Mom gets pregnant 7


Josh and Joey each reached out and inserted a shaky forefinger between the raggedy little lips of Laura’s open cunt. The boys heard her gasp when their fingers pushed into her pussy a little more deeply.

“Did we hurt you, Mom?” Josh asked, quickly pulling his finger out of her pussy.

“Oh no, darling, you didn’t hurt me. It feels just wonderful. Put your finger back in me, Josh. I just love having fingers in my cunt. You can’t imagine how wonderful it feels.”

“Gosh, Mom, you’re all hot inside there. Wow! It sure feels neat!” Joey said.

“Is it wet and silky, darling? Do you feel my cunt grasping at your finger? Wiggle your finger a little, darling. That’s right. Oh yes, darling. That feels so good! It’s making my cunt tingle and twitch inside. Move your fingers in my cunt. Try to put two fingers up inside me, darlings. Oh God, yes! Yes! Move those fingers, boys! Oh, how wonderful!”

When Joey’s hand was covered with the pussy-juice from his mother’s beautiful blonde cunt, he put his hand to his lips and licked it up.

“Oh honey, oh Joey, do kiss me there! I’m so hot for a sweet pair of loving lips between my legs. Kiss me there, darling. And if you like the taste of my cunt, feel free to lick and suck at it awhile.”

“How about me, Mom? Can I lick you, too” Josh asked, almost drooling with hunger for his mother’s sweet cunt.

“Yes, Josh, you may lick me, too. I want you both to kiss and lick my dripping cunt.”

Both boys licked and sucked their mother’s sweet cunt. Joey licked and sucked on her clit knob as Josh ran his tongue in and out of her sweet pussy.

“Put your faces between my legs at the same time and eat me! Eat my hot cunt! Oh, God! I feel so wild! My own sons! Jesus! It’s so hot between my legs! Make me even hotter, boys!”

The hot-assed mother moaned as the boys dived between her legs and started licking and kissing her wet cunt.

“Oh, fuck! Fuck! This is great, Mom! I’ve never done anything like this before! It sure tastes good!” Josh exclaimed, his voice muffled by his mother’s dripping cunt.

“Lick me, boys! I want both tongues in my cunt! Lick me! Oh, God! This is just wonderful. Lick my fucking hot cunt! Both of you, put your tongues way up inside me! Deeper! Deeeeper!” She cried in a voice that quivered with excitement.

Laura wrapped her long lithe legs around the boys’ shoulders and held their faces up against her dripping cunt. She started moving her ass, gyrating her pelvis and grinding her lusty cunt against the boy’s faces.

“Oh God, yes! I’m so hot! I need cock now, boys! I need big hard cocks!” She moaned, forcing herself to release her hold on the boys and let them come up for air.

“Are your cocks hard and ready for me, guys? Do you have what I need?”

“I need a stiff cock… I want it…” Moaned Laura.

“Oh, shit yeah, Mom! If you want a stiff one, I’ve got it right here!” Joey said, jumping to his feet and presenting her with his rigid prick.

“Me too, Mom! I got one that’s real hard! I’ve never been this hard before!” Josh rasped.

“You have such beautiful cocks, boys. They’re so hard and hot! They’re positively dripping with excitement! Come to me, boys. Let me have a closer look at those lovely pricks. Kneel down beside me, boys. Kneel close together. Closer, boys. That’s just perfect. Ummmmm! They look delicious! Do you mind if I kiss them, boys?”

She smiled wickedly, staring with glittering eyes at the long hard pricks the boys offered her. Both of the twins were hornier than they had ever been in their lives. Their pricks were hugging their lean young stomachs and jerking with excitement. Their cocks were slippery with the clear pre-cum that had been constantly oozing from their cock-heads while they had been eating her cunt. The boys almost passed out from an excess of pleasure when she bent down and planted a warm wet kiss on the swollen head of each boy’s naked prick.

“So tasty!” She smiled, licking her lips and looking up at the boys.

“Are… Are you gonna suck ’em, Mom?” Josh asked, his balls swelling with excitement.

“Oh yes, Josh. I’m going to suck them. I’m going to wrap my lips around those big beautiful cocks and suck them very, very hard. I’m going to make them do something that you’re going to enjoy. I’m going to make both of your cocks squirt hot cum into my mouth. I’m going to suck you off and make you shoot your loads, then I’m going to drink it.”

“Oh shit! Sheeeeeit!” Joey shouted at the top of his voice.

“Your cocks both look delicious. I suppose I should expect that from identical twins, shouldn’t I. But there is one difference. Joey, darling, you have a nice foreskin on your cock. Just look at that, darling. I just love to nibble at foreskin. I knew not having you circumcised would come in handy one day.”

