Moawiya becomes SmallPenisMo

NOTE: This story was written by a virgin who has never been with a girl. It’s 100% fictional but the character of Mo in spirit is similar to me, the author. I’m actually 28 years old and mentally healthy, so don’t let the dark ending worry you. On that note, the ending is rather dark and weird and so I am having this MENTAL HEALTH DISCLAIMER. Don’t read if you feel something that affects mental health might bother you.

Part 1: Intro


‘Sorry, Mo, I fell asleep last night,’ said Kenzie.

‘Ah, ok, no worries Kenzie!’ replied Moawiya, called Mo by all, hiding his disappointment before saying, ‘Do you want me to carry that stuff to your room?’

‘Sure, Mo, thanks! You are the best friend anyone would wish for!’

Mo and Kenzie were both 21 year old university students. Kenzie was a goddess, a blonde 6 foot-tall Polish-origin girl with blue eyes, thick seductive lips, F-cup breasts and a curvy juicy bubble butt to make heads turn and stain guys’ bedsheets at night. Mo, on the other hand, was Indian, ugly, and grossly obese with huge nipples, fat rolls and ugly moles all over, and something he liked to keep even more hidden than his ugly body, a small pathetic circumcised dick that was only 3.5 inches long when hard – and boy, was he hard a lot around Kenzie.

Kenzie was a top student, always first in class. Mo barely got through. Kenzie went out clubbing and mostly fucked black guys with big dicks and the occasional white guy from the rugby team. Mo was a virgin who was addicted to jerking off to porn, including small penis humiliation, femdom and CFNM, as well as Facebook pictures of hot girls he was friends with online, especially Kenzie – he had also recently started printing and ejaculating on to his latest favourite sexy blonde actress, Saxon Sharbino, who looked disturbingly like Kenzie although Kenzie has better tits and ass and was definitely hotter. Kenzie was popular and cool. Mo was a loser and a loner who had no real friends, in addition to being a pervert. Kenzie was happy and confident. Mo was a loser beta male who was depressed and sad he couldn’t get laid. Kenzie’s self-made wealthy parents loved her and respected her for her intelligence, determination, grit and her lack of entitlement and for not being spoiled despite the wealthy upbringing. Mo’s parents thought he was a lazy piece of shit who they had to do everything for – they wished a better son had been born in Mo’s stead but now they were trapped in their duty to him; they weren’t wrong in their thoughts about Mo, although they’d never really say it honestly to his pathetic face.

So it was a surprise to everyone that Kenzie and Mo were friends at all.

Mo wanted nothing more than to fuck Kenzie. His penis was non-stop hard around her but as it was pathetically small it was easy to hide. He jerked off to her almost every night in bed. So, he, being a beta male, had followed Kenzie around and started being her lap dog. He would do whatever she ordered, but he would, of course, be permanently in the friend zone. A loser like him could never hope to look good; his intrinsic beta qualities meant he was never going to lose weight and there was nothing to do about his small penis.

They were both supposed to go out to eat last night, as friends do. But Mo knew very well that Kenzie was probably fucking some big dicked real man, instead of having ‘fell asleep.’

He was bitter. Angry. Hurt. He felt entitled. He had done so much for Kenzie, but he knew there was no chance he would ever fuck her. He mistook all this as a sort of true love for her, even though a part of him knew his mind was sick, twisted and fucked up. I mean, who prints pictures of their best female friend’s pictures to then jerk off and ejaculate on to?

Mo was definitely a pervert. His self-esteem was so low. He would often go to female doctors about alleged problems with his penis, only to apologise over an ‘involuntary’ erection and then later come home and jerk off to his belief that the women doctors probably laughed, after he left, at his pathetic dick and fat ugly body. He uploaded naked pictures and penis pictures of himself to paid services online to be given humiliating reviews by women. He had even let a MILF from the maid service walk into his college dorm room on purpose (by leaving the door unlocked) to catch him completely naked and jerking off to porn. He had masturbated in public toilets and uploaded the video online. He had stopped women in public and looked at their tits – to be slapped and even kicked in his balls once.

