My Lesbian sex experience with a teenage girl

I am Susy (name changed), 24 yrs old and I am sharing the story about my lesbian sex experience with a teenage girl. This incident took place when I was 22 years old and was studying in the city away from my hometown. I maintained my stats well slim and had a nice figure. I was living alone in a hostel room. After my college hours, I always went to the local store to buy various stuff for myself, be it snacks or some drinks. It belonged to a man of around 49 or 50 of age who used to manage things there with his 18 years old daughter. As I was a regular customer and the girl was of my age group, we developed a good friendship. Her name was Ashley and she was a pretty girl with a nice pair of boobs. I often used to get aroused thinking about her boobs.

One day I got late from my college. I went to the shop at around 9 PM. The shop was open but it was only Ashley who was managing things there. I asked her about the whereabouts of her father to which she told me that he has gone out of town for some work and will be back by tomorrow afternoon. I took it as an opportunity to make my fantasies with Ashley a reality. I quickly asked her if she can stay over with me tonight so we can some movie together and she agreed. Around 10 o’clock, we closed the shop and went to my hostel silently. I handed over my laptop to her to browse through movies she would like to see. When I was in the bed, she went to the restroom to change and after a while, she came out in a semi-transparent night suit.

As she came sat next to me and switched on the laptop, she asked me an unexpected question,” Do you want to see a hot movie?” I was a little shocked but gave a naughty smile as a positive reply. She started it. As I was feeling uncomfortable, I removed my bra and jeans and sat down next to her in a long yellow see-through t-shirt and pink panty. The porn that we were watching was about two girls having lesbians sex. Out of nowhere, she asked, “did you ever got to a chance to enjoy lesbian sex ?” I replied “No. Have you ever had?” She replied,” Yes, once! After saying that, she again gazed at the laptop screen but this time her hands were not on her lap but were playing with my hair, giving me sweet sensual arousal.


I lifted my hand and made my way into her night dress and unhooked her bra. She had beautiful nipples. Then, I removed her night dress, and she helped me take off my t-shirt. We both were half-naked now. She got a hold of my boobs and pressed them hard. I was moaning softly. Then, she started sucking my nipples and gave me light love bites on my boobs. At that moment, I was totally aroused, and my moans were clear and loud. Then, I slipped my hand inside her black underwear and fingered her already wet pussy.

Soon, I could see her creamy nipples getting erected. I then got down, removed her underwear and licked her pussy and tongue fucked her. She stopped me and went down on me, making it a 69 position. Suddenly, she stopped and demanded to get up. As I let her go, I was in a confusion of not being able to satisfy her. Soon, she came back with an 8-inch dildo. I was surprised. She asked me to wear it and fuck her hard.

I wore the strap-on and inserted the toy cock in her pussy, creating a fast to and fro motions. Her loud moans were making me crazy. After fucking her with the dildo for sometime, I took it out and licked it. Then she snatched it from me, pushed me on the bedding, got on top of me, wore it like a hungry lioness ready to kill her prey and fucked me hard with that black dildo. As I orgasmed, she went down on me and drank all of my juice. The orgasm was real hard and I never expected lesbian sex experience with a teenage girl would bring me this kind of sensation. I would never want to get fucked by a man but from her only.

We both slept in each other’s arms naked and caressed each other the whole night. We kept meeting until I left the city but we still talk over the chat and planning to meet soon.