my experience with my cousin

My cousin and I had some fun when we were about 9

It started with a family party we had. Every time we had one, we’d ask our parents if we could have a sleepover. On this day we were lucky and they agreed. The sleepover was at my house and it started like any other day. We played video games and played with stuffed animals in which we pretended to make them fuck each other . It was funny to us especially because we weren’t really familiar with sex or anything. Everything changed when it was time to go to sleep. My mom told us to go to sleep so we pretended we did. A couple minutes into pretending we were asleep, my cousin asked me “Do you want to get naked?” Me being a kid that was just starting to get horny agreed without a second thought. We took off our clothes and just stared at eachother. We had no idea what sex was or anything about it. We barely knew about porn but we didn’t watch it. We would do what we thought was sex which was to basically just hug eachother naked and occasionally lick each others dicks. Sadly we didn’t actually put them in our mouths. After a while we stopped and actually went to sleep. This went on for about a year but then we grew up and didn’t bring up the situation ever again. We realized it was a little weird so we kind of pretended it never happened.

Sorry if the story sucked but this is completely real and it actually happened. Please add my snapchat (secret_ac123)
I want to talk to people about this stuff.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