But when he was with Kenzie he was on his best behaviour. Always doing her worksheets for class, paying for her meals if she asked, even buying alcohol and tickets to clubs for her where she would then take a real guy home and fuck him. And since Kenzie lived in the room next to Mo’s, he would lay naked in bed jerking off to Kenzie’s moans as her pussy got filled with some real manly cock.

So it felt almost like a reward for Mo when he got asked by Kenzie to come with her and some of her girlfriends and male friends on their usual annual summer trip to a beachside resort. He immediately said yes! He appeared to be in the cool crowd!

Part 2: The Trip


After Mo had paid up, packed up and gotten onto the bus, something he had always known hit him in the face. Kenzie had lots of friends. All the girls were hot and fit, although nowhere near as cock-hardening as Kenzie. And all the guys were muscular and probably big-dicked. Mo was the only short, fat guy there – and he knew he had been given this reward for being Kenzie’s loyal lap dog.

Some of the people looked at him weird but Kenzie welcomed him and allowed him to seat in front of her, facing her. During the bus ride, Mo was stiff from looking at her cleavage as she and most people slept. She was wearing a tank top with short denim shorts. Mo’s penis was throbbing as he realised Kenzie wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples could be seen poking through her tank top. All of a sudden, she shifted and as Mo looked up he saw Kenzie was wide awake! She was looking at him with a smirk, then got up to go to the in-coach toilet. Mo’s rock hard cock twitched in his pants as he realised the denim shorts were so short they might as well be called thongs. They were so tightly wrapped around her firm, juicy ass and half her white ass cheeks were visible! Mo looked up and started sweating nervously as he realised Kenzie had turned back to catch him staring, but for some reason she was smiling. After she came back from the toilet she sat down and continued looking at Mo. Mo, on the other hand, was itching to get his cock to calm down. He decided to go to the toilet.

‘What’s wrong, Mo?’ Kenzie asked as he started to get up. Mo didn’t want to fully stand up because a small bulge would definitely be visible through his khaki shorts.

‘Oh-oh, n-n-nothing…just toilet,’ Mo stuttered, and rushing to the toilet, he locked the door and pulled down his shorts and underwear. His tiny cock was fully at attention, and without waiting a second, Mo’s left hand wrapped around his cock, completely covering it except for the penis head which was severely engorged from arousal, and started stroking vigorously. Within 30 seconds, Mo stifled a moan, clenched his ass cheeks and experienced a familiar pleasure as his penis shot stream after stream of semen into the toilet. Thankfully, none landed on the floor. After letting go for a few seconds, Mo started stroking his still-hard penis again very vigorously, bending over in ecstasy at the electric feeling of stroking the penis post-ejaculation, which was even more pronounced on a circumcised penis like his. Cleaning up, he went back and sat awkwardly in front of Kenzie, who opened her eyes again.

Kenzie looked around to check that everyone’s asleep, then took out her phone. Mo felt a buzz as his phone received a message.

Kenzie: ‘Had a nice time?’

Mo: ‘LOL. What?’

Kenzie: ‘oh fuck off. I know you went to the toilet to wank your little dick off!’

Mo was taken aback. Not just that she knew, but that she had called his penis ‘little.’ How on earth would she know?? He looked up and saw her smirking at him.

Mo: ‘um…how do u know?’

Kenzie: ‘Apart from the fact that you were staring at my tits and ass and then got up in a hurry while trying to cover your crotch? Not exactly very stealthy are we?’

Mo: ‘I’m sorry Kenzie, I didn’t mean to offend.’

Mo felt a kick to his leg and looked up to Kenzie giggling quietly at him.

Kenzie: ‘it’s ok.’

Mo: ‘can I ask something?’

Kenzie: ‘sure’

Mo: ‘why did u say little dick?’

At this Mo immediately heard Kenzie laugh loudly before quietening herself.

