Mr Gleeson. Part 2.

He slammed her harder feeling his cock deep in her wet pussy.

Claire rubbed Dana’s clit faster. Dana pulling against her restraints as her mother pushed her pussy down into Dana’s face. Her moans of pleasure and pain muffled by her mother wet moist underwear covered pussy lips. Her tongue and lips sucking her mothers wet underwear.

Morris let out a big groan as he orgasmed.

” Oh Shit ” he said as he released his cum into Dana’s pussy. His white cream filling the young teen pussy.

” That’s it baby. ” Claire said smiling. ” Just what she needs opening Dana’s labias seeing her stretched vagina hole with Morris shaft deep in her. His creamy juices oozing out the sides. She leant in licking Dana’s clit as Morris pulled out of her.

Morris knelt next to Dana lifting his cock to her mouth.

” Suck it clean for mummy. ” Claire said looking at Dana. Claire got off Dana and knelt on the floor pushing her tongue into Dana’s clit and pussy. She licked and sucked all of Morris cum off her. His cock in her mouth again sucking it clean.

Claire kissed up Dana’s body, up her stomach to her breasts. Claire caressed her breasts licking around her nipples.

” You have nice breasts my darling. Mummy loves your breasts. ” She said kissing her cheek as Morris moved his cock in her mouth.

Claire then sat up straddling Dana’s stomach. She reached behind her back undoing her bra taking it off. Morris reached over caressing Claire’s breasts. They leant towards each other kissing over Dana bound to the bed.

They stopped kissing. Claire leant down as Morris took his cock out of her mouth. Claire put her hand around it stroking.

” You know darling, your biology teacher wears my underwear while he teaches you. I find that so sexy, maybe one day he can wear your underwear while he teaches you, what do you think darling. ” Claire said.

” Yes. ” She said.

” Good, would you like that Morris ? ” .

” Yes, ” he said smiling.

” Good, its settled. Now its time to continue your discipline your naughty bitch. ” Claire said.

Claire got up taking off her underwear. She put them to her face sniffing them.

” Mummy’s pussy smells nice. ” She said. She sat next to her putting them to her nose. ” Sniff them. ” She said. Dana smelt her mothers panties. Morris picked up the dildo pushing Dana’s hops on to there side. He rubbed it over her arse and pussy. Claire pushed her underwear into Dana’s mouth. She sat leaning back leaning over Dana’s hips watching Morris fuck her with the dildo, his cum oozing out of Dana’s pussy. Claire slapped Dana’s arse cheek the red marks still visible.

” That’s it. Fuck her. ” Claire said.

She stood up and went to her drawer pulling out a strap on dildo. She put it on and walked over to her daughter. She knelt on the bed taking her underwear out of her mouth.

” Suck it. ” Claire said pulling Dana’s head to the dildo. Dana’s mouth now full with the strap on sucking it as Morris fucked her pussy with the dildo. ” Good girl. ” Claire said watching Dana suck the dildo. ” Suck it hard. ” She said.

Morris lifted Dana’s leg leaning it between her legs licking her clit and labias tasting his cum still dribbling down her leg. He licked over her anus and up her arse crack keeping the dildo in her pussy. Morris stood up and moved next to Claire from behind Dana. He knelt next to her kissing her fondling her breasts.

” Shes sucking my cock. ” Claire said.

” Good girl. ” Morris said smiling down at Dana. He started sucking Claire’s nipples and fondling her breasts. Claire holding Dana’s head on her dildo.

” Think its time you fucked her. ” Morris said. Claire moved behind Dana spreading her arse cheek guiding the dildo into her daughters pussy.

Dana moaned as her mother fucked her slowly. Morris putting his cock into Dana’s mouth again bunching her hair in his hands pulling her head up and down his cock watching her mother fuck her from behind with the dildo.

” Lovely you little slut. ” Claire said watching her dildo fuck her and her suck Morris cock.

