In the hospital

i was depressed and feel like hurting myself so I called my sister to tell her what was going on. We talked for awhile and the whole time she kept asking me if I was gonna hurt myself. I finally got tired of her asking so I said yes I feel like killing myself so she said I’ll talk to you later and hung up. I sat there wondering what I could do to feel better for an hour and someone began tapping on my front door. I got up and opened the door and there were to police officers one asked me my name and I told them so they told me my sister called them and said that I was going to kill myself so would they come see me. We are going to take you to the hospital where you’ll be seen by a doctor and they will decide if you need to stay or not. They handcuffed my hands behind my back and put me in they’re car and drove me to the hospital where they put me in a room so I started to try and sneak out of the hospital by crawling past the nurses station but was seen by a nurse. The nurse came over to me and said your not going anywhere and grabbed my arm so I tried to push her away so she yelled out for help and two other nurses came to help her. They surrounded me and said get up and go in that room so I freaked out and tried to get up and push my way outta there. One nurse fell to one knee as the other two just grabbed my arms I struggled with them until one said we need help I go get some and took off but came back with four nurses. We are gonna restrain you if you don’t do ass your told again they tried to grab my wrists so I fought them so they all grabbed a wrist or an ankle and forced me to do as they wanted one nurse left and soon came over with a syringe. What you giving him one nurse asked and the one with the syringe said haldol this should calm him down so they held me as still as they could and I was injected. They held me down for five more minutes then brought me up to my feet let’s restrain him just in case so they brought me to the room sat me on the gurney then laid me down as they quickly began to strap me down. They used leather straps to strap my wrists and ankles to the gurney and I started screaming so one nurse told me that if I wouldn’t shut up they would gag me but that only made me yell even louder one nurse pulled out a roll of surgical tape and cut off a large piece and stretched it over my mouth making it impossible for me to yell. They checked the straps then left.