Kenzie: ‘duuuuuude it’s obvious, u just give off small penis vibes’

Kenzie: ‘am I wrong?’

Mo felt his chest tightening and something tingling in his ball sack. He didn’t know whether to be super embarrassed or aroused or offended.

Mo: ‘no’

Again, he looked up to Kenzie giggling again. She kicked him gently on his leg again.

Kenzie: ‘ok how big…or small…are you?’

Mo looked up at Kenzie in shock. Leaning forward, he whispered, ‘Are you seriously asking that?’

Kenzie leaned in forward suddenly, her lips less than an inch from Mo’s. Mo recoiled in intimidation at this goddess, which made Kenzie giggle again. ‘Yup,’ she whispered, before leaning back.

Mo: ‘ok’

Mo: ‘3.5 inches’

Mo heard a gasp and saw Kenzie was looking at him with a gaping mouth.

Kenzie: ‘seriously? I meant when ur dick is like fully hard’

Mo: ‘yeah 3.5in’

Kenzie: ‘well then’

Kenzie: ‘I’m looking forward to this nudist beach’

Mo almost dropped his phone. WHAT THE FUCK? He had no idea they were going to a nudist beach! He had just transferred money and Tyrone, a friend of Kenzie who she had definitely been fucked by, had handled all the bookings. He wasn’t looking forward to this, but since he couldn’t have a proper conversation in the bus with Kenzie, he left it for now.

Arriving at the hotel, they settled into their rooms. Most of the group, including Kenzie, decided to go to a nearby nightclub but Mo, who felt most people were eyeing him weirdly and in a non-friendly way decided not to. He wasn’t cool enough and certainly couldn’t dance his fat ass in a club! Locking his room, he settled down, connected his laptop to the hotel Wi-Fi and opened up his favourite porn sites as well as putting on an adult TV channel on the hotel TV. Sitting in a comfy sofa totally naked, Mo spent the next 5 hours stroking his tiny pathetic dick and edging to avoid ejaculating. Around 4am, however, he fell asleep, being very tired, and didn’t ejaculate.

The alarm sounded at 8am, shaking Mo awake. He remembered he had to be down at 9 for breakfast followed by going to the neighboring beach. Looking down, he saw his morning wood deflate. Turning off the laptop and TV, he quickly showered and put on khaki shorts and a T-shirt, cursing his still-sensitive but soft penis which badly wanted to ejaculate. Going down for breakfast he was greeted by the others and sat near Kenzie, who gave him a huge smile. Sitting next to her was an unknown muscular guy who was just in beach shirts – presumably whoever Kenzie picked up from the club last night to fill up her pussy with some real man cock. Mo noticed her giggling and placing her soft hands over his crotch and gently rubbing. His own cock got hard and at the same time he felt a pang of jealousy.

After breakfast, people got ready to go to the beach which was just outside the hotel. Mo went up to Kenzie and took her to the side.

‘Mo, why aren’t you ready yet? Go change into your beach shorts. You can’t come like that!’

‘Yeah sure, Kenzie, it’s just that I’m not sure about taking clothes off at the nudist beach,’ replied Mo.

‘Don’t be silly, Mo,’ laughed Kenzie, ‘Be proud of your body! Flaunt it!’

‘No, that’s not it, I just feel uncomfortable.’

‘Oh, Mo! Baby!’ Kenzie said as she laid a hand on Mo’s shoulder, ‘Please do it for me! I’ll be wearing my skimpiest bikini too!’

Mo was definitely tempted. ‘I…um…I,’ he stuttered.

‘Tell me, Mo, what’s the problem?’

Mo started getting nervous and felt his chest tighten as it did when his anxiety struck.

‘Kenzie, it’s just I’m scared…um…that…well…it’s a nude beach…’ Mo hesitated.

‘Oh, Mo! I understand now! It’s your first time at a nudist beach. You are worried what will happen if your little dickie gets an erection right?’ giggled Kenzie, mock punching Mo in the chest and making suggestive eye moments from looking at him to his crotch and then back at him.

