My landlady and my sperm Pt. 2

For a few days after , I didn’t contact her much. To be honest I avoided her as much as I could. I left about work early, but returned rather late, or sometimes early enough to sneak about my room while the owner of the house was absent.
After those few days, something happened that I didn’t suspect: the company I was working for had a serious setback. The manager said I would have to wait a few weeks.
-Go home. We’ll call you. Maybe in three days, three weeks, or three months. You have to wait.
The recession has hit many companies. I, for a while, thought there was no problem, these three days would pass and I would be back at work in a while. However, after a few days, there was no phone call, but a letter came to me with some papers from the company about tax settlements. I already knew I was out of work. I started frantically looking for new employment, but to no avail….
Money was slowly running out, but I didn’t want to lose my flat. So one day when Jane came home, I told her what the situation was, but I didn’t want to lose my place to live and asked if I could pay when I found work again.
The homeowner made herself some coffee, walked from the kitchen to the living room, sat down in an armchair and after a while said:
-You will not have to pay for this time. However, there is one condition. Go to your room and come back immediately, but without your clothes.
I was surprised, but I went upstairs, took off my clothes and returned to the living room in just my panties.
While I was away, Jane covered the windows in both the living room and the kitchen.
I stood on the threshold of the living room. Jane was sitting in an armchair with a drink in her hand. She looked at me and with a slight smile said:
-underwear is also clothing.
-Jane- I stammered- After all, we shouldn’t….
-Take off your panties” she interrupted with a cold voice – today you are watching a film with me. The neighbours won’t see you, although they have seen you more than once.
-What’s this?
-Yes, right here in this living area in the middle of the room. Patricia was kneeling and you were holding her head and you were in her mouth. Clair told me this. She nearly called the police because she can’t see very well and she thought you were raping me in the mouth.
There was an awkward silence And I felt terribly confused because I didn’t think any of the neighbours could have seen the way I was playing with Patricia. Jane snapped her finger pointing at my panties and once again said:
-Take off your underwear and let yourself loose a bit. Today we can relax and watch a movie.
-This is very awkward- I said taking off my panties.
I sat down in the other armchair a few metres from Jane. She took a little drink from her glass and said:
-Totally unnecessarily worried. I watched you put your penis in your ex-girlfriend’s mouth, pussy and bum. I watched you masturbate and ride a large dildo until you ejaculated. You watched me as I masturbated. It would have been awkward for me to have you watching me when I was in bed with a man….
-I would rather not enter your bedroom- I protested.
-…and you would be masturbating to the scene- finished Jane’s sentence.
Jane was in her fifties and I would rather not watch a sex scene involving a woman my mother’s age, or even probably a little older. And to masturbate to such a scene? That would have been strange on my part, to say the least. Jane kept giving me the impression that she treated my ex-girlfriend almost like a daughter, and one who was younger than me.
-Would you like to watch a film with me? -The landlady asked me all of a sudden very cheerfully -I haven’t had anyone with me for a long time, and it’s very nice to watch with someone, you can exchange comments during the film.
-Sure, we can start – I replied.
-Do you want a drink?
-No thanks.
-If you change your mind, just say so. -Jane smiled and pressed the button on the remote control.
I didn’t expect that in, What I see on screen. The film Jane started to show me was retro British porn. A middle-aged lady with big tits was lying on the bed, a young black guy with a big penis was licking her pussy and pushing into her anus with his finger. After a long while the woman got up and changed position, the black guy stood in front of her by the bed and she took his sizable penis into her mouth, at the same time she grabbed his ball sack with her hand and massaged it at the same time sucking his sizable cock as deep as she could.
-Is it true,″ said Jane suddenly to me, `A friend told me that black penises are much bigger than white ones. Do you know anything about that?
-I think I’ll have something stronger after all,” I said, seeing that the scene on the TV screen had started to make me get an erection. Jane just smiled and reached behind her armchair and handed me a glass she had tucked in there, which I didn’t know about at all. I got up from my chair and reached for the glass, returned to my seat and immediately choked down half the contents. The drink was very strong, but it still didn’t make my penis start to droop.
-So,” Jane asked me again, -are they bigger than yours, or are you similar in size?
-I don’t know,” I replied after I took another big gulp from my glass, -I’ve never seen one in person, but I think probably the black cock is bigger than the white penis.
By this time, the black penis on the screen had started to penetrate the pussy of a middle-aged lady who was standing on all fours, and the black man’s thumb was disappearing into the asshole of a plump British woman.
– I guess playing in both holes must be very exciting, right? – Jane asked me looking at the scene on the screen.
-Yes,” I replied, -only sometimes it can be a bit in pain if the woman is not used to being attacked on two holes at the same time, or the penises are too big.
-O!- Exclaimed Jane- So have you had group fun before?
-No, while I was in one hole there was a toy in the other.
After not too long Jane said:
-Your penis is quite substantial and unsatisfied. Take it in your hand and do yourself good.
-Maybe later,” I said evasively.
-Maybe now though,” she replied, -Get up from your chair and come over. I want to see you masturbate.
I finished my drink in one gulp for courage and got up. I walked over to Jane, but I wasn’t looking at her. I was masturbating and on the screen I was watching a scene where a big black cock was moving very fast in the plump British girl’s ass.
I started massaging my penis while watching the black cock on the screen almost playing out the pussy and anus of the British plump woman. After quite a while I was close to ejaculating. Jane suddenly asked me:
-Are you cumming yet? -I just nodded my head but didn’t look in her direction. Eventually I started to gasp and gush cum, and at the very end when I had squeezed the last drops out of myself I looked down at my penis and almost fell over from the sensation. Underneath my penis I could see a hand extended, in which was held a glass of drink, and in this glass floated trickles of my cum. Jane took the glass back to her side, then took a toothpick with an olive impaled on it in her other hand and began to stir it in the drink like a spoon.

-Sit down,” the landlady said calmly to me, -you’re tired and your head is probably buzzing, so sit back and we’ll finish the film, but maybe don’t party any more, or you’ll have problems with the next summit.

The alcohol was humming in my head, I was almost lying in my chair looking once at the screen with the black penis deflating on the face of the middle-aged lady, and once at Jane who was smiling strangely and sipping her drink with the addition from me.

Jane got up and left the lounge and returned with two glasses, one of which she handed to me.

-Here, drink it in one go, it’s sobering.

I drank it all, although I soon realised that it was another drink and probably even stronger than the previous one.

It quickly started to get dark before my eyes and the last vision I had was of a screen with a group sex scene and Jane with her legs raised and spread, masturbating. I think she was using a vibrator, but I wasn’t sure about that. The film cut off…