The Bar

I too like Lacy worked as a bartender in a go go bar. It was a neighborhood bar and my brother in law and sister owned it. My sister was dying for me to work there because of my 34 DD tits. She asked me and I told her I would think about it. Well needless to say I said yes. I had experience as a bartender so the next day I went to work. I show up in a sweatshirt and jeans. My sister says to me this is a bar not a church. She says men will come in here just to see your tits. My sister leaves and the men are being men. They want to rip me so I put my hand out. This lasted one day. My sister came back with a bunch of low cut shirts and said now the men will appreciate you. The next day I put on this red shirt. My tits looked huge in it. I get to work and when the men start to come in, they first thing out of their mouths was, Carol’s got some great tits. Well now the want to put a tip inside my bra. I don’t mind but I don’t want anyone touching my nipples. Some men are just ignorant and when you tell them to stop, it actually means go.

My birthday is coming up and the bartenders say to me how about a birthday party. I said sure why not. A banner went up at the bar telling all the customers that my birthday is soon. The bartenders tell me no work for me all I have to do is dance. Since my birthday is in February I want to be nice and tan. I go to the tanning salon and I do get very dark. I also go to Victoria Secret and buy some naughty lingerie. I have this short, red satin robe so I buy a see through hot red bra and a matching thong. Well todays my birthday and I’m getting dressed. I put my bra and thong on and I put on my red pumps. I put my robe around me, tie it and I leave. It’s in the thirty’s outside so I use my automatic start to warm up my car. I’m driving to the bar and it seems every cop in the neighborhood is trying to get a peek at what I have on. The bartenders reserved a parking space right outside the bar. I walked in the doors were locked and the party started. The men were chanting Carol Carol, so up on stage I went. I was dancing and Ibtook my robe off and let it fall to the floor. The men were going crazy. They were throwing money at me, but also telling me to get naked. I laughed and said no not today. I would walk the bar and the men would put money in my bra. They were trying to touch my nipples. Ok fellas feel me up if you want to. I didn’t let anyone touch my pussy.

Well the party was over and everyone said they had a great time. Well now a year has gone by and it’s party time again. I put on this tiger print outfit I had. I also came with a matching robe and tiger printed pumps. I get inside the bar and it’s a repeat from last year. I get up on stage and my sister joins me. She asks the men how many of you want to see Carol’s tits. The men went crazy. My sister turned me around and took my bra off. She was playing with my nipples making them hard. Then she lit two matches and licked them and put them on my nipples. I turned around and said happy birthday to me. The men went nuts and I walked over to an older customer, Mike and asked him to blow them out. I get back on stage dancing and playing with my tits. I was putting my nipples in my mouth and the men were screaming let me suck them. Now the men are buying me shots. I’m not a big drinker so after a few I was very tipsy.

When I walked the bar the men saw I was on my way to being drunk. They would grab my tits, ouch and pull my nipples and some actually sucked them. My tits are very sensitive and I get very wet when a man plays with them. Some of the men aren’t satisfied with my tits they’re trying to put their fingers inside me as I’m standing there. I still have the sense to backup and pull away. Now the drinks are kicking in and I’m drunk. The bartenders put a blanket on the bar and the men are immediately after me like a shark. They pulled my thong down and I feel fingers going inside me. I can’t move so there is nothing I can do. I feel fingers going in and out of me and it’s Mike. I tell him don’t stop I’m going to cum. OMG I cum all over Mike’s fingers and he puts them in his mouth. He kisses me and he says you’re not only gorgeous, you taste good. My mind is racing because I don’t know what’s going to happen. Wow my nipples are rock hard and my pussy is soaked. There’s three men left in the bar and they carry the blanket to the pool table. Mike says Carol spread your legs because I’ve been wanting to fuck you for a longtime. I spread my legs and Mike’s cock is hard. I feel him enter my pussy and I moan in his ear fuck me Mike fuck me. I wrap my legs around Mike and every time he pushes his cock deeper in me, I squeeze my legs to keep his cock where it needs to be, inside me.

I cum twice and Mike says he’s going to cum. I tell him to cum in my mouth I don’t want to get pregnant. Mike pulls his cock out me and cums in my mouth. Next man is Kim. He’s a short Asian man. He climbs on top of me and slams his cock into me. What Kim lacked in size he made up for how fast he was fucking me. I now know why there are so many Asian people in this world. Kim came all over my tits. Last but not least was another old time customer. Leon is a short bald overweight man. I always thought he was special needs but he knew how to fuck me. I can’t believe this is happening, but he’s the last one to fuck me. Leon doesn’t listen and cums inside me. The bartenders dress me and drive me home. I’m in no shape to go to work. The day after when I go to the bar, I get a standing ovation from the men. I say thank you everyone and Mike comes over and puts a hundred dollar bill in my bra and he says Carol I can’t wait until next year. The parties and the sex went on for the next five years. When I met my husband and we got married, my party days were over. When my birthday came around the following year, the men were so disappointed it was like being at a funeral. My brother in law closed the bar not long after and he and my sister eventually got divorced. My hubby means the world to me and I wouldn’t want to have another party. I used to pass by the now closed bar and laugh to myself all the good times had by all.

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