Mo was taken aback and put his hands in his pockets to hide his rapidly growing erection in response to ‘little dickie.’

‘Um…yeah Kenzie, it’s so embarrassing,’ Mo said, looking down at his feet.

Kenzie thought for a while and then surprised Mo. ‘Ok then, just wear beach shorts! It’s a clothing-optional beach Mo, not a 100% only nudist beach. I wouldn’t want my best friend to feel uncomfortable!’ exclaimed Kenzie before hugging him and leaving to get changed. Mo felt his heart skip and his penis throb as he felt her big breasts press against his own fat chest. He immediately went to get changed and left with the group to the beach.

Part 3: Vulnerability


Arriving at the beach, Mo was embarrassed and had to keep his hands in his pockets continuously as his penis kept its erection as most of the people in the group started stripping. He could see hot blondes, brunettes and even the one red head, Julia, strip down to expose their tits, ass and pussy lips. On the other hand, Mo’s psyche took further blows as he saw that all the guys who stripped had much, much bigger dicks than him. There weren’t many men though, with the group being more than 90% female, which just felt more intimidating to Mo.

Kenzie, who had taken time to change, arrived just a bit later with her core group of girlfriends. Mo’s mouth lost its function and he really had to clench his Kegels when an involuntary ejaculation almost had him. Kenzie was in this red bikini. But OH MY GOD, was she a goddess? Definitely. Her blonde hair was waving freely in the wind. Her bikini top was so thin that a small patch just about covered her nipples, and Mo looked in drunk arousal as he saw her big soft white breasts bouncing as she ran. He being an ass man, his cock throbbed harder as she turned and revealed her ass to Mo. Her thong just went along her ass crack and completely exposed her bootylicious buttocks.

In that moment, Mo wanted nothing more than to have those soft divine hands of Kenzie’s pull down his beach shorts and underwear as her beautiful sexy divine face looked up at him with an irresistible divine smile; to have those seductive thick divine lips place a divine kiss on his throbbing cock head before wrapping around his cock and giving the best, and first, divine blowjob of his life; to put his cock between those big divine tits and thrust back and forth using Kenzie’s divine spit as lubricant; to kiss Kenzie’s divine neck, divine arms, divine tits, divine belly and finally make his way down to taste Kenzie’s divine pussy and suck on her divine clitoris and finger-fuck her until she moaned out a shivering orgasm (He cared about her cumming! What a nice guy! Why couldn’t he get girls?!?), occasionally also kissing her divine inner thigh which was, OH MY GOD, so soft and sexy; to kiss her divine ass cheeks and lick her sweet divine asshole before rimming her (Oh! What Mo wouldn’t give to spend the rest of his days just working away at Kenzie’s divine buttocks!); to then lose his virginity by slipping his throbbing tiny penis into Kenzie’s tight divine pussy (Mo fantasised her divine pussy would be tight despite the sheer number of cocks that had fucked her) as she lay on her divine back and thrusting his fat hips in and out, in and out, in and out…; to then taking his cock out, getting on his back, and having Kenzie get on top reverse cowgirl as she lowered her divine buttocks on to his dick and let it penetrate fully into her divine asshole (Oh! Oh! Mo’s penis was feeling so sensitive throbbing hard and twitching against his underwear, staining it with pre-cum, at the thought of anal sex with Kenzie! Mo was definitely an ass man!); to later put Kenzie in the doggy style position and continue thrusting in and out of her divine ass as she moans, ‘Fuck me harder, Mo! Fuck me harder,’ to Mo’s humiliation as his tiny dick simply couldn’t fuck harder; to finally having an ass-to-mouth as Kenzie gets her divine ass off his dick and sucks him off while looking up at him with her seductive blue divine eyes, just like in the porn movies Mo was addicted to; to finally, FINALLY, have Kenzie get on top in cowgirl position and put his dick in her divine pussy and start bouncing while moaning ‘Cum for me, Mo! Blow that load for me, baby!’ which would cause him to tense up, clench his ass, and finally shoot his beta male inferior semen straight up into her divine pussy, stream after stream, spurt after spurt, while yelling ‘Kenzie, my goddess! Oh, Kenzie! I’m cumming for you, my goddess! I’m spurting!’ followed by Kenzie falling next to him and have him go down on her and suck some of the semen out of her divine pussy before kissing her and having her swallow the semen as their tongues intertwine while he rubbed both her divine tits vigorously and she massaged his spent ball sack with one hand and softly stroked his soft penis with the other; and then, at peace, to cuddle naked in bed in a post-orgasmic collapse, his head resting on one of Kenzie’s divine tits (Kenzie being taller than Mo), her divine thigh gently pressed up against his now soft penis. Oh, Mo could indeed fantasise just like any other pathetic beta male.