” Right darling. ” Claire said pulling her dildo out. She undid her cuffs and stood her up. She reached into her unlocked drawer and pulled out a collar, she put it around Dana’s throat. She pulled out more restraint cuffing her hands together. She tied the restraints to the clip on her collar behind her back.

Dana stood her hands tied behind her neck. Claire pulled out a ball gag putting it in her mouth. Morris standing playing with his cock. Claire pulled out nipple clamps putting them on.

” Bend over bitch. ” Claire said. ” Dana bend over. Claire tied her from the clip on her collar on the front to the bedhead. Claire knelt down putting black high heels on her feet. She put on a spreader bar on her ankles. Then slapped her arse.

Morris knelt behind her putting a butt plug in her arse. He pulled out the crop and hit her arse

” Ohhh ” Dana moaned. Morris then walked out of the room. Claire stood behind Dana sliding the Dildo into Dana’s pussy fucking her slapping her arse as she fucked her pussy with the strap on.

” You little bitch. ” Claire said. ” You like it ? ”

” Ummmmm ” Dana moaned through the ball gag.

” Good girl ” Claire said. ” I like fucking you. ”

Minutes later Morris returned with a ice tray.

Dana feeling helpless at the mercy of her mother and Morris. Morris pushed out a ice cube putting it on Dana’s back. She felt the cold ice slid down her spine. Morris pulled out another one putting it on her back, this time moving it over her back. Claire still fucked her.

After a while Claire pulled out of Dana. Morris sat on the bed.

Claire got a vibrating dildo and put it in her daughters pussy, she turned on the remote sending a sensation through Dana’s pussy.

” Ummmmmm ” Dana groaned. Claire stood in front of him. Morris held Claire’s hips sliding the strap on dildo into his mouth. Morris sucked it sliding a hand up her body to her breast fondling them. Claire reached over stroking Dana’s head as Morris sucked the dildo tasting Dana’s pussy juices on the dildo.

” Claire holding the controls to the dildo turned it on again for longer.

” Ummmmmmm, Ummmm. ” Dana groaned again then Claire turned it off.

Morris then got on the bed on his hands and knees. Claire pulled out a condom putting it on the dildo. She knelt behind Morris. With lube she lubed up Morris arse and the dildo. She looked at Dana smiling as she slowly pushed the dildo into Morris arse. She turned on Dana’s vibrator again.

” Ummmmmm. Ummmmmmm.Ummmmmmm. ” Dana groaned again as Claire pleasured Dana with the vibrator and fucked Morris up the arse with the dildo.

Dana couldn’t believe it as her mother was pegging Morris, controling the vibrator. She slapped his arse.

” Bark. ” She ordered.

” Woof woof. ” Morris barked as Claire fucked his arse.

” Good boy, isn’t he a good boy. ” Claire said to Dana.

” Ummmm ” Dana groaned.

Claire kept fucking his arse. She slapped his arse each slap he barked. Morris reached between his legs playing with his cock as Dana watched.

Five minuted later. Claire pulled out. She turned around. She gave Morris the remote. Morris turned it on. Dana groaned.

Claire took off her strap on she got on her hands and knees. Morris knelt behind her sliding his cock into her pussy. Dana watching as Morris fucked her mother. Claire groaning.

” Fuck me babe. ” Claire said. ” Fuck me hard. ” She said. Morris sped up fucking Claire harder. He slapped her arse hard with each thrust.

Dana watched as her mother was fucked by Morris. Not able to talk. Minutes later. Claire got up she untied cord that tied Dana to the bed.

Morris lay on the bed his legs dangling off at the knees. Claire took off the ball gag. Dana still tied her hands behind her back, nipple clamps on she knelt Dana between Morris legs, Dana looking at his hard cock.

Claire got on Morris reverse cowgirl reaching for his cock guiding it to her pussy. Dana watching it slid in and out of her mothers wet moist pussy. She knelt watching.

” Morris turned on the vibrator, Dana groaning as Claire groaned.

