I lied naked in bed exposed, like a healthy 16 year old. I was innocent, never had a girlfriend, so I fantasized about sex.
I don’t know if this has happened to you too, but for several months now I have been thinking of my mother when I masturbate.
I’ve read that guys my age do that.
My father died 2 years ago and my mother was the only one near me.
with whom I spent the most time.
So she became the object of my sexual desire.
I imagined my mother while masturbating, I have to admit, I would usually be faster and harder when masturbating on my mother.
I still started helping my mother in the house, in order to be near her as much as possible.
One evening mom walked in a bra, she had beautiful breasts. solid and very attractive.
I went to my room and began to pull on my cock, just as I was about to cum, I heard the door to the room open.
Mom was standing at the door and caught me putting on my penis.
I stiffened as did my cock, mom looked at my hard cock
and then into me.
I didn’t want to interrupt you, she said calmly and motherly.
Her eyes dropped to my cock again, as if she expected me to continue masturbating.
She asked, son, are you not going to continue?
Sorry mom, I said. She came to the bed, sat next to me and stroked my hair.
It’s okay, I’m not mad.
I could not look her in the eyes, but my eyes were looking at her breasts.
You didn’t, I asked. She smiled.
Of course not. I already knew you were doing it, at your age that’s what young guys do.
You do this every night, she asked?
Probably, I said.
She looked worried. What is it honey?
I was quiet for a few moments. I…well lately I’ve been thinking about you when I do that.
Really, I could have expected that, you see me every day and boys usually have sexual fantasies about their mothers.
I felt somewhat comforted but still embarrassed.
From her touch, my penis started to twitch under the blanket, I felt like it might explode.
I shouldn’t have interrupted you. still touching me.
I looked at her in surprise, do you allow me to fantasize about you?
Of course, at least I know you’re doing it, but then that means I’ll be fantasizing about you myself.
I was delighted with that idea. Does he really think of me when he masturbates?
Of course I mean if that’s what you want, she laughed.
Her motherly touch suddenly turned into something else.
Mom if you keep touching me I will, I felt like my penis was going to explode. She said in a low voice, jerk off for me while you eject the young sperm. Her words shocked me, but my hand found its way to my cock, I started to pull it on.
Mom opened the robe from which the breasts popped out.
Uhhhh…I jerked faster and faster, I felt my face spasm.
That’s it, said mom. Shoot your sperm for mom.
I moaned and felt my sperm coming out of my cock.
I was trembling, it was the most intense feeling.
She continued to caress me, touching my cum.
Was that good, she asked?
Blo is great, I said.
She opened the robe and threw it aside. She was now completely naked.
I turned to have a better view of her body, she let me look a little and then spread her legs.
I was delighted by her vagina, which was neatly shaved.
She started playing with herself, running her fingers over the slit of her pussy.
Watch carefully so you can imagine it later when you masturbate that big cock.
Her fingers were buried in her pussy, when she started to moan, my penis came to life. I started getting him hooked on the scene of mom masturbating.
After she finished, she came close to my erect cock, quickly put it in her mouth, I felt a warm and moist sensation as she sucked it.
I sighed and threw my head back when I came in her mouth.
She didn’t let go of my cock, she swallowed my cum and continued to suck my cock. I couldn’t believe the pleasure my mom gave me.
When she sucked the last drop of my liquid, we were both exhausted.
We lay down on the bed, I asked after a few moments.
Can I still think of you when I masturbate?
Don’t you dare, she said with a smile.
I never want to see you masturbating again, if you want to masturbate, you have to let mom do it for you.
I nodded and said that sounded good.

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