The hot-blooded mother began working on Joey’s hard prick first, sucking and nibbling at his foreskin at the same time. She caught the shroud of flesh between her teeth and very gently tugged at it, pulling it over his swollen cock-head and letting it snap back. She repeated this several times before she began taking the boy’s hard cock all the way down her sucking throat.

“Mom, Mom, that feels great! I never felt anything like that before! Gosh, Mom, it’s so fucking good! Keep sucking it, Mom! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop! Keep sucking it forever, Mom!”

Laurie knew that she wouldn’t be able to suck Joey’s cock forever, not that she didn’t want to. She knew, however, that the boy would soon be ready to shoot a wad of hot jism right down her throat. The kids were just too hot and bothered to hold onto their cum-loads much longer. She began bobbing up and down on Joey’s rigid prick, her long golden hair flying in the breeze.

“Oh, shit! Jeez! I think I’m gonna… Gosh, Mom… I’m coming! I… Oh, shit! Here it comes! Oh, fuck! Fuck! Take it! Oh, please keep sucking it, Mom!” The boy pleaded as his climax exploded, his cock shooting blast after rapid-fire blast of hot cum down his mother’s sucking throat.

“Shit, man! That must be something else! Mom, please suck mine, too! I really need to shoot off! My balls are hurtin’, Mom! You’ve been making me so fucking horny I can’t stand it anymore! Please suck me off like you did Joey!” Josh begged.

When Joey’s cock stopped shooting his cum down her throat, Laura pulled her mouth off his cock and smiled up at the boy, his hot thick cum glistening on her lovely lips. She licked her cummy lips and planted a kiss on the boy’s dribbling prick. The kid was panting after his body racking orgasm, his heart racing wildly in his chest.

“Wasn’t that fun, darling? Wouldn’t you like to have an orgasm like that again?” She breathed.

“Oh yes, Mom!” The boy said breathlessly.

“It’s your turn, Josh. Are you ready for what I’m about to do to you? Are you ready to have your cock sucked for the first time in your life?”

“Oh, shit yeah, Mom!” The kid rasped, his cock throbbing unbearably.

“I believe you are, darling. Your cock is so hard! You’re so tense. Why, every muscle in your body seems hard!” She smiled, running her loving hand first over his hard stomach and then over his kneeling legs.

“You need to release that tension, darling. Let me help you, Josh.”

Then she wrapped her fingers around the slippery shaft of Josh’s hard-on. Laura pulled her son’s unyielding prick out away from his belly and sucked the swollen cock head into her mouth. She wrapped her tongue around Josh’s rock-hard cock and licked and sucked on the underside of his shaft. She looked up into her son’s eyes and he into hers as he felt like there would be blasts of hot cum going down her throat. Josh closed his eyes and saw stars when his balls suddenly released all their pent up energy through his prick.

His cock and balls felt as if they had been struck by lightning. He thrust out his prick and forced it down his lovely mother’s throat until his balls were crushing up against her chin. Every spasm in his cock and balls made his body jerk with pleasure. Laura almost drowned on the huge volume of cum the boy poured into her throat. She coughed, pulling her head away from his impaling cock.

“Oh God, Josh! I didn’t know a young man could have so much cum in his balls! Just look at it running down my naked tits,” she moaned, rubbing her hands over her cum-soaked tits.

She held their cocks and slowly stroked them for a moment or two.

“Was it nice, boys? Did you like what I did for you?”

“Will you do it again?” Joey asked, his balls already stirring between his naked legs.

“Please, Mom. Please suck us off again?” Josh added.

“But, boys, surely you can’t be ready again so soon! Why don’t we have a nice swim first? I haven’t been swimming in the raw for a long, long time. I’ll bet that by the time we’ve had a refreshing little swim, my pussy will be all hot and ready for a good fucking!”

“You… You mean you’d let us fuck you? In… In your cunt?” Josh asked in amazement.

“Both of us?” Joey asked, staring at her downy golden cunt.

“I’d just love to be fucked by two such horny studs!” She said, standing up and walking toward the shimmering pond.

The boys followed their lusty mother in enraptured silence, watching with glittering eyes the rising and falling of her naked ass-cheeks. When she dived in, the twins followed her. Soon the air was filled with the shouts and laughter of three horny revelers having a wild time in the buff.

The boys’ hands were all over their naked mother’s luscious body. When she dived underwater, the boys swam beneath her and nibbled at her tits. When she raced with the boys, they tried to push their faces between the cheeks of her lovely ass, blowing bubbles over the golden tuft of her hot cunt.