” Ahhhhhhh fucccccccckkkkkkkkkkk. ” Dana groaned. Leaning on the edge of the bed groaning Dana watched her mothers pussy ride Morris.

” Ooooooohhhhhh fuck. ” Claire groaned.

” Ahhhhhhhh fffffuuuuuuuuukkkkk. Fuck. ” Dana groaned.

Morris loving pleasuring both mother and daughter. Principal and student.

She listened to her mother groan, she listened to Morris groan as Claire rode him.

” Love watching mummy been fucked ? ” Claire said looking down at Dana.

” Yes mummy ” she said.

” Cum baby. ” Claire said.

” Yes miss. ” Morris said.

Claire knew Dana was close to orgasm.

” Orgasm with mummy. ” Claire said looking down at Dana.

” Ohhhh fuck. ” Dana groaned.

” YES. ” Claire yelled.

” FUCK FUCK. ” Dana yelled. Clare pumped Morris harder.

” YES. Yes Yes Yes YES. ” She yelled as Claire orgasmed.

” Oh FUCK. ” Dana yelled as she orgasmed.

” 15 Seconds later Morris cum filling Claire with semen.

” Oh fuck babe. ” Claire said.

” Fuck ” Dana groaned the vibrator now turned off.

” Oh shit yes, fuck me. ” Claire said as Morris filled her pussy.

” Shit yes. ” Morris said.

” Get up and lick my pussy. ” Claire said. ” Suck his cock clean to you little slut. ” Claire leant back further. Dana used her body to move closed to Morris cock. Claire lifted her arse letting Morris move towards Dana.

Dana leant in licking her mothers oozing pussy sucking up Morris semen. Claire opening her pussy and rubbing her clit. Morris hand sliding to Claire’s front holding her breast. Morris limp cock between his legs.

Claire lifted his softened cock to Dana’s mouth, oozing cum over the sheets. She put it in her mouth.

” Suck it clean bitch. ” Claire said watching her daughter suck it then get back to Claire’s pussy tasting Morris sour cum and her mothers wet moist pussy and pussy juices.

” Good girl darling. ” Claire said. ” Isn’t she a good girl ? ” Claire said to Morris.

” Yes she is. ” Morris said.

” Good girl. Nice and clean. Get it all out off mummy’s pussy, don’t want daddy to find any in there do we ? ” Claire said.

” No mummy. ” Dana replied.

” Yeh, and we don’t want your boyfriend finding any in your pussy do we. ” Claire said.

” No mummy. ” Dana said putting Morris cock back in her mouth licking and sucking his circumcised manhood.

” That’s my girl. ” Claire said. ” Lick it clean. ” A minute later watching Dana lick her teachers cock clean she lifted her head to her pussy again holding it against her pussy spreading her labias as her 17 yr old daughter licked her 55 yr old school principal mothers pussy clean of all her 79 yr old biology teachers cum.

Dana’s breasts with nipple clamps leaning against the bed. Her hands cuffed behind her back tied behind attached to the clip behind her neck attached to her collar, a butt plug up her arse.

Morris knelt behind her rubbing her arse and turned on the vibrator.

” Ummmmmm ” Dana groaned in her mothers wet moist pussy. Claire slid back on the bed more and lay Dana’s on the bed on her front her arse on the edge of the bed. Morris knelt behind her taking the vibrating dildo out he spread her arse cheeks kissing over her butt plug and vagina lips circling his tongue around them licking them and down to her clit then licking back up to her vagina opening. He pulled her butt plug out licking over her anus.

Claire stood up and stood behind her daughter watching Morris lick and kiss around her pussy.

” Is her pussy clean.? ” Claire asked Morris.

” Yes miss. ” Morris said.

” Good, we don’t want her boyfriend the dirty sluts fucking to find out another man is fucking that sweet delicious pussy do we.

” No miss. ” Morris said.

” What are we going to do with her now ? ” Claire asked.

Part 3 coming soon.