the point you will have trouble walking out of here, her may break your cunt in two, but don’t worry little girl your ass will be fucked just a hard if not harder, blonde cries out please no, I don’t want to get pregnant, Lynn goes you should have thought about that before steeling, and I thrust all the way into her cunt, she scream, tears pouring out of her eyes, begging me to stop, I pull almost all the way out, and ram it back into her, I repeat this for a good 10 min, by the time 10 min has passed she is moaning and groaning, asking for more, her body has taken over, she needs to be fucked and fucked deep, I pound that pussy for 2 more min and blast my load as deep as I can get it into her, she cums with me, she is panting, Lynn the whole time is telling her she is a slut and needs to be trained,
Red is black and blue from the beating Tammy gave her, she has no fight, no will to resist, Lynn goes to red and pulls her head up by her head, she looks her in the eyes and see just a little bit of hate, Lynn smiles, she pus her hand on reds cunt, soaked, Tammy, take off your cloths, she does it right there and then, lay on the table face up, Lynn takes red down and tells her to lick Tammys cunt and asshole, red dives in and does just that, licks Tammys pussy and asshole, Tammy guilds red with her hands on the back of reds head, Tammy tells her to fuck her ass with her tongue, Tammy cries out how good it feels, she pulls red in as hard as she can and scream im cumming, she cums all over reds face, she lets go of her, reds pussy is dripping and she is in so much need of cumming, Tammy gets up off the table and stands waiting for her next command.
My cock did not go soft after fucking blonde, I walk over to red push her over the table she eat Tammy on, put my cock into her cunt in one shove, she screams, I pound that pussy for all its worth, she gets used to it faster than blonde or more likely she is more of a pain slut than blonde, I fucked the cunt for as long as i could last, I blasted her cunt full of cum, she cam three time on my cock, like blonde she wanted more when I went off inside of her.
Lynn told Tammy to suck my cock till its hard, she got on her knees Infront of me and went to town on me, scuking just the head then licking my cock from top to bottom, sucked my balls, licked no mans land, and even slipped her tongue over my asshole, I gasped for air at that air, Tammy smiled when I looked into her eyes and then winked at me, I smiled back and did say a word, Tammy got me hard again and Lynn asked me to fuck the girls asses.
I took blonde ass first, she moaned please no it will hurt, I told her she had to pay, I took my cock and put it to her asshole, I told red to get or here, she did as she was told the best she could with the bars still in place, Tammy let her hands free after me tell her too, red was at her girl friend ass waiting fir instructions, I told her to rim her asshole make it good and wet cause her ass depended on that was well, she rimmed her ass, pushing her tongue in as far as it would go, spitting on her hole ramming her face into her hole, lick spitting as many time as she could, I took my cock and put it back to blondes asshole and i shoved, it didn’t go in, blonde cried out it hurt, it was to tight i would not fit, I shoved again her ass opened just a little, i kept the forcing into her, final she relaxed just enough and the head popped in, she cried out again, this time i shoved half way into her ass, it was the tightest and hottest feeling, i pulled back and shove in more, she was screaming, crying asking red how could she do this to her, pulling and pushing in and out of her to the point i was balls deep in her ass, she moaned and cried and groaned and begged and cried so more, she came hard the first time , her ass was milking my cock it felt so good, i kept fucking her ass, told red to lick my cock as it sawed in to and out of blondes ass, red did as she was told, I pulled red up to my face and whispered in her ear, did she like watching me fuck her friends ass, she said yes, did she like the taste of her cunt, yes again, did she love the taste of her ass, yes again, I told her to call me daddy from now on, she said ok daddy, I fucked blonde harded in the ass, as I told red to tell me her and blonde personal lives, she told me they had kissed and played dirty games with each other sense they where 6 years old, she told me blonde always liked her ass liked, and that blonde would push her finders into reds ass, and then make red suck them clean, I lost my load deep into blondes ass, blonde all she could do was cum and moan and beg for more, I pulled my cock out of blonde ass, red sucked it clean
Once everyone was back on earth Lynn told the two bitches that we own them, we own your lives you got it sluts, both girl said yes Mistress, she told blonde and red you will both come to the store daily and work in the store to repay for the items you took, you will be also servicing some of are special customers, all females, If you know of any other girl that have been steeling from us this is the time to help them before they go to jail, both red and blonde looked at each other and said we will bring in are friends.
Me and red fucked like rabbits all spring break, she would come over to my motel and spend the night as she would have blonde cover for her and she covered for blonde as she was with Lynn and Tammy, blonde still is there sex slave, she was thrown out by her father as she did learn and was arrested for steeling from another mall, just to find out it was not her, that’s another story, once red was legal age for marriage we married and have 5 girls, we are training then not to steel and showing then what can happen, many sore little asses.

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