Laurie was having such a good time with the them that she hated to leave the water. It was getting late, however, and she knew that Jimmy and Michael would soon be wondering where she had wandered off to.

“Let’s not bother to put our clothes back on, boys,” she suggested when they were back on the rocks again. “I think I’d like a naked walk through the woods with you boys.”

“But… Uh… What if Jimmy and Michael see us?” Joey asked, looking down at his hard-on and glancing over at his brother’s stiff prick.

“Yeah, Mom, they’ll know what we’ve been doin’,” Josh said. “You don’t want anybody to find out, do you?”

“Something tells me your brothers won’t be too shocked to find out we’ve been up to something. Let’s not worry too much about their reaction, boys. Just follow me back to camp.”

Josh and Joey gave each other a puzzled look and followed their hot assed mother. Their rigid pricks bounced up and down in front of them as they walked through the bushes and down the path. They couldn’t help staring at the tuft of golden pussy hair that appeared from time to time between the lower cheeks of her ass as she walked. Joey even ducked down several times to catch a glimpse of her cunt. Laura loved being the object of such rapt attention. She knew that when they got back to the campsite she would be the object of even more attention, attention from all four of her young sons.

By the time she and the boys got back to the camp, it was starting to get dark. Jimmy and Michael had already gotten a good fire going at the center of the camp. The firelight cast dancing shadows on the trees surrounding the camp. It was this dancing light that illuminated the naked Laura and the twins when they entered the clearing.

Jimmy and Michael were sitting by the fire when they saw the totally unexpected sight. Both boys suddenly jumped to their feet and stared, with their mouths wide open.

“Don’t be so surprised, darlings. It’s only your little brothers and me,” Laura teased, standing by the fire and tossing her slightly damp golden hair behind her.

“But you’re naked and… Gee whiz… Josh and Joey are, too!” Michael said in a shocked voice.

“You guys have hard-ons! What the hell’s been goin’ on out there?” Jimmy asked, watching his little brothers trying to hide their pricks in their obvious embarrassment.

“Oh, boys, don’t be silly! Of course they have!”

The two older brothers scrambled out of their pants and stood naked before their mother.

She told all four of her stiff-pricked boys to stand closer together. When they formed a tight circle around her, she got on her knees in the grass by the fire and sucked each boy’s cock in turn. They wrapped their arms around each other’s shoulders for support and held on for dear life as their lusty mother brought them all to the brink of ball-busting ejaculations.

When Laura thought the boys were ready, she stopped sucking and told them she wanted to get fucked. The boys were more than eager to dip their pricks in her honey-pot. They almost fought over the opportunity to fuck her first. She made them take turns like gentlemen, however. She lay on a sleeping bag and threw up her naked legs, opening herself lewdly for her sons.

One boy after another fell on her and drove his hard cock deep into her seething cunt. She could soon tell which boy was fucking her from the way he did it and from the feel of his cock in her cunt. She kept her eyes closed while the youths fucked her cunt, abandoning herself to the pure pleasure their stroking cocks were bringing her.

“Are you ready to shoot your wad up my cunt, Michael? Are you ready to try to make me pregnant again?”

“Can I now, Mom? I really wanna! I gotta do it!” The kid rasped.

“Shoot it in me, Michael! Oh, God! I’m going to flash off right now! Breed me! Pump it deep! Breed meeeeee!” She screamed at the top of her voice when her orgasm hit.

Michael grunted and growled in the heat of his pleasure when his balls finally emptied their hot potent-load into his mother’s greedy cunt. One boy after the other took his place between his mother’s cunt and fucked in and out of her until he shot his wad of potent seed.

Laurie’s cunt was so hot from all the fucking that she came again and again, whimpering and moaning each time her pussy flashed. The air was soon filled with moans and groans and whimpers and grunts of pure delight.

When the boys and their lusty mother had rested from their wild fuck, they went at it again, this time fucking her dog-style until each boy once again shot off in her hot pussy. With this much sperm in her she knew she would get pregnant now. That made her cum again just thinking about it.

Then it was back down to the swimming hole for a moonlight dip and more sucking and fucking on the rocks in the cool night breeze. Laura was in heaven. She had never been so completely satisfied in her life. She had four horny and tireless young studs to keep her happy. She knew that she and her four sons would be finding many more excuses to go camping in the future.

When the five exhausted fuckers finally entered their tent to sleep, the boys all wrapped their arms around their mother, and she drifted off into the most peaceful sleep she had ever known.

In two months she found out she was pregnant and she knew that one of her son’s was the father. But which one?!