Some of Kenzie’s girlfriends noticed Mo’s intense stare and pointed it out to her, to which Mo immediately looked in the opposite direction. Kenzie and her small, core group of friends hadn’t stripped down, so Mo felt a bit of relief that he wasn’t the only clothed guy.

However, before he realised it, most of the group had gathered near to Mo, led by Kenzie. All the guys and some of their girlfriends had left to play naked volleyball a bit up the beach, so Mo found himself surrounded just by a group of mostly naked girls.

‘Uh…hello?’ Mo said stupidly, nervously.

‘You were checking me out like mad, Mo,’ Kenzie giggled, ‘Seems unfair that you are clothed!’

‘Wait, what?’ Mo said, shocked, ‘But you said I could wear shorts! It’s a clothing optional place!’

‘Well, girls, do you know why Mo wanted to wear shorts?’ Kenzie asked, looking around. All the girls shook their heads, giggling at Mo’s obvious nervousness.

‘Tell us, Mo!’ they all shouted.

‘Kenz…Kenzie, w-w-what is this?’ Mo stuttered nervously.

‘Answer the fucking question, bitch!’ Kenzie snapped, causing Mo to recoil and the girls to break out in laughter.

‘Um…in case I got a hard on?’ This just caused more laughter, adding to Mo’s humiliation.

‘Yeah, but there’s another reason you aren’t telling us, right? So go on, tell us!’ smirked Kenzie.

Mo was fucked. Not literally, no chick would ever want to fuck his tiny dick and fat ugly disgusting beta male loser body, but he knew he was in a tense situation. He was aroused, but also afraid. How did Kenzie possibly know he wanted to avoid nudity to avoid the embarrassment of outing himself as a small dick loser in front of so many girls. And news of his beta male status would spread to the whole of the university if so many girls knew! Yes, he jerked off to small penis humiliation captions and femdom/CFNM porn videos but this was real life; he couldn’t have the students he spent his time at university knowing about his lack of endowment and inferior masculine status!

‘Tell us, Fatty Mo!’ Kenzie shouted, causing all the other girls to also shout, ‘Fatty Mo! Tell us!’

But Mo was petrified and squeaked out, ‘There isn’t another reason! I just…feel uncomfortable.’

‘Alright girls, get him!’ snapped Kenzie. Mo tried to run but his obesity meant he couldn’t run, and he was quickly swarmed by the girls, two of whom held his hands behind his back. Kenzie came up to him and said, ‘Well, let’s see what else you got!’ and pulled down his beach shorts and underwear in one go!

This was definitely not what Mo was thinking when he fantasised about Kenzie stripping him off.

All went silent for 5 seconds, followed by a gasp. Then, the sound of a man having his fragile masculinity completely shattered by the superior female of the species reached his ears, as the entire group of girls began roaring with laughter. Kenzie couldn’t help herself, and was covering her mouth with her hand as she laughed at the site in front of her.

With his clothes at his feet and two strong girls holding his fat body in place, Mo was entirely naked in front of so many girls. His penis was fully erect, at 3.5 inches, and was pointing slightly upwards. His groin and ballsack were all shaved, not that it was going to help a shitty person like Mo. He was so humiliated and embarrassed. The girls roared louder with laughter as they noticed his cock starting to twitch!

‘Wow, Mo, I thought you gave off small penis vibes, but you have such a pathetically small penis!’ Kenzie exclaimed, laughing.

‘Well, have we ever seen a guy give off small penis energy who actually DOESN’T have a small penis?’ asked Jasmine, a friend of Kenzie’s, causing everyone to bend over laughing, ‘So pathetic!’

‘No one’s ever gonna respect a fat guy like you with a tiny dick, Mo,’ said Kylie, a beautiful sexy blonde with a sweet juicy ass Mo had masturbated to many times previously while fantasising about kissing her ass cheeks and rimming her, ‘You don’t deserve the respect a real man deserves.’

‘Yeah, Mo, if you ever get, like, an arranged marriage, which you’ve told me before is a possibility, your wife definitely won’t respect you and will definitely cheat on you!’ said Kenzie, causing more laughter.

‘I bet he’s hard for you Kenzie! He was staring at your ass so much!’ said another girl, Alexis.

Mo was so humiliated at this point, but having realised his beta male status a while back, he was aroused as fuck! He just prayed that this didn’t go outside this group of girls and to the rest of the uni, or he would be fucked!

‘So, were you hard for me, Mo?’ Kenzie asked.

‘I…it’s…well…’ hesitated Mo. All of a sudden, a blinding pain overtook him and he would have fallen if not for the two girls holding him! Without warning, Kenzie had kicked him, landing her bare foot right on his nut sack!

‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!’ screamed Mo, as the girls burst out in laughter.

‘You pathetic fatty, answer me!’ said Kenzie.

‘Yes! Yes, I’m hard for you!’ shouted Mo.

A series of ‘Oohs!’ and ‘Aahs!’ went around. ‘What a pathetic beta,’ said Alexis, causing everyone to laugh again.

Kenzie picked up Mo’s phone from inside his beach shorts.

‘What’s the passcode?’ she demanded. The group of girls got closer as they were curious what could be on a pathetic beta male’s phone.

Mo was about to protest, but stopped as Kenzie made a fist and brought it close to his exposed pathetic tiny cock and balls.

‘152745,’ panted Mo, getting intensely nervous as he realised the humiliating shit in his phone. And indeed, what shit that was!

The girls all stood laughing as they saw all the history of porn on Mo’s phone. Kenzie laughed as she noticed his fetish for small penis humiliation and female domination, and so did the others. ‘Of course, a beta virgin like you is a porn addict and chronic masturbator,’ declared Sarah, a blonde with tits too small but a nice pair of juicy buttocks.

All of a sudden, they went silent. The girls observed in disgust as his photos showed pictures of Mo’s penis and videos of him jerking off and cumming, videos of him playing with his asshole, and so on. Laughter returned as they came across videos that showed Mo completely naked, face included, jerking off and then ejaculating over printed pictures of sexy women while moaning over their names. Quick Google searches on the girl’s phones showed those names to be porn actresses, causing much laughter and humiliation for Mo at being outed for these ‘cum tributes.’

But suddenly these expressions of disgust turned to shock as Kenzie opened up a folder called ‘Real Life.’ Inside were Facebook pictures of most of the girls present. Most of the Facebook and Instagram pictures, however, were Kenzie’s. The silence became even more deafening when a video was played of Mo masturbating and ejaculating onto a printed picture of Kenzie.

The girls looked up at Mo.

‘WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU PERVERT!’ Kenzie yelled, and landed a kick on his cock and balls.

Mo’s screams of pain were drowned out as all the girls joined in kicking and punching his naked body. Before any serious injuries could result, Kenzie stopped the assault, and asked the girls to form a circle around Mo. She forwarded all the contents of Mo’s phone to all the girls.

‘Please, Kenzie, please I’m so sorry,’ begged Mo, like the pathetic pervert he was, ‘I won’t do this again! Please don’t let anyone outside this group know!’

‘Ok, Mo, fine, but you are gonna jerk your tiny dick on camera for us now!’ declared Kenzie, eliciting loud laughter from the girls, ‘Your dick is hard anyway, tiny as it is. I suppose you got turned on by all this humiliation.’

Knowing he had no choice, but also aroused, Mo got up to his knees and, wrapping his left hand around his cock, started stroking. He felt a strong sense of shame and arousal as Kenzie and the girls started getting out their phones and taking pictures and videos.

‘Come on, Mo, play with your pathetic balls too!’ shouted Nikki, a French brunette, so Mo massaged his balls with his right hand too.

Within 3 minutes, given he didn’t ejaculate last night but had been stroking for 5 hours, Mo felt the need to ejaculate. He wasn’t sure if that was allowed, so he slowed down.

‘Um…I think I’m gonna cum!’ Mo said, humiliated.

‘Wow, such a beta male! You can’t even last long!’ Kenzie insulted him, causing all-round laughter except from Mo.

‘What should I do girls?’ Kenzie asked.

‘Let the pervert cum!’ shouted Jasmine, ‘I’m bored and wanna move onto the next part.’ Mo wondered what that was.

‘Alright, SmallPenisMo, you heard Jasmine,’ said Kenzie. This phrase got even more laughter, as the girls started chanting, ‘SmallPenisMo! SmallPenisMo! SmallPenisMo!’

Mo couldn’t control himself. The chanting, the humiliation, his goddess Kenzie in front, it was all too much!

‘Ah ah ah aaaaaaahhh!’ Mo moaned as he clenched his ass cheeks and felt his ball sack and penis tightening, followed by ecstasy as his semen went spurting 2 metres ahead into the air, spurt after spurt, landing on the sand. The roar of laughter was tremendous and the phones could be seen pointing at the trail of cum before focusing back on Mo.

‘All right Mo, listen up,’ Kenzie said, ‘You wouldn’t want everything we recorded to go up online for everyone in not just the uni, but the whole world, to see, right?’

‘No,’ whimpered Mo, gently stroking his penis pathetically for the post-ejaculation buzz.

‘Then you’ll do everything we say, won’t you?’

Mo agreed, defeated, punished for his perversions. He was allowed to walk back to the hotel before the others and took a shower. When he came for dinner though, he was greeted to more chants of ‘SmallPenisMo!’ which caused him to cry in front of the whole group and run back to his room.

That night, Mo decided to get a bit drunk and then go to Kenzie’s room. Knocking on her door, he was surprised to see she was alone.

Falling on his knees, Mo confessed, ‘Kenzie, I love you! I’ve always loved you! Please, I’m sorry, can you please delete everything?’

‘Aaaaaahhhhhh!’ shouted Mo, in blinding pain as her foot kicked him in the crotch.

‘You fucking pervert! You are just a fat ugly beta! You don’t deserve me! How dare you come and say that when you have a pin dick like that?’ shouted Kenzie, as laughter from the people next door reached Mo’s ears, ‘You are gonna do exactly as we say or else!’

Part 4: Ending


All that summer, Mo gave all the money from summer jobs to the girls and did whatever they asked.

Come term time again, however, Mo was mortified to learn Kenzie, being a rich sexy goddess who had the right to do whatever she wanted to perverted small-dicked betas like Mo, had sent all the materials around the whole uni.

He was forever labelled SmallPenisMo.

Two weeks into term, on a Wednesday night, Mo got drunk and leaped off a tall building on campus. He died, believing that the humiliation and death were punishment for his twisted, sick psyche.

But even in his final moment his perversion had got the better of him. On the roof, uninhibited due to the alcohol, Mo had stripped down and made sure to jump backwards so he landed on his back. Everyone who saw his body in the morning would still glimpse his small penis. That’s how fucked up a damaged